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Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School

Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School

Jennifer Aniston makes a stop at Cahuenga Elementary School in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon for some charity work.

The 39-year-old actress was greeted by the young staff members of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Jen met them all with a friendly smile and a handshake!

After Jen left the elementary school, she was spotted paying a visit to John Mayer‘s house for his 31st birthday. The couple split in September but have been spotted at each other’s house this week.

15+ more pics inside of Jennifer Aniston loving elementary school…

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209 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School”

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  1. 76
    Candy Says:

    You don’t think it is important for kids in America to have good
    health habits now. I would consider that to be quite important.
    Why don’t all of you that think it is some more important to
    help other countries move over there and help out? She has
    helped with a lot of charities in America that really need it.
    Cancer Research, St. Luke’s, Stem cell research and a
    number of others. She dates, big deal. Half of Hollywood
    has had babies and aren’t married so you gotta know that
    they aren’t angels and I would bet that most of you aren’t
    either. Maybe some of you need to decide that America is
    not in the greatest shape right now and quit sending all the
    chartity to other countries. Texas and California have both
    had major damage, try helping them first.

  2. 77
    jenisawhore Says:

    Murdoch- yeah I agree with that. Being Brad’s x is the only thing keeping her in the news- her 15 minutes is definately up!

  3. 78
    sammy Says:

    Come on. Jennifer Aniston at an elementary school doing charity work!! If Jen wants to be taken seriously she is going to have to do something people will really believe. With her income, that should involve some serious check writing. I’m talking some BIG numbers. I just do not see that happening. The only thing Jen is interested in is attention!!!!

  4. 79
    ZC Says:


  5. 80
    rooster Says:

    jennifer preaching healthful living to elementary students is equivalent to their moms telling them to eat their vegetables. not very effective in my opinion. they’ll have better luck having miley cyrus, vanessa and zac, or selena gomez talking to them.

  6. 81
    jenjenjen Says:

    Jennifer is stuck on having the attention on her. I think being with Brad gave her believability. All eyes were on them. Even if it was about PR.
    Now that she is divorced she still craves that attention. The thing is, no one believes in her. She has become a joke in the industry. A victim of her own ambitions.

  7. 82
    Pete Says:

    People are getting more stupid all the time. Jen goes with someone
    and she is awful. Brad has six kids and their relationship isn’t
    important enough to get married but that is fine. You can say that
    it isn’t necessary all you want but I certainly believe that marriage
    is still necessary if you want to raise a family. Most of the adoption
    agencies in America believe that too. That is why she adopts
    out of the country.

  8. 83
    ebmo Says:

    Wanda @ 10/17/2008 at 12:25 pm Are you guys so into ragging on her that you don’t even read the
    news? One of the things that she and Smartwater agreed on
    was helping the schools when they wrote the contract
    Okay. Can no one answer the simple question:
    WHAT EXACTLY IS SHE / ARE THEY doing to help the schools?

    Literacy programs?
    Physical Fitness programs?
    English as a second language programs?
    Funding a Community Center?


    Other than dontating used handbags to a cancer auction, I have yet to see her walk the walk.

    If you have some additional CONCRETE (not generic, like “she has helped ST. Judes”) information I am happy to see it.

    But so far no one has presented anything she has done other than to appear on TV asking other people to give money, or appeared in photo ops.

  9. 84
    BAMPZSKV#1 Says:

    JenHo is no American sweetheart more like American NIGHTMARE.
    I hate this fugly bitttche, it’s so obvious that she need the attention when Brangelina is in the news.
    Shittt!!! I’ll even pay her for NOT showing her FUGLY face in public or making any more STUPID movie.
    Hi Cliniqua and all regular JP fans.

  10. 85
    z Says:


  11. 86
    ellie Says:

    ebmo @ 10/17/2008 at 10:20 am
    ellie I am not sure what you are trying to say, but I am the one who is curious as to what “charity” she did other than shaking hands.

    It is a legitimate question. Education is important for our children and the United States has the worst record of any industrialized nation in terms of quality education. I am all for improving it.

    Again, I ask What did she do for education other than shake hands with the staff at a school?

    Did she donate money?
    Did she volunteer to read to children?
    Did she help fund some program?

    Unless she has done something concrete that will impact lives, then this is a photo op and nothing more.

    Oh and this last bit is just for you….”You think???”

    hey Embo
    Every single one of us speculates on everyone it seems. I haven’t even been on here but once or twice on the sites b/c it all to vicious.
    I still don’t know Jennifer Angie or Brad personally so I’m just assuming an assumption of what shes doing there. As far as charities i do believe all the rich help other people some just don’t speak of it thats all. You see there no reason to be n the attack like god forbid what I said. My God this is what the problem is. And if you are all making fun of you think? which i haven’t written i really don’t like it. Ok Embo..

  12. 87
    ebmo Says:

    # 82 Pete @ 10/17/2008 at 1:05 pm People are getting more stupid all the time. Jen goes with someone
    and she is awful. Brad has six kids and their relationship isn’t
    important enough to get married but that is fine. You can say that
    it isn’t necessary all you want but I certainly believe that marriage
    is still necessary if you want to raise a family. Most of the adoption
    agencies in America believe that too. That is why she adopts
    out of the country.
    As someone who has worked in children’s services for years I can tell you a loving home, even by a single parent, is preferable to languishing in foster care & or group homes.

    Talk to some of the kids who have spent years in the system. then maybe you can offer an opinion.

  13. 88
    Caroline Says:

    I love when celebs use their fame to bring attention to causes… but it doesn’t look like she was expecting photogs here…

    She looks pretty and natural on those pictures….

  14. 89
    li Says:

    handshake???? ug

    and nice rolled jeans such a follower and not even a good trend

  15. 90
    Andrew Says:

    Gotta say no wonder America is in trouble. You intelligent people
    paid $14 million for pictures of Brad’s twins, $3 million of it went
    out of the country, $100,000 went to help gay marriage and the
    rest of it is in a foundation in their name. Every time they bring
    a little of it out it is a major news event and you are the ones
    paying for it and they get all the attention. They have been
    taking donations for Katrina for almost a year so you are
    paying for that too. They live in a mansion, fly all over
    and you are probably having a hard time paying your
    bills. Awareness and charity are fine but figure out what
    you are really paying for.

  16. 91
    burstingbubble Says:

    Caroline @ 10/17/2008 at 1:22 pm
    and natural on those pictures….

    it takes 2 hours of hair and make up for her to look like this.

  17. 92
    burstingbubble Says:

    wanda/candy/andrew/pete etc. etc., why don’t u decide on one name and stick with it?

  18. 93
    bystander Says:

    Maniston is famewhore to the MX ..look at that she got this HUUUUUGE BAG but she’s holding her bottled water for all the paparazi to see and photograph…. she’s all for earning money and not into charity… stupid, desperate HAG.. YES stupid and desperate coz only stupid and desperate hag will accept a douche bag like meyer after publicly telling that he dumped her. Stupid becoz according to her friend JM cheated on her numerous times and yet all is forgiven for the sake of FAMEWHORING.

  19. 94
    hoehum Says:

    Why do some writers call Jenn “Maniston”?

  20. 95
    bystander Says:

    Andrew @ 10/17/2008 at 1:30 pm

    Oh right Andrew .. its Brad’s & Angelina’s fault that America is in economic recession because according to you the money they got from the twins pics went out of the country ..right *smirk* . Let see we have global warming becoz the JPs uses private jet, there are millions of orphans in USA becoz Angelina only adopt outside of US. There are millions of homeless in every states becoz Brad and Angelina only help in New Orleans. So did i miss other crimes of the JPs??? hmmmm.

  21. 96
    ellie Says:

    Hey Ebmo
    No comment back . I aswered what i felt.. Listen everyone enjoy your day I’m not feeling to well. maybe later.

  22. 97
    Ivermom Says:

    #27, you cracked me up!! Her bag makes her look so fake, LMAO! What a brillant character that person was to come up with something so stupid!

    Sorry Jolie/Pitt fans, your hate for her is just not working!

    Love her, she looks gorgeous!!

  23. 98
    neer Says:

    Charity work is good but is there a need to promote the product you’re endorsing? Some will say, she’s thirsty, so she needed her bottled water. Really?! Tell that to the marines!!

  24. 99
    anistonisaHYpocrite Says:

    The FAMEWH*RE is at it again folks! I guess this is an attempt to try and combat the “Jen is a f*cking MORON for getting back with Mayer” consensus among the public, by once again pimping her Smartwater “charity”.

    I wonder whether those elementary students know how damaging bottled water is for the environment, and that having an aluminum or metal bottle that you just REFILL everyday is actually a SMARTer idea??? Instead of shelling out unnecessary amounts of dough for her fraudulent smartwater company? In which she is a spokesperson and shareholder and therefore cashes in every time a bottle is sold? Hmm? What exactly is charitable about that?

    This b*tch makes me sick. The whole premise of CHARITY is that you are doing something SELFLESS and FREE to help someone, not pimping your damn bottled water company and cashing in in the process. There is no “charity” or “work” to it. She freaking took two steps from where she lives, strolled in and out, pimped her company, and left. They whole “promoting healthy living in kids” is a nice front, because it ain’t charity when the b*tch is making money for it.

  25. 100
    bore Says:

    What’s the point of her covering her face with that hair? It still shows her chain. And notice how she’s holding that water bottle — she’s making sure the name smartwater shows. How sooo predictable is this media *****. She is there to promote her water and making friends with people’s kiddies to tell them to watch her dog movie, and then kids go home and tell their parents to take them to that smartwater woman’s movie. hahaha…….Doesn’t this girl get any funnier?!

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