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Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School

Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School

Jennifer Aniston makes a stop at Cahuenga Elementary School in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon for some charity work.

The 39-year-old actress was greeted by the young staff members of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Jen met them all with a friendly smile and a handshake!

After Jen left the elementary school, she was spotted paying a visit to John Mayer‘s house for his 31st birthday. The couple split in September but have been spotted at each other’s house this week.

15+ more pics inside of Jennifer Aniston loving elementary school…

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209 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School”

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  1. 126
    ebmo Says:

    125 Jill @ 10/17/2008 at 8:06 pm # 82 Pete @ 10/17/2008 at 1:05 pm
    I certainly believe that marriage is still necessary if you want to raise a family. Most of the adoption agencies in America believe that too.

    You could not be more wrong, and I have worked for years in adoption so I know whereof I speak. The adoption agencies are delighted to accept applications from single people and unmarried people living together because these applicants are usually willing to accept a hard-to-place child; i.e., other than a normal healthy Caucasian infant under a year old. There are many hard-to-place children (older children, children with mild to severe handicaps, sibling groups that can’t be separated, etc.) in desperate need of loving families and many single people and unmarried parents have filled this need.
    That is exactly my experience too. No one wants to see a child languish in foster care when someone is willing to provide a stable home.

    Add to that the legal mandate that family reunification or termination of parental rights will occur within a limited time frame and it is clear that adoption agencies have to broaden their base of perpective parents.

  2. 127
    Jill Says:

    ebmo @ 10/17/2008 at 8:18 pm

    A gay couple in my building adopted a baby seven years ago that nobody else wanted because she was born severely diabetic and no other adoptive applicants wanted to deal with her medical problems. I saw the child just last week and she is healthy and thriving. Her adoptive parents are the best thing that ever happened to her.

  3. 128
    yuck Says:

    she looks desperate. she’s only doing for publicity. so fake…..

  4. 129
    ebmo Says:

    # 127 Jill @ 10/17/2008 at 8:48 pm ebmo @ 10/17/2008 at 8:18 pm

    A gay couple in my building adopted a baby seven years ago that nobody else wanted because she was born severely diabetic and no other adoptive applicants wanted to deal with her medical problems. I saw the child just last week and she is healthy and thriving. Her adoptive parents are the best thing that ever happened to her.
    I had to remove four little ones from a parental home. The baby had a cleft palate and the parents were starving her. The two year old was eating out of a trash can. (The list of horrors go on) . The parents were a married couple in the military that had medical benefits and special services out the wazoo. They just did not care enough about the kids to use them.

    I placed them with an unmaried couple who eventually adopted all four, (as you know finding an adoptive parent willing to take on an entire sibship, especially with special needs is very difficult)

    This was about three years ago and they are thriving! The baby had the necessary surgeries. she is a little beauty. The two year old is no longer malnourished. The oldest boy no longer hides under the bed.
    The children are safe and happy and could not be loved more.

  5. 130
    stargazer Says:

    I guess the Smartwater people don’t know about internets. If they did, they would realize that they should find another spokesmodel. This one is givin them lots of bad press.

  6. 131
    Lisa Says:

    This is another desperate pathetic attempt to get attention. This dried up who re should go set her azz down. I would be up set if she show up at my kids school.

  7. 132
    William Says:

    She makes me sick she is a PIG

  8. 133
    Lisa Says:

    I think she’s a troll that belongs under a bridge.

  9. 134
    Heidi Says:

    Seriously, all you who can dish it out so easily….how many volunteer hours have you put in? Probably not at your own kids schools!!!!! GET A LIFE.

  10. 135
    Daria Says:

    Look who is struggling to move up from the D list she dropped to. Hanging out with a loser douche bag will not help her career. Douche bag is losing all his fans to. John and Jen two phony douche bags. I can’t wait until her dog movie flop.

  11. 136
    Suzi Says:

    To funny the only man this desperate hag could get was a nasty douche who craves media attention to stay significate in Hollywood. Some that built their career out of hype. Wait that’s Jen to. These two make a lovely couple. Two superficiale dudes.
    So not going to see her movie nor buy his record.

  12. 137
    Orchid Says:

    107 Ms. Marla @ 10/17/2008 at 3:55 pm

    …plugging her movies, talking about purchasing more children to fill up her empty life,…
    You must be out of your mind associating ‘empty life’ with AJ!

  13. 138
    rien Says:


    I gave up replying comment from people who do not want to have open mind and only wanted to see what they wanted to see since long time ago.
    You waste your own time, Honey.

    This is what I do. I admire Jen, in bad or good time, and it’s enough for me. I don’t have the need to convince other people to do so. Because when you really argue with them, they will not and can not give reasons to support their argument.

    So, for the sake of your own heart, and for the love of Jen that you have (at least what I have), just ignore them. Have a nice Weekend!


    I posted an article about Pitt’s activity (well, not directly) on the thread which contained Angelina’s photo which was taken by Pitt. I hope you have the chance to read it. Have a nice Weekend to you too!

  14. 139
    donna Says:

    she went to peddle smart water cause they pay her to!!! She has alot of money and likes spending it on herself!!! well thats all good cause she sure is gonna need it when the lame ass movies she does dies out!!!! I don’t know how this girl became a huge interest I guess because of brad but he left for a more beautiful adventurous woman and thank god he did !!!! jen was lucky to marry pitt in the first place she really is not that attractive. Look at Angie!!!!!!!! come on !!!

  15. 140
    donna Says:

    You Know what people!!!!! That couple can have have as many freakin kids as they want they have the means to care for them and its their life who the hell are you to pass judgement? I hope they adopt 10 more kids and that would save 10 more lives! You wish you had their Life!!!!!

  16. 141
    linny Says:

    Jen I hate to admit I use to like all of you. I do know you don’t love Brad anymore.. But I will never go on X and X website ever again. Your X husband and X are a bunch of phonies I have no longer have respect for them. There both bullsh**ters and always will be. I don’t even believe there in love to much said about it since everyone was saying they were splitting up. There together for the children..

    No wonder why x love daggers she so insecure about you she loves to stab you in the heart since the beginning, and your x doesn’t have a sensitivity chip its definitely missing… I will never write on there site and fans still fending for her shes so honest she tells everything , she so truthful. She and your x are the cruelest of all of holly wood, can’t imagine anyone respecting either one of them..She don’t even know how to love shes a mental case and so is he.

  17. 142
    kristy Says:

    Like they say Jen you are the most beautifulest person in your heart and on the outside… I so happy i’ve always adored you…

  18. 143
    anna Says:

    Jennifer we love you, we can’t wait your next movie

  19. 144
    anna Says:

    Jennifer we love you, we can’t wait to see your next movie

  20. 145
    jen fan Says:

    @Donna – Comment 140 – You Know what people!!!!! That couple can have have as many freakin kids as they want they have the means to care for them and its their life who the hell are you to pass judgement? I hope they adopt 10 more kids and that would save 10 more lives! You wish you had their Life!!!!!


    I could care less how many children they have. Go on to your own thread and spew your love for them there. We are not interested about those two here.

  21. 146
    jr-nobody's sweetheart Says:

    HILARIOUS, but so, so sad! From IMdb.
    what a juvenile self-absorbed twit!!!!!!
    Huh? What are you basing this on?

    1] inappropriately dressed
    2] commercial products [jenny has a profit stake in] pushed to captive ELEMENTARY school children
    3] disrespectful to the students by being late
    4] disrespectful to the staff/students by showing up with a camera crew and
    5] referring to her own experiences instead of graciously apologizing for her faux pas.

    the principal sounds royally po’ed. this whole scenario sounds very ‘off.’ i wonder what they thought she was coming for. an hour talk about ‘water nutrition’ to elementary school kids. GMAFB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    if i were a parent in that school and heard about this i would be screaming down the phone to the principal and the school superintendent. do you think this might have something to do with it?

    Cahuenga Elementary School in Los Angeles
    Source: CA Dept. of Education,
    2007-2008 Ethnicity This School
    Hispanic or Latino 61%
    Asian 30%
    Filipino 6%
    African American 2%
    White <1%
    American Indian or Alaska Native <1%
    Multiple or No Response <1%

    Less than 1% White . as gomer pyle said SURPRISE, SURPRISE, SURPRISE!!!!!!! — HHHHMMM!!! let’s ponder that for a moment. what a great place for a photo op, not charity, a commercial presentation. ties to a product you have a profit interest in. Lets find a school … 61% latino,39% korean, aa and filipino. they won’t have a problem sitting still for a photo op performance by a actress needing a major publicity boost.

    ick-making to the extreme!!!!!!!

  22. 147
    sbj Says:

    This is exactly the type of fan Brangelina attracts. These bloggers slamming Aniston and people who voice concerns about Jolie are painfully nasty, uneducated, hateful, amoral and incapable of formal logic. No, people don’t post comments that are negative about Angelina because she “owns their ass” (wow- what reasoning and sophistication). For you mental midgets who cannot seem to grasp why Angelina disgusts many of us, I’ll try to explain. She is disingenuous. She lies. She has a track record of involvement in other people’s relationships. She has flaunted extremely pathological and gross acts. She is manipulative and won’t take responsibility for her actions. She compulsively adopts children and drags them all over, using them as image changers and insurance policies. She has no respect for religion, marriage, the USA, or the feelings of others. She is a predator. She is hypocritical and has a pattern of flying out to do photo-ops regarding her “humanitarianism” whenever she acts in her typical psychopathic and gutter way or is called on her sick behavior.

  23. 148
    sbj Says:

    Such judgmental and harsh posters. Don’t you just hate it when people are offended at adultery? Isn’t it beyond backwards to think it is low to do everything you can to break up a marriage and then have five children out of wedlock with that person? Aren’t those just the most ignorant and whiniest babies who might think that’s a bit of a problem? Don’t you just hate it when people become disgusted when a self-righteous hypocrite never misses a chance to preach about her life while at the same time sticking it to her lover’s ex-wife? I bet you people are also against armed robbery! Snots! It is simply dreadful that people bring out Jolie’s well chronicled past when she currently does something nutty when performing her Mother Theresa and Old Woman in the Shoe Act. Haters! So what if she is crazy, says she used to enjoy cutting herself and killing small animals, has a heroin tape out, and is a bisexual with a penchant for sadomasochism? Are you trying to say you aren’t?

  24. 149
    neer Says:

    Instead of apologizing to the principal properly for being late, she replied lightly. Does she always speak like this, a “rachel” type of answering without regard to authority???

    The very fact that she’s being reminded by the principal about “tardiness” especially that she’s in the school vicinity, she should have set good example to the students by showing some DISCIPLINE & SERIOUSNESS on not being late.

    Celebrity diva-like attitude is no business inside the elementary school which in the first place is giving so much favor to her in the promotion of her bottled water in the guise of charity work.

  25. 150
    Jill Says:

    # 147 sbj @ 10/18/2008 at 12:11 pm

    LOL! No, honey, the disingenuous one is you. That post you wrote was pure and unadulterated bullshit. I’ll tell you why you hags really hate Angelina — she reminds you of the woman your man dumped you for. Now get over it and go find another one. There are plenty of them out there and maybe one for you.

    They don’t call Aniston the patron saint of scorned women for nothing.

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