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Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School

Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School

Jennifer Aniston makes a stop at Cahuenga Elementary School in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon for some charity work.

The 39-year-old actress was greeted by the young staff members of the Los Angeles Unified School District. Jen met them all with a friendly smile and a handshake!

After Jen left the elementary school, she was spotted paying a visit to John Mayer‘s house for his 31st birthday. The couple split in September but have been spotted at each other’s house this week.

15+ more pics inside of Jennifer Aniston loving elementary school…

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209 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Loves Elementary School”

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  1. 151
    neer Says:

    From People:

    Jennifer Aniston stopped by a Los Angeles elementary school as a special guest speaker, but she wasn’t there to discuss Hollywood.

    “She talked about water things,” says Alvaro Cortes, assistant superintendent of Extended Day Programs at the L.A. Unified School District. “She talked to the students about water nutrition and why it’s so important for all of us.”

    Aniston, 39, a spokeswoman for Smartwater, a nutrient-enriched bottled water, stayed at Cahuenga Elementary School on Thursday for about an hour and answered questions as part of an after-school program.

    Along the way, she even got a little education of her own. When she showed up a few minutes late, principal Lloyd Housky said, “As a school principal I need to tell you that you cannot keep our children waiting!”

    Aniston replied: “I understand! I got that message from my principal when I was going to school, too!”

  2. 152
    100 percent acting Says:




  3. 153
    Jill Says:

    sbj @ 10/18/2008 at 12:35 pm
    Such judgmental and harsh posters….Don’t you just hate it when people become disgusted when a self-righteous hypocrite never misses a chance to preach about her life while at the same time sticking it to her lover’s ex-wife? I bet you people are also against armed robbery! Snots!

    Oh boo-freaking-hoo! Talk about harsh and judgmental and self-righteous hypocrites… honey, have you looked in the mirror lately? Look, you silly twit, just because your ass got dumped doesn’t mean Angelina has to walk around wearing sackcloth and ashes for the rest of her life. She committed no crime. She didn’t steal anyone’s man. You can’t steal anyone who doesn’t want to be stolen. Brad was more than ready to be “stolen”. He wanted out his loveless, unsatisfying marriage. What you can’t forgive is that he is happy with Angelina and he doesn’t even know Aniston exists any more. If Aniston is miserable, it’s her own damn fault. You can’t be happy as long as your life is all about you. And that’s all her life has ever been. She’s never given a tin **** about anyone but herself. She had a good man whom she didn’t appreciate and she lost him to a better woman. The end.

  4. 154
    imo Says:

    Again, awaiting moderation. Just Jared, what is the problem? I have not cursed, threatened anyone, haven’t written anything obscene. I just make sense don’t I?

  5. 155
    dark angel Says:

    Hi rien,

    How are you doing? I just posted a thread in Angie’s thread, but it didn’t register.

    Anyways, is there a photo showing the VW cars during the filming of IB? I want to show it off to my friends in my VW club.

    Thanks! God Bless!

  6. 156
    Susie Says:

    Aniston showing up w/STAFF paid for by MY tax dollars.

    ugh..I abhor thos fake phony twat

  7. 157
    alexkziel Says:

    This woman is stupid, with her pitiful charity act and with Mayer again, she is seriously mental and doesn’t have dignity.

  8. 158
    Brit Says:

    Stupid is….as stupid do. Jen looks like a fool. Honey you don’t look good with Mayer……..You look retarded. Showing up to a school precliming water make you look like that is a phony lie. Wait until those kids get home and their parents tell their kids you spend millions of dollars on beauty treatments for your ugly face.
    Jen is at the right level “Elementary School” Jen and John Mayer brain have not developed past that point.

  9. 159
    Helen Says:

    OK! is reporting exclusively that there was a sleepover last night at John Mayer’s. She was dropped off by her security and apparently had a small bag with her, notable because when they were together during the summer, they’d always stay at her place and never his.

    - – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
    This who re made sure every one saw her go to John Mayer place with a over night bag. The nasty ho never should have been any where near a school. That school should have said no to her PR team. Jen has mental issue and should not be talking to kids.

  10. 160
    bitchetta Says:

    Who is this no-talent witch/*****? Just someone who wants to be a somebody I guess. She doesn’t have a career or a man or anything so she needs to find a hole somewhere and crawl into it and never come out. The only thing she’s remembered from is that T.V. show what’s the name of it again? Actually all the actors from that show have been jinxed since the show ended…….they were just all a bunch who got paid millions and aren’t worth **** now…..I bet the producers figured it too late that their dollars were spent for nothing (no talent actors not worth those ridiculous salaries)

  11. 161
    Helen Says:

    Not going to see her movies any more.
    That’s where we will continue to show how we feel about Jen’s pathetic behavior.

  12. 162
    Dionne Says:

    It is a complete fraud when Aniston does anything like this. But Huvane says jump and she asks how high.

    Anyone that falls for Aniston’s fake sincerity is just stupid to live anymore. Her entire career is a sham.

  13. 163
    Bruins Says:

    it is just not possible to take Jen’s charity efforts seriously. She literally jumps onto a plane right after to some 5-star resort where she can wear too small bikinis and tan her leathery self.

  14. 164
    goawaymaniston Says:

    Jen?… caring about others and their needs?… ahahahahahahahah

  15. 165
    dove33 Says:

    Jen literally went from having your kids around her to giving Mayer a skin flute recital in the bathroom at his b-day party. True story.

  16. 166

    let me get this straight…this womqn went to school and talk about water nutrition but she had her own line of celebrity bottled water on hand……………oh my god is this what charity means to this woman ………… donation… actual particpation.. no real educated meaning of any kind??????????? WOW ……………brad pitt was lucky to get out of that train wreck alive snd well adjusted my goodness……….what a sad and pathetic miserable person,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  17. 167

    the more info is known about jenx the more i feel so sad that brad being a gentleman and commited husband went through for 5 or 6 years of marriage……..wonder if he had never met angie where would he be now………..i shudder to think about it….peace

  18. 168
    a total fan Says:

    She talked about water nutrition !! That is charity??

  19. 169
    what's the issue Says:

    Helen writes:
    This who re made sure every one saw her go to John Mayer place with a over night bag. The nasty ho never should have been any where near a school. That school should have said no to her PR team. Jen has mental issue and should not be talking to kids.

    What’s the issue? Both she and John are single.

  20. 170
    What the??? Says:

    YO, you all sound stupid or R U just snobs.

    All enteraintment people put their time and millions of dollars out there to help some cause they beleive in or just because its the right thing to do. You know it takes a real idiot to knock people who are giving of themselves to promote an interest and it takes an even bigger idiot to expose themself publicly and to the world as a shallow snob who thru some self appointment can declare which interest of humanity warrents a need.

    Picture this-

    I bet some of u ruined some happy kids day.

  21. 171
    give it up jenho anuston Says:

    piming dumb water is not charity it is whorrrring…just like jenho pimp her ass in public

  22. 172
    ELLLLES Says:

    Article from
    ( – It’s safe to say that if you are a fan of Angelina Jolie, you probably aren’t too fond of Jennifer Aniston. And vice-versa.

    They’re like Betty and Veronica. Brenda and Kelly. Blair and Serena. Blonde vs. Brunette. Lines have been drawn. Sides must be chosen.

    Say what you will, but I’m on Team Angie.

    Shocker (refer back to past Prerogative posts). And it’s not because she’s with Brad – the sexiest of all sexy. Or that she’s a UN Ambassador spreading good will around the world and saving lives in the process. Or that she has the most adorable, beautifully ethnically diverse children I have ever seen.

    No. It’s because Angie would NEVER date a douchebag like John Mayer. And even if she did (ahem, Billy Bob), she wouldn’t go back for seconds after he PUBLICLY proclaimed the details of their breakup to a group of paparazzi.

    Seriously. John Mayer is a self-obsessed, publicity-hungry idiot. And apparently, he’s also Jennifer Aniston’s boy toy (again).

    This is the guy who after dumping Jessica Simpson, took to his blog to tell her to stop calling him. Classy. He seems like a keeper.

    Any self-respecting female would move on with her dignity intact. Nope. Not Jen. She cares more about appearing to be over Brad than her pride or her self-respect.

    Jen’s sleepover at John Mayer’s place after his 31st birthday bash (reported by OK! mag and all the major gossip rags) came just days after Angelina’s W magazine cover (shot by Aniston’s ex-hubby) featuring the star breastfeeding her twins was released.

    Just days after the W article, where Angie gushes about the six kids piling into her and Brad’s bed every night, Jennifer Aniston gets back together with John Mayer.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    Jen is too calculated for that. Take this year’s Toronto International Film Festival for example. Brad and Jen were in the same city for two days. Gasp! Jen and her team of publicists made sure she was out on the town every night and even planted rumours she was hooking up with Gerald Butler.

    Yeah, sure. Gerald is a player. Players don’t date desperate fame whores.

    Yes I just called Jennifer Aniston a fame *****. Too harsh? Maybe. But I make no apologies. Jennifer Aniston is one of those girls who can NEVER just be single and confident. I hate those girls.

    Those girls are the ones who let guys like John Mayer think they are hot ****. John Mayer thinks he is the man. He got Jennifer Aniston (aka Hollywood’s Hottest Desperate Fame *****) to come crawling back. She bought into his pseudo-sensitive, whiny love-song façade.

    Don’t get me wrong; I used to get down to the smooth sounds of Mr. Mayer but I stopped believing he was “dreaming with a broken heart” right around the same time he decided to make sure the world knew HE dumped HER. And yet, Jen only cares about one thing: her image.

    She should probably start caring about her career. Her next movie is about a couple who adopts a dog that becomes too much for them to handle. Oh snap. We better be on Oscar watch!

    In closing, I’d like to present you all with 5 concrete reasons why I will forever be on Team Jolie.

    1) She’s not afraid to speak her mind and stand up for political and social issues she believes in. The only thing Jennifer Aniston stands for is SmartWater. Enough said.

    2) Angelina’s last two movies were summer blockbusters Wanted and Kung-Fu Panda. Jennifer’s were Management and The Break Up. Angie clearly trumps Jen in the talent department.

    3) Angelina just admitted she and Brad “fell in love” while on the set of Mr. and Mrs. Smith while Brad was still married to Jen. This should probably be a point for Team Jen right? Wrong. Angie saved Brad from Desperate Fame *****. Point Team Jolie.

    4) Angie is an Academy Award-winner. Did I mention talent?


    So I’m sure this post will inspire more rage-filled emails than my rant on Lynne Spears. That’s okay. Bring ‘em on Team Aniston.

  23. 173
    meursault Says:

    ja, leave the kids charity deal to those who did it first and do it better

  24. 174
    jen fan Says:

    @ELLLLES – Comment # 172

    Wow! An article from some biased journalist (oh, sorry), journalist is too strong a word; smut thrower. If you want to read that crap go to it, otherwise spare anyone with a I.Q of more than 50, the feeling of wanting to throw themselves on the floor and laugh themselves silly.

  25. 175
    jen fan Says:

    @ sbj – Comment 147 – This is exactly the type of fan Brangelina attracts. These bloggers slamming Aniston and people who voice concerns about Jolie are painfully nasty, uneducated, hateful, amoral and incapable of formal logic. No, people don’t post comments that are negative about Angelina because she “owns their ass” (wow- what reasoning and sophistication). For you mental midgets who cannot seem to grasp why Angelina disgusts many of us, I’ll try to explain. She is disingenuous. She lies. She has a track record of involvement in other people’s relationships. She has flaunted extremely pathological and gross acts. She is manipulative and won’t take responsibility for her actions. She compulsively adopts children and drags them all over, using them as image changers and insurance policies. She has no respect for religion, marriage, the USA, or the feelings of others. She is a predator. She is hypocritical and has a pattern of flying out to do photo-ops regarding her “humanitarianism” whenever she acts in her typical psychopathic and gutter way or is called on her sick behavior.


    I do agree with you on a lot you have said here and I understand why you are saying it. It gets tiring with all the negativity about Jennifer from them. But watch carefully, it’s about her nose, her chin, she’s boring, her choice in where she travels, the man she is with, blah, blah, blah. You know they are superficial things, that when it comes down to it means nothing. They get actually worried about the same women they put down everytime Aniston is in the news. “Its taking away from Brangelina”. “She is trying to make people not see their movies”. “Oh she has an interview and it will take away from that”. “Let someone who knows how to be a humanitarian do this” . “Oh, it’s because she is pregnant, just had the babies, breast feeding and so on”. Ask yourself the question, how could a woman take away from anything if she is so flawed and so terrible? The answer is she couldn’t. But the fact is she is not as flawed as they put out. They seem more intimidated by Aniston than anything and it shows in how they post and the fact they are here in the first place.

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