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Gwen Stefani & Pierce Brosnan are Beach Buddies

Gwen Stefani & Pierce Brosnan are Beach Buddies

Gwen Stefani and rocker husband Gavin Rossdale make a friendly visit to actor Pierce Brosnan and his Keely Shaye Smith‘s beach house in Malibu, Calif., on Thursday on afternoon.

Gwen, 39, and Gavin, 42, took along their sons Kingston, 2, and Zuma, 2 months. Pierce, 55, wore his support for Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama.

It was recently revealed that Gwen will be making little dolls inspired by her Harajuku Girls that pop open to reveal a solid perfume. The set of five contains a Love, an Angel, a Music, and a Baby, all plastic, all fantastic, and all affordable.

Gwen told Nylon, “My Harajuku Lovers collections were inspired by my visit to the Harajuku district….Everyone there was so creative and expressive and I wanted to re-create that world in my Harajuku Lovers collections… There are so many fun pieces to wear to have that super cool Harajuku style.”

10+ pictures inside of Gwen Stefani‘s visiting Pierce Brosnan

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  • rachel

    i want to see zuma

  • moses

    Gwen is way hot BUT she really needs to boob up. This is getting ridicculous. GROW SOMETHING!!

  • GG



    It’s nice to see a pretty face instead of that hag “Christina Uglyera”
    Post MORE gwen and LESS (or no) Uglyera!!!

  • Jo-jo

    Keely Shaye is a gorgeous woman! I love her for pushing away the boundaries and being her own woman! Hollywood is too plastic, at least Keely is blasé and more happy working for charity than milking moeny for ad campaigns.

    Kingston is so cute.

  • http://justjared pierce

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  • http://justjared dylan

    kelly shaye disgusting woman to be disgusted everybody.minimum woman pig.ugly fat fat fat to burst

  • Lillianne

    pierce/dylan – go take your meds

    Kingston is one happy little dude. Can’t wait to see him with Zuma.

  • Sarah

    ZUME ZUMA ZUMA!! Even though Kingston is just as cute.

  • http://justjared alex

    lilianne… kelly smit to go to lawyer you ş comment on….everybody what’s the matter?kelly ugly horned woman.that to dirty all over kely ………………

  • http://justjared brad

    fat kely always ugly hahaha

  • jayjay

    wheres gavin

  • Yasmin azam

    Yes I would love those crocs for my daughter…There fun and carefree!

  • becca

    awwwwwwwwwww…. so cute.

  • toni

    somebody should safe kelly shaye . if a poor woman has no chance to lose weight because she doesnt get help then its not her fault but this woman has cash and its unhealthy . pierce must force her to become fat like this guys I saw who feed their wifes so that they can see how she explode . its not about everybody needs to be skinny but damn why doesn’t somebody just says . hey its unhealthy to have more than 200 pounds

  • jesse

    To people that say gwen needs to “boob up” lol she has waaaaaay bogger boobs than she had b4…. she looks like a full c here ….how much bigger do you want …I see some nice mommy boobage here …for gwen atleast!

  • socalmom

    Have you ever considered that Pierce loves his woman to have a woman’s body? He lost his first wife to cancer – it was horrbile she was stick thin.
    Pierce wants his woman healthy and to have some meat on her –
    maybe you haters should think before you blast the mother of his child!
    Skinny women look old and deathly – and he has seen that before.

  • elisha

    Those perfume dolls are soooo allready out, and have been for months. I don’t know why she’d “recently announce” that she WILL be making them when they’ve been sitting at the MACY’s counter for days. And I don’t consider $48 for a thimble full of perfume and a plastic Happy Meal toy piece of crap is “affordable.”

  • beautifuldisaster

    Gwen needs to “boob up” what’s wrong with you? She is naturally beautiful and has an aweome athletic body. That comment is just disgusting! And the comments about Keely are horrible. It is refreshing to see that she hasn’t given in to the Hollywood standard of being unhealthily thin. I would hate to walk around with nasty, superficial attitudes like the ones posted here. Grow up.

  • bitchetta

    Who just had a baby in this picture? Gwen looks gorgeous considering she just had her baby. And that fat cow beside her is a border-line heart attack/stroke/diabetes/cancer/high cholesterol or all of the above waiting to happen…..Pierce should help his wife lose some of that tonnage…..she looks like she could weigh an easy 250 lbs……maybe he wants her to croak like the first wife….well, he’s doing a good job by not caring……or maybe he has his eyes on an new babe….this woman looks more like his Mom……Keely doesn’t just have some meat on her…..she has a whole cow inside her.

  • Inspired by keely

    This is part of an article about Keely from ten years ago that outlines her exercise routine. This proves that she knows what to do to get fit and be healthy. Why doesn’t she do it now?

    “She follows a disciplined schedule by working out with a personal trainer five days per week. Smith uses a stair machine, stationary cycle and treadmill on alternating days to add variety to her cardio vascular routine. She also trains with light weights.

    “I am more interested in being strong and fit than I am in losing weight,” says the 5’9″, 130-pound Smith. “But I think all women have areas of their body where they want to lose inches.”

    To keep inches down in key areas like the hips and thighs, Smith incorporates lifts and circles into her leg routine. She tightens her abdominal muscles by performing four or five sets of 20 sit-ups at each workout session. “Keely’s stamina is excellent,” says Mary Michaels, Smith’s personal trainer for the past six years. “She can go all day. She has an enormous amount of energy because of her workout.

    “Keely has a great attitude toward working out, adds Michaels. “She likes to exercise because she sees results.”

    Seeing her picture inspired me to go do a workout tonight. Thank you Keely!

  • Shea

    does anyone know who makes Gwen’s “Stefani” necklace?

  • Jill

    Kingston is the cutest Celebrity baby EVER. And so stylish, too !
    Gwen needs to kidnap Suri and dress her appropriately like Kingston !

  • to dylan

    keeley shay smith is over weight, that i will give you. but you are the person who is disgusting. your comments are rude and to put it bluntly unkind. in any case, i doubt she really cares what you think. afterall, what has she got. well keeley has pierce brosnan, two beautiful children, homes in malibu, new york city, ireland, europe, all kinds of money, and access to the the rich and famous. and you have???

  • to jill

    just curious, what has suri got to do with this post?

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