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Jennifer Aniston Visits John Mayer's House

Jennifer Aniston Visits John Mayer's House

Jennifer Aniston walks into on-again boyfriend John Mayer‘s house in Los Angeles late Thursday night (around 9:30 PST).

OK! reports it’s Jen‘s first-ever visit to John‘s bachelor pad. “Since they started dating, they always – ALWAYS – stayed at Jen‘s place,” an insider reveals. “John‘s home is your typical bachelor pad; it’s run-down, overgrown with trees and needs a paint job. There’s probably a moldy tuna fish sandwich and a six-pack of beer in the fridge. That’s not exactly what Jen is used to.”

Jen‘s visit must be extra special tonight since it’s John‘s 31st birthday today! Wink, wink.

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Credit: Scott/Chris/Dave/ZFI; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • mbk

    as a Jennifer Aniston fan, I am not happy to say the least that she is back with this guy. She can find a much more mature, deserving, fitting guy for her. UGH she needs to wake up. I can list plenty of guys better for her UGH!


    First maybee!

    Jen and john aree sooo cute!!

  • David


  • Sickitten

    Oh My Flippin’ God. I need support. Come help me. F this douche John M. I need John Stamos on the horn! How do I get in touch w/John Stamos?.

    Stamos, visit my site then take note.

    Let’s start a petition! John Stamos and Jen Aniston. We can all rest easy & when they come out together will give Brange a run for their money.

    Come see me groveling to the Greek Gods and I am not even Greek!

  • whahaha

    Furst! :P

  • fan

    jen all the best to you

  • layla

    Cute, cute,cute.

  • uummm

    I wonder what those close friends who berated Mayer after he dumped Aniston are thinking now about their bimbo friend who makes them appear like fools cause she went back with the same guy they eagerly insulted to clear Aniston reputation !

    I wonder what they think about Maniston NOW and if they will still open their mouth when he dumped her again !

    She is soooooooooooooooooooo strupid so shameless, so infantile ! It’s not even funny anymore !

  • faraway

    Poor Jen running around boys.

  • fan

    faraway @ 10/17/2008 at 2:41 am

    she did not run , she enjoy her life and thats o.k.

  • dits

    Hmm I guess to the X fans, Gayer eh.. Mayer is once again a wonderful man, he’s better than you know who, he’s the one, she’s going to marry him & have babies of course, all is great until they break up again & the pity party begins for 9999th time…

  • boo(real)

    wow, just when maniston could not sink any lower!! do the jenfreaks seriously think maniston has a chance with a REAL guy now that she has proven that she will be a doormat and loser??? Do you REALLY think that your fantasy of John Stamos would touch this human toilet ????

  • OMG

    Are you kidding? He made of fool of Jen (and himself) on that TMZ with his freak show when he talked about breaking up with her! What is wrong with her? She’s 10 years older than him and should know better. I don’t get it.

  • boo(real)

    don’t get me wrong.. if maniston and Mayer are together, they deserve each other. they are both plain-looking and covet the media.


    Jen’s behaviour is a shame… or a desperate call against loneliness… Even she have the best hairdresser in Hollywood, millions dollars in banks and nice clothes, I DON’T ENVY AT ALL her kind of life … no no…

    That’s the proof that money don’t buy class or self-esteem. You can sleep at four season hotel and see your self lower than the average human being… I can’t say good luck to these two after the way HE kissed and told, and the way whe didn’t care about that…Again : That’s a shame

  • boo(real)

    if they are together… make way for JOHNNISTON 2.0!! WHOOO!! perhaps FINALLY Aniston will not be LINKED to Brad and Angie. And if they eventually decide to break up… jen fans DO NOT GO BACK TO BLAME BRAD for JEN’S UNHAPPINESS!! Jen is not Brad’s problem or burden ANYMORE!!


  • Tania

    Jen may have fallen hard for Mayer and possibly he for her, but she needs to really think about his character her or maybe lack of. She is making it so easy for him. If he maybe realized that she was the girl for him, why does it seem like she is the one chasing? you gotta show him, that even though you like him, you were fine without him. continue to do your thing and see him too but she has dedicated this week and last to him, dude she flew to NY to see him!! They both have low self-esteem which they are feeding off of each other.

  • yipyap

    she comes bearing gifts too, how nice….. :roll:

    i hope they get married then maybe their fans can sleep @ night.

  • LuLu

    For the record, I can’t stand Brangelina and I know this is their grounds of worship. But Jen A. is pathetic. I mean I am starting to believe a lot of the stuff written about her being an attention wh ore. She has never been with a serious minded guy. JM humiliated her and she is back for more. Loser.

  • boo(real)

    i recognize that Jen and John may have fallen in love just like Angie and Brad fell in love. Even though fans may not agree but it is not our lives.
    Let Jen and John fans go to their threads and give them love and let Brad and Angie fans go to their their thread and give them love.

  • trixi

    I’m an Angelina Jolie fan but I really think that people should leave miss Aniston living her life. Yes, there are in Hollywood many leading men who are much better than Mayer but only miss Aniston knows who she need, don’t you agree?

  • boo(real)

    Conversely. if Brad and Angie ever break up (doubtful) it is BRAD and ANGIE’s relationship and they each would bear 1/2 EACH. If Jen and John breakup same thing. JEN FANS JUST STOP BLAMING BRAD FOR HER FAILURES!!

  • MiHay

    Who cares about this washed up media whore??

    Wasn’t her 15 minutes up a LONG time ago????

  • boo(real)

    ok.. mag lite pics of jen going where??? whoop-tee-doo? media crap.

  • iren33

    She f*cks the young guy with big dick. She is rich, famous and has decent career.Yeah,poor girl!She should steal someone husband and become a baby-factory for keep him!!

  • shocker

    this is obviously staged. why is there a policeman on scene? and a bodyguard? the paps were tipped and the police were called to create this whole “frenzied” fiasco.

  • candy

    God NO JEN.He is such a loser come on.

  • jyotsna

    i think this relationship will work
    see John McCain silly picture dancing on Macarena tune at

  • dkjf

    i think their in love.

  • lol


  • oh no

    Did she call the police,b*tch please we knew you were going to pull this one for your movie.Thank God she said she’s seeing a shrink,she really needs help.

  • crazyjenfans

    Media whore. !

  • anon





    this woman is so missing her x husband that it’s pathetic……………..she tried to stalk him(brad) but he wasn’t having that……… we know what brad went through as her husband …. she runs hot and cold …………….very shallow and self-centered she took brad for granted for years humiliated him then when he finally left blamed him fro the breakup …………..poor old jen didn’t see a good thing she had until it was gone …………..she is a little dumb too……………if she had gave her husband a most wanted child she would at least be a part of a pretty great family with brad and angie because even if they a child i think brad would have still fell for angie his real soulmate…….oh well what’s done is done,,,,,,,,,,,not a fan of jenx but not a hater either

  • smellycat

    WTF? If this was a ‘private’ thing, I don’t understand why the whole LAPD was outside John’s house? The papz were soooo tipped off.. I know she has a movie coming out, but why can’t she just be herself and avoid the ridiculous PR stunts about lame, pathetic guys..


  • smellycat

    I watched Lisa Kudrow on Ellen yesterday – it just got me to thinking about how much I admire the woman. She’s very talented and she knows what her priorities are. in my opinion – she was the most talented among the FRIENDS girls. She also knows how to separate her private life from the Hollywood life. It was hilarious when she talked about how George Clooney was her first and last tabloid romance, which I think circulated when GC appeared on FRIENDS back in ’94 or ’95. It was completely fabricated of course.. Anyway, I bet Jen has Lisa’s number, give her a call dear – maybe you could learn a lesson or two from her.. she’s a class-act…

  • Ruth

    Why can’t the public just leave Jennifer Aniston alone? What crime has she ever committed to deserve such vicious comments every time she is stalked by more papz?

    This is HER life, she is an adult woman and presumably free to choose her partners. To the haters – stick to the Jolie-Pitts, to her fans – leave her in peace, she really deserves it.

  • anon


    this is a fictional relationship, arranged by CAA because Brad is in the news with W magazine and she has a movie to promote. They want to steal the headlines from Brad on tabloid magazines to reduce his power. THEY WERE NEVER A COUPLE. THEY STILL ARE NOT. THEY ARE ACTING. 100%.
    Their fictional game ends before Christmas.


  • Nicole

    Chin Maniston is a laughing stock
    she’s DESPERATE…Every one said so all over Hollywood … LOL
    What a LOSER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • annie

    Wow, first, jennifer goes to boston to follow john who went to his alma mater, then she followed him to NYC. Afterthat, she hired a private jet to take them together back to LA. And now she goes to John’s residence instead of John going to her place.

    what becomes of Aniston, is she that desperate??? Mayer had humiliated her for telling the world that he dumped and now she agreed to become his doormat again???

  • http://justjared Jan

    Is she still paying for everything? Does he still have a big mouth? Has his career gone down the toilet because he can’t shut up? Yup Yup Yup.
    I get the feeling Jen is all about physical affection and sex, looking at old pics of her clinging to her men. Very very high school she is. How come you never seen her with her dad or brother?
    They still have the same problems so in time their relationship will explode.

  • Musings on Jennifer Aniston

    Being Jennifer Aniston

    As a child, Jennifer Aniston was constantly told by her former Model mother that she wasn’t pretty and even though deep down, she believed it, she chose to fight it. . . By going into a business where looks is perhaps the only thing that matters. In the beginning of her career, she got numerous rejections, even her father had no confidence in her. He told her to quit, he didn’t want to see her hurt. . . Obviously, a man who is well aware of his daughter’s limited looks. To her credit, she stood firm…sometimes when the people around you don’t believe in you, it can be a source for determination. She met with an agent who told her straight up…your looks won’t get you anywhere, you need to change. So she did, she lost weight, she had multiple surgeries and viola, she started getting parts but more than that, she got casted as an adorable, flighty yet harmless girl…the girl next door. She was the lovable friend…and popular too. The girl in the band, wearing the tall ridiculous band hat, with braces on her teeth, knobby knees became the Head Cheerleader…this is what all high school movies, books…stories are made of.

    Everyone who’s ever gotten teased for their looks identified with her but more than that, they embraced her. She was now the queen of the castle, master of her domain…who looked down from her high pedestal, thinking “Look Ma, I did it. Despite all the berating and the degrading comments, I did it. They think I’m beautiful. In your face”…she though this but she never really believed it. After all it was her own mother who told her she was ugly….a mother’s words always leaves the deepest scars, which was why despite the whole world tell her how beautiful she is, her mother’s words brought her crashing down…again and this time harder. It’s one thing to say these ugly things about her in private and it’s quite another to say them in public. She feared the world would begin to see her through her mother’s eyes, so she cut her off, disassociated herself from her, called her a disease basically painting a monsterish picture of her mother, so when the world thinks of Jennifer Aniston…the lovely, perky, adorable Jennifer Aniston, they would have a hard time connecting that person with the “monster” of a woman who is her mother.

    She was riding high again and even higher with the “Most handsome man in the world on her arms”. Again, she stood tall, looked down her subjects and thought “That’s right! This is me, he wants ME, he could have anyone but he chose me…I’m not that bad after all”. Deep down, she probably knew he wanted her because she was the opposite of what he really wanted…which unfortunately was what she had worked all her life to be. He wanted her because she was safe, comfortable, average, non-threatening everything she had worked hard not to be, she wanted to be the femme fatale, the one guys lost their heads over, the dangerous girl and here was this man wanting her because she wasn’t, it must have hit her hard, so she went to her fail safe plan, something she’s used all her life…denial.

    She managed to convince herself it was all about HER, she did such a good job of it…she began to believe in her own press. She thought herself untouchable , invincible and unaccountable to anyone, she became arrogant and like anything built on thin air, it came crumbling down when the guy she had convinced herself worshipped her, told her… “Hey, look you aren’t really all that, okay…at least not to the point where you think you can get away with anything. I thought we understood each other, I’m with you coz you are safe and you don’t bring out deep emotions in me and you’re with me because it boast your ego…but somewhere along the way, you got it all mixed up. I can and will leave” and he did. For the 3rd time, Aniston finds herself playing kissy face with reality but this time, she had built herself so high, the fall was long and hard. The result of that fall is what you see here…getting back into a relationship with someone who has publicly humiliated her.

    It’s so telling that this is the first time, she’s been to JM’s bachelor pad. During the first round of their dating, he came to her…maybe she was slowly building her esteem back, starting to believe in herself again or rather her own press and BAM she gtts hit…again. She realizes “oh, oh, not again…I can’t afford this delusions of grandeur…not now, not when I’m looking at the big 40″ So she goes into scrambling mode, telling herself “Remember, you aren’t all that” and that thot “you aren’t all that’ is why she is beating the hoard to get to his place.

    It’s sad really and instead of making fun of her, I think we all should feel sorry for her and even learn something from it…which is YOUR OPINION OF YOURSELF IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS…coz you’ll go crazy trying to live up to that of others.

    Of course all of this makes sense only if Ms. Aniston is has some depth to her, if she is aware and clued up.

    AG is not a psychiatrist, just a bored…really, really bored insomniac, who can now thank Ms. Aniston for putting her back to sleep.

    Note to fellow Insomniacs
    Print this and read as often as needed to go back to sleep. :)

  • reality

    she has no intimate relationships : the relationship with John is manufactured for the media and she has little relationship with her immediate family : Jen has used her acting as a way to deal with a dysfunctional family that had too much “drama” in it. The way Jen gets around the “drama” of her own personal life is to control men by flirting with them……she has an intimate relationship with none of them……………….. for her own reasons. …………..Reality is private. All these are games and photo ops. until she is married. That is why it all seems forced, rushed and fake. IT IS AN ACT.

  • reality


  • conspiracytheory

    Actions Speak Louder Than Words.

    Did Aniston say in a interview that she was sick of the pap attention in La and could see herself leaving it?


    Somehow she seems to show up at the same pap infested places to be photographed over and over again. Did she not know that paps would be there to take pics? What other A lister is photograhed (claims to value privacy)behaves this way?

    Some will say she is just living her life, maybe, but I think she enjoys and wants the attention when it suits her. And for some reason (W..lmao) it suits her now!.

    For every ex action there seems to be a jen reaction and she seems to have found someone that enjoys playing the game right along with her.

    Mayer and Aniston seem to be the same tcreatures. They crave attention because it seems to feed whatever is missing in their life. They seem to care too much and that is why things that are said by the media, bloggers, tabloids seem to have an impact on them.

  • Oh Yeah

    What’s up with this woman. Fans of her think she’s one classy lady. A classy lady never go back to a man who told that media that he’s the one who did the the dumping. Is Jen just plain desperate and going crazy now??? I think her friend should intervene .. the woman is out of control she need to see a SHRINK ASAP!!!

  • reality

    Did Aniston say in a interview that she was sick of the pap attention in La and could see herself leaving it?




  • a fan

    The police were there for 5 paps.Sad

  • anonymous

    Jennifer’s friends know how stupid she is hooking up with Mayer again, after what he had done to her, shouting to the world that he dumped her. She went to Courtney’s party without Mayer and no one of her friends were at Mayer’s party also.

    I think Jennifer’s friends knows she is a fool by falling for Mayer!

  • rien


    Hmh, that’s interesting. Because I love Jennifer Aniston dearly. I see her as intelligent, warm and loving person.

    All this time what we read about her are from tab, and very rarely from her own statement. And as far as I know about tab, they do just paste and copy.

    And I learned differently about looks. That brain, skills, and sincerity will take you to anywhere you want. It is not always easy, but you can manage your life, and be proud of it. That handsome boys will talk to you, because talking to you always making sense. Of course, instead of boys with self esteem problem, or worse, with brain problem.

    You have problem with insomnia, may be you should look at your own life, and forget about Jennifer’s. Except you have it in your gene, insomnia is caused by things I better not tell. Just take a good look at your life.