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Violet Affleck: Stop Right There!

Violet Affleck: Stop Right There!

Jennifer Garner carries her daughter Violet Affleck while she runs an errand in Santa Monica on Thursday.

Violet and Jen shared a laugh together with a construction worker who playfully held up a “Stop” sign in front of them to shield them from photographers.

The 36-year-old actress’ baby bump appears to be growing by the day! Ben and Jen will be expecting their second child sometime this winter.

10+ more pics inside of Violet Affleck saying stop right there…

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jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 01
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 02
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 03
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 04
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 05
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 06
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 07
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 08
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 09
jennifer garner violet affleck stop sign 10

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  • NancI Black

    1 st so buttons On underwear…….. cute

  • http://- Darren

    second, what does she do now? :|

  • 3

    she is pregnant!!!!!

    i love this family sooo cute !

  • sweets

    I love them, too cute.

  • boogie

    she’s got cute dimples like mom- photo # 7

  • http://google toni

    Violet is a cuttie, especially with those dimples.
    I had a 3 yrs daughter whose got dimples too on both cheek.

  • Jake

    Darren, she does her best to stay relevant by birthing babies, nobody cares about her movies or anything.

    If you want to see somebody interesting, check out Jen Aniston (the entry above this one).

  • aurelia

    i always love see this mother daughter….they are so real….very good mother and happy daughter…God bless them….!!

  • Love Jen :)

    CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

    LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

  • Maria (Shorty)

    This little one is such a happy little girl. She’s ‘sunshine’ — just a cutie pie.

  • Ana

    Übercute. Beautiful family. Jen pregnant looks amazing!

  • jasjones

    ok, this child is NEVER seen walking and she’s ALMOST 3 YEARS OLD!! it’s about time to put the kid down!

  • WakeupPeople

    Can this child walk?! Seriously!!

  • Scarlett

    Once the new baby is here, I’m sure Violet will be doing more walking. It seems to be a bonding experience for Violet and her mom now when she’s carried which is nice.

  • Scarlett wrote: “It seems to be a bonding experience for Violet and her mom now when she’s carried…”

    Honestly, it’s a great PHOTO OP.

  • abc

    Scarlett wrote: “It seems to be a bonding experience for Violet and her mom now when she’s carried…”

    Honestly, it’s a great PHOTO OP!

  • bn

    People, let the “she never walks” thing die already! If you had a bunch of photogs following your toddler you’d carry her, too. And before you go there, no – I don’t think she’s courting the press. She’s picking up her kid from school. Some of you are seriously losers.

  • http://rocket. david

    i tink she has a really beautiful gaughter,well she took of her mom.

  • ally

    I can understand Jennifer Garner picking up her daughter with the paps around, but I don’t understand why she’s alerting the paps to her every move in the first place.

    And no, I don’t think she’s just going about her life and just happens to be followed. How do more popular stars, like Reese Witherspoon, manage not to get photographed with their kids on a daily basis?

    Add this to having her former co-workers (Victor Garber and Bradley Cooper) and her crazy stylist (Rachel Zoe) talk about what a “great mother” she is and this is obviously all part of her PR spin.

    Not that it works- people don’t go see her movies and they don’t even comment on her articles! She has the fewest number of comments on this page, even sandwiched between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston!

    Oh, and somehow, Adoring Fan/lynne-grosse/Fiona and all your other alternative personalities: I’m still not banned!!!

    (Hint: perhaps your effort has failed because calling Jennifer Garner on her PR tricks isn’t a crime)


  • Mr. Rabbit

    At least I now know that it’s not TomKat that gets silly posts accusing partents of alerting the paparazzi by idiots like #19.

  • Flora

    Ally, the only one using other personalities is you. That’s why you always accuse people of doing it because you know you are guilty of it when there is no proof of others doing it.

    You are so obsessed with this woman, it is beyond pathetic and you are obviously not well. You would die before avoiding a Jen post. You know nothing about this woman and your constant comments are obviously about yourself.

  • Flora

    If you don’t like someone why bother looking them up every day like you do? You obviously have nothing in your life to do. Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston get a lot of comments because of the whole Angelina love triangle thing and if you haven’t noticed most of Anistons’ posts are negative. The amount of comments you get on 1 celeb site doesn’t equal your popularity and Reese isn’t a more popular celeb, either. Nobody said that Garner was an A-lister either.

    How do you know she forced people to say things? It might be true, they know her you don’t. Nobody reported you to get banned because you can’t ban people on here. Many of your pointless comments get deleted, though.


  • Adoring Fan

    Poor ally # 19 the one with no friends. Are you lonely? Is that why you come on Jen’s thread to hang out with her fans. Don’t you know by now that the more love you give, the more you get. You seem to know a lot about Jen and what’s going on with her ,almost as much as I do. The difference is I own up to it. Why can’t you? I love seeing what’s going on with her and Vi.

    BTW Jared, thanks for the new pics on my favorite mom and daughter duo. They are both so adorable. Little Miss Violet can always put a smile on my face. She is so freaking cute.

  • cutie

    I think this is the cutest little girl in Hollywood! She is a beauty, and yes she is “sunshine” that is what she reminds me of…just adorable!

  • Sarah

    Jake speak for yourself. What does Maniston do that is relevant? The only thing she did was star in Friends, used to be married to Brad Pitt & now her relationship with John Mayer & calling the paps for attention. Garner only has 1 child and another one on the way. If she wanted attention by that she would have many more. She has fans for her television shows & movies or she wouldn’t have fan-sites. Something you don’t have Mr. Nobody.

  • Sarah

    Wow… the fact that you know all about her co-stars & stylists, shows how obsessed you are. If you’re not a fan why bother looking that stuff up about someone? You obviously have no life Ally. Your comments are pointless. You’re not going to change the fan’s opinions nor the fact that Jen is one of the most popular celebs on here. Nothing you’re typing is fact & just things you’re making up in your deranged mind. Give it up already & stop spouting your hateful comments like you have rabies or something. Each comment you type just shows how obsessive & pathetic you are.

  • Violets Auntie

    I’ve seen videos of Violet walking, and sometimes running, sometimes out of a door. As soon as Ben and/or Jen see the papz they quickly pick her up and carry her to the car. It’s a safety issue.

    Funny, all of official filmdom describe the Afflecks as A-listers, so they must be A-list.

    Violet is so happy.

  • a realist

    Why don’t Jen put that big girl down. She is almost three years old.

    Violet is the same age as Matilda Leger, and Michelle lets Matilda walk.

  • Maybe because Jen is worried about the paps, just like someone already said. She lets her walk until they notice the paps and then she picks her up.

  • Mr. Rabbit

    Why compare people. #28? She doesn’t feel like it. It’s their ‘problem’ so let them worry about it.

  • Adoring Fan

    To # 28 (a realist) I don’t think Michelle and Matilda have as many paps surrounding them as Jen and Violet. Secondly; Violet will not be three until December whereas Matilda will be three at the end of this month. Like Mr. Rabbit said don’t compare people. Their child is not your concern. Mind your own kids.

  • Laura

    Such a cutie. Always smiling, what a happy baby.

  • just me

    Ben, Jen and Violet are a beautiful celeb family without w/h/o/r/i/n/g their private lives for publicity! And Violet is always happy and smiling… soooo adorable.

  • Janie

    Love this family – so cute!

  • Liz

    Aww, so cute. Baby Vi with her doll.

  • morgan

    should potty train that kid.

  • Flora

    Morgan, what a stupid statement. She is two years old. You obviously know nothing about raising children.