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Jude Law is an Audio and Visual Person

Jude Law is an Audio and Visual Person

Jude Law walks with his entourage at Mipcom 2008, a content event for co-producing, buying, selling, financing and distributing entertainment content, held at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes on Thursday.

Kenneth Branagh, who was set to direct the 35-year-old British actor in the West End production of Hamlet next year, has been forced to withdraw due to commitments to a new film based on the Marvel comic book character Thor.

Jude is currently filming Sherlock Holmes, and has been spotted on London sets wearing white collarless shirts and black trousers for his part as Dr. Watson.

Guy Ritchie, who is directing Sherlock Holmes, is currently going through a divorce from Madonna.

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  • morgan


  • 赵洋


  • kim

    My boo is busy this month !
    I hope that they get a buyer for the film Peace One Day.

    Love you Jude

    Keep up the good work.

  • elle

    Thanks Jared,
    Yes indeed he is very busy at the moment!

  • rien

    Kim, the POD concert from Last Month will be shown on Palladia, some kind of MTV’s daughter company. It will be shown on OCtober 18th.

    Jeremy looks dashing on that pics. And Jude, ….I wonder if I can sense the breeze of sea air from that “somehow familiar” gray T-shirt…

    I just can’t get enough of him…

    Thanks, Sweet Jared…

  • kim


    I have a question ? If they have already have a buyer for the film and
    it is going to be shown on MTV. Why are they at the Festivals ?

  • sheryl

    Jude…love ya, babe. You too, Jeremy.

    *AGAIN tries to ignore gray t-shirt*

  • ISA

    He looks wonderful as always but tired, He must be really busy.
    Love you forever Jude :D

  • dee

    Jude slow down baby, get some rest.

    So you can be goregous in Sherlock Holmes.

    Love you Jude

    Thanks Jared

    Thanks for the good work for the Peace One Project.

  • Sara

    I could spend all day looking into his eyes without getting tired…

    UH, I definitely can’t take my eyes off of him!!
    I can’t take my mind off of him!! : )

    Love You Jude ♥

  • Jude Law

    Jude Law is an amazing actor, I can’t wait to see the new film.

  • AnnieRich


  • rien


    I don’t think that there is a buyer (s) for this film yet. The concert itself is not part of the film. It is the POD concert Last Month, which will be shown on Palladia and not the DAP.

    Well, more distributors buy this film is the better, I suppose. But if I am not mistaken, The DAP is on DVD. Or maybe my sisters in Judeland can correct me…

  • kim


    Thanks for sharing that. I do hope Jude and Jeremy get the distributors they need to get the film out there.

  • Saady

    The idea is not to make one big sale, it’s to make as many sales of
    all sizes and types not only for the money but for the charity and to
    get the message out to as much of the world as is possible if they
    want to continue having this day and to try to build the success they need to acheive their desired goal. i think the whole thing has gone very well and I’m proud as I can be for Jude and Jeremy and i hope they can show the world what a couple of dedicated savvy guys can do. Helikes the busines end of these things I think – when they started the NYLON company with the other actors he was the spokespserson then also and very articulate. Her looks very turned on and happy to me. WAY TO GO JUDE – you are unquestionable the best in every possible way.

  • Brenda

    I love this man

  • dolorescraeg

    jude and jeremy are trying to get schools all over the world to show this documentary…peace one day and the day after peace. they would like to sell it to public broadcasting stations and cable channels. hopefully they will have alot of buyers. it’s a very powerful and moving story and should be seen by the masses. this has been jeremy’s passion for ten years but i give jude credit for climbing aboard not for just lip service but going to afghanistan twice and seeing this project through. the thing i notice about jude law is he puts his money where his mouth is. if he commits…you can bank on him. his heart is definitely in this project…after all jude has three young children. he would like to see a better world for them to grow up in. the d.v.d is on sale at peace one…..also i might add that THE LAW is looking hot and very macho these days…all for his role opposite robert downey in sherlock holmes…..

  • dolorescraeg

    some of you may not have read this so for your benefit i’m posting it.

  • shammy

    Jude is truly an amazing man and it’s causes such as this that make such a significant impact on others around the world. Thank you Jude! He seems very committed to improving and making a better and brighter future. That is honorable and would love to meet him some day in London or America.

    He always looks dashing, lovely, and just watched THE HOLIDAY again because I enjoy his acting in this film. Thanks for the joy Jude!


  • purpleworm

    yeah, he looks a little tired in these pics. Hope he gets some rest somewhere,somehow. What a busy, dedicated guy he is. love that about him.

    And his new look for the SH film seems to age him somewhat. Interesting…I wouldn’t have expected that. Agree with somebody who said it’s a very 70s look. so true.

  • Pole

    Mmmm… this look really works for him. He looks great and it’s good to see him continue the work with Peace Day One. Rien, I know the film is being bought so hopefully it will be seen by many on tv around the world.

    Thanks Jared :-D Please keep the Jude news comming ;-)

  • ericap

    Hot Jude!

  • blackworm


    I agree with your post. He does look tired. He’s working hard and I’m sure he has many extracurricular activities that tire him also. He looks like he just needs some plain old sleep!

    I also agree that his Watson look seems to age him. The receding hairline and the moustache and the sideburns seem to make him look older than his years.

    But he still looks great. Very handsome. But he needs to get some sleep if he wants to keep it.

  • Isabella

    He is gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to see him in the new film!!!

  • sheryl

    @ Pole, yeah, his porny look…it works for me! :)

    Just kidding…kinda…anyway, I hope they’ve had good success.

  • purpleworm


    I wouldn’t mind being one of the “extracurricular activities” that’s making him tired. For all the right reasons, that is.

    God, wouldn’t he be great in a film set in the 70s? A buddy-roadtrip thing with a Redford/Newman vibe. Or whatever. This new look really captures that spirit. At least in his modern off-the-SH set clothes.

  • Evie

    LoL… he looks like JB, from the hills, Justin Bobby. HAHAHAHAHA, Jude is sexxxxy!

  • Pole

    @Sheryl – I’m not sure if I’m kidding or not :lol: Imagine meating him in person – I’m quite sure he’s irresistible..

  • elle

    he’s irresistible..indeed, his look kinda macho these days Dol, but it works for me (a bit tired maybe but no wonder)
    Anyway also Thanks for the good work for the Peace One Project.

  • sheryl

    @Pole, :) I’m not kidding about it working for me, I’m kidding about calling it his “porny” look…which it kinda does, but I know that’s not what he’s going for…I haven’t read the books, but I’m pretty sure Watson wasn’t into that. ;)

  • freddie

    English pahrn* just doesn’t sound right. Does it exists?

    I think English pahrn* is pretty much a naked man and woman sitting drinking tea and exchanging deep meaningful looks like ” A Room With a View”.

    But, hey, I’d buy it.

    *Edited for content. You know, like all those actors that say “hey you, monkey fellow!” on public tv

  • Pole

    It’s a long time since I’ve read Doyle, but I think it’s perfectly plausible that Watson would have a mustache. I’m certainly not complaining about it :-D With those costumes we’ve seen so far I think he looks perfect for the part even if my first associations are a bit far away from a Victorian (?) gentleman ;-)

  • sheryl

    Oh, I wasn’t doubting the mustache is authentic, just doubting Watson did p o r n!

  • Pole

    Maybe it’s my English that’s failing me but I thought the term “pornstache” was something from the 70′? I’m all confused now.. but I do think I know what you mean Sheryl :-) Jude’s Watson is definitely quite a bit more sexy than the other Watsons..

  • Fruit Loop

    @Pole, I’m pretty sure pornstache just refers to a mustache that looks like one that would be sported by an actor in a bad porny film, and this coupled with the sideburns gives Jude a 70s kind of look…or an 1890s kind of look too, I guess.

  • Pole

    @Fruit Loop: I thought it was something like that – sometimes it’s just hard to express yourself correctly in English.. Sorry Sheryl – I got all confused! Either way; this look certainly works for Jude IMO. Some might find his hotness too much for Watson but I like it (in case anyone was in doubt of that) :-D

  • Daphne

    Hehe the moustache, side-burns and chest hair — Jude is channelling a bit of the 70′s pornstar look. But it’s still just Jude, still his style and all of it mighty fine.

  • Pole

    Mighty fine indeed :-D

  • elle

    But it’s still just Jude, that`s correct Daphne :)

  • elle

    O sorry i forget and he changes his look always like chameleon :)
    i can`t remember how to make another smileys here here lol i hope this one is correct :-)

  • elle

    Sorry for so much posting on Jared but i only will check the smileys
    :( ;) :lol:

  • dolorescraeg

    in all the years that i’ve been aware of holmes and watson, i never, ever thought of hwatson as sexy…..howsoever…jude law is about to change all of that….. we’re just seeing photos…. can you imagine what he’s going to look like on the big screen….somebody get out the fire hose…jude’s gonna sizzle…..i’m fanning myself.

  • blackworm


    I wouldn’t mind being one of his “extracurricular activities” either.

    I like the idea of a buddy-roadtrip movie set in the 70′s. Drugs, sex and rock-n-roll baby! Bring back the good old days!

  • Roya

    i love him !

  • sharyllee

    I love him too!!!

  • rien

    Not me, Blackworm. Sex and rock n roll, yes. But drugs? Jude is already like a drug for me. I don’t need any other. Well, may be coffee. Which reminds me….

  • rien

    @Kim and Jude Fans

    The Day After Peace has distributor already. 3 DD Entertainment! Congratulation, Jeremy and Jude!


    Oh, ho, ho!!! Whole lotta man there!!! My!, He is so fine looking!!!

    Mimi Prism

  • kim

    YaY !
    Thanks Rien

    I’m glad that Jude and Jeremy got a distributor now we can to see the doc on TV.

    Great Job
    Jude and Jeremy

  • Sandy

    Jude is a busy guy. After working with Jeremy at the Mipcom in cannes it seemed he flew into China over the weekend (wenn photos) for what I think is the opening 0f the new Dunhill store there
    but was identified with a name that seems like a mall or area name. I
    have never been to Shanghai. I would think he would turn up on set in London very shortly. He must go through his passport books in a year!
    It’s a good thing he manages to get his vacatiohs because traveling
    is a strain on the system and you can feel great and then boom it
    hits you. OK, he does look healthy though, very healthy and VERY GOOD,!