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KayCee Stroh Clutches On For Good Luck

KayCee Stroh Clutches On For Good Luck

KayCee Stroh gets glamorous in a gold custom-made Nancy Barrus gown (the very first of Barrus’ evening gown line) at the premiere of her new movie, High School Musical 3: Senior Year premiere. (The red carpet event was held at the Galen Center at the University Of Southern California on Thursday in Los Angeles.)

The 24-year-old KayCee, who is planning her January 2009 wedding, also wore custom jewels that were handmade by Nancy Barrus. She accessorized her look with Carmen Steffens shoes and her grandmother’s heirloom clutch, which is over 100 years old. “Just for good luck!” she said of her clutch on the red carpet.

Also spotted on the red carpet: Fellow wildcats Monique Coleman, 27, and Corbin Bleu, 19. Monique went strapless in a violet Nicole Miller dress and sparkled in Erica Courtney jewelry.

25+ pictures of Kaycee, Monique and Corbin at the HSM3 premiere…

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Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez, Dimitri Halkidis; Photos: Getty Images, WENN
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  • LolaSvelt

    Monique is nearly pushing thirty and she’s still doing Disney films. Hahaha.

  • Zanessaheart

    oooooo monique and corbin r gettin pretty close lol! Sumthin cud happen here haha! CANT WAIT FOR HSM333!

  • tia

    number 1 i agree!!! from day one i have said thats weird! its like, why cant disney find actual HIGH SCHOOL aged actors! they very rarely actually cast peple who are the right age. with the exeption of the girls on their shows like selena gomez, everyone on disney are full grown adults playing teenager! creeepppyyy.

  • Kim

    Corbin is so hot!!!

  • bibi

    are monique and corbin dating?!?!?!

  • mike

    omg can’t anyone hold hands or hug someone without someone thinking they are dating???? lol

  • kay

    Well yeah I agree with the age thing. But Vanessa and Zac did the first HSM when they had high School age so that doesn’t count.. Zac was 18 and Vanessa was 17.

  • Ashee

    Love the dress… Dont really love her.

  • qwerty

    So happy for Kaycee!!! That is really neat. Corbin and Monique look so sweet together!

  • clozz

    They all look so glam. Monique and Corbin look cute gether, you wouldn’t think he’s 19?!?
    Btw was Lucus there? Because I know he doesn’t like all the press and promotional parts of making movies..

  • kells

    SO WHAT Monique Coleman is 25 playing a high schooler? if she can pull it off, what’s the problem? I don’t notice anybody making such a fuss when Rachel McAdams played a teen in “mean girls” when she was around the same age! Jeez, people. You’ll complain about ANYTHING.

    That said, Monique looks gorgeous and Corbin looks hot! I’m feeling the scruff ;)

  • lola

    Monique looks good and apparently Corbin could careless how old she is or does he look like taking a picture with her is gonna hurt his “tween” image any. LOL You go Mo! You look fabu. You won’t be running for botox, fake boobs and other stuff trying to be what you aren’t. Lucky for you God blessed you with all the right assests and nature did the rest.

  • lol

    guyd, monique is almost 30 and corbin is 19. they are NOT dating

  • lindsey

    monique looks gorgeous! as does kaycee.

    corbin looks cute. not liking the slicked back hairdo lately though.

  • cfan

    Can’t two people hug without people saying they are dating?!! They aren’t.

    Gosh Corbin looking real good. :)

    Does anyone know how come Lucas wasn’t at the premiere?

  • kay

    ^^ He is still filming his new movie.


    momo and corbie are not dating. he’s already said that would never happen. disney uses older actors because of their qualifications, knowledge, and skill. thank you JJ for posting on quality actors!!!!

  • tia

    JJ for posting on quality actors!!!!

    i wouldnt say this girl is a quality actor….shes barely even in the first two movies! i mean, in the first one she dances on a table for about 30 seconds and in the 2nd one u her like 2 times.

  • .

    no…kay, vanessa was 16 and zac was 17

  • b chick

    oh my.
    that girl is FATT

    monique is too old to do disney movies.. lol

    and corbin, well… he is freaking HOTT!

  • Ariana

    Monique is not too old for the hsm movies. If she can pass for 18, more power to her. Also, the girl has acted in other movies, beside actors such as James Earl Jones. I admire her. She has come a very long way. From growing up basically poor to now being able to live a comfortable life. Go Mo!

    Ooh..and her and Corbin look so sweet together.

  • kay

    Oh thanks #19.

  • yaya

    kaycee looks really pretty. and corbin and monique look so cute together, you know besides the age difference. and yea monique is not to old for disney movies. age is only a number and if she can pass for a teenager than more power her. i cant wait for next friday.

  • zanessa/jashley

    Know what’s good about Monique playing a high schooler is that she actually LOOKS young. So she has props from me !! I mean, so what if she’s 27 ? At least she looks young for her age !! If I didn’t know about her age, I would guess that she’s around 20 – 22.

    Kaycee looks so pretty though !! At least she isn’t one of those celebs that starve themselves to death.

    And Corbin…hehe, can’t get enough of that hair !! He’s looking so fine too :D

  • Zashley4ever

    Where was Lucas ?

  • athena

    Wow, that gown looks great on Kaycee….Monique looks great, although, I wish I were her stylist….She and Corbin has great chemistry. Johnny Depp still does Disney Movies and he’s in his 30′s if not older….anyway…Monique looks great for her age…and when you think of how some in real life teenagers look much older for their age…and that’s without makeup…so go figure…Monique is doing well for herself.

    I think Lucas Grabeel is working on a film, but I couldn’t imagine that he’d miss the finale of the HSM3 series premier.

  • nk

    The kids and I met her at the HSM2 screening last year, and she was the sweetest person, full of warmth and smiles. We love her now!

  • kells

    Depp is actually in his forties, but yeah, good point 26. Nobody says anything about him. I don’t get why people are so upset that she’s older than what she plays. I can bet you every actor that’s huge right now has done that at least once in their career.

  • c

    Yeah I read somewhere Lucas is filming a movie in Korea. He has been doing so many movies, good for him.

    Corbin looks :D

  • POP86

    Monique will not be needing boxtox, facelifts, eyelift etc. as she gets older. In case some of you haven’t notice, some people do age slower than others. Meaning some people will look at least ten years younger than actually they are. There is no shame in doing a Disney movies because Johnny Depp,Nicolas Cage and Adam Sandler, have made Disney movies and got big paychecks from doing them.

    P.S. Corbin is freakin hot.

  • in to fashion

    i think momo’s dress is kinda nice

  • chel

    MoMo looks GOOOOOOOD!!
    She’s so tiny, she lost weight.
    Love Kaycee, her and Mo look beautiful.

    Plus Mo and Corbin look SOOOOO cute together, even tho they’re not dating lol but I want to date Corbin so… ; )

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Monique & Corbin would make a great match! ♥
    Kaycee looks great, Monique fabulous, the whole cast looked awesome! And when I saw Ashley’s new brown hair, I was like GORGEOUS ♥
    GO HSM3!

  • HSMfan22

    I’m 22 an people think I’m in High School!!! When I tell them I go to USC – they freak out. I think momo is good in the movies .So I dont c what the big deal is! Besides if she were 19 and he was 27 no1 wolud make a fuss. Anyway they all look great. Mo and Corbin r so cute 2gether. They seem like they enjoy eachother, even if it is as friends. : (
    Qusetion; If she was around my age( 20,21,22 or 23) would b as bad???

    PS. Corbin has always been adorable ever since his flight 29 down days but now he’s kinda hot. …I’m 22 and proud 2 say, that I cant wait 2 c HSM3!!!

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