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David Beckham is Heathrow Hot

David Beckham is Heathrow Hot

Soccer stud David Beckham holds hands with wife Victoria as they pass through Heathrow airport in London en route to LAX airport in Los Angeles.

Posh, 34, recently told Glamour she was not trying for a fourth child. She said, “I’m so lucky to have the boys and they’re such great kids. Nice, free spirits and incredibly polite, which I think is important. But it takes a lot of energy and the thought of having another baby now would be a little bit much. Maybe in a year or two, but right now, I’m having amazing career opportunities and I want to enjoy the boys.”

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  • sarah

    i love them<3

  • emma

    love them!!!

  • LolaSvelt

    Why does Victoria always insist on looking so silly? She’s not a style icon, she looks like she tries too hard and that only dresses to impress others.

  • Rawya

    he’s hot
    love them

  • jess

    you know, posh? when you dress like that, you’re going to get attention.


  • Fruit Loop

    I can’t even begin to understand what people think is so hot about him. She’s just endlessly ridiculous.

  • erin

    it’s a cute couple,but david is hot

  • neurosurgeon

    mhm sexyyyy ;)

  • bella

    Does this woman always have been all styled up . . .does she dress like this when she is sick. I like Victoria, but I think she has let fame get to her head.

  • Josie

    god she is stick thin!

  • Julien

    He’s great…but as amazing as he is I can’t understand why he is still with her…she makes me sick…whenever I see or hear her…arghhhh

  • Liz

    I love what Victoria is wearing, shes so amazing! Davids HOT.

  • dani

    She is seriously skin and bones. I can’t begin to think of how someone could find that body attractive.

  • the-girl-in-denmark


  • lfew

    this women is the ultimate trophy wife …

  • Dieter

    This woman is beyond hot !!!!

  • marley

    look at them
    there so fucking hot
    how say otherwise..just look at her
    fashion diva
    and david fine as usual!!

  • mimi

    she is sooo ridiculous! i get tired just by looking at her….she tries so hard.

  • Sorella

    I like her top, but would go better with a pair of jeans. Can she not do casual?! She always goes overboard and ends up looking more ridiculous because it just looks like she’s trying way way too hard. And the no smiling is just old.

  • noealni

    ok so yeah posh never dresses really down but that is just her, but if you haters dont remember she has gone to disneyland and target dressed yeah she just loves dresses up. i so love her style! i can see me wear the hat and the pants..

  • alllthegossip
  • natasha

    victoria looks amazing and so hot david too

    the both right together

  • basic truth

    just like every short insecure woman she wears hills and a hat to get inches next to her tall guy

    she is ridiculous

  • me

    Next to such extraordenary naturaly handsome and hot guy Vic looks super strange with that outfit, as if he caries a doll……I always thought that Monica Bellucci could be an ideal woman for him….but clearly David loves Vic wich makes her very lucky woman no matter how stupid she looks in her “treing hard” fashion pants.

  • jk

    David is great as long as he doesn’t open his mouth and speak. He sounds like a SMURF.

  • Rattlesnake

    she seems fun to be around, lol, right !

  • Heather

    He always looks effortlessly cool, yet comfortable…she always looks like she’s trying waaaaaay too hard. You are supposed to wear the clothes, Vicky, the clothes are not supposed to wear you.

  • boogie

    does she have a pimple or two hiding under there?? lol

  • greg

    Nice couple.
    Thanks for Posh & becks pics!

  • mona

    They’re hot , especially Becks & I love their Style.

  • shina

    WOW…sexy Becks. Posh style is May-jah.
    I love this lovely couple.

  • bimo

    My favourite couple. Sexy & Hot.
    Thanks Jared.

  • Mr. d

    I laugh my ass off anytime I hear people say that David Beckham is good looking. Ya, he’s a real hunk (eyes roll). EVEN Orlando Bloom is better looking than this guy.

  • Cynthia

    Love them, that’s all!

  • jjj

    It is nice that he holds her hand….how sweet of him.

  • bet betty


    He. Just. Looks. Angry.

    As. Usual.


  • jenny piccolo

    These vacant Brits should lower their Carbon footprint. The glaciers and ice packs ae melting! Wake up you have enough money people.

  • Laurel

    If Posh wasn’t so diva-fabulous, I would be disappointed. There’s so doubt she enjoy attention and yes she BLATANTLYlooks like she is ‘trying hard’ but her outfits are better than all those people who try just as hard to pull off their contrived apparently non try-hard ‘I just threw this on’ understated looks that aren’t even original.

  • Sammi

    She wears the hat because she has bald patches from the extensions she was wearing until very recently…..shorter ones maybe but still extensions. Her forehead is getting bigger too!!!!!


    Posh is pathetic. Does she actually enjoy life? because it seems to me that she spends so much time trying to look like a fashion icon, when instead she looks like a fashion victim. I feel sorry for her but even more so for him for having to stick with her.

  • soppy

    anyone know who designs her pants/

  • mimi

    It goes to confirm my opinion of most of you ie, mimi, Heather, ifew, Julien and the rest of the women bashers on this blog. You’re all incapable of love and kindness. All you know is hate spurned out envy. You log onto various sites bashing your fellow women. You don’t like to see any couple happy unless picked and matched by you lots. You come on Angie’s blog and you spill your hate and you see a couple who’s been happily married for more than 10yrs and you pick on his wife for your hatred. You probably dream of the man for yourselves. You should all get a life and be careful how you hate, what you wish others might come back to hunt you.

  • poshy

    love them. victoria is smart and her decision of not having more kids is great too. she is not crazy like that crazy biitch angelina who has 6 kids and instead of enjoying their life , she is thinking of having more soon…. CRAZY WOMAN! fame and attention seeking mediaWHoooRE!!!!

  • mimi

    To Poshy, she said she is not yet ready for another baby. She would like to have another but not now and her husband said they would also adopt in future. What will you do then. Get your facts right hater.

  • cathy

    she is ridiculous as alwys -mmiserable bitch – he tries wayyyyyyyy too hard like his wife – can u see these two in the mirror before they go anywhere – give me natural and happy and elegant – reece witherspoon, angelina jolie, to name but a couple of georgous women – they should shoot this couple too full of themselves

  • emmauk

    Awful woman, at least she’s buggered off to the land of weirdo’s, she’ll fit right in

  • yuck

    why is she wearing brad Pitt’s hat?

  • Janie

    She looks like a hooker.

    I can’t stand this miserable woman!

    She is also very ugly!

  • kaos

    So FAKE and PHONY those two!

  • banana

    THEY are unbelievably flawwwwwwwwwless ! so perfetc! H O T