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Miranda Kerr Dolls Up For David Jones

Miranda Kerr Dolls Up For David Jones

Miranda Kerr is hat happy at the David Jones marquee at the BMW Caulfield Cup Day at Melbourne’s Caulfield Racecourse in Australia on Saturday.

The 25-year-old Victoria’s Secret supermodel gave a little quote about being happy with Orlando Bloom. “People can write whatever they like. It doesn’t make any difference to us. We know what the truth is, along with our families and close friends. I don’t even bother reading some of those [break-up] reports.”

Miranda also has a beauty guide called “Treasure Yourself” coming out, which is being published by an “herbal” publishing company.

“It’s a great alignment with my personal belief system,” Kerr comments. “Hay House is allowing me to present the book exactly as it should be done with a hard cover and beautiful illustrations that people will treasure forever. I have spent two years writing this book which will encourage young women to love themselves whatever their size. The most important thing is to eat heathily and to treat your body with respect. Now we are in the final editing process and I expect that it will be available in the first half of next year. It’s very exciting.”

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr all dolled up for David Jones

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miranda kerr david jones marquee 01
miranda kerr david jones marquee 02
miranda kerr david jones marquee 03
miranda kerr david jones marquee 04
miranda kerr david jones marquee 05
miranda kerr david jones marquee 06
miranda kerr david jones marquee 07
miranda kerr david jones marquee 08
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miranda kerr david jones marquee 11
miranda kerr david jones marquee 12
miranda kerr david jones marquee 13
miranda kerr david jones marquee 14
miranda kerr david jones marquee 15

Credit: David G. Morgan; Photos: Serge Thomann/WireImage, Bauergriffinonline
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  • stfu

    If she was 40, we would be pointing out her veiny, old hands.

    She looks like a (more) mentally challenged Dennis Richards. Way prettier from far away, say on a runway.

  • cheeks

    Those cheeks are too much she is already looking like a hound dog.
    Can’t wait to see them in another year or so when they flop more.
    There is no plastic surgery that can’t help that so she will have to live with it.

  • @24

    So they haven’t been really together since March huh? And you know this as a FACT because you heard it from someone who knows a family member? I think that is known as third party heresay. Tell us more of your facts, who is the family member? What really happened, come on, give us the facts and just the facts.

  • @32 how he dumped her

    You said many people know what happened and how he dumped her, I don’t know, can you clue me in?

  • hugh open bar party

    @31 – hugh open bar party when she left. How do know this?
    Insider scoop, I love it. I want to know more.

  • truth

    Is gonna bite her in the ass.
    tick tock baby tick tock.


  • @53

    Miranda dear, you allready know all the facts. It appears that you may be upset because a lot of others know the facts too. It’s ok.

  • Jokd


    Kerr impressed everyone with her friendly attitude, although she did have a momentary lapse while placing a bet on the cup.

    After a malfunction had put the tote out and just minutes to go until the big race, the stunning clothes horse pushed to the front of the queue waiting at the bookmaker inside the marquee.

    As she threw down $25 each way on Master O’Reilly, a disgruntled punter was overheard saying: “Bloody hell, I know she is a supermodel but pull a stunt like that at the country races and you would get into a lot of trouble.”

    Kerr quickly turned around and, looking genuinely abashed, apologised.

    “I’m really, really sorry for that,” she said before being whisked away by her minders to watch the cup.

    I love the part where she says she is sorry, it is easy to be sorry once you have the bet down, and have gotten what you want. And then her minders swept her away. I didn’t think she was famous enough to have MINDERS, or maybe she has minders, so that she wouldn’t act like. well like herself, and embarras DJ who she was representing at the race. Acting like that is sure to bring in new customers.

    Come on Mayfran, tell us about how she is entitled to act like a jerk since she is so special and beautiful and Orlando loves her. This is the woman you admire, someone who pushs her way into the front of the line before some old guy who had waited patiently to place his bet. That is the real Miranda. So, Mayfran any comments?

  • blast from the past

    Here’s an oldie but goodie

    “the whore cheated on my bandmate/ friend brent aka jay lyon. not with orlando. but with a lawyer in manhattan.
    her and jay were together for a few years and she cheated twice (that we know of).
    miranda fucking the lawyer was the last chance. and the sick thing is, brent is a model and musician who gave his world to miranda and loved her more than she’ll ever know. and the lawyer was a 40 something who was already engaged to someone else. but he was richer and gave her $20,000 gifts.
    she’s a promiscous slut who manipulates everyone and uses people to advance her career. jay had a feeling she was fucking orlando too because she’d get really defensive and would disappear for days at a time with no explanation. and he found many emails and texts from him on her phone.
    she has FUCKED UP my group of friends and jay is heartbroken.
    she’s lying about being a buddhist to impress orlando (because he’s one), but just remember that buddhists believe in karma, miranda. what goes around comes around.
    -p & jess & b ”

    It sure does ring true and she has proven she will use and exploit anyone to try and get ahead. Does she have a conscience?

  • You think I”m Miranda #57

    Me Miranda, (#53) that is so funny. Thanks, I loved being 25 but I really wanted to hear the FACTS. But thanks for the giggle.
    Now about those FACTS……

  • @60

    What about the facts in post #58. What about all the lies you tell giving reasons why Orlando didn’t take you to Oscar parties, what about the lies you are telling now about him working on a film in Europe and couldn’t be with you at the races. Since when is being out clubbing on Friday night, working on a film in Europe? What about standing in front of your apartment building crying while he packs up to leave and won’t even glance your way. What about all the different reports about when you two hooked up. Some say you have been dating sinc,e April 2007, but that was back when you were still with “the love of your life, Jay” Miranda the slut has just told too many lies, and they have appeared in print, so they can be checked. Poor Miranda it is a
    bit-ch when you can’t tell the lies like you used to when no one had any idea who you were. Back in the day when all you had to do was put on the sweet act and lie, and no one checked it out. Guess you didn’t realize that the attention you craved so badly with dating a well known celebrity, along came the attention that showed up all your lies. Honey you and your mama are strictly red necks when it comes to trying to use the press to lie for you. People do pay attention, and you can’t tell one lie today and a different one tomorrow, without us catching on. You need to go back to OZ, and hope to God, that DJ won’t fire your sorry ass, for making them look bad. And here is another tip, leave VS, before they too kick you off the runway, and it might be classier to say you have left Orlando before he leaves you on the doorstep crying again, But, there is really no point telling you this, you don’t understand the meaning of the word class, it is just all about you.

  • @61

    You forgot the lie about her age.
    Talk about small town people. They didn’t see how people would find that out. Did any of her bosses get ticked off when they found that out?

    She and her pr are both in print for having said she was 22 when she was 24 trying to buy her two more years to get ahead.
    It took one newspaper at her last birthday party to remind them that the public knew of her since she was 14 in 1997.

    That was a small lie but it just shows you one more time of how she and hers have no problem lying and scheming their way to the bottom of the middle.

  • @61

    oh and you forgot about chef matty.

    talk about the truth finding you out. He is a prep cook at a burger joint.
    I don’t think these people are smart enough to know to be embarrassed by their lies.

  • ROFL

    Now there are even more pictures of Orlando from today taking a walk in the canyon. He isn’t working or even pretending to be.

    psst Miranda, he didn’t go to your stupid event because he didn’t want to and he doesn’t care if you or anyone else knows it.
    Spin baby spin. Let’s hear it.

  • actions

    His actions are speaking quite loud right now.
    She would have looked so much better if she had just kept her mouth shut about him. How many times have you read on this board and other boards to stop talking Miranda? People were trying to help you and you just wouldn’t listen. Now look at the mess you are in and it is far from over. You should have been more careful.

    You can reject what this is saying but you know, don’t you? That you won’t get away with it. I bet there are a lot of people that won’t let that happen. JMHO.

  • rujci

    Mirandas book?! I can not wait. For girls, to treasure themselves?! No matter the size they are?! From the person whose is size 0. From the person who treasure herself dating only men who can do good for her career. Who dumped one rich for richer and more popular? Why are you lying Miranda. Do you really think that all of us are stupid and fool. Show us how to treasure ourselves on you own example. For the beginning, you lied that your boyfriend had work to do and you went to Sydney alone. He is not working, but clubbing. Treasure yourself. Or your theories are just for all others, not for you?

  • bvr

    Did anyone else watch Rove when she was on? She’d do anything for publicity, because she was announced the new DJs girl, when Rove asked her “who would you turn gay for” she said Megan Gale is her favourite model, as she was the DJ girl aswell. Such a publicity stunt. And then on the vogue forums, when the vogue team asked her who’s her favourite model, she said someone else was her favourite. rrr and she always tries to sound down to earth with her stories about climbing trees in gunnedah. She was probably down to earth before she won the Dolly comp.

  • Gerard

    I love Miranda. She is totally amazing.

    Take a look at Forbe’s magazine list. Do you think they pull the top earning models out of their arse? Miranda is up there in the top earners and deserves every cent she gets both from VS and from DJ’s Australia.
    She is such a hard worked and is an amazing young woman; so caring and kind.

    Fact Miranda’s contract is the most paid to any model ever in Australia. Miranda is the Fashion Ambassador for DJ’s and the only reason she isn’t in Australia so much is because she has a number of days allocated to the contract that she is required to fulfill which isn’t many yet she is paid huge money. Megan Gale gets paid 1/5th the money Miranda does and does 6 times the amount of work. Megan Gale is the Brand Ambassador. Megan’s beautiful but doesn’t have the amazing international career Miranda has.

  • Julie S

    I met this beautiful girl on a plane from Los Angeles to new York several weeks ago. She is such an inspiration and such a wonderful lovely young lady.

    It is very obvious the people who bag Miranda don’t know her and obvious comment so stupidly.

    Miranda I think you are so incredible and such a wonderful role model for young people. Keep up the good work honey


  • George



    Ignorance is outstandingly obvious on this site.
    You must feel so ugly about yourselves to talk about someone so beautiful in such ways. # 28 I bet you’re a but ugly fat chick or a slag and just want to take the piss out of someone else because you’re life is worthless. 29, you are just as pathetic.

    # 27, people love her in Australia. There are a couple of people on this site that like to bitch about everyone, obviously under different log in names as they all talk the same s#$t. Look up some of the other celebrities and see what they say about them – same stuff, same b$$%#@$%ss. Sad people who obviously have nothing better to do than to take the piss out of successful beautiful people and this is because they have no self esteem themselves and just make s#@t up because it makes them feel big about themselves

    Miranda looks amazing in this outfit and even more beautiful in real life. She is so beautiful

  • sara

    I think that she looks beautiful. She is radiant.
    And if her book can turn even one young girl away from unhealthy, fad dieting or purging, then it’ sworth all of her hard work.

  • LAughing

    How very funny that 68-71 all come on right around the same time. Sydney time maybe. rofl.
    Random people just found the older thread a few pages back? Sure.

    #30 Thats so true. Not only will he not be around her for more then a day or two but then he won’t go and support her when he is clearly not working in Europe or la.

    #70 why don’t you be specific and tell us what people here have made up about dear old Miranda? Lot’s of people just don’t think she is pretty and there are plenty of people who do know about the situation with her and Orli and are not making stuff up.

  • @68

    That’s a lie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Even Gis came out and said those forbes numbers where way out of line.
    No other famous model has had to rely on them but Miranda keeps using it in press while other models admit the numbers were wrong.
    Why? Because she is the one that doesn’t care about if its true or not as long as she gets press from it and maybe some people will believe it.

    Her David Jones salary was quoted many times as being 6figures for 5 years. That is not a lot of money.
    Jennifter Hawkins is around 4million for 4 years. You can find that information out online. It isn’t hard.
    Please tell us how Miranda’s is the largest then?

    If she really made as much as forbes said then why would she even accept making so much less then the other girls.
    You can’t deny that David Jones brought Megan Gale back immediately after Miranda’s poor first performance. There was even articles around the market research they did they said the public liked Megan Gale better.
    Like the poster earlier said if you are going to try and twist it at least remember that the information is easy to find online.

  • too funny

    All those Miranda paid to be OTT in their adoration of her showed up after some negative things were said. Things that could be proved. She jumped } Those old ugly rumors about Orlando dumping her are being brought up and talked about. And the fact that she has floated several lies about why he isn’t there, and none of them are true are in some of the posts here too. I have seen the kerrlamppet do this before. The flood the board with positive posts, hoping no one will go back far enough to read the real stuff about her, Stuff that can be proved!!!!!!!

  • Yep

    Does anyone think it’s strange that on every single one of these threads there is a post that says “I met her on an airplane and she was so nice”?

    The last time they said they met her and they loved her family. Did they meet the whole family at the same time?

    Does anyone believe that she gets recognized that often?

    Makes you wonder who’s really writing this stuff doesn’t it?

  • @75

    It won’t work. I don’t think people start at the bottom reading anyway.
    I think you’re right thought and it was the family posting again but once again all they can say is you must be fat or ugly if you don’t think Miranda is awesome.
    ROFL!! The plane story was hysterical. They are as bad at making up fake post as they are at calling in the OTT sightings.

    She probably had a temper tantrum yesterday when she saw it wasn’t going her way. She brings it on herself with the lies.
    I bet she will try do an emergency pap set up for the trip back through Los Angeles. It will still come off looking desperate.

  • @yep

    The thing Miranda is getting called on the most around here is her lies. So how do they try and fix that? With more lies of course.
    When will they learn?

  • jennifer

    Cute…….that girl has never looked adorable but right now she’s looking pretty good she looks cute with the hat (it’s funny too)
    but i think that it’s nice that she’s making a book
    maybe not the best book idea but still

  • Sighs4l

    Five fawning posts in under an hour…AND trying to use the discredited Forbes article?
    Nope, Bunny Boiler, not buying it.
    Nice try though.

  • Julie s

    I bet she was beautiful on the plane? Did you know who she was?
    How did she look? Thanks for the post, nice for a change of pace!

  • Julie s

    I bet she was beautiful on the plane, right? Did you know who she was?
    How did she look? Thanks for the post, nice for a change of pace!

  • @julie LMAO

    Julie, here’s a posting tip for you. If you are going to come back on and post to yourself to try and give credit to your fake plane story don’t forget to change your name. So Julie S ask Julie S if she was really pretty? You people are a hoot. Surprised it took so long for the lies to catch up with you.

    How is Tim holding up by the way? Still working for that dead guy?

  • @81

    Hate to break this to you darling, but Julie S is a fraud, another one of Miranda’s many lies. You see, Miranda/Team Cabbage post here as people claiming to know her, like someone named “Tim”, who said he’s worked with Miranda because he’s a photographer’s assistant to a famous Vogue photographer. Thing is,”Tim” was exposed as a fraud because the photographer that “Tim” claimed to work for, Henry Clarke, died over 20 years ago. So Julie S is a poseur, just like “Tim”, and just as much of a liar.

    Oh, and if you want to know how she looks on a plane, just go back a couple of threads and you’ll see the answer: she looks like a bag-lady.

  • @julie LMAO

    So why didn’t he go on this trip if he isn’t working?
    What was it in the past 5 or so weeks, maybe 2 days in the same city
    to get some set up pictures and that’s it?
    If it was a true relationship they would have actually spent time together.
    Don’t try and fix it now Miranda it will only look like you are trying to fix the image again.

  • Yep

    Wow Jullie s, you really are clever aren’t you? I know it’s hard to keep up with all your multiple personalities.

  • randamay

    what are you’ll talking about?
    He is in europe filming.
    LA is in europe isn’t it?

  • look better

    Post #69 is from Julie S, posts #81 and 82 are from Julie s: the first has a capital S, the second not. If someone forget to cancel the name, this should be identical, isn’t it?

  • #88

    Oh so you just think it’s a wild coincidence that the person that asked the question is also called Julie S? lol

  • look better

    of course not. Someone use a similar name on purpose, to make fool of the first poster.
    And the second poster, that asked the question, is not Julie S, but Julie s: no capital letter.

  • http://justjared poor loons

    your life must be so empty to through so much hate on a total stranger i will pray for you

  • to eri

    Did you have a nice weekend Eri?
    Good to have you back.
    While you are praying for us can you ask
    God for a new car for me? Maybe a raise too.
    You might want to mention that little problem in Darfur while
    you are at it.

    Does anyone else have any more prayer request for Eri while
    she is going to be praying for us?

  • Please get help

    Julie S,

    Just what the hell is she inspiring young girls to do? Excel at mediocrity?
    You people talk that stupid shit like she’s a civil rights activist or overcame a debilitating illness or something! You sound just as stupid as Raceday Barbie!

  • wizard of oz

    ding dong the witch is dead
    which old witch?
    THE wicked witch
    ding dong the wicked witch is dead……

    right beetle?

  • @94

    who is beetle?

  • yep

    Soooo, let me get this straight.
    Anyone who posts in a favorable light about Miranda is a:
    paid lackey
    Miranda herself

    No one in the entire world likes her? No one searches for her name and finds threads that interest them?


    But the nasty ones who find the older threads, and all post at the same time are pillars of truth and all different posters?

    Yeah, right.

    And you wonder why people call you hypocites?

    She is beautiful, famous and a heck of a lot more successful than 95% of other models in the world. Not to mention you sad folks.

  • ted says


    Orlando Bloom, stag, cornering a stacked blonde in a Hancock Park mansion during a benefit reception for the Ghetto Film School— Spike Lee was expected, didn’t show. No matter, O.B., total girlie drink in hand (strawberry colored with kiwi floating in it, think some kind of friggin’ beach umbrella, too, so gay), was sumptuous enough to sate everybody’s T-town eyes, particularly those of the babe with the cleavage, who was apparently so transfixed by Bloom she neglected to notice he was wearing the same overly washed black button-down shirt and jeans he’d had on at an event last week. Guess gorgeous heartthrobs don’t worry about such couture details?


  • ted says

    Truth is on it’s way!!!!
    The tide is a turning!!!!!


    show show showmance.

    Of course the boy has to get some.
    Go orli.
    These probably weren’t saggy chicken cutlet breast like the
    cpk has either.

  • look better

    there were many rumours in the past about Orlando and Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Minnillo, Kylie Minogue, Rumer Willis, waitress, amd so on. Only mentions, no pics, no facts. This time is the same. Only a rumour. No pics of him hugged by any woman. No real facts. Gossip.

  • wakeupranda


    Ain’t that wakeup bell bracing ‘randa baby?

    Of course, why can’t he just dump her without reverting back to a HollywoodHo himself? Sigh. Why do I think the next one might be even worse?