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Miranda Kerr Dolls Up For David Jones

Miranda Kerr Dolls Up For David Jones

Miranda Kerr is hat happy at the David Jones marquee at the BMW Caulfield Cup Day at Melbourne’s Caulfield Racecourse in Australia on Saturday.

The 25-year-old Victoria’s Secret supermodel gave a little quote about being happy with Orlando Bloom. “People can write whatever they like. It doesn’t make any difference to us. We know what the truth is, along with our families and close friends. I don’t even bother reading some of those [break-up] reports.”

Miranda also has a beauty guide called “Treasure Yourself” coming out, which is being published by an “herbal” publishing company.

“It’s a great alignment with my personal belief system,” Kerr comments. “Hay House is allowing me to present the book exactly as it should be done with a hard cover and beautiful illustrations that people will treasure forever. I have spent two years writing this book which will encourage young women to love themselves whatever their size. The most important thing is to eat heathily and to treat your body with respect. Now we are in the final editing process and I expect that it will be available in the first half of next year. It’s very exciting.”

15+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr all dolled up for David Jones

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196 Responses to “Miranda Kerr Dolls Up For David Jones”

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  1. 76
    Yep Says:

    Does anyone think it’s strange that on every single one of these threads there is a post that says “I met her on an airplane and she was so nice”?

    The last time they said they met her and they loved her family. Did they meet the whole family at the same time?

    Does anyone believe that she gets recognized that often?

    Makes you wonder who’s really writing this stuff doesn’t it?

  2. 77
    @75 Says:

    It won’t work. I don’t think people start at the bottom reading anyway.
    I think you’re right thought and it was the family posting again but once again all they can say is you must be fat or ugly if you don’t think Miranda is awesome.
    ROFL!! The plane story was hysterical. They are as bad at making up fake post as they are at calling in the OTT sightings.

    She probably had a temper tantrum yesterday when she saw it wasn’t going her way. She brings it on herself with the lies.
    I bet she will try do an emergency pap set up for the trip back through Los Angeles. It will still come off looking desperate.

  3. 78
    @yep Says:

    The thing Miranda is getting called on the most around here is her lies. So how do they try and fix that? With more lies of course.
    When will they learn?

  4. 79
    jennifer Says:

    Cute…….that girl has never looked adorable but right now she’s looking pretty good she looks cute with the hat (it’s funny too)
    but i think that it’s nice that she’s making a book
    maybe not the best book idea but still

  5. 80
    Sighs4l Says:

    Five fawning posts in under an hour…AND trying to use the discredited Forbes article?
    Nope, Bunny Boiler, not buying it.
    Nice try though.

  6. 81
    Julie s Says:

    I bet she was beautiful on the plane? Did you know who she was?
    How did she look? Thanks for the post, nice for a change of pace!

  7. 82
    Julie s Says:

    I bet she was beautiful on the plane, right? Did you know who she was?
    How did she look? Thanks for the post, nice for a change of pace!

  8. 83
    @julie LMAO Says:

    Julie, here’s a posting tip for you. If you are going to come back on and post to yourself to try and give credit to your fake plane story don’t forget to change your name. So Julie S ask Julie S if she was really pretty? You people are a hoot. Surprised it took so long for the lies to catch up with you.

    How is Tim holding up by the way? Still working for that dead guy?

  9. 84
    @81 Says:

    Hate to break this to you darling, but Julie S is a fraud, another one of Miranda’s many lies. You see, Miranda/Team Cabbage post here as people claiming to know her, like someone named “Tim”, who said he’s worked with Miranda because he’s a photographer’s assistant to a famous Vogue photographer. Thing is,”Tim” was exposed as a fraud because the photographer that “Tim” claimed to work for, Henry Clarke, died over 20 years ago. So Julie S is a poseur, just like “Tim”, and just as much of a liar.

    Oh, and if you want to know how she looks on a plane, just go back a couple of threads and you’ll see the answer: she looks like a bag-lady.

  10. 85
    @julie LMAO Says:

    So why didn’t he go on this trip if he isn’t working?
    What was it in the past 5 or so weeks, maybe 2 days in the same city
    to get some set up pictures and that’s it?
    If it was a true relationship they would have actually spent time together.
    Don’t try and fix it now Miranda it will only look like you are trying to fix the image again.

  11. 86
    Yep Says:

    Wow Jullie s, you really are clever aren’t you? I know it’s hard to keep up with all your multiple personalities.

  12. 87
    randamay Says:

    what are you’ll talking about?
    He is in europe filming.
    LA is in europe isn’t it?

  13. 88
    look better Says:

    Post #69 is from Julie S, posts #81 and 82 are from Julie s: the first has a capital S, the second not. If someone forget to cancel the name, this should be identical, isn’t it?

  14. 89
    #88 Says:

    Oh so you just think it’s a wild coincidence that the person that asked the question is also called Julie S? lol

  15. 90
    look better Says:

    of course not. Someone use a similar name on purpose, to make fool of the first poster.
    And the second poster, that asked the question, is not Julie S, but Julie s: no capital letter.

  16. 91
    poor loons Says:

    your life must be so empty to through so much hate on a total stranger i will pray for you

  17. 92
    to eri Says:

    Did you have a nice weekend Eri?
    Good to have you back.
    While you are praying for us can you ask
    God for a new car for me? Maybe a raise too.
    You might want to mention that little problem in Darfur while
    you are at it.

    Does anyone else have any more prayer request for Eri while
    she is going to be praying for us?

  18. 93
    Please get help Says:

    Julie S,

    Just what the hell is she inspiring young girls to do? Excel at mediocrity?
    You people talk that stupid **** like she’s a civil rights activist or overcame a debilitating illness or something! You sound just as stupid as Raceday Barbie!

  19. 94
    wizard of oz Says:

    ding dong the witch is dead
    which old witch?
    THE wicked witch
    ding dong the wicked witch is dead……

    right beetle?

  20. 95
    @94 Says:

    who is beetle?

  21. 96
    yep Says:

    Soooo, let me get this straight.
    Anyone who posts in a favorable light about Miranda is a:
    paid lackey
    Miranda herself

    No one in the entire world likes her? No one searches for her name and finds threads that interest them?


    But the nasty ones who find the older threads, and all post at the same time are pillars of truth and all different posters?

    Yeah, right.

    And you wonder why people call you hypocites?

    She is beautiful, famous and a heck of a lot more successful than 95% of other models in the world. Not to mention you sad folks.

  22. 97
    ted says Says:


    Orlando Bloom, stag, cornering a stacked blonde in a Hancock Park mansion during a benefit reception for the Ghetto Film School— Spike Lee was expected, didn’t show. No matter, O.B., total girlie drink in hand (strawberry colored with kiwi floating in it, think some kind of friggin’ beach umbrella, too, so gay), was sumptuous enough to sate everybody’s T-town eyes, particularly those of the babe with the cleavage, who was apparently so transfixed by Bloom she neglected to notice he was wearing the same overly washed black button-down shirt and jeans he’d had on at an event last week. Guess gorgeous heartthrobs don’t worry about such couture details?


  23. 98
    ted says Says:

    Truth is on it’s way!!!!
    The tide is a turning!!!!!


    show show showmance.

    Of course the boy has to get some.
    Go orli.
    These probably weren’t saggy chicken cutlet breast like the
    cpk has either.

  24. 99
    look better Says:

    there were many rumours in the past about Orlando and Jennifer Aniston, Vanessa Minnillo, Kylie Minogue, Rumer Willis, waitress, amd so on. Only mentions, no pics, no facts. This time is the same. Only a rumour. No pics of him hugged by any woman. No real facts. Gossip.

  25. 100
    wakeupranda Says:


    Ain’t that wakeup bell bracing ‘randa baby?

    Of course, why can’t he just dump her without reverting back to a HollywoodHo himself? Sigh. Why do I think the next one might be even worse?

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