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Hayden Christensen: The Plaid Prince

Hayden Christensen: The Plaid Prince

Canuck cutie Hayden Christensen picks up a few items from a convenience store in Los Feliz, Calif., on Sunday afternoon. The 27-year-old actor wore his favorite BAPE cap.

Last weekend, Hayden and actress girlfriend Rachel Bilson were spotted kissing in public on the set of his new Lacoste commercial. Since Hayden was seen hanging from a wire, it should be very interesting to see what kind of commercial they come up with!

10+ pictures inside of plaid prince Hayden Christensen

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hayden christensen plaid 04
hayden christensen plaid 05
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Credit: Shinn; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • Nick Lachey USA

    Lucky guy!

  • andrea

    so beautiful

  • yeah

    driving her car in los feliz, where they live. God get a clue already hayden

  • yeah

    what is in his pocket? anyone see the mag in the bag? cant make it out

  • Dooder city

    at first i thought his hat said, ‘rape.’ i thought that was pretty punk rock for hayden but then i realized it said bape and that he is still boring.

  • SHelley

    hes so hot

  • Gina r.

    He’s with his true love! :) :) :)

  • t

    i always love how he dresses

  • Gina r.

    He’s been showing me his ‘chubby hubby’! LOL :)

  • Gina r.

    He’s still with the same woman he’s loved for almost four years now. Rachel is simply a masochistic door-mat not worthy of his respect. So what is new?! It seems like the more hints he drops – not ready for marriage – well he is with ME – etc the more desperate she acts the more he pities her – not attractive!.

    If she wants to loan her car to Hayden and his true love and insists on remaining “friends” with him and being a pushover just so she can keep her name on JJ when he’s spotted driving her car she’s the one who will be crying because he’s not alone in that car most of the time.

  • Victoria

    He’s very cute and all but I really hate it when he wears that Bape cap.

  • Victoria

    He’s very cute and all but I really hate it when he wears that Bape cap.

  • lisa

    I wouldn’t be surprised if he has an endorsement contract with that company. Hell, Tiger Woods wears Nike less often than Hayden wears that BAPE cap.

  • fitzroy

    BOO WOO HOO!!!

  • restl

    Boy didn’t take him long to learn to love the papparazzis the way his gf does, even enjoying pimping out the relationship when she’s away. He looks like he’s dressing out of a rag bag. What a liar saying he likes to keep his private life private hardly being private when he’s driving her car around and calling the papparazzis to record his trips to convenience stores.

    He looks bad. Must be needing his drug fix but now has it with him in the bag.

  • antwacky

    HC : The Plaid Prince of DECEPTIONS!

  • john parker

    what kind of shoes is he wearing???

  • sand castle

    Look at the big media ***** now! I guess this is what washed up stoner movie stars do when they can’t get work except in B movies with Paul Walker. He’s also personally an ******* so it couldn’t happen to a nicer guy.

    Shacked up with his braindead fashion design fraud poor TM he deserves better than these two losers as his owners.

  • jeeves

    Go home already SPENCER PRATT Version 2.0!

  • fitzroy


    A media-dog would most likely BEGETS another media-dog too.

  • john parker

    the shoes
    where did he get the shoes?????

  • hello

    he’d look a lot cuter if he lost the hat!

  • Smilehexe

    He obviously got the order to cover up media attention while she’s away in Utah doing her “movie”… and he obeys. What a well trained dog he has become.
    If anybody would have told me about two years ago what would become of HC I would have not believed it. Disgusting.

  • gueststar

    I’m sure this man has a ton of arm candy while the airhead is away. The term G/F please it’s more like girfuck I don’t think he understands the word monogomy. He can’t dress to save his life looks like he just rolled out of bed.. What’s with all the gas station or covience store shopping. Damn he claims he eats so healthy but I don’t think you will find much health food in a 7-11 or gas station my guess is that possibly is another big faux remarks he makes..

  • gueststar

    I’m sure this man has a ton of arm candy while the airhead is away. The term G/F please it’s more like girfuck I don’t think he understands the word monogomy. He can’t dress to save his life looks like he just rolled out of bed.. What’s with all the gas station or covience store shopping. Damn he claims he eats so healthy but I don’t think you will find much health food in a 7-11 or gas station my guess is that possibly is another big faux remarks he makes..

  • voice of reason

    Only 23 comments would have expected more from you all

  • roekeats

    From the looks of it, it would just be a “very short” matter of time that his name Hayden would turn up to be HayHO just like BilHO.
    And in the next few days, watch him too at the local diner, supermarkets, depots, malls, dog’s grooming salon, or just about anywhere as long its “paparazzi infested haven”!

  • Gasol_fan16

    That’s right Smilehexe!
    Talking about nailing the nail right on the head and you did! I could have not said it better myself. You took the words right out of my mouth and he is like a well trained dog. Truly DISFUSTING! :oc More like dispicable. Good thing basketball is back in season! ;)

  • sidony

    @ 25 -
    Youre so right about the “no” passport thing after all. HC hadnt left LA at all, but he was just there to have another “papped thing moment”.

    @ 26 –
    Duh?! Its kind bit late by now but by tomorrow, it’ll doubled or might as well tripled up and you’ll be “eating up your words”by then.

  • apple creek

    Already new pics! It seems to me that we’re witnessing the “Rachelization” of Haydenial Liarensen with the media.

  • Gasol_fan16

    @ Gueststar,
    Thank you for your imput too and very well said. For a man claiming he eat’s all organic foods and grows it. What does he grow then? Weed?? Come on. The man smokes like a chimney and is shopping and notice he is alway’s papped at the liqueur store. It is not a health food store people. Yes. He dresses like he just got out of bed. What is he babysitting Murman Thurman I suppose? Does not mean he cannot invite some ladies over while Rachy is out of town! :lol: YOWZA!

  • sound similar
  • Darko

    Hayden Christensen says that he loves acting, but hates everything that comes with it (fame, rumors etc.; I think that makes him sick). Most of all he hates Hollywood and the people/actors living there. My question is why is he then always in or around Hollywood (even if he is not working) and why he has a relationship with a woman who is one of the typical “Hollywood girlies”?

    I hope he can manage to get to live and work (gets himself/his hands dirty as he says), besides acting/filming, on his farm north of Toronto. But unless he gets rid of his gf I think this will not happen, or can anybody imagine Rachel Bilson living and even more working on a farm north of Toronto???
    I can`t, but if somebody here can, then congratulations to you!

  • sterling

    It looks like Midge’s (as in midget) “curse post” in JJ transmits now to Hay-dent. Well “deservingly so”…

  • Smilehexe

    @voice of reason
    Give people time, America is yet sleeping, and many people have to get back to their offices first in order to be online. The comments will roll for sure… ;-)

    Glad you liked my comment. :-) Enjoy your night rest, here it’s already morning again and the beginning into a new week. Wish you a good start into yours tomorrow as well. :-)

    Sorry but most people over here/EX-fans of HC have stopped asking themselves this question a long time ago.
    It is more than known in the meanwhile that Christensen is a liar one cannot trust a single word leaving his mouth. So forget about the farm, his so-called “healthy/organic food-lifestyle”, his so-called shyness, his so-called intelligence, and his so-called aversion against Hollywood and its people. All of these were lies obviously, and the simple fact he is with Bilson would prove that alone, but there are also many other signs making it more than clear. This guy’s image has been one big fake, probably from the start of his “career”. It was just hidden well.
    So for your own sake stop worrying about this fraud any longer, as he has not deserved it. I have a hard time trying to understand why there are still some people going on to protect him and his doing. How much longer does he have to show off his true colors and mock his few fans left until they finally wake up? Do some of you people have a masochistic core maybe? (No offend, I just really wonder what more it takes for some people – psychologically seen a very interesting situation to observe.)

  • 3

    he is a hottie! Love Hayden+Rachel!

  • Hudson

    Pretty sure his shoes are Royal Elastic King Hi’s
    He got an ugly color combo tho

    Their Grata’s are nice too.

  • cecily

    He looks like a model. He’s handsome but in a delicate, boyish way.

    But his hat is vile and doesn’t suit him at all.

  • juniper

    @ #38
    And why not?! Since he majority sucks in the acting world, why not shift into some nonsensical MODELLING.
    His stone-dead looks & behaviors will probably best suited there and he might learn a thing or two on how to “clean-up-himself & dress up decently” for most of the time plus most of all, it’ll be a complete change of scenery for him as he’ll be surrounded by “real” hot, tall & beautiful looking chicks out there compared to some “gnomish fungus” that keeps on lickin’ & stickin’ – cringed!

  • sumo

    Ahh, Hayden. He looks like everybody’s little brother, rolling out of bed and putting on whatever is in the laundry hamper. I like that he gets his own newspaper and cigarettes like a normal guy (wish it was NIcorette gum in his pocket though). Glad he’s working more and getting out there. He’s so wonderfully different from other movie stars. I guess his new agent is working hard for him.

  • Sasha

    The negative comments are from the same three who always post on here one of which likes using multiple names!If you dont like what you see then go find another celebrity that amuses you.
    Hayden love you sweetie even though your dress sense is off little
    and hopefully that was Nicorette and our guy can quit those nasty cigs but he has tried a few times in the past.Oh well maybe he’ll succeed this time.

  • Darko

    @ #39 you are absolutely right, especially with the female models; as far as he is a tall guy, a tall, hot, beatiful female model will be good for him.

  • angie

    HE IS SOOOO UGLY!!! and he never smiles to paparazzi! O__o

  • me

    @ 43

    Why the fuck SHOULD he smile at the paparazzi??? He probably gets sick of them following him everywhere.

    He’s a nice guy, everyone should stop the hate.

  • wish

    Glad to see hayden Out and about and smiling.We really don’t know why he came back so soon. Il wasn’t about businessi don’t think he would be there.And why it always when he at the airport and not when he’s not doing anything like now.Maybe he did go home and came back we don’t know. They do celebrate thanksgiving in Oct. About rachel its all about the media with her.You know he says how people speculate about things.But why come back when she is gone that seem strange to me.Now you all saying that he doing what she’s doing.I don’t believe that he just went to the store like he always do.And might not stay there for a few days and he gone again.why asume things just because you don’t see him or her with no one else.Its still a rumor cause both won say anything.I have read that he do date other people.

  • shadowy

    @ #31 – The man smokes like a chimney…

    And most likely “drinks (alcohol) just like a fish” too!

  • Smilehexe

    @#44 – me
    How do you know “he’s a nice guy”? Have you met him in person? As how he treats the majority of fans from afar is awful and surely not nice at all. Are you another one blinded by his looks, cuteness, “hotness” etc.? Ever heard of Dorian Gray? Christensen reminds me more and more to this story… beautiful on the outside (although only when washed and shaved) but shallow and selfish inside. Once seen through this mask his facial beauty becomes ineffective. (And the figure is scary anyway since he is so over-slim, just skin & bones.)

  • aberfitch

    Dunno why RaTchel didnt take her cluster of paparazzi at her deported place in Utah… Dunno too if its for real or just reel as there’s still no film footages around (so unlikely). But then makes me no wonder if she already feels a bit shameful of that straight-to-DVD movie of hers at this early stage…

  • searlus

    @ 28 Good thing basketball is back in season!

    And not to forget the TWILIGHT movie is fast approaching now… By the time that Edward Cullen already viewed by the whole public, the “putrid” Manakin Skywalker would be buried far more than 6 feet under the ground!

  • aberfitch

    @ #47

    That kind of reminds me of DR. JECKYL AND MR. HYDE too as well…