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Jennifer Aniston Parties at Olive's Birthday BBQ

Jennifer Aniston Parties at Olive's Birthday BBQ

Jennifer Aniston has a grand ol’ time at a birthday BBQ party thrown at actor/comedian Sacha Baron Cohen‘s house in the Hollywood Hills on Sunday, October 19th.

Sacha and longtime girlfriend Isla Fisher‘s daughter turned one today! Happy birthday, Olive!!!

Other celebrity guests pictured below: Jen‘s BFF Courteney Cox and her husband David Arquette, funny man Ben Stiller, talk show queen Ellen DeGeneres and her wife Portia de Rossi.

Celebs who attended the cowgirl-themed bash but aren’t pictured below: Jen‘s on-again boyfriend John Mayer, Dustin Hoffman, Jack Black, Tobey Maguire, Kate Beckinsale, Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen and Laura Dern (with husband Ben Harper and their son Ellery).

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston at Olive‘s birthday BBQ…

Just Jared on Facebook
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 01
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 02
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 03
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 04
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 05
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 06
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 07
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 08
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 09
jennifer aniston sacha baron cohen bbq 10

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  • tom

    Is someone hiding in a tree to get those shots!

  • Joke

    Aniston looks like she hasn’t bathed in month. not pretty without make up.

    Courtney looks great compare to her,and so do Ellen.

    Olive must be surprised who the hell these giant human are! :lol:

  • WhosDat

    Jen looks like she is very happy now that she is back with wassissname.—038–mayer–together-again—–

  • hey

    don’t poke the baby’s eyes out with those nipples. :lol:

  • Fabi

    linda linda como siempre!!!! es hermosa!!!!!

  • claire!!!!!


  • joe

    Jonah Hill is in the first pic!

  • Jackie Jonas

    Yeah First Photo Jonah Hill

  • Debra77

    What happened to having a baby party for the baby. I don’t understand why parents have so many adults at a baby party. I have friends who do this all the time. I really don’t want to celebrate a babies first b-day unless it is a close family member or my niece or nephew. When I do have a baby, the first birthday will be just family. Mom, Dad, Grandmas Grandpas. Too many adults. And why is the focus on Jennifer. Ellen, Portia, Courtney and others were there as well. I find them more note worthy. just my feelings

  • WTF

    I find it very odd that soooo much is being written with soooo much detail about Jennifer and John being back together but there are no pictures of them even within twenty feet of each other. Last time they were “together” we got pictures of them every other second. I also saw the preview for “Marley and Me” when I went to the movies yesterday. Jenn’s face looks very unnatural and the movie looks lame.

  • seph

    A child’s birthday party is supposed to be all about the CHILD and their little friends. This is just so typical of Hollywood stars who always want to be the center of attention. Why in the world are all these celebrities at this party when most of them did not have little children they were bringing? Is it any wonder why Hollywood kids grow up with so many “issues” when they were not allowed to have normal childhoods? Why would Ellen, Portia, Jennifer and most of the others be at a child’s birthday party when they are childless??

  • Susie

    a kid’s 1st birthday party is THE most boring event.
    Plus, the kid never remembers it.
    This one looks like a bunch of overweight people eating
    & really dressed down.
    It’s declase.

  • Holly

    Why do you people insist on trashing her so bad? Man, alot of you know so much about her personal life you would think you were there. Stop bringing Brad Pitt into this. He has nothing to do with her and she has nothing to do with him. Why not attack the “haterz” or “jealous” people themselves instead of her. It’s not her fault if people hate Jolie/Pitt. Also, why is it this website allows such horrible comments about Jennifer but when you say anything remotely negative about Jolie/Pitt it is removed instantly so only the “a$$ kissing” comments are left???

  • um, ok…

    This is a child’s birthday party and it comes out all about Jen. Why? She stands in one spot as if she knows the paps are there. John is mentioned to be there, but of course, no picture of him. Why would he even need to be there? Just end the silly game between these two, because its getting really old.

  • jaime

    A kid’s birthday party with no kids, how novel.

    Where’s Pee-boy?
    Is that him in the dark shirt holding Aniston’s back?
    How can she take him back after her public dumping on TMZ?
    Where is your self-respect, sistah?

  • Holly

    Seph, you are a complete moron. You are saying no single woman should go to a child’s birthday party??? How stupid, the party is about the baby. They are celebrating their friends and their child. You are truly pathetic and so are all the people complaining about this. Jennifer can’t help if the paps want to take pictures of her primarly, because she sells.

  • Holly

    She looks casual and just having fun.

  • habitual

    Debra #9
    It’s customary for adults to come together to celebrate a baby first year of life, it is a great milestone, especially if it’s been a healthy first year. Usually anyone with young children will bring them to the party. Since Sacha and Isla did not grow up in America they probably don’t have many friends here who are having children at the same age-judging by the pics it’s friends from the entertainment industry. It looks like a pretty sizeable group of friends.

  • nk

    She really bores me to death….

  • just me

    Dustin Hoffman in the same party with the Man? What a coincidence!!!
    Are they sure that’s JA in the pics?? Not DH? Ha ha ha!

  • Holly

    I bet you tought that was a funny joke but it shows how pathetic you are. Don’t you have a Jolie/Pitt shrine to go worship, aka another thread where you can hate with all your little psycho buddies?

  • Melissa

    Jennifer is gorgeous as always, she is such a great person, everyone loves her, she is a class act.

  • Holly

    I think this would be a fun party. It seems all the people attending have a sense of humor. They have all been in funny movies or funny tv shows.

  • Melissa

    Susie, #14, are you crazy? Why would they be dressed up for a back yard BBQ birthday party? You are not right in the head if you really think that is an issue, but I guess when you are a loon, you grasp at anything you can.

  • yuck

    She looks ugly and old. Of course she has to stand where the papz can get pics of her. What an attention wh0re.

  • Holly

    What is so wrong about grownups and or “childless” women like an idiot said in the comment above, attending a party that celebrates a baby’s first year? And why do you people hate this woman so much? She was married to Brad Pitt once upon a time and she gave him a divorce without taking him to the cleaners to be with his “one true love”.

  • habitual

    Seph #13

    One year old parties are to celebrate the child making it through the first year of life. The parents usually invite family and close friends. If any of those close friends and family are single that doesn’t bar them from attending. Single people also love children even if they don’t want them or can’t have children. No one would invite someone who hates children to celebrate a child. Your blog is quite immature. Just because we don’t know who you are is not an excuse to stop using your mind. We may not be discussing stem cell research but that’s no reason to throw logic and common sense out the door.

  • Holly

    Habiual, I agree with you. I love how people say she bores them yet they take time to go to her thread, post something hateful and ignorant, yeah sure you are bored with her.

  • kaos

    Hmm, suddenly tabloids are a teeter about Aniston’s new guy, then I saw trailers for her film Marley and Me. All fall into place.

    Whenver Aniston has a film coming out, there will suddenly be stories of her with a new man in her life. The paparazzis are alerted and pics of her in various states of undress or skimpy outfits and this new man in her life and endless blogs about how happy she is and how great her man is. blah blah blah…

    Then the film bombs and the man in her life also disappears. Normal service is resumed. But from now until the film opens, we have to endure. So predictable.

  • habitual

    These people love B and A so much but if, and I say if B and A were to ever split their fans would turn on them; pick sides quickly and demolish each of them in the blogs. The blame game would go into overdrive.

    I enjoy watching Aniston act. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. I don’t think you have to look like a supermodel to have a fan club. Some people also admire her maturity and dignity and that’s not superficial.

  • reality is this

    According to OK John arrived first, Jen then arrived with the CoxArquettes. OK is frequently wrong, so who knows if this is true.

    Sacha and Isla rented Jen’s home on Blue Jay Way in the HHills until Jen moved back in with Chris McMillian in 2005. They then bought a home in the HHills home.

    Seems like the party was as much a general get together as a birthday party.

    Jen hags rejoice, Jen and her man are going strong. She has the man of her choice. She is not alone and unhappy as you all seem to believe she has been. You now have nothing to complain about.

  • Halo

    correctio: Jennifer hold* Courtney’s daughter…

  • Mel

    ‘nk @ 10/19/2008 at 8:28 pm She really bores me to death….’

    So why waste your life commenting on her??? Odd.

  • go-jen

    Is it a mirage, is it a dream???? Oh no, it’s Jen holding Coco….

  • Holly

    Thanks go-jen for finding that picture, though I am sure now these hateful bi^ches will have something else to complain about.

  • Holly

    It doesn’t look like she is trying to be photographed. It’s just the paps concentrating on getting her in the picture to sell it to these kinds of blogs. Demand for her pictures is what keeps her in the spotlight.

  • shocker

    this is more a networking party than a baby’s b-day party.

  • reality is this

    Melissa @ 10/19/2008 at 8:43 pm

    No woman who hooks up with John Mayer is a class act.

    Unless your definition of class = a pap loving attention seeking groupie/fan hookup blogging bragging TMZ loving man who lets all know he dumped you once


    I don’t like her, never have, BUT she could do better.

  • Disappointed77

    I love Jennifer Aniston and thanks Jared for the pics! She looks great as always, and there is absolutely no need to diss this woman. None of us really know what happened between her and John being that she never made a statement, but she was ok when they broke up and I think she’s old enough to live her life as she wishes. She’s never asked anyone to pay her bills that I know of, we could all be so lucky! I wish her all the happiness she deserves and God’s blessings.

  • shocker

    she’s no class act whether or not she hooked up with mayer. she is low class, period. people who find her classy are as low class as she is.

  • Holly

    To shocker @ 10/19/2008 at 9:43 pm

    Get of your high horse, I’m sure you are the furthest thing from classy.

  • shocker

    my horse isn’t high, thank very much. :lol: u get off the crack and put some shoes on ur children.

  • jade

    go-jen @ 10/19/2008 at 9:26pm

    I want to thank you too,for these pictures of Jen and Coco.

  • Holly

    That’s funny, I don’t even have children and you just proved how classy you are LOL!!!

  • jade

    jen fan,

    Hi jen fan,

    I thought your post on the last Jen thread was great,about her movies
    Distributors. But some still had to argue with you,didn’t they? I love
    your comments!

    Jen looks so pretty in these pictures. Thanks Jared!

  • shocker

    and u proved how low class u are just by thinking aniston is classy! :lol:

  • laura2

    Looks like a fun party… Jen looks great…
    i like that she has so many old, loyal friends (celebrity and non-celebrity ones)

  • Jill

    Melissa @ 10/19/2008 at 8:43 pm
    Jennifer is gorgeous as always, she is such a great person, everyone loves her

    Melissa, you are not everyone. Her former fans have deserted her in droves because they are sick and tired of her PR antics. If you don’t believe me, go back through her threads from a year ago and compare the posts to the posts on the threads now. She has lost at least 80% of the support she had back then. She really needs to get rid of that PR flack, he’s ruining what’s left of her image.

  • Jill

    go-jen @ 10/19/2008 at 9:26 pm
    Is it a mirage, is it a dream???? Oh no, it’s Jen holding Coco….

    Good lord! ROTFLMBAO!! That photo is hilarious. I’ve never seen an adult looking so uncomfortable holding a little girl!

  • jr-nobody’s sweetheart

    I wonder how Isla and Sascha feel about Jen alerting the paps to their shindig? Isn’t it amazing how they get such clear shots of her?