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Justin Gaston & Noah Cyrus are Church Buddies

Justin Gaston & Noah Cyrus are Church Buddies

Justin Gaston heads to church with his girlfriend Miley Cyrus‘s mom Tish, little sister Noah and grandmother on Sunday morning in Los Angeles. Miley reportedly stayed home because she was sick with an unknown illness.

After Miley was spotted sticking her tongue out at the Christian Audigier‘s American Lord fashion show, speculation surfaced claiming the duo had a sleepover. Her rep denied those claims, telling Page Six, “Miley had a great time at the show, but the whole sleeping-over thing never happened. Miley went home with her mom and manager. Leticia [Cyrus] is very strict with her.”

10+ pictures of Justin Gaston & Noah Cyrus going to church…

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justin gaston cyrus church 01
justin gaston cyrus church 02
justin gaston cyrus church 03
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  • pairs

    yes first check out my profile

  • miley cyrus fan tayler

    Aww! Well I hope Miley gets Better! :D :O Noah..looking cute as usual :P

  • pairs

    hi i love her and check out my profile

  • Awwww Noah is a cutie, Justin is HOT…good for Miles to be with a guy like him. Hope Miles gets better! [=

  • miley cyrus fan tayler

    Ooo..btw! I don’t really like Justin that much anyways.. do you guys like him>?

    I sure dont!


  • miley cyrus fan tayler

    … @ 10/19/2008 at 8:28

    At a Fashion Show ; Justin Denied he relationship with Miley ! :O

  • umm

    I go to this church and I hate the fact that there’s photographers everywhere! I don’t have much courage to tell them but I’ll tell them here..GET OUT OF MY CHURCH!! There, much let’s see if they ever find out who I am..hahhahahaha..I hope anyone of them reads this

  • stepho

    hmm unknown illness?
    sounds like someone maybe suffering from a little thing known as “morning sickness” =]

  • swe3t23

    the family loves Justin…. that is good. Team Miley!!!!!!!!!1

  • http://justjared aly

    how ‘s noah standind hes hott

  • michelle

    Her mom probably wants to get with Justin.

  • ofmg

    so he goes to church with them even though miley’s sick?
    you’d think a good bf would stay home with her.

  • tia

    Miley doesnt have an illness! its called MORNING SICKNESS!

  • mz Sass

    I know alot of people dislike her, but I hope Miley turns out OK.
    You Miley fans ought to know that any minute now the haters/selena fans will invade your post. :)

  • wtf

    Noah looks like a piece of white trash, she’s so ugly. Everyone in Miley’s family is ugly hill-billy trash.

    Justin is too good for her- but maybe not. He’s using her for publicty, so whatever.

  • jo


  • D

    What a gentleman. He must be great with the fam.

  • WhosDat

    Miley is a vulgar little girl

  • D

    What do people have against this normal, average guy?
    He’s humble. I don’t see the problem.

  • Amber

    I really hope Miley feels better, but I dont see the big deal. Why cant he go out with her family? its church for crying out loud, lay off.


    MILEY IS NOT PREGNANT! Get over it people. Also for the people who STILL don’t believe she left with her mom there’s a video on YouTube of them leaving the fashion show, so no she did not sleep over his house. Oh and to the haters, why the fuck do you waste your time reading about someone you hate? Seriously get the fuck outta here!

  • lisa

    its just wierd that her parents let her go out with a 20 year old.

  • demi&mileyyyyyyyyyy!

    Miley+ Justin= cute<3

  • JJ

    if here mom’s strict than how did those pics show up.

  • mandy

    you guys, is he Half Hispanic and white??

  • ash

    hmm unknown illness?
    sounds like someone maybe suffering from a little thing known as “morning sickness” =]


    HAHHAHAHROFL lolol i hate this family!!!!! justin must have a really low self of esteem to be dating a minor

  • ash

    can you guys Imagine if miley got preggers..



  • Lilly Whores[;

    Aww Miley has an Unknown Illness? Well I hope she’s Ok And I Hope She Feels Better! Miley You’re My Idol! You rock! :P love ya! Feel Better! =D xx And Peace Bitches! xoxoxoxoxo

  • LEXI

    wow her mom has a tattoo on her foot and one on her right handclose to the thumb and when she wears tanks she has one on her shoulder.she also has veneers like miley.

  • mccain palin 08

    this guy has no life

  • catherine

    justing is so baning miley’s mom
    he’s so ugly though
    but two ugly people make the perfect couple
    haha, i just realized that both of them can’t sing

  • Layla

    she can date who she wants!
    Hilary dated Joel when she was 16 and he was 25.
    Some men marry women older than them.
    And quit acting like you know everything..
    oooo, morning sickness.
    Just cuz her boyfriend is older doesn’t mean she is pregnant, idiots.
    If she was pregnant, she wld be at home crying her eyes out instead of attending a fashion show. She acted really normal.
    by the way,
    my current boyfriend is TWO years older than me.
    We havent slept together.
    But, I do HATE Miley.
    But you r pathetic.

  • 15/20

    Sugarcoat it and call it inncoent any kind of way you want ,but a 15 yr. old with a 20 yr old is a big age difference that is illegal. Don’t tell me that if you had any friend or relative ‘s kids 15 yrs. old dating a 20 yr. old , you would approve. Same thing if your freind or relative’s kid was 20 yrs. old dating a 15 yr. old. 20 yr. olds are dating , drinking ,clubbing, in college and15 is under the law and illegal with a 20 yr. old. Age makes a differenc. 15 yrs and 20 yrs.-NO!!!
    20 yrs. old and 25 yrs. old-YES!!!!!!! Any five year age difference from there onis okay. Everybody is legal at 20-21 yrs.

    Seems to me the Cyrus’s would have said no to this friendship because it is wrong and it is not good for Miley’s public rep. Of course, those ugly, provactive pics inVanity Fair were a bad judgement call too. Miley is pretty, but those pics were ugly withthedark make-up, hair, lighting etc.

    Oh, Miley does not have morning sickness. She is on the pill. You can believe that. Get real.

  • kaylee

    eww he has on those fugly faggot type shoes the jonas ho’s always wear!!

    and i bet its the mom thats really fucking this dude- haha!
    the whole thing is probably just a cover up to make miley look cool for dating an older guy and so billy ray doesn’t find out!


  • siv

    so hottttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

  • siv

    lexi whats wrong with her mom having tatooes?

  • siv

    all you haters are really extremely so close minded !

  • Sweet

    okay why do we care about him if he’s not with Miley? Just Jared stop posting stuff about this guy!!! Let them go to church in peace!

  • mileysfrend

    thats not her real church her real chuch is in nashville tennesse caled
    she goes there with her boyfriend jeremy shum
    but they nearly got kicked out for havin sex…
    oops dno if i shuda mentioned that lol

  • True

    A religious underwear model!!! What a joke!
    This guy dating Miley only to get spotlights on his career (or should I say on his underwear).
    Seriously why would a 20 years old guy date a 16 years old girl(mega star) and she doesn’t look so mature or even that good lookin’ when he can get a hotter 18, 19, 20 years old girls.
    He’s an adutl, she’s a minor. One year and he’ll go to clubs and bars and she would in highschool. This is sick, how dump is her parents are to let her date this guy.

  • ****

    Hey moron, Noah is a man’s name.

  • Grace

    Although I do think that Miley possibly dating a 20 year is kinda weird…He seems like a really nice guy. I hope he’s not using her…im sure that happens to her a lot, But yea I hope she feels better and everything in her life works out for the best!

    for some reason what I said kinda sounded like a was a person(not necisarrily a fan) wishing her the best in her life…But I really am a fan..Just wanted to make that clear :)

  • it’zmebambi

    hope she’ll get better soon. Love ya Mileyz :)

  • grocks


  • Stella

    of course he’s gonna still go out to church ’cause he’s a media-whore. gotta get your money somehow anyhow.

  • mandy

    shes probably pregnant

  • Zanessaluver xoxo

    Hmm… I don’t really understand why Miley is with a 20 year old guy but hey, he is HOT! lol .. I like the Jonas Bros music but you gotta admit Justin is waaay hotter than Nick.. Good for Miley.. I don’t really mind who she dates..

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    shes prolly pregnant or something or she willbe soon since shes dating a 20 year old!

  • marie

    where does he lives???
    He lives @ miley’s home? Omg

  • violinbug1410

    feel better soon miley!!! xoxo