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Sadie Sandler is Sunset Sweet

Sadie Sandler is Sunset Sweet

Adam Sandler carries his daughter Sadie, 2, down Sunset Blvd. in Beverly Hills on Saturday. The 42-year-old funny man and his wife Jackie are expecting their second child later this year.

“My wife gets it very bad. She vomits a lot,” he told Jay Leno of Jackie‘s morning sickness. “And my little daughter is always looking at her and is nervous to see her mom sick like that. So I had I try to relax my daughter, just saying, ‘Mommy’s not like bad sick. She just has something growing in her that’s eventually gonna shoot out her vagina and take half your toys.’ ”

Sandler also finds Jackie‘s pregnant body to be very attractive. He’s joked, “It’s fun sexually to fantasize you’re with somebody else. Like when she’s on top of me, I say, ‘Please tell me your name’s Big Bill.’ You know, stuff like that. And she goes with it. She’s a good lady, my wife. She deals with the fact that I look like the way I look.”

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Photos: Mike/Fame Pictures
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  • mo

    is there something wrong with that little boy/girl? it looks like mentally challenged?

  • mccain palin 08


  • mccain palin 08


  • emma

    ewwww, her mother should have gotten an abortion.

    she’s not wanted.

  • lauren

    yeah srsly, i’ve never seen such an ugly child.


    your right emma, its sad, poor satan child.

  • cute

    Too bad she got his eyes, if she did not had those eyes she would be gorgous lol

    But I think she is cute, the older she gets the cuter she gets. When she is 7 – 8 I tink she will be really beautiful.

  • Pippa St. James-Smythe

    That is one fugly child. Yowch…

  • corri


  • Soyoung

    Aww.. she’s just a baby and she didn’t choose her parents…
    It’s unfair to criticize her. :(

  • hannah

    seriously, she is two! give it a rest. how awful are you people that you would make fun of a 2yo little girl? you ought to be ashamed of yourselves

  • ofmg

    mentally challenged? seriously??
    if you were two years old with got knows how many people around you snapping photos, you’d have the same expression on your face.

  • nysro

    What a fucking ugly kid… sorry… its not her fault, but damn ugly is ugly no matter the age.

  • Amanda

    i hate saying this, but she’s so ugly! =/

  • Laurel

    God bless Adam Sandler :)

  • Kylee

    all of you are being incrediably shallow and mean .
    She’s 2 years old for fuck sakes.
    Who cares? Honestly as long as she’s happy then who cares what she looks like or if she is mentally challenge

  • Linda

    Lots of not so cute babies grow up to be the real beauties, and I think she’s kinda cute anyway, I can not believe how sick and shallow you all are to bad mouth a 2 year old baby ! You are all probly 100 X’ s less attractive then this kid so screw you, I hope your barren, no child would want you monsters as parents!

  • strawberries

    i’m saying this in a neutral way, but does anybody else think his daughter looks like nick jonas???

  • #4 emma thats a fxcking horrible thing to say.
    you’re not wanted either. fxcking bitch!

  • Katelyn

    All of the people who are making fun of Sadie are being so rude. How can you judge a two year old girl????? I think that she is cute!! Maybe she looks like that because the sun is in her eyes. A lot of people squint when the sun is in their eyes. YOU PEOPLE SERIOUSLY NEED TO GROW THE HECK UP!!!!

  • http://ifj nad

    You people have issues seriously.
    I know alot of not the best looking babies, but they grew up to be stunners.
    You’ll be laughing when Shiloh and Suri look fug when they’re older. :)

  • Jazmine

    whoa! She looks JUST like him!

  • james

    this child needs t be put down

  • sienna

    Everybody who commented about her here is right..
    She is a 2 year old baby, so pure and naive like water..
    And like water, everybody who looks at her actually sees themselves!!!!

  • Megan fox rocks

    wow she look like her father , ugly child

  • Lola

    #17,well said!

    You’re horrible for making fun of a 2-year-old!Most girls usually blossom in their mid-teens anyway. Eva Longoria as a child,for example, she said it herself : “I grew up as an ugly duckling. They used to call me prieta fea, because I was the only one of my family’s four girls with dark hair, dark eyes, and dark skin. Growing up I was the ugly one, because I was the odd one.”

    Sadie will turn out to be a beautiful girl!

  • Jamie


  • qqq

    his wife is a model.
    how could they produce such a fugly thing??

  • Emma, That’s a terrible thing to say about a precious child. Don’t take your anger out on her since your parents said that to you.

  • annabelle

    You people are sad!
    My daughter wasn’t the pretiest when litle either Even I was ashamed of her but she grew up to be so pretty. Give the little girl a break !!!!

  • Yasmine

    WOW!! most you you people mean and heartless, this is is a child, i have never seen such cruetly about a child beforem what the hell is everyones problem? JARED!! the right thing to do is to delete these shameful comments and ban these ppl, i know you have this blog and the more visitors the better, but ppl liek this do not deserve to be online critisizing children-this girl is a toddler, sshe doesnt deserve thsi.

    ***********************#4 Emma @ 10/19/2008 at 12:30 am ewwww, her mother should have gotten an abortion.
    she’s not wanted. **********************************
    **** Usually i dont get pissed off about other ppls ocmments but you took that comment to effin far. You are one ignorant piece of Sh!t to say that, makes me want to go down to your level and say your mom should have had an abortion with you… really does that make you cool to say sh!!T like that ? good for you,…plz get hit by a bus tomorrow and make the world a happier place.

    And same goes for # 23 james @ 10/19/2008 at 1:48 am
    this child needs t be put down

    i think someone should put you down, all the way down… yea bunch of freakin losers/

  • Yasmine

    she will grow up and be beautiful and rich and laugh at all you lsoers for talking baout her..
    She is growing up in a home where she is loved and spoiled….
    which i think most of you losers didnt get a chance for as a child, those of you with the negative comments probably watched your parents get drunk while watching a broken tv set throwing beer bottles at the wall. and here you are lashing out on this little girl out of jelousy that you turned out like your drunk parents, and cant give your kidsa nice life..

  • james

    this child will NOT grow up to be attractive. stop kidding yourselves! this is the ugliest toddler i have ever seen. ever.

  • mikaela

    hey calm down, i think you have the right to say someone else is ugly when it’s so obvious. so what? it’s not like she’ll read these comments. i too think sadie will look beautiful when she’s older. she will be a huge success.

  • jada

    Yes, we know she looks like her dad. She’s not gorgeous but she’s a baby. Leave her alone. Why are some of you saying she’s satan’schild and that her mom should get an abortion. Terrible.

  • Lori

    I believe the first 6 posters are the same person. You, along with others who came after, should be ashamed. To go out of your way to make fun of a 2 year and say such awful things is pathetic and sick. Your mothers should have aborted you.

  • ilovemykittyb

    this is a ugly girl. sorry i have to say……..but is true

  • ana

    Well, it seems that Sadie is loved by really good parents. Eventually, she will grow up to be a beautiful woman and a decent human being. I bet she won’t be so shallow as to right mean messages about ugly babies.

  • kkcc

    wow to some of these comments. yeah she isnt the cutest but some of the things that people are saying is absolutely disgusting! it is a CHILD! what is wrong with you people?!

  • Holly

    Okay, seriously, haters… really.
    A two year old? GET A LIFE. Do you not have anything better than to be so negative?!?

    She is TWO. She can’t help how she looks or who her parents are, how she is dressed, how her hair is, etc.

  • blackrose

    emma and james and all ppl who picking on Sadie i think ppl like u who make our world a bad place!..picking on a 2 year old.maan i think u need serious help, please go kill ur selves or something we need less ppl like u but before doing that post a picture of ur faces to see how beautiful u look!
    and shes a gorgeous child!

  • Solène

    Look at this chubby little face! She’s really cute! I used to think she wasn’t, but growing up, I’m sure she will be stunning! Of course she’s the spitting image of her daddy, but it doesn’t mean she will look odd while growing up! And even if she does, she could become a strange beauty, like Vera Farmiga or Maggie Gyllenhaal. I’d rather see that than a Paris Hilton or another annoying blonde star nobody will notice!

  • Larice

    She is so unfortunate looking, she looks like her father, who is not a looker anyway.

  • C

    There is something wrong with a society that can say something so horrible of a child. You people are not even worthy of being called humans.

  • Angiebaby

    hahah it does kinda look like nick jonas

  • jazz yazoo

    judging from these snapshots, she may be a baby girl version of her dad but lord have mercy, give it a fooking rest!!! what is going on right now, is like looking down at scum from the bottom of my shoe. She might grow up as daddy’s little girl (omgggg cute)

  • life

    A baby is a precious flower. Life is precious. I feel disgust for people who are talking about abortion, for people who are insulting a little child. Grow up!

  • marisa


    hah just kidding. she is cute tho. i bet she’ll grow up to be pretty
    i love adam sadler

  • atelier

    omg this kid is ugly, uglu UGLY with capital letters,,,,so sorry !!!

  • Kookiecrumzs

    Sadie is Beautiful!! Love the face,lips,hair wow Cute and lovely looking girl!