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A-Rod To Move Closer To Madonna?

A-Rod To Move Closer To Madonna?

Millionaire baseball player Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod, and a mystery male take a leisurely stroll through the Upper East Side of Manhattan on Monday morning.

It’s been reported that A-Rod, 33, and Madonna, 50, have a ongoing romantic relationship. Madge and director husband Guy Ritchie officially announced their divorce last week.

UK’s Daily Mail reports A-Rod will buy a $70 million New York penthouse apartment two blocks from Madonna.

As for Madonna and Guy‘s divorce settlement, her rep Liz Rosenberg told the AP: “I will not be commenting on the various reports regarding the divorce or of the settlement which has not been finalized.”

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34 Responses to “A-Rod To Move Closer To Madonna?”

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  1. 1
    Shemp lugosi Says:

    Hopefully Madonna will improve his fashion sense. Brown shoes with a black leather jacket? Come on, man, get a clue!

  2. 2
    Jules Says:

    What does he see in Madonna? He could do so much better..

  3. 3
    a total fan Says:

    It won’t last ,in ten years he will still be young and she will be 60 !!

  4. 4
    saarah Says:

    Well he’s a lot better looking then guy,but his wife was much prettier then madonna.

  5. 5
    not a fan Says:

    He looks yella

  6. 6
    reggie Says:

    What does he see in Madonna? Oh foolish question.

    Anwer is obvious: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

    Next question.

    What does Madonna see in him? Not quite so foolish a question, but pretty silly too.

    Answer is: hung stud much younger than she who she thinks might “rejuvinate” her. Especially after her soon to be ex called her a “granny”. Oooooh Baby, that hurt. So granny is going to get young stud juices injected into her to “revitalize” her.

    Think Montgomery Burns, only female. LOL

  7. 7
    hostas Says:

    ARod – you have no brains. Madonna’s nothing but trash!

  8. 8
    bleh Says:

    I guess he like woman with experience plus can be his sugar mama

  9. 9
    siv Says:

    omg im the bigggggggest arod fan in new york …
    and if he goes out with madonna im just gonna fucken ball

    the city isnt that big for him to spend 70 million for a new apt to be closer to the ***** so i doubt that story is true …

  10. 10
    siv Says:

    ich the thought … i cant get over it shes so old and wrinkly and boney oy HE CAN SERIOUSLY GET ANYONE LIKE SERIOUSLY

  11. 11
    siv Says:


  12. 12
    sarah Says:

    they’re both pigs

  13. 13
    cathy Says:

    he is georgeous

  14. 14

    Why is it a tabloid that says this stuff.. when are we going to get those
    pesky tabloid reports to photograph them together first … before saying
    that they are a couple..?? Did Liz her publicist say that about A Rod
    no a ‘source ” has been there whole relationship..

    Lets see A – Rod at the apartment .. never.. because the “source”
    will say it for him… Since this has to be the worst relationship…

    Lets get some other couples going here… too.. !! And when are we
    going to see David and A-Rod playing baseball together..?? He would
    be a great “Dad” for David.. since we are talking about a relationship..

  15. 15
    anna Says:

    They were having an affair all along.

  16. 16
    brokernyc Says:

    I know the guy he is with – he is a real estate broker – owns a firm with his brother – they have their own firm and represent many A-listers.

  17. 17
    Mark Says:


    You think??? You need to quit your job right now and become a
    psychic, Amazing powers you have, keen insight…………John Edwards better watch out

  18. 18
    Women for Obama Says:

    BECKY SMITH @ 10/20/2008 at 4:29 pm

    Lets get some other couples going here… too.. !! And when are we
    going to see David and A-Rod playing baseball together..?? He would
    be a great “Dad” for David.. since we are talking about a relationship..
    David has a dad, his name is Guy Ritchie.

  19. 19
    OMG Says:

    Does it really matter? Does anyone really care anymore? To me Madonna no longer has any shock value.

  20. 20
    curious Says:

    What is A Rod’s ethnic makeup? I just want to know. He looks like he is Latino, but I’m not sure.

  21. 21
    irene Says:

    I believe that if it is true, it would have to do with the Kabbalah, maybe this Arod is going to be really into the religion and Madonna is actually “pulling a Tom cruise” and she will convert this guy like Tom did to Katie, since it is wor that she is a bit of obsessed with her religion, and Guy did not ut his heart into it.

    Not that religions are bad, people obsessing too much over things are the ones bad, and that even affects families .
    Hope it is not true, for the kids, is really too soon.

  22. 22
    irene Says:

    I do not know anything about baseball, but he can be Latin and as people say in the USA “mixed”.
    He probably is(or his parents) from Dominicana or Cuba, the people can be really beautiful there (and this guy is cute). If not for the last name, Brazilian would be a bet too, but Madonna seems to have Friends from people from Spanish speaking caribbean countries (or origins), like Carlos Leon, Lourdes’ father .

  23. 23
    billy bob Says:

    What the heck does he see in Madonna? She’s middle aged-and used up. Yuck!

    She looks like dude lately and her face looks like my grandma’s. Weird.

  24. 24
    Good Victoria Says:

    TO ” BILLY BOB ” AND ” SIV “…AGREE WITH THE BOTH OF YOU…..What a strange combo these two make!!!!….AND ” siv “…I was just wondering the same thing about that price tag.$70 million in a penthouse in New York ????…………….A little ” off base “, isn’t it ?…..Where in the that city is a penthouse/condo worth THAT much ??…..I have heard celebrities buying several floors and gutting one, but it never amounted to that much………..WOW, what I could do with $70 million..

  25. 25
    laura Says:

    his parents are dominicans and he lives some time in D.R….he is really elegant!!

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