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Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly: Homerun Couple

Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly: Homerun Couple

New York Yankees star Derek Jeter and Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly enjoy some down time together, watching some NCAA football action with the Texas Longhorns and Missouri Tigers in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

Jeter was booed when he appeared on the stadium’s big-screen television. (The Yankees are out of the playoffs.)

Jeter, 34 and Kelly, 28, were also spotted cozying up together in Austin last Wednesday at the live music club, Momo’s, to listen to soul singer Dan Dyer.

The twosome looked “together and happy,” an onlooker tells People.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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32 Responses to “Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly: Homerun Couple”

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  1. 1
    =] Says:

    Haha he got bood big time at that game.

  2. 2
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    Love Derek. I’ve met him twice and he’s a very nice person. A lot of players could take heed on how he leads his life. He autographed a Frosted Flakes box for me years ago. It’s sitting by my desk at work. LOL

    I don’t know much about Minka. Don’t watch her show, but anything is an approvement over Michelle Rodriguez!

  3. 3
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    Derek is used to being booed. No sweat there. Nothing off his back!

  4. 4
    gina Says:

    She is gorgeous. They make a good looking couple.

  5. 5
    tIFFANY Says:

    Whooo! Go Longhorns!

  6. 6
    michelle Says:

    Love Minka!!!!

  7. 7
    Emily Says:

    Can you start posting more stuff on the Gossip Girl Cast because they havent been on here for awhile…thank youu :]

  8. 8
    lorenawoods Says:

    let me tell ya why he’s booed down here in the GREAT state of TEXAS….cause we don’t like cheaters!!!!!!! and there he was, standing next to the latest embarrasament, roger effin clemens!!!!!!

  9. 9
    anonymousdiva Says:

    In other words, it was Clemens they were booing. Not Jeter.

    So sorry, poster #1 – sux to be you!

  10. 10
    beth Says:

    He is hot and she is not. Love him and the New York Yankees. He can do better that’s for sure.

  11. 11
    vimal Says:

    love him, but not her. omg beth i totally agree with u. why the hell is he even with her. i guess she is better than vanessa minillo. eeeek

  12. 12
    Lori Says:

    You people are crazy, she is beautiful. They make a nice couple. FYI, Friday Night Lights is a great show.

  13. 13
    Jen1 Says:

    Very lovely couple. :)

  14. 14
    Noelle Says:

    She is so beautiful, love her!

  15. 15
    murky Says:

    Lovely couple? This is the guy who gave Jessica Alba herpes. He’s a womanizer and all-around sleaze. I don’t know who Minka Kelly is, but I wouldn’t touch her after the Jeter treatment.

  16. 16
    Maria (Shorty) Says:

    lorenawoods, Roger was his teammate. Derek is not the type of person to diss someone. You say the Great State of Texas doesn’t like cheaters? Well don’t you have the BIGGEST ‘cheater’ of all — PRESIDENT BUSH!!?

  17. 17
    Stacie Says:

    is it me, or does Derek have breasts in that picture?

  18. 18
    ganymede30324 Says:

    Minka’s so good in Friday Night Lights! If she’s happy , it’s great!

  19. 19

    This is what you call a couple… not Madonna and A -Rod… They are
    actually seen together in public…

    Take a lesson media don’t take a “source” as a relationship or we
    can have all kinds of couples out there…

  20. 20
    mz Sass Says:

    We Texans are a feisty bunch, but it was ROGER CLEMENTS -standing in FRONT of Jeter in a white baseball cap- getting booed.

  21. 21
    mz Sass Says:

    LOL Maria (shorty) #16! :)

  22. 22
    xxx Says:

    he looks like he is retarded. she can do so much better.

  23. 23
    Donnie Says:

    When Jeter was in new york the post had him out with some girl named Rachel who he supposedly is a hot blonde who is also seeing Jeter. Then some chick in Boston he was with having dinner with one of his teammates just a month ago. He was also seen kissing a girl on her face and holding her face last month in New york. The girl was a brunette but was not Minka kelly. This was at his watch event where his parents also attended.

    Every since Jeter’s been linked to Minka, he’s been spotted out with other women kissing them or having dinner. Just google you’ll see the sightings of other women he’s been with since dating Minka Kelly. Minka is just like Vanessa, she will let him cheat on her just as long as she gets him in the end. Jeter has herpes and he sleeps with hookers too. Minka cheated on her boyfriend with Chris Evans so they are a match in cheating heaven.

  24. 24
    Kim Says:

    I like them.
    But I’d like Minka’s doppelganger, Leighton Meester, with the Red Sox’ CF Jacoby Ellsbury even better…
    Just a thought.

  25. 25
    matt1111 Says:

    To the person who says he’ll give her herpes.

    She dated John Mayer – also known to the world as garbage d-ck. I think she’s not the one who should be worried about catching something.

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