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Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly: Homerun Couple

Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly: Homerun Couple

New York Yankees star Derek Jeter and Friday Night Lights actress Minka Kelly enjoy some down time together, watching some NCAA football action with the Texas Longhorns and Missouri Tigers in Austin, Texas on Saturday.

Jeter was booed when he appeared on the stadium’s big-screen television. (The Yankees are out of the playoffs.)

Jeter, 34 and Kelly, 28, were also spotted cozying up together in Austin last Wednesday at the live music club, Momo’s, to listen to soul singer Dan Dyer.

The twosome looked “together and happy,” an onlooker tells People.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Derek Jeter and Minka Kelly as a couple — HOT or NOT?

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32 Responses to “Derek Jeter & Minka Kelly: Homerun Couple”

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  1. 26
    banana Says:

    whattttttt…leighten meister is dating jacoby???? NOOOOOOOOOO he is so mine/….that cant be true i saw his g/f and she was some plain jane thing……..nooooo i love leighton but i will cut the ties…no one takes my jacoby

    the future mrs ellsbury!!!

  2. 27
    junktrunk Says:

    Derek can do way better. Shes a known star F***er. Just a gold digger trying to make her career take off.
    She has NO talent. And Yes Derek does look like he has man boobs in the picture.

  3. 28
    surisocute Says:

    she is a known star f-cker, but he’s f-cked so many stars it could be a match made in the hoochie heavens. FIRST OFF, Leighton Meester blows her away in the beauty department so lets just clear that up. She’s cute though, I think she’s cute and other than money I don’t see all the hoopla over him, they’re just about in the same league if you ask me, and even if you don’t. Not like Derek is going to get some super brilliant independent woman who actually has a REAL career instead of this so called acting thing. FYI, Cate Blanchett, ACTOR…Meryl Streep, ACTOR…Emma Thompson, ACTOR…I don’t even know what people like Minka Kelly and the Vanessa Minnillo’s of the world’s are, but they are not ACTORS and they don’t have talent, same goes for Jessica Biel. Again though, Jeter isn’t all he has been hyped up to be, deep inside maybe he feels like a wannabe which is why he dates them…reflection of himself? I am so DEEP righhh?

  4. 29
    Janine Says:

    I think it’s safe to assume that Derek Jeter is hating life right now. Not making it to the playoffs then to be outed for dating Minka Kelly, who has a reputation for using men. Let’s face it, she’s a D List actress, at best. And desperate to land a guy like Jeets. She’s not even hot! She looks fake & plastic and dresses like my mom. She needs to layoff the Botox. Remember the days Jeets could score Victoria’s Secret models?

    I read that Derek Jeter has a girlfriend in NYC. Some real estates mogul’s daughter, named Ava Chantel. Wonder what happened to her?

    Regardless, Derek, you can do much better than Minka Kelly.

  5. 30
    Paula Says:

    He’s fine….She cute, I don’t think he’s with her just for her looks. I believe he’s pasted the beauty high maintanence women.

  6. 31
    Jete/Yankee fan Says:

    Who cares who Derek Jeter or Minka Kelly dates if they’re happy let’s all be happy for them who cares really. They’re a hot couple.
    Besides that;s their business&let’s worry about the economy,mortgage crisis,jobs needed etc. Jeter & all these celebrities can do what they want because they’ve got the money
    They’re nice couple see how long it last like I care. Jeter is single he can date as many women as he likes unlike A-Rod was married cheating on his wife then divorced eeeh. now with he’s with Madonna? Do these people with money
    care about us who don’t have it i mean really. I just want to watch baseball but the common Joe can’t even afford a ticket to a Yankees game. Minka kelly is a pretty lady with a sweet face I haven’t watch her show yet .

  7. 32
    sandy Says:

    Why can’t we just let them be. I think they are adorable together, and maybe they actually like each other. If you honestly believe that Jeets would have unprotected sex and contract herpes, you’re all delusional. The man has more effin brains than that. If he does have herpes how come none of his women is talking, I would think they’d be angry enough to out him for it. Alba’s now hubby Cash Warren, was talking that trash last year when they were broken up, he’s quieted down now hasn’t he, and if Alba has herpes that she supposedly got from Jeets, why is Cash Warren having a kid with her. come on people, think it through and let off on Jeets and Minka. Maybe he wants someone not so in the limelight!!!!

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