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Jennifer Aniston Kicks it With Courteney Cox

Jennifer Aniston Kicks it With Courteney Cox

Jennifer Aniston kicks it with Courteney Cox in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

The 39-year-old former Friends actress has been garnering attention lately with her renewed relationship with musican John Mayer. Jen was seen heading to John‘s place on Thursday.

WHAT DO YOU THINK about the 2nd round of John and Jen — YAY or NAY?

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston kicking it with Courteney Cox

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98 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Kicks it With Courteney Cox”

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  1. 1
    jada Says:

    Nay, but if she’s happy that’s all that matters.

  2. 2
    mary Says:

    Jennifer Aniston is werid. Its all about her and how much press she can get. We see her with her yucky ex BF, pimping fake h20 to schoolkids, her life goals of bbq’s, tanning, Mexico, bikinis and bad movies. Where is her family. Oh thats right, she hates them. GAG

  3. 3
    clary Says:

    is she pregant……..
    we’re reading magazines in sydney and that what they said….

  4. 4
    d.j. Says:

    Man, did Maniston hire it out this week. She is all over the news for doing absolutely nothing! She just pimps herself out. Like we are supposed to believe this is her life. So important. Surprise. All I see is a person, getting older and desperately trying to get attention. She is really sad.

  5. 5
    karrey Says:

    Jennifer Aniston has nothing important in her life. All she does is make bad movie after bad movie and then she takes a vacation. She is not the girl next door. I really don’t think the public buys into her poor me image anymore. She is just used up. Looks like it, too.

  6. 6
    ameateater Says:

    Wonder where Jen’s lovely ex/current staged boyfriend is? OMG could she be more of an idiot. If she s pregnant, I feel sooooo sorrrry for a child of hers. Jen can’t even properly take care of herself. That is why she desperately clings to her men(?). Jen needs to stick to the things shes good at. Shopping, tanning, photog ops, hocking water, horrible boring movies. The important things in life.

  7. 7
    Larissa Says:

    i dunno, they’re cute. and as long as they have fun together – so be it. I think she’s great, and I just love her – and the truth is, no matter how many bad movies she does she’ll always be on re-runs a gazillion times every day in every freakin’ country that she might as well retire, friends will support her for life.

  8. 8
    wassup Says:

    Jenn and John? Its all publicity to them. They both are fame hoes. I just do not believe a word they say. Everything is a set up. Jenn’s vacations, her”Charity” work, please. Jenn is right up there with Jessica, Paris and Tomkat. It’s all about them and they are industry jokes. Nobody takes any of them seriously. They all should form a loser club.

  9. 9
    dude needs a dew do Says:

    maybe she’s afraid after ‘the rachel’, but is it just me, or is ‘the jennifer’ getting old?
    the hair, that is.
    she’s fit and fab and casual and all that but a bit of smashin’ style wouldn’t hurt.

  10. 10
    popitunes Says:

    she need to go away for awhile

  11. 11
    dude needs a new do Says:

    um, a typo – a new ‘do not a dew one!! :-)

  12. 12
    SaltyDog Says:

    Does her smile look forced to anyone else?

  13. 13
    sammie Says:

    I think they should just fess up and be together,because nobody else wants them. Jennifer is groupie material and John loves the groupies. They also love the spotlight. A match made in media heaven. Maybe Jennifer will stop making lousy movies (yeah)and just support John!

  14. 14
    Lisa Says:

    whos baldy? her bodyguard? or is she bangin him too dang!
    people are saying she might be preggo , if she is maybe she called john and said im pregnant and it might be yours..and they get back together so he doesnt look like a complete douche by not being there for her…. but im pulling straws on this…

  15. 15
    ANiston luvs aclcohol & cigs Says:

    Clary, I don’t think wine and cigs go with fetuses – which is what People reported she was doing 5 days ago – knocking back bottles of wine. Us reported her knocking back martinis at Nobu. she had her cigs in her hands in pics last week as well. Plus she was in a bikini on the mexican beach two weeks ago – trim and thin as can be, ass in the air –, and look at her there in jared’s pics – typically tight rawhide belts that cinch at the abdomen, and flat stomachs don’t exactly scream pregnancy.

    but hey, give it time – be patient, you’ll have time enough to plant tabloid rumors…that is if maniston stops getting liquored up and puts down the cigs. That might ruin your schemes. :lol: I know maniston’s fans love spreading that rumor about her – but you might want to wait til she’s had a man in her life at least a good month before you start your usual pathetic lameness. I fully expect maniston’s pr to try that as a stunt during awards season..when angie, and/or brad are making the rounds. :-D

    if maniston is 40, single and still childless in a few months, she’ll probably throw herself off a building. so even if she isn’t, I predict she’ll at least be pretending she is, and her pr will tell her to visit a few baby shops and start wearing smock tops. like she did constantly when Brad & Angie were expecting Shiloh and when she was with Vince Vaughn trying to get in the rags.

  16. 16
    Sandy Says:

    Please, JJ……

    Is it so important that Maniston “kicks it”? Tell me any important thing she did in the last 5 years? Let that media .hore be alone with her very similar again-boyfriend! They really belong together!!!

  17. 17
    Diana Says:

    at least John’s better than fat Vince Vaugh. Besides, Rachel Green had her fair share of dudes that were never good enough for her…

  18. 18
    velcoy Says:

    Jen is into nothing but herself. Same for John. And thats okay.. We just DO NOT want to hear her whine about things. Shes a grown up now. Own up to your mistakes. Live your life w/o headlines. People in hollywood do it all the time.

  19. 19
    lancerucher Says:

    I never thought that she is 39 already. She still looks 25 on me.

  20. 20
    aimee Says:

    Jennifer Aniston does nothing but promote herself anyway she can. With all the money she has, it’s still all about her. I do not respect her in any way. She plays the media and she plays the public. She lives in a please pity me world she created. Jennifer needs to go away.

  21. 21
    cindi Says:

    Doesn’t Maniston remind you of the popular (so she thought) girl who peaked in high school and really never did anything after. That’s Jen. She is still living in friends land. All these years later she just seems lame and pathetic no matter what she does.

  22. 22
    whi-me Says:

    i think jennifer aniston is still playing her own pity party. love me, hang out w/ me, like me, date me, take pictures of me,me,me. i bet she sucks the life out of everyone she meets. no wonder she has no real solid relationships with her family or a family of her own.

  23. 23
    anon Says:

    REASON FOR THE ACT : “Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Aniston are sharing a play date. Brad Pitt’s current romantic partner Jolie and ex-wife Aniston will go head-to-head at theaters Oct. 24, when both have a movie coming out.”

  24. 24
    anon Says:

    maybe she looks sad because she is realizing relationships are NOT meant for public images, they are meant for love and children, not feeding tabloids for career promotion as a huge game. All these games go back to the person…… that is why she looks sad. She is faking it with Mayer while these women live reality and have love in their hearts for their husband and children.


  25. 25
    tessla Says:

    Pregnant? No way, this woman would not sacrifice her body. She works too hard at keeping herself buff and is very selfish, not the motherly type, more the spa, vacation, manicure, pedicure and having John Mayer as her companion for PR purposes. John Mayerf on the other hand loves her credit cards, vacations, spas, restaurants, being seen around Hollywood types, etc.

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