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Katie Holmes Hearts New York

Katie Holmes Hearts New York

Katie Holmes sports a red heart on her sweater as she leaves her New York City apartment on Sunday.

Katie, 29, also went out with husband Tom Cruise and daughter Suri for some brunch at Balthazar restaurant on Sunday. Katie‘s parents and Tom‘s mother also joined the trio for the meal.

The Mad Money star was seen wearing a Celine corset black wool trench coat.

10+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes hearting New York…

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Credit:; Photos: INFdaily, SplashNewsOnline
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  • not a fan

    someone seriously like Katie. There is a thread for her every move.

  • a

    LOL-I just entered this post to ask if we HAVE to see her everytime she leaves her house. I thought I was the only one sick of them! LOL

  • sarah

    once again with suri covering her ears and eyes

    violet, kingston, and shiloh and zahara and many other celebrity babies do NOT act like that, especially violet. There really is something wrong.

    and once again everyones bundled up and suri is wearing a spring dress, wow.

    am i the only one dying for winter to come so i can see what they put her in ?

  • WTF is wrong with Tomkat

    This is starting to get totally insane. It was cold as hell in NY today! Everyone has a coat on, but poor Suri is in a short sleeve dress with no tights on! What kind of sick people do that with a kid!

    I can’t wait for some idiot to say “maybe Suri doesn’t like tights or coats”. Listen you dumba**es, that’s why a kid has parents!! You don’t let a two year old decide what’s best for them!! The parent decides what is best for the child and what is best for any kid is to wear proper clothing in cold weather. Tom and that robot Katie need to start acting like decent parents, dress the kid right and stop using her just for pics. She’s not a toy. She’s a real child who should be kept warm and safe.

    Somebody should report those two idiots to child and family services. They have no clue how to care for a child!!



  • anonymous


  • 911

    best family EVER

  • snow

    They all look great

  • ipod


  • mju8

    This poor child is so unlike other childhood celebrities. It’s true she’s like on a world of her own.
    I hope she doesn’t develop some sort of anxiety or neuroticism.
    Stupid fame wh0re parents!

  • karate

    So classy and adorable

    Thank you Jared

  • violet

    She looks like Jackie O on these shots!

  • $

    Tom looks so handsome

  • smiles

    What a blessed family that everyone is so supportive and even in laws getting along. Not everyone has in laws that meshes well with families.

  • lola


  • tom c

    Katie is in a sweater, layered over with a trenchcoat.
    Poor Suri is in a short sleeve spring/summer dress. No socks, tights, leggings… She must be freezing.

  • mopie

    I feel sorry for Suri. I think Tom treats her like a prop. He is all smiles at the cameras. Suri is once again cowering. Poor thing. Tom just doesn’t get it.

  • mary

    As usual it’s all about Tom. The poor little girl is afraid covering her eyes and ears. All Tom cares about is a photo op. Selfish, selfish Tom.

  • janel

    Suri,Connor and Isabella have countless blessings
    having Tom and Katie in their lives

  • spooky

    God Bless the Cruises

    God bless JJ

    God bless McCain-Palin

    God bless America

  • :]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

    New York hearts her back and the rest of America and the world…..

  • johnny depp fan

    your news about katie holmes but cword go saw daniel radcliffe:)

  • tessla

    Suri dresses HERSELF. The parents do as Suri says, thus the reason she is dressed inapproprately. The kid CALLS THE SHOTS. This may not sound right but you have to understand this is not a NORMAL household. The mother is unbalanced, the father uses the kid for PR , and the child is spoiled and picking up her mother’s rather unusual personality.

  • rmw

    Its not that easy putting a child in the clothes of your choice, at least these days when kids are developing personalities really early. I had a cousin who used to scream so hard that he wouldn’t go out of the house except in shorts in the middle of winter. And sometimes parents just have other responsibilities, like they have other kids to attend to or somewhere they have to go to or a job! So its not always feasilbe to lock the door and say “you’r not going out unless you change” or something! It doesn’t mean they’re bad parents, just means they have a different parenting style and that people should just stop being judgmental.

  • man

    wow jared can we get pics of them every 10 minutes? new stories like katie holmes pees or suri sneezed would be so great…

    what a fu…ed up family. poor kid.

  • dido

    what a beautiful family, god bless them, tom is still sooooooo hot and katie is a lucky woman to have him, suri who looks like a mini tom is a cutie pie as always and ı can’ t wait for valkyrie

  • WTf?

    hey Jared–

    Instead of posting photos here repeatedly showing Suri being neglected by her parents, why don’t you just send the photos to Child Protective Services in NYC instead?

    I think we’ve all seen enough. They are using Suri as a PR stunt and it is being promoted here on JJ.

    Enough is enough!

  • Big Mama

    What a sad little girl.


    They’ve got her wrapped up in a blanket like an infant! Weirdest thing I’ve EVER seen.

    And where are the parents, Jared. No photos. Also, they were “supposedly” at the opening of AMS last Thursday and no photos there either????

    I think maybe Tom is telling Jared what to write now too! Let’s see photos if they were really there. Oh, I guess the parents used the back entrance to the restaurant and Tom and his beard and Suri used the front door? Is Jared on the “let’s try to make it look like Tom Cruise is happy” payroll?

    Geez, Louise….

  • RYAN



    :) :D

  • RYAN



    :) :D

  • Just stop this

    If the kid won’t dress appropriately leave her home. They can’t afford a babysitter? Unbelievable Katie is in a WOOL coat and they wrap Suri in a blanket. This is a freak show we see everyday!

  • Mr. Cat

    I told you guys to STFU already!
    Suri is not a normal child. She’s a prop for her “parents”.
    Now they have advanced even further to create a freak show titled “Suri”.

  • Mr. Cat

    I am so sick and tired of Katie’s thunder thighs.


    O.k. I know over the last couple of days ppl. have been a little p.o. about Suri not having proper dress on. But yesterday was freakin cold!….

    You can see in the pics the PARENTS took the time to dress themselves warmly, but all Suri has on over her summer dress is a BLANKET?! Are you kidding me?!

    I know children can be stubborn… speaking from experience. I do not believe that the parents would willingly allow their child to go out dressed innapropriately, so Suri must put up a fight about her clothing, but, SERIOUSLY if she refuses to wear a coat then she does not go outside! Time for Mom and Dad to put their foot down and teach their child who is the ADULT!

    Obviously it is Suri who wears the pants in that household, what a shame.

  • what a shame

    I hate to say it, but I’m beginning to suspect something is wrong with this child. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree,unfortunately.

  • Mr. Cat

    Why do TomKat care? #39
    Suri is only an accessory to them. So long as this expensive accessory looks mint and cute, it’s OK.
    They don’t care whether she’s scared by the cameras and total strangers yelling her name out.
    You can see it on Youtube. Tom Cruise held her for the paps and postponed getting into the van so that the paps could get better photos.
    The smirk on the idiot’s face is disgusting.

    So, you’re not supposed to judge them from your parenting experiences. It’s a business deal. Suri is, just like me, a hopeless hire help to Tom cruise and his moron wife.

  • Mr. Horse

    Also this can never be worn out by repetition.
    Comparing Nicole and Penelope (and Mimi) to Katie is like comparing a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce to a Ford Escort.

    How true. How true.

  • Mr. wolf

    This is so good! Let’s do it again!

    Also this can never be worn out by repetition.
    Comparing Nicole and Penelope (and Mimi) to Katie is like comparing a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce to a Ford Escort.

    How true. How true.

  • Mr. wolf

    Somebody put gravity back on the earth….

    Comparing Nicole and Penelope (and Mimi) to Katie is like comparing a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce to a Ford Escort.

    How true. How true.

  • janie

    You pick your battles. One winter when my son was little, he wanted to wear only shorts in the winter. I let him. Then one day, his school said no more shorts so he stopped. Or if it’s important to K & T, they can give Suri a choice: “would you like to wear this coat or that sweater?” and often the child chooses one or the other, and having been allowed to exercise a little freedom of choice, is happy. The more worrying thing would be her terror with the paps and crowds since that’s her fate in life. Can’t be a healthy thing to be famous for nothing you’ve done.

    I have no clue what T & K are like in real life, but I have to say I’m fascinated with Katie and can’t figure out why. Perhaps because no matter what you think of Tom, because of his wealth and fame he’s a figurative “prince” so Katie having been swept off her feet, it’s a Cinderella story. I think I watch to see if she stays genuine or is spoiled by the wealth and fame. Her sudden transformation to an expensive high fashion queen so soon after her marriage was kind of distasteful as it didn’t seem genuine given who she seemed to be before she met TC. Not to mention that rather obscenely large new house–who needs that much space? Think that set her up for all the derision, and now perhaps cannot do anything right in the public’s eyes (or at least JJ public).

  • regina

    Lord, how come Katie is all bundled up with sweaters and poor Suri is always in a summer dress!!!!?????

  • Artie langue

    I have never seen a child more scared by the paparazzi. Its obvious they make her miserable, but her parents insist on parading her in front of them. Disturbing.

  • tawi-tawi

    why is Katie wearing a warm sweater and a winter coat, and a baby is in a summer dress? Am I missing something?

  • jerk off kh and tc

    the continued neglect of Suri, medical as well as psychological, is disgraceful. she is abused and her whacked out mother kh and fake “father” tc don’t give a shit.

    they think they are using Suri to sell cult tickets and promote themselves but they make jerks out of themselves and child
    protective services would have been called in already if jerk
    off tc didn’t have so much $$$$. no one, NO ONE, should
    support their “shows” or go to their stupid parties.

  • No way is she jackie 0


    There is no way in hell you can compare Katie Holmes to Jackie O or to Audrey Hepburn.
    Jackie and Audrey had class. They wore their clothes instead of their clothes wearing them. Neither one would make the lower body choices this woman does. Her outfits emphasize her thunder thighs. If Katie had any fashion sense at all she would choose lines that complimented her lower body instead of lines that emphasize her thicker calves and thighs. She is in the biz, so she must know the camera adds ten pounds and it always seems like that ten pounds is in her thighs/calves.
    Her scarf looks very pretentious. She has no idea how to wear it so she wears it instead of it wearing her.
    She chooses in general very unflattering tops for her body build.
    Jackie O and Hepburn knew what looked good on them, what they could wear, and proceeded to wow the fashion world. YOu only have to look at the disaster of a jumpsuit she designed for the play’s premiere to know she is a fashion loser.

  • Jeanette

    Why come into this site if you do not like the Cruises? I had to click on the link to enter which means one has a choice as to whether to read about them and look at the photos. This means that people deliberately look for news of the Cruises then contradict themselves by saying that they are tired of reading about Tom and family.

    How silly do they seem?

    I love the Cruises and hunt for their photos. Jared, keep up the good work and love your photos.

  • anon

    These pictures are sad. This little girl looks scared and she really should be bundled up in warmer clothes. It was very cold in the Northeast yesterday. While previous posters have said it’s difficult to get children dressed in what you want them to wear, and I do agree, either leave her in the hotel room with family or at least put a coat on her.

  • JODI

    This family makes me want to up chuck!! That poor little girl needs her bangs cut so bad! That mother of hers is so useless. She is so boring and pigeon toed and ugly. She has no class, but honestly thinks she does!

  • Mr. wolf

    Thank you for putting the gravity back on Earth.

    No way is she jackie 0 @ 10/20/2008 at 11:04 am


    There is no way in hell you can compare Katie Holmes to Jackie O or to Audrey Hepburn.