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Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Lounge at Lotus

Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson Lounge at Lotus

Lindsay Lohan takes a picture together with Samantha Ronson, who was DJing at the Lotus Lounge for a charity fundraiser for the Children’s Miracle Network in Washington DC on Thursday.

At the event, Lindsay initially appeared anti-social, asking for a screen to be put up so only a select few at Lotus in Washington D.C. could even see her. She then spent the first part of the night looking at MySpace on a computer.

But then Samantha went up to Lindsay, shared a laugh and, according to witnesses, gave Lindsay a kiss that completely changed her mood, and she started dancing immediately.

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  • RM


    Sam looks like a dude in that piccie lol

  • Julien

    Such a weird relationship those two have…Lindsey should just retreat to a deserted Island somewhere and hide out there…I think that would do her a world of good!!!

  • Lauritz Jakob

    Oh my Lord, she looks like a man.

    Lindsay Lohan isn’t gay at all ya’ll!

  • Julie

    Gosh…I hope Sam is just really, really nice…because I can’t see anything else……ewe.

  • Clementine

    geezus. could she be any more f*ing dyky???

  • Cutestermcgee

    ugh, sam looks like jughead from archie comics

  • Sean

    This lesbian need a huge dick to fuck her!!

  • Sean

    This lesbian need a huge D I C K to F U C K her!

  • mc

    Sam always has the same constipated look on her face.

  • bella

    LOL comment #10.
    Is it me or has anyone else noticed that these two are getting thinner???

  • Laurel

    I read in one of the gossip rags that this relationship is fading fast and Lindsay was all over Chace Crawford at some club (but he brushed her off)

  • yikes

    Ok, how disgusting! Why is Lindsey doing this? I think she is a pretty girl and she seems down to earth. BUT….geez dump this GROSS manly girl, she just gives me the creeper jeepers! Find you a HOT REAL MAN Lindsey! PLEASE!

  • marisa

    gosh, now you can see what all of the partying, drugs, and alcohol can do to you. looks like its all caught up to them.

  • Jessenia


  • Naty

    To me Lindsay is not a lesbian and she’ll find out that soon enough!
    Sam looks like Hilary Swank in “Boys Don’t Cry”….someone please get me a gun!!!!

  • quit scowling!

    I would be in a foul, asocial mood, too, if my signif,. other was always scowling. What’s this chick trying to prove?

  • quit scowling!

    Lindsay never said she was a lesbian.

  • murky

    Lindsay is a poor little semi-rich girl who is scared to be alone in her big house in L.A. somewhere and Sam, I’m guessing, is preying on her weakness.

  • the Dutchess

    What is going on?
    They look horrible.
    It looks to me like Sam is having a nervous breakdown.

  • Cynthia

    Sam should keep her eyes on Blohan. According to Lainey’s gossip, Lindsay tried to pick up Chace, she threw herself at him the minute she saw him. What a desperate slag she is. He was flirting with Taylor Momsen, he REBUFFED her cheap advances of course. She took a pic with my bb Edward, but he wasn’t having her pose next to him.! What guy in Hollywood would want date this tired, dirty coke whore anyway?

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥


  • darn

    Gross,….the woman is so fuglie. I’m sure Lindsay could have found someone alot better looking instead of that skank.

  • Onelesbo

    First – they appear to be in love.

    Second – Samantha Ronson is not as much ugly as she is someone uninterested in making herself up on a regular basis.,11,0

    Third – I’d bet Lindsay has never had better sex.

    Fourth –
    Joe Dimaggio and Marilyn Monroe
    Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett
    Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thorton
    Christine Aguilera and Jordan Bratman
    Jay-Z and Beyonce
    Shania Twain and Mutt Lang
    A shit load of others.

    Fifth –

    Get over it. They’re queer they’re here, get used to it.

  • hotbitch

    Sorry but I just find it rather odd that this 31 yr. old woman is chasing after a 22 yr. old. And she needs to stop making that STUPID face in every picture she takes and grow up a little.

  • hotbitch

    One more thing….Lindsay’s a faux lesbian. She’s a slut who loves dick.

  • lindsay

    why does samantha always make that stupid face!!!!!!!!!!

  • Good Victoria

    HEY ” BELLA “, NUMBER # 11….They ARE thinner, I agree…Especially Lindsay, and she does NOT need to be thiner with her asthma attacks and other illness’s going around…..Sam always looks like a guy, and is dirty looking….(LOL ) to ” LINDSAY ” NUMBER # 27…..I would not recognize her without ” that stupid face ‘, OR her ugly man-hat which I really dislike…

  • mark

    I think people should let them be and be happy she isn’t as much of a mess as she used to be. Everyone is passing judgement without knowledge. LL is finding her way in life and at least she is brave enough to follow her heart. Its ridiculous that people can’t handle the fact that she is dating a girl and a tomboy at that. It’s 2008 people, get with it.

  • vanessa

    why is everyone here so homophobic? at least sam isn’t a sleazy loser who sells stories to the media about their sex lives. they are dating, get over it.

  • Leah

    i totally agree with Vanessa from #29!
    they are happy… who cares which sex they are?

  • JEP

    Sam has got to be the most ugliest people I have ever seen!! She looks so much like a dyke it’s pathetic. She is trying so hard to look and be like a guy most guys that were naturally born a male probably don’t act or look like she’s trying to be. I think what happened to her, is unfourtuantly in her in the 9th month before her birth, she changed somehow from male to female, and some parts were left over…A He-She!!!!

    Maybe that’s why she always has an attitude on her face in every picture.

  • MAGU

    she looks like an uggly man.

  • http://SoHetero rlen

    Okay!! People!! Think out side the box. Think what you are saying.

    For example ” couldn’t sam be more dyky” That is like saying “Couldn’t you more straighter or Hetero”

    Another saying ” Lindsay Lohan is not gay” that is like saying ” You are not straight or a Heterosexual”

    “This lesbian need a huge D I C K to ******* her!” That is like saying “This Straight guy or chick needs a huge Dick to ***her”

    Lindsay Lohan doesn’t need to say she is lesbian or not. If she is attracted to men and women so what!!

    Also, the story about Chase Crawford is just bullshit…the media tells you anything to sell a story…come on !!!

  • rlen

    I LOVE IT!! The picture with them together is awesome its normal its not a pic that’s all made up to look pretty. This is a natural look …it reminds me they are human beings like us and they are normal like us.

  • rlen


  • Ashley

    God she is nasty..

  • Rachie

    I don’t think Lindsay is a slut or a hore. I think she’s getting a steady boyfriend and a steady LIFE. People need to realize that and MOVE ON!