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Mary-Kate Olsen's Car Accident -- VIDEO

Mary-Kate Olsen's Car Accident -- VIDEO

Mary-Kate Olsen gets into a fender bender on Monday afternoon after leaving the Open Door furniture store on Melrose Ave.

The 22-year-old Olsen twin’s gal pal accidentally backed her Toyota Prius into an El Pollo Loco employee’s car. MK‘s friend and the employee were seen exchanging insurance information.

Mary-Kate was obviously annoyed by the situation and the paparazzi. She snapped, “Get out of the f—ing window. Are you kidding me? You guys are…”

The videographer finished off her sentence and joked, “Animals! Yeah, animals. I’m a cow. Moooooooooo!!!!!” It’s actually quite a humorous video. Watch it below!

Mary-Kate Olsen’s Car Accident
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  • Raquel


  • dfdf

    it must be tough for her. yes shes famous and rich but srsly these paparazzo guys needa get out of her face. im sure shes pissed off enough she backed up into another car. do you have to make it any worse? leave her alone, shes just trying to live her life.

  • joss

    yea she’s a celebrity, and knowing how famous she is, she has to know that fame comes at a price. If she can’t stand it, then stop doing what she does…

  • stella11215u488

    its funny those olsens try so hard to stay out of the public eye, I am sure they would not chose to be famous if their mother didnt force them into the entertainment industry since they were babies.

    But lucky them, they are still get paid millions to do nothing, but have to deal with paparazzi, which both girls seem to hate at all costs.

    But I think that if they weren’t so secretive and hidden from the paparazzi than they wouldnt get hounded by them so much. Their mysterious lifes makes people more interested to see them talk and how they live.

  • Rita

    um.. what was that about.

  • jj

    POOR MK.

  • KIKI

    the guy saying “im a cow, Mooooo” is a flippin idiot.
    if I was her I would have socked his face.

  • PCo

    She’s pretty cool..
    I would have been pissed off if some dirtbag was IN my window..
    MAN! these Jerks have no boundries.

  • a&a=)


  • bonzo

    what’s so funny about that? I think it’s idiotic. what kind of a moron sticks a camera in someone’s face like that and then responds that he’s an animal, complete with cow noises? no wonder celebrities get so agitated. i’m no mk/ashley fan but you guys are retarded…the paps are like annoying little immature gnats/


    And the winner is: Toyota, with a free 2 minute ad. The car she backed into was an old Corolla.

    Only to end with, “Your car is so quiet. Wow, can’t even hear it.”

    “I know.”

    Toyota. Moving backward.

  • ellen

    i’d be pissed if they stuck a camera in the window too.

    don’t blame her.

    but when he said moooooooooo i think i pissed myself.

  • massie

    Lmafo MOOOOOOO!

  • Wowza.

    that guy was freakin’ annoying. seriously.

  • ANonymousdiva

    You GO, honey – you shoulda kneed him in the ballz.

    Freakin’ jerk.

  • suzette

    god i soo would’ve hit that asshole in the face

  • Vanessa

    Who hit the car because mK was in the passenger seat. Who was the lady in the driver seat?

  • Blue

    Umm… she did not get into a fender bender her friend did, she was just in the car. What’s next when a pregnant lady sits next to a celebrity we’re gonna call the celebrity a future mommy?

  • disneystarsz

    i can’t believe i used to fucken look up to that bitch

  • mary

    wow what a jerk… I would hate to have that kind of harassment and it wasn’t funny – it was grade school mean

  • mary

    wow what a jerk… I would hate to have that kind of harassment and it wasn’t funny – it was grade school mean

  • Marta

    where is the news????

  • Lo


  • LAME

    “Animals! Yeah, animals. I’m a cow. Moooooooooo!!!!!
    **************CRICKETS CHIRPING********************
    I wish some one would have hit that photog with a car.
    what an idiot.

  • WhosDat

    poor kid – what does she do anymore? they are frightfully skinny so it is funny that her encounter would be with the food guy s:)

  • nesserzz..

    fame comes with a price hunny.

  • wtf

    That paparazzi was beyond annoying. He actually stuck his fucking face into the window. What?

    I hate these twins but even I would have socked him in the fucking face.

  • mk olsen forever fug

    she’s so ugly.. she look like the female version of Ozzy Osborne, but uglier than Ozzy…

  • Taylor

    fame comes with a price? They should just quit doing something they love to do? Most people become actors because they LOVE what they do…people who are famous like The Hills cast are the ones that shouldn’t complain about the paparazzi but Mary Kate actually earn their money, it doesn’t matter if you respect what they do or not because they wouldn’t have gotten to where they are today if they hadn’t worked hard to earn it.

  • docomo

    those paps are just bunch of dickhaeds and assholes X( how dare they speak like that with a celeb.. no matter how young is she.. damn.. that reallt makes me sad.

  • elle

    BIG DEAL:)))) she shouldn’t be entitled to say anything…i mean come one!!! Other people starve,and mk, who is totally swimming in cash, complains about such stupid things:)) give me a break, she’s only earned her money thanks to the media interest in her,if it weren’t for the paparazzi, she wouldn’t be as famous, what a hypocrite

  • nicole

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  • brit…shit

    this girl needs reharb,it’s like she is high all the time

  • eddie jones

    cocaine will induce car accidents.

  • MovieMadness

    What is Funny is that YOU ALL watched the tape….dirtbags. Stop complaining

  • kaylee

    i hate how everyone on here is praising this bitch.
    so what if paparazzi follow her!
    they follow every other fucking celebrity too and not all of them are bitches about it.

    mk has been in this industry for years, so i’m sure she knows by know that the paparazzi just come with the territory and she needs to just suck it up!

    if she hates it so much than she should stay the fuck away from paparazzi hot spots like melrose!!

  • jessica

    I agree with #18
    she wasn’t even driving her friend hit the car

  • Greg

    I just want to know why the dress like hobos 90% of the time?

  • istar

    omg, i would be pissed if they came into my window

  • Joyjoy96

    it went from “you got it dude” to “get out of the f—ing window” lol

  • k

    geez, this girl needs to get a grip. it’s not that the paparazzi follow her every move…like Britney Spears. it’s only every once in a while they get her. if they were around me as much as they were around her, i wouldn’t mind at all…cuz they’re not around her that much. and since they’re not around here that much, why does she hide her face? they can’t get a few pictures??
    i don’t really like the paparazzi, geez, they’re not around her that much…

  • keri

    fame does come with a price but this is too much, this videogrpher is a f…ing pervert!!!!!!
    poor MK

  • Trashley Trolson

    SHAME!!! SHE DESERVES EVERY PIECE OF SHIT SHE GETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUR WEARING BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ceanna

    I just don’t understand why anyone thinks these Olsen twins are soooo fashionable. Unless they are professionally made up and groomed for hours for a fashion shoot, they look like unkempt druggies with greasy hair hanging all over their faces. What’s with the fugly flip flops?

    They don’t do anything anymore except license their names on stuff.

  • whitney

    Such bad language coming from such a little thing.

  • http://none Louis morales

    hi, just stopped by here too, this time in huntington park , california, sorry bout that jeep! >>?>??????

  • :)

    i don’t like how she’s so aggressive and rude! i mean hen she was a teen she was so cute and loved her fans! now she went all diva crazy :/ but tthe paparazzis are so annoyning i wouldn’t stand them either