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Miranda Kerr is FHM Sexy

Miranda Kerr is FHM Sexy
  • Miranda Kerr spills her sexy secret
  • Tara Reid‘s butt cheeks will scare you to death.
  • Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty vacation together.
  • Madonna likes bad meat.
  • Simon Cowell causes girls to go crazy.
  • Ugg boots need to die.
  • Ashlee Simpson is as pregnant as it gets.
  • The BET Awards heat up the ATL.
  • Miley Cyrus‘s boyfriend Justin Gaston goes wild.
  • Mr. Blackwell, whose real name was Richard Selzer, passed away at the age of 86. He was most famous for his annual “worst dressed list”. Read this great interview with him and his longtime partner Robert Spencer at
  • Things aren’t looking good for Lisa Bonet. After a highly rated premiere, her ABC drama saw its viewership drop 25% in its episode last week.
  • FOX’s The Sarah Connor Chronicles will be around for a full 22 episodes!
  • The writers who penned the hilarious VMA promos with “Britney Spears and the elephant in the room” have started up their own business–greeting cards! Check out the funny and witty cards at
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  • gina
  • h.

    Yay for Sarah Connor Chronicles not getting axed yet. Good show.

  • photoshop much?

    Here’s a nice canid of miss kerr from this site showing what she really looks like.
    She is spending time with her good friend Brandon Davis. Lovely pair aren’t they

    Anyone can look half way decent with photoshop. I think Perez Hilton can transform himself with photoshop too. No big whoop.

    She still has the same vacant stare though.

  • i’m watching you

    She’s beautiful! Inside and out!

  • sopretty

    Sorry, nice try. She’s gorgeous. And she is just as beautiful in pap shots with no makeup and bad lighting.

  • cutie pie

    @5 You are so right! This girl is hot.
    Jared, keep thoses Miranda Photos comming.

  • me

    miranda looks a wholeeeeee lot better without photoshot than gisele bundchen with or without photoshot…

  • I find it funny

    Love Miranda! And I love the FHM shots.

  • wh`xps

    Her face is that of a 12 year old girl, especially her dimples. shame since she has such a nice body….

  • Liana

    Mr Blackwell is dead then. No disrespect to the dead, but he was a hateful, pre-historic fag.

  • mslewis

    Tara Reid should be ashame of herself . . . or she should at least get a bikini that FITS!!! That is the worse shot of a bikini butt I have ever seen. Jen Aniston puts her to complete shame and so does Nic Sheridan and she’s 44!!!!

  • noelle

    The greeting cards from are Hilarious !!!

  • inspiration

    Miranda Kerr inspires me to take topless pictures on the beach! YAY!!!

  • kerr!!!

    i love miranda and her family!!!! GO MIRANndA

  • fuuugz

    omg, those tara reid photos make me wanna hurl

  • boogie

    Has it actually been confirmed that Ashlee Simpson is having twins ??

  • Samantha

    Did you know that Miranda didn’t even give permission for this magazine to use these photos? The same happened in Australia with Ralph Magazine. Ralph were trying to get Miranda to appear in their magazine for years and Miranda refused and a husband and wife photography team sold Miranda out by selling these photos (albeit beautiful ones) to Ralph who onsold them for this shoot. That shouldn’t be allowed, but anyway, she looks beautiful but it is sad that this happened.

  • Graham

    Wow, I have been keen on Miranda for a couple of years now and she is getting more beautiful every time I see a picture of her. She is so naturally beautiful and I hear she is such a nice person too.

  • ROFL

    LOL The Miranda team cabbage patch is at it again.

    How would you know that Samantha?
    Graham you are so full of caca it’s just too sad.

    Sure is neat that you two found this thread within 5 minutes of each other.
    May I give you a few tips for future fake posting?
    1) Don’t post so close together like that. It’s a real give away.
    2) Remember in the real world people don’t post such over the top comments in awe of someones beauty. Even if you think the girl is pretty no one comes across like that
    3) You should really spend your time helping her in different ways.
    Once a thread is days old like this the only ones that will really find it are the ones following the story. Most of those already have their mind made up on the lying cpk.

    Why doesn’t Miranda work on the real issues and start being truthful.
    Also lies and always fake.

  • Morticia

    Really Graham? Is that what you see?
    That’s wild because all I see if a girl that looks like a blow up doll with her mouth open and the blank expression on her face.
    Not too special and you see ten just like her everyday.

    I wonder why they photopshoped out her dimples and tried to make her huge cheeks smaller? I think we already know the answer to that question.
    I guess the original pictures didn’t look so good so they had to alter it.

  • Tereus, Procne & Philomela

    Miranda, you and your “friends” Samantha and Graham are soooooo transparent. Ah, woe is mirandingo for being exploited in such a manner. Usually she’s the one responsible for the exploitation.


  • shaking my head

    Did she really think she was posing topless for Vogue or something ?

  • @22

    Good mention.
    She had to have taken them regardless.
    Is someone trying to say they were just personal shots or something?
    Dang, they are so bad with the spin.
    Playing against team cabbage patch is like playing against the mentally handicapped. Oh wait…..

  • forget this!!!

    Forget this slut bimbo, where is Zanessa!!! More HSM, please Jared.

  • matty

    YEAH GO MIRANDA, VOTE FOR MY SISTER SHE IS SOOOOOO EFFING HAWT!! Hey Orlando if you dont want to do my sister I would do her for you.

  • shaking my head


    Is your sister running for office? She’s really branching out, isn’t she?

  • Stevie

    OMG she’s so freakin HOT

  • @Stevie

    I know Stevie, isn’t Tara Reid the hottest?

    lol at cabbage team’s attempt at taking at least part of the advice.

  • matty @Stevie

    Yeah, Stevie vote for my sister she is HOT!!! Yeah Miranda is the most famous person Ive ever met, and shes my sister. I would do her in a second. My sister is so cool she gives me my rent money to help pay my apartment because I work at some Burger joint in Vancouver and get paid $8.oo an hour. Everyone who thinks my sister is ugly are fat jealous haters who dont see the beauty that my hot ass sister embodies.

  • Trish

    #29 what are you on? You’re a slag and a retard pretending to be Matt Kerr.
    How stupid do you think people are? Run away now little-minded one and go play your games elsewhere

  • Trish

    #29 what are you on? You’re a slag and a retard pretending to be Matt Kerr.
    How stupid do you think people are? Run away now little-minded one and go play your games elsewhere

  • hey miranda

    Hey Miranda, How’s Adrian doing? Haven’t you heard he has a beautiful new girlfriend and is doing very well.

    I heard they all laugh their asses of at all the dumb stunts you pulled.
    You’re an open joke. You over played your hand didn’t you? You just had to tell the world that you fucked Orlando Bloom.
    Now look at you. You can’t take it back. Everyone knows what happened.

  • Sarah


  • MAria

    Vegemite is bomb!!!

  • cabbage patch

    Cabbage Patch what did you think of the the two articles in the Daily Telegraph today? I know you must have googled yourself and saw them. Who did you piss on this time? They ripped you a new one.

    How much money are you making?HAHAHAHA
    How much are you working for David Jones?HAHAHAHA

    The answer to both: Not much.

  • edenfairy

    Hey ROFL why don’t you just admit you are jealous Miranda has a life and is a beautiful woman whereas you obviously spend your time doing nothing in front of a computer trying to detect real from fake posts!

  • @36

    Miranda’s life conisist of running in circles trying to keep her house of
    cards from blowing over in a windstorm. Then she must juggle all her lies and remember who she told what to. After that she has to roam the net and post on boards pretending to be fans saying how pretty and nice she “really really is, you just don’t know her”. She still has to organize all these pap set ups and make sure Orlando shows up. Indeed she has a busy life. Must be how she stays so thin.

  • sarita

    Very cute and sexy girl..

  • Jen

    She is GORGEOUS!!!