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Natalie Portman & Rashida Jones Solve Global Financial Crisis

Natalie Portman & Rashida Jones Solve Global Financial Crisis

Actresses (and Harvard graduates) Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones have one interesting way to solve the global financial crisis.


Natalie, 27, completed a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Harvard in 2003 and has starred in films such as Garden State, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith and V for Vendetta.

Rashida, 32, studied religion and philosophy at Harvard and graduated in 1997. She is best known for her role as Karen Filippelli in The Office.

So how about it America? Puppies.

Natalie Portman & Rashida Jones Solve Global Financial Crisis
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  • krista


  • Nina


  • fresh

    was that supposed to be funny? Cuz its not. Its actually pretty lame.

  • hANNA

    aww cute puppies, but yeah lame..

  • caron

    love Natalie, she is so beautiful and sexy

  • nnn-

    they look like 12 yr olds here…

  • nnn-

    they look like 12 yr olds here…

  • Ellen

    Natalie is awesome.

  • Hannah

    Yeah, I have to agree…lame. Sorry. =(

  • look at this

    Natalie should not team up with other girls in front of camera b/c she turns out to be so much better looking that the other girl is put to shame, and that includes Keira Nightly on the post underneath.

  • star wars

    Natalie is simply gorgeous, the most beautiful girl in the business, she is next Angelina Jolee of hollywood already

  • Anon

    NAtalie has a beautiful face, but she is way too short too thin and has a big head. She is the perfect example of good photography. If you walked past her on the street and she didn’t have make up on and was just a girl in jeans walking in NYC, you wouldn’t even notice her. I laughed outloud at this. Then I thought about it. You know there are a lot of people losing their homes and their jobs and more to come. There are people who saw their savings wiped out. Lots of them old people. So the global financial crisis isn’t funny when they use this kind of approach. This video sort of trivializes it. I don’t think the girls meant to, but they offended me.



  • Electriclady

    Awww – I thought it was cute. It put a smile on my face.

  • star

    Natalie is simply captivating and is gorgeous and sexy on screen and in real life, she is what the definition of perfection should be in the dictionary, perfectly proportionate, always elegant, just right.

  • charachter

    put a smile on my face too, natalie is as cute as the poppies

  • sTEPHI

    so that’s a way to deal with such a serious topic? woow just great.

  • liza


  • ellen

    hahaha i actually liked it.

  • gina

    Cute, but I doubt puppies will do anything!

  • tom

    Since neither of them have to worry about money, puppies seem like a good plan. But they do nothing for me.

  • hypocrite!

    I don’t get it. I thought Natalie Portman was an animal rights activist. So why is she, jokingly or not, promoting purebred puppies, especially at a time when many people can’t afford them. I guess she doesn’t really care about the sleazy puppy mills that churn the pups out. Why not promote adoption of an abandoned adult dog? The shelters are reaching record highs of dogs being given up by heartbroken families who have lost their homes, and can no longer keep their beloved pet. Portman could be helping these people by promoting fostering of these dogs so they can be adopted or returned to their owners.

  • anono

    I just saw The Other Boleyn Girl on DVD on the weekend. Nathalie was amazing in it, her emoting was fantastic, she played the part very well, wish there was some Oscar buzz for it, she deserves it.

  • ashley

    the person calling natalie a hypocrite—

    not all of those dogs looked purebred to me. and she wasn’t promoting puppies, this video is supposed to be a JOKE about how nobody in the government seems to know what to do about the financial crisis. she’s not telling people with foreclosed homes to go buy a $400 shih tzu from a puppy mill, she is MAKING. A. JOKE.

  • Anon

    NOT FUNNY. The only thing I laughed at was when that guy got punched in the face. He was the CEO of one of these Wall Street companies that went out of business, and he was in the men’s room and one of the guys who got laid off punched him out.

  • diego

    I think it’s great. natalie portman is awesome. those people who couldn’t enjoy it are just too worried about money and can’t put a smile on their faces.

    of course the crisis is a serious topic, but c’mon…

  • disgusting

    Natalie has no right to do this, what should have been light hearted humor she failed at it, just like her rubbish acting.

  • Alice

    Absolutely agree with Ashley! Natalie is really smart and definetevely not hypocrite!

  • jada

    I love Natalie and Rashida!

  • Sickitten

    Pretty lame for Ivy League Grads, no?

  • anonymous

    Jared you are such a douche for giving it away.

  • helen

    Lame. Some people are really affected because of the economy crisis and these rich girls make fun of it. Yeah too funny.

  • i


    These rich girls are not just making fun, they are making fun of those do not care about the crisis, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND

    you don’t need to go to Harvard to get this message i hope

  • that is the buzz

    Natalie is just perfect, gorgeous, talented, smart, just perfect.
    I love her in every film she has been in, what a talent.

  • momoddd

    Totally inappropriate, and truly ridiculous. Supposed to be funny, but it is not. And the way JJ underlines their Harvard grade just make me laught. It sounds like a “They are doing pretty boring things, but, come on, they are sooo smart that we have to think it is sooo funny”.

  • 2someone

    Natalie is just perfect, gorgeous, talented, smart, just perfect.
    I love her in every film she has been in, what a talent.

    This add is funny and cute and catches attention, appropriately so and delivers the message.

  • Peppo

    Excellent idea, girls – time to bust out those puppies!!

  • Peppo

    …and yes, Jared is moron for giving it away and ruining the video. Nice going.

  • vmars111

    Of course it’s not funny.

    It’s just supposed absolutely adorable!!!

    Aww! Puppies so cute!

  • Bess

    You know what’s kinda funny? The other day I was checking on my share portfolio and it had dropped significantly. It was a bit depressing but then I noticed my dog sitting beside me looking up at me with his sweet puppy dog eyes and wagging his tail and I just felt a rush of joy and played with him for a little while. No use worrying about a bit of lost money when there are so many little joys in life. Of course, I know it isn’t the same for everyone else as some people are facing the loss of their home etc.

  • nat is cool

    for all that thought its was lame just didnt get it . IT WAS A JOKE , JOKES MUST JUMP RIGHT OFF AND OVER YOUR HEADS!!!

  • jordan

    they really need to get day jobs.

  • helen

    “These rich girls are not just making fun, they are making fun of those do not care about the crisis, WHY IS IT SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND

    you don’t need to go to Harvard to get this message i hope”

    Huh? As far as I’m informed governments try their best to try to overcome the crisis.

  • Audrey

    Some of you guys have a horrible sense of humor. Get over yourselves. They both knew it was supposed to be “stupid funny”… they’re smart girls.

  • steph

    lol that was so cute.

  • andré

    i really don’t get this joke.

  • someone

    great add, makes a point in a sweet way, cute

  • wish

    Natalie is always doing things for a good cause.She would make a good ambssador.

  • just wrong

    I have an awesome sense of humor and I still think these girls are douchebags, acting like they’re spoiled, unaware little 15 year olds. I have lost all respect for them. Go to a shelter and check out all the lonely dogs whose owners lost their homes, twits!

  • les

    what nonsense, the entire point of this add is to show that as cute as these puppies are we have to care about the crisis, you did not get the point