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Sarah Palin Raises The Roof

Sarah Palin Raises The Roof

Sarah Palin‘s guest spot on this weekend’s Saturday Night Live helped the sketch show earn its best ratings in 14 years.

More than 14 million viewers tuned in to see Palin joke about being called “Caribou Barbie” in the show’s opener and raise the roof as Amy Poehler performed a rap about her campaign. W star Josh Brolin hosted the show and Mark Wahlberg also made an appearance on the show.

The episode is the highest-rated SNL since March 12, 1994, when Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan was the host and the Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin the musical guest.

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  • Ace

    Love her =)

  • LolaSvelt


  • Si

    How stupid this older is… Is she thinks she going be the win???

  • Janie

    liberal- I can agree with you to an extent. But I mean, how much experience does Obama have?

  • Besane

    I trust Colin Powell who said Sara Palin isn’t qualified. Powell is a Republican too.

  • Edila

    She is so stupid

  • Bre

    Oh lord… and I missed it… *sarcastic snap* darn…!

  • hostas

    Palin racist??? You obviously haven’t seen the list of Obama’s BFFs! Lots of good reviews about Sarah on SNL!


  • hm

    haha someone definetly loves the attention, she even mocks her self to get attention lol

    She is sooo smart, thats the kind of leder you want! ( sarkasm )

  • cathy

    and this woman is to become vp – or PRESIDENT OF THE US – no wonder the us is the laughing stock of he world

  • hunter

    I think she’s hot and a milf. haha but I’m still voting Obama. Cause uh..she’s stupid but still hot as helll.

  • bobs

    she’s fake!!!

  • hANNA

    If it wasn’t for HER I would support McCain, But now I support Obama. I think she will rule more than the real president if McCain wins and she will not take good decisions! She is an extremist in everyway, and thas scary.

  • TAmi


    Powell is not a republican, never was, he’s always been a liberal in republican clothing. He’s a liar just like the Muslim.

  • TAmi

    Hanna, you’d rather support a terrorist that has said he is going to destroy America to where you won’t have the free speech and civil rights that you do today because McCain picked someone who believes in America??

    How naive of you and how scary. Do you read what this man is about?? Do you know how dangerous he is?? Do you have any idea how your life is going to change because of him?? Have you ever heard of the Anti-Christ?? Be afraid dear…be very afraid.

  • chris

    hahahahahahahahaha this is funny

  • Kristy

    I love to see Palin talking, let her talk, i’ts funny as hell, the democrats thank her

  • haley


  • Holly

    She is great. BTW, she is not racist, biased, narrow minded nor an idiot. Most people voting for Obama are uneducated and just following whatever the liberal media and liberal Hollywood is telling them. Come on, have a mind of your own and look at the issues….You may be surprised. Good day.

  • TAmi

    Cathy, The US is not the laughing stock obviously, like all the others on the page you’ve drank the koolaid the liberals are serving you. If Obama gets in we WILL be the laughing stock.

    At least Sarah Palin BELIEVES in America….why don’t all of you? Why do you all hate America so much that your willing to destroy it? How sad to see our youth led like sheep to the slaughter. THINK FOR YOURSELVES…READ…LEARN…DECIPHER THE LIES. READ – QUIT DRINKING PROPOGANDA LACED KOOLAID..If you respond to this without thinking…without truly knowing what you’re saying…please don’t vote….leave it to the serious thinkers.

  • georgewashington

    holly crap!!! what is going on in American politics… a bunch of crazy, loonies are running for the highest office… how devious… devils infest…
    pallin… hm… words fail…

  • hunter’re so close minded. Damn. And what the hell is wrong with being Muslim? Obama’s NOT. It’s YOU who make republicans look bad. But obviously, Obama is the next Prez. FINALLY someone who’s NOT another Bush. Unlike old fart McCain.

  • hostas

    Some people on here have failed to remember that Bill Clinton was on SNL the first time he was up for election!

  • John

    Forget the haters! powell is not republican! he is RINO (republican in name only). Obama sucks

    mccain/palin 08

  • TAmi

    Hunter,….I’m closed minded?? mean – I can’t have an opinion other than yours?? I don’t believe I said anything about muslims other than Barack Hussein is one…If you believe that saying Obama is a muslim is saying something wrong against muslims….then I must ask – who’s putting them down me…or you?? What’s wrong with Hussein being a muslim…..he is one, why are you trying to hide it?? As far as Old ***McCain…he has more class in one finger than Obama will in a lifetime.

  • hANNA


    Only ignorant people belives he is an terrorist. Smart people dont fall for maniplulation and we dont get brainwashed to belive he is.

  • hANNA


    What makes you belive he is a muslim? He has said that he is a Christian. I dont get why people like you don’t get that :S .. Its like your trying to find faults with him just to hate him, when the only reason why you guys dont like him is because he is black.
    And beeing a muslim has nothing to do with being a terrorist. Thats just stupid to think.

  • WakeupPeople

    You know what is sad, the republicans who say they love Palin, all know she is an idiot and not at all qualified, but they would support her nevertheless because they just don’t want to support an intelligent black man who loves his country! This is what McCain/Palin are counting on, hence their terrorists, racists smear campaigns. They are reaching out to all the ignorant and racists Americans. Complain all you want we all know this is the TRUTH!!

  • caring


    You are a typical ignorant racists American, and you are the people McCain/Palin are reaching out to, people like them!!! We all know Obama is not a muslim!!! Also, stop thinking all muslims are terrorists, many American muslims fought in the Iraq war and many Iraq muslims in Iraq fought side by side with American soldiers to fight terrorisms. Stop being hateful, ignorant and racists, Pick up a book and read!!!

  • TAmi

    Hanna, If you read the Carran (Islam’s “Bible”) it states clearly that if you are a Muslim for life, you cannot change your religion (as Obabma did – he was raised a Muslim until he was 35 and decided to run for office and suddenly he changed to Christianity – In the Carran if Muslim changes faith’s they will be put to death…..did you know the “Islam Center for America” is raising millions of dollars from the middle East to fund Obama’s campaign?? He is as much Christian as Saddam Hussein is. Don’t believe the crap ABC, NBC, OR CBS tells you!! PLEASE READ FOR YOURSELF

  • Mr. Realism

    I thought that even though she didn’t retaliate to the overt attacks she really handled it with grace. I KNOW that McCain would have turned red and flashed his “creepy” smile while she just rode it out in style. Truthfully, I believe that the Palin jokes last Saturday would have been just as harsh but with Palin appearing they didn’t seem as mean or as relevant to the real person.

    With Palin there, the criticism of Palin seemed good-spirited and like more of a lampoon vs. political attacks disguised as jokes.

    I think that although she didn’t do much punching back, her presence neutered the realistic nature of the jokes and attacks and turned them into “just jokes”. Which, in this day of political satire making up a large part of the populace’s access to news (see Colbert Report and the Daily Show) neutralizing political satire is as or more important than avoiding it.

  • hostas

    This coming from Moammar Gadhafi:

    “All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man [Obama]… [and] may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns” to his campaign, said Gadhafi.

    Correct me, if I am wrong and not accurate with my history, but isn’t Gadhafi a known terrorist?

  • TAmi

    Hostas…..I forgot about that!! good quote! The sheeple on here scare the hell out of me..when they drink the koolaid but won’t read to learn rather call names and have a truly worthwhile debate.

  • TAmi

    Caring…again, what did I say about the muslims that you see is wrong?? Where exactly did I slight the Muslim’s?? See what I mean…none of you READ!!!!

  • hANNA


    Maybe the muslims donate mony there because they belive Obama will treat the U.S muslims good, still TODAY people disslikes muslims because of 9/11. You can NOT blame everybody because of some bad people. Thats just crazy. For exaple lets say that asian guy who chilled 33 people from his school was a christian ( maybe he is , I dont know?) .. would you hate all christians in for 7 years, and probably more than 7 years .. Would you?

    And what says in the Carran doesn not effect Obama since he doesn’t BELIVE in Islam. If you dont belive in a religion then its hard for it to effect you, If you understand what I mean?

  • hostas

    Hanna – if you are going to preach us about the Carran – learn how to spell it first!

    You also must be too young to remember the 70′s & 80′s and the troubles Gadhafi caused in the Middle East. Look him up, not exactly a person I would want backing and supporting the President of the US. That is JUST wrong!

  • hANNA


    I spelled the name Corran after I saw how Tami spelled it. If you are gonna complain about my spelling then you should check your other McCain/Palin supporters spelling.

    Who every said Obama is FRIEND with that guy? Who ever said that guy will every effect any desicions Obama will do?
    And every thoght about reverse phykologi? Maye that ex.terrorst ( lol ) supports him because he wanna get Obama a bad namne? Who knows why he really supports Obama, because they have nothing in commen.

  • hANNA


  • hostas

    Knowing Gadhafi’s past and history with the goodl ol’ USA, if Obama received any contributions from him, he should have sent them back. Obviously, he took him from Gadhafi’s statements.

    Just a history update, we didn’t bomb Gadhafi for no good reason!

    The Holy Quran.

  • Rose

    Wow, just think what the ratings would have been with HITLER?!!

  • hANNA


    Thats just like saying ” knowing how bad George Bush has ruled this country McCain should send back the donations from the Bush family”

    That doesn’t proove anything about Obama being a terroist because he accept donations. Or I can use the locik you use, McCain/Palin will rule this country exakly like Bush because he accept donations from him. In some mysterious way the money makes the person in your and all the other republicans mind.

  • bleh


  • hANNA


  • Soozie

    Hey Hostas and TAmi,

    Stopping spewing hate. Who cares what colour a man’s skin is? or what his religious beliefs are? Why is it necessary to point out he’s a muslim? And if he’s saying he’s not then he’s not. And I believe its the Koran.

    Its amazing to me that people can look at Sarah Palin and not be terrified. She had trouble obtaining a BA in Journalism (6 yrs, and over 4 institutions – each time lowering the bar), clearly has limited knowledge on foreign affairs, has very limited experience (Alaska is smaller than a lot of cities), and wants to push her agenda down people’s throats.

    Why is it anyone’s decision (other than me, my partner, my doctor and my conscience) whether or not I choose to terminate a pregnancy (and by the way, NO ONE IS PRO-ABORTION but I am certainly PRO-CHOICE), she doesn’t want sex education taught in schools?
    Really? Well we’ve seen how well pushing abstenance works, it gets you pregnant at 17, right Willow Palin?? She talks about the war in Iraq being God’s plan, it wasn’t God’s plan it was the BUSHES PLAN, a thousands and thousands of American soldiers have lost their lives fighting this dubious war. And aside from the horrific human cost, what about the cost to tax payers – the trillions that are being spent.

  • voter

    I’m still undecided, and I must say the amount of hate and racism I’ve seen from people regarding the candidates is truly frightening. It’s unfortunate that some of those vile remarks came from mccain/pailn supporters. It’s getting really ugly out there and just wish people would stick to the issues. Why is someone’s skin color an issue? age?, sex? religion?

    I feel really bad for muslim, they have been cast in such a negative light. oh and it’s spelled Coran…
    Let’s just be open minded people, ignorance isn’t bliss.

  • thinkingperson

    She’s too stupid to realize how dumb they think she is, and how much they condemn her, even when they do it to her face.

  • http://google Pround to be an american

    You know Biden was saying this weekend if it quacks like a duck it is a duck well why don’t you people realize that Obama is the biggest DUCK of All….1st off he is just half black and the other half is White…….When you are married to a women who gets on stage in front of thousands of people an says TODAY is the 1st time that I am proud to be an AMERICAN than what does that say……….HE has known frienamies that he QUACKS around with until the public becomes aware of and then he Disassociates himself from because some one got WISE WAKE UP Smell the DUCK and see who is QUACKING…………

  • Kate Walsh Fansite

    I LOVE HER she is great

  • hostas

    Soozie – I forgot to mention earlier – now you are saying Sarah’s other daughter is pregnant? Willow isn’t pregnant. And please, don’t bring the candidates’ children into this because Biden’s son is involved in a shite load of illegal criminal activity!

  • Dominic

    I LOVED THIS SKIT!! Wow, could you imagine if Sarah Palin actually rapped instead of Amy… The funniest part was when she shot the moose! This is a must see! I die laughing every time I replay it!