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Sarah Palin Reads What Publications?

Sarah Palin Reads What Publications?

Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin gave a roundabout answer to Katie Couric‘s question last month about which publications she reads. (Watch video here.)

TMZ did some digging during her stay at the Omni Berkshire Hotel in NYC and found out she received copies of Wall Street Journal, NY Times, New York Post, Daily News, and USA Today. Palin also asked for diet soda, Atkins bars, and skinny white chocolate mochas with absolutely no whip.

While at the hotel, the Alaska governor also used an alias–Tina. Yes, like doppelganger Tina Fey.

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Credit: Michael Swarbrick; Photos: INFdaily
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  • marisa

    gosh i hope she wins as vp.
    i love john mccain. i’m a big supporter.
    if obama wins i don’t know what will happen to our country he’s such a hypocrite and a liar. please people if you’re smart vote for mccain

    mccain/palin 08


    sarah pailen and macain sucks


  • h.

    Yeah, I’m sure always read all of those before she was asked about it a month ago and couldn’t give a real answer. *roll eyes*

  • Lynda

    Palin will be moose hunting after the election.
    Go Obama/Biden!!!!!!!!!! lol

  • ralph54

    Go McCain Magnificance
    Go Palin Power

  • sue55

    Go Sarah Palin…she reads everything…liberal and conservative…don’t you? By the way, who cares about Cadie Curic? She was out to down republicans and Sarah from the moment her lying mouth opened…

  • gina

    Wonder if she had whip with her order what she would do!

  • Kristy

    She reads what??? hshhahahaha I’m sure before the interview with Katie Couric she had no ideia what wall street journal was, this lady is a joke, stupid and dangerous.
    I fell bad for McCain, he too old and you can tell he has no more energy for this campaing.

  • Nanea

    Asking for papers is not the same as actually reading them.

    I still believe Ms Plain is in over her head with the whole situation and it’s sad the repugnants couldn’t come up with a woman who’s up to the challenge of the office like e.g. Carly Fiorina or Meg Whitman.

  • Heather

    She wants to look amart poor thing, now is too late honey, she is a ambarrassment to the republicans and to this country, people are make fun of her around the world, she become the the joke for all the comedians of the globe.
    shame on you Sarah, shame on you McCain for thinking all womens are stupid as your vp

  • sue55

    Kristy, the wall street journal is a conservative paper owned by FOX…of course, what do you know about it…your just surfing and bashing as you go. Idiot.

  • dianel

    Go McCain and Palin all the way to the Whitehouse

  • sue55

    Heather, your spelling makes you look pretty stupid…go figure, it matches your comments.

  • Coza

    OBAMA 08 !

  • Cammie

    Obviously, she has a good tutor since having interviewed with Katie Couric, et al.

    Maybe she can become an actress since she’s unqualified to be Veep or Prez of this country. It’s time for November 5 to arrive and this woman return to Alaska. Isn’t hunting season here, yet?

    Also, it’s time for the evil male witch, McCain, to leave the Senate, retire in Arizona, and play in his stable of homes and shine his automobiles. He has run one of the most denigrating campaigns in the history of this country. He’s no hero, unethical, a coward, and dishonorable old man who has used Palin and C. McCain to spew his hatred words.

  • crabbie

    Sarah Palin is the Antichrist.

  • dave

    crabbie- that’s an awful hyprocritical thing to say considering obama wants to kill babies that survived abortion and he doesn’t want americans to say the pledge of allegiance. shouldn’t you be calling HIM the anti-christ?

  • sue55

    Thanks Dave, your right on! Sarah is pro-life…wow, in today’s world of politics…pro-life. That is what unborn babies need…a spokesperson for them…not someone who is willing to kill them and hides his intentions, as Sen. Obama does by saying…the theological question of conception is above my paygrade.

  • beth

    hey #17……before you spew the right win garbage or show your ignorance, why not try reading and finding out the truth. None of the statements you made are true or founded in FACT.

    Obama does NOT support the killing of babies surviving an abortion and he leads people in the pledge of allegiance all the time. Check your facts before you dish out such vile comments.


  • sue55

    I think TMZ ought to do some digging on what Sen. Obama reads…yup, that’s where the focus needs to be.

  • sue55

    Beth …you are soooo wrong. Blinded is a better word. You need to check out the facts…and by the way state your source for validity.

  • bill

    She is an insult to women and the politics of today. Her lack of knowledge and inability to string an intelligent sentence together without attacking others is disgusting. McCain put the nail in his own coffin by choosing such an inept person as VP. Caribou Barbie as president is really scary.

  • sue55

    Obama Disses Botched Abortion Survivor Gianna Jessen

    Gianna Jessen Abortion Survivor
    September 25, 2008 – The exposure of Sen. Obama’s vote against an Illinois Born Alive Infants Protection Act has recently boiled over into a fight against abortion survivor Gianna Jessen.

    Miss Jessen was aborted in 1977 by the infamous California abortionist, Edward Allred, but survived the grisly saline abortion procedure and is now 31 years old. She is an outspoken defender of the right to life of all unborn children – and those who survive botched abortions.

  • sue55

    Bill, your critical spirit is obviously stemming from a childhood deprived of love.

  • sue55

    by Deal W. Hudson
    Display Full Article/Printer Friendly | Send to a Friend

    Infanticide is becoming a touchy subject for Barack Obama. So much so that his supporters either deny that their candidate ever voted against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, or they describe his votes as “procedural,” as if Obama never really opposed providing medical treatment for infants who survived an abortion.
    The facts show otherwise.
    The Born Alive Infant Protection Act was first introduced in the Illinois legislature in 2001 after nurse Jill Stanek revealed that babies born alive in Christ Hospital in botched abortion procedures were left to die, unattended by medical personnel.
    That same year Stanek testified before the Judiciary Committee, where Obama asked whether the bill would subvert a woman’s right to abortion. Obama voted against the bill in committee but “present” on the Senate floor.

  • beth

    Sue let me assure you I do not turn to TMZ for facts. If you want to know where I get the validity in my statements, go right to the Illinois state senate and you can read the bills and who voted and how they voted on issues.

    I think it’s safe to assume Senator O’bama will not be listing TMZ as his source for reading materials.

  • sue55

    Beth…read the last two notes I provided for your intelligence to try to absorb into your blinded mind…Sen. Obama voted no to life of unborn as well as against botched abortions…how long will your love affair with this type of person last?

  • dave

    Beth- can’t believe you’re saying that. everyone has an opinion in politics but why are you giving me tips when YOU need them yourself? And as a matter of fact- here’s a tip for you- why don’t you know the history of who your backing up before trying to cut me down. i mean hello!- obama voted 4 times to kill babies that survived abortions. clean and pure fact sweetie.

    Obama does NOT support the killing of babies surviving an abortion and he leads people in the pledge of allegiance all the time.

    1- Yes he DOES support the killing of babies surviving an abortion

    and 2- He may LEAD the people in the pledge every once in a while but that doesn’t mean he supports it thoroughly and wants citizens to say it.
    This man is a complete joke. “Change” my rear end obama. the only change u wanna propose is the change your taking out of my working wallet and giving it to people who sit down all day.
    mccain/palin 08

  • sue55

    Obamas pledge to flag began only when he began running for the office of president…by the way…he was prompted to do so and taught the right time to place his hand over his heart…wow, what a citizen

  • the truth

    #16 sweetie you got the wrong name…..OBAMA IS TRULY THE ANTI CHRIST. I love how the media is sooooooooo one sided…they sweep his terrorist ties, his racist ties, his radical ties under the rug….or how about he loves this country so much that after the Democratic Convention his right hand man said they want to know what to do with all the extra American flags do you want them to take on the road and he said no just throw them away….so thousands of bags of them laid out in the trash until boyscouts came and rescued them and gave them to the McCain camp that truly cares about America. If Obama wins I can’t wait to hear people bitching about all the false promises he made and when the world is WORSE and no better…..I will laugh and laugh and say…..I told ya so….you should of voted on real things….not appearance….and b/c he is cool. HE IS A GOOD TALKER.. Very persuading……that’s all though….a good talker…..a hand full of days in senate doing nothing but saying…..present…..HE HAS LIED SINCE DAY ONE…..AND GOTTEN CAUGHT….but they are brushed under the rug………..if the media didn’t lie so much…..McCain would be kicking his butt right now in the polls…..and even with the media on Obama side….McCain is hanging right in there!!!!!

  • sue55

    I like the truth!

  • Foxy


  • Seriously.

    Tina Fey? Please. She’s probably referencing crystal meth. What Wasilla is REALLY known for.

  • obama ’08

    All of you here shouldn’t be fighting about anything. Obviously Sarah Palin is not going to be vp. This is all a joke for the republicans…. OBAMA is going to win! and i assure you after november forth we wouldn’t even remember who SHE was. mkk :)

  • caring

    I think it’s more like looking at the pictures instead of reading!!

  • caring

    I am so glad Obama is running in this election, it will remind All Americans that we still have ignorant racists living among us!! All you republicans are so scared that a black man will be in the white house that you are blinded by how idiotic Palin is, it is such a shame but again it is good to see you ignorant racists showing your true colors again!! God bless America!!!

  • mccain08

    i agree 100% with “the truth” #30. if obama wins i cannot WAIT to shove it in everyones face when he srews this country up..
    GO MCCAIN!!!

  • Elizabeth




  • Women for Obama

    This is one dumb woman. All she knows how to do it attack. She has no knowledge of government.

  • hmm

    Enough with the incessant Palin posts. You know you just invite the right wingnuts to come and spew their venom and hatred for Obama. They can never say anything positive about McCain they just spend their time reiterating their wingnut talking points.

  • Kimberly

    To the democrats on here: There is no point in arguing with a political party that claims to be so “pro life” yet doesn’t want to allow ‘human beings” to marry who they want, considering that science has found that being gay is most likely genetic. I’m sure that all these pro lifers are vegans because they don’t believe in killing. They are full of contradictions.

    Go Obama

  • Sue55

    Gov. Palin is wonderful. Obuma/Obiden are not fit ti lead and have less executive experience than Palin alone. Also, Obuma was involved with heroin in highschool and college…which is a felony if caught…by the way…many are wondering if he delt the drug as well for money….

  • Sue55

    Kimberly, I’m pro-life because God should be the one to create as well as end life in the womb…what are you a guy with a girls name…just faking it to cover your real ID as you make such odd remarks. Geeeeese……..

  • Sue55

    hmm, your comments are real deep thought. Geeese….give me a break.

  • Ava

    Why doesn’t the media put a camera in her bathroom to see it she wipes back to front or front to back, the invasion of privacy and all the lies to try to destroy this lady is scary, if this is what the media will do to elect Obama what will they do once he’s in power, I don’t like what’s happened to politics since Obama has entered the race. He’s untouchable on T.V on celebrity blogs, national media from Newspapers to News channels. I don’t want a President who’s untouchable, were the people asking the questions get more grief the a President who is answerable to the people, and 600 million dollars, that could find all election in the G7 countries combined, I don’t a President who has to buy an election, especially since more then 250 million are from sources that are not even known.

  • Sue55

    Ava, it is scary. I love our Country soo much. I hope others realize that we must vote for our country first…and from the choices we have McCain/Palin are the best for the good old USA.

    Will universal health care be the final straw that leads to national bankruptcy?
    Why would Hawaii, one of the most liberal states in the country, drop universal health care for children after just seven months? Because families who were paying for private coverage dropped it so they could qualify for “free” coverage. Obama says his plan for socialized medicine will allow workers who are happy with their existing plan to keep it. But how many are likely to keep paying for their own insurance if the responsibility can be shifted to taxpayers?
    Will the staggering costs of yet another massive entitlement program push our already deeply-overburdened federal government into bankruptcy? America’s voters will decide.


    Hawaii ending universal child health care
    By Associated Press Writer Mark Niesse, Fri Oct 17, 3:29 am ET
    HONOLULU – Hawaii is dropping the only state universal child health care program in the country just seven months after it launched.

    A state official said families were dropping private coverage so their children would be eligible for the subsidized plan.

    “People who were already able to afford health care began to stop paying for it so they could get it for free,” said Dr. Kenny Fink, the administrator for Med-QUEST at the Department of Human Services. “I don’t believe that was the intent of the program.”

  • paige

    Nicely put, Kimberly.

    We’ve only got 15 days to go!!

    OBAMA BABY!!!!!

  • paige

    The only thing Palin is good for is SNL material.

    Got love that!

  • Pro-life?

    …until they’re born and then…no matter, right?

    Considering the trouble this country is in – all the anti-Obama people stick to the points the Republican machine spews out. Yeah, keep on supporting McSame and SheBush…they love to kill, but they’re “pro-life”. Makes no difference that thousands of our own troops and hundreds of thousands of people of other nationalities have been killed in a war built on lies.

    That’s the lies you should be concentrating on – that’s the lies you should be screaming you’re “pro-life” for.