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Wentworth Miller is a Beijing Boy

Wentworth Miller is a Beijing Boy

Prison Break hottie Wentworth Miller poses for photos aboard a yacht on Huangpu River and at the National Grand Theater in China’s Shanghai and Beijing earlier this week.

The 36-year-old actor has been in town to do help open the Me & City flagship store for Chinese clothing company Metersbonwe.

A new episode of Prison Break (“The Price”) airs TONIGHT @ 9PM ET/PT on FOX.

15+ pictures inside of Beijing boy Wentworth Miller

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wentworth miller beijing shanghai 01
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 02
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 03
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 04
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 05
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 06
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 07
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 08
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 09
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 10
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 11
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 12
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 13
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 14
wentworth miller beijing shanghai 15

Photos: Li Zheng/Hou Xiao/ChinaFotoPress/Getty, Imagechina/AP Photo
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  • sarah

    wow; hes beautiful

  • andie

    agrees with number 1: wow

  • kendra

    I LOVE WENTWORTH! haha i hope he isn’t dating anyone

  • phiwe

    has he put on weight?

  • nikki

    LOVE HIM!!

  • one messag 4u


  • dee

    So seXy and classy! Perfect mix ; )

  • Just me…

    Oooh my God!!! This man is too good to be true!!

    Wentworth you are magnificiently incredible!!

  • Corinne

    Soooooo gorgeous….

    He looks like he has put on weight indeed, nevertheless he is still so beautiful…

  • Good Victoria

    Cool !!!!……….What kind of clothes do they have ?

  • knick

    he did put on weight. i remember in a previous magazine interview he said he does not watch what he eats or exercises, i guess it is catching up to him

  • Caro

    He’s soooo hot!

  • Popi


    I LOVE HIM (:

  • anon


  • Raichill

    He has put on weight but he was too skinny in Season 1 anyway. He is just so divine.

  • Lost

    I agree with you, Raichill (& all who say he’s beautiful, etc.)! He is very divine. He looks so nice at the size he is now!

    @ #10 Good Victoria
    ME & CITY sell like business casual, formal & casual clothing! It’s actually all pretty nice. I didn’t pay attention to the ladies’ wear – only to whatever Wentworth was wearing & it’s nice clothes… actually stuff he’d wear!

    Anyway, has tons of photos from Went’s entire trip, along with videos, interviews, etc. If you didn’t have a chance to keep up with what he did, you definitely get a feel for it all if you read their blog! It’s like they were there with him!

  • Riz

    oh ya tht man is amazingly handsome.every time i c him my heart him.n ya he kinda looks divine.

  • kk


  • kk

    He seems enjoyable in his Great Wall visit !!! Oh yeah, cool !

  • Butterscotch

    So he went to China he is one step short of doing Walmart ads and commercials.

  • cindy in hong kong

    You can see more video and photos from this china local web site :

  • http://none sunny

    Thanks, Jared! After that long drought, we’re getting some great pictures of Went’s trip to China! He looks fantastic, whatever he wears!

    And Prison Break Season 4 is so much fun!!! It gets more interesting with every episode!

  • sole

    my god…he’s so amazing… cute….
    i love him

  • phelps is the new hot

    How did he get so chubby?

  • Rach

    I want him. In my bed.

  • cecily

    The double chin is distracting me from his pretty face.

  • 赵洋


  • miller-s-ex

    yeh, yeh, ok, so he has put on a little weight.

    all the more to cuddle up to …

  • Katie

    Oh wow, honey, you look great. :) Your stylist is doing an amazing job. Smooches. :)


    I hope he is dating someone
    I hope that someone is RICHARD SIMMONS

  • izzy

    what a sexy biscuite!

  • Wow

    He is looking might fine! More Wentworth please!

  • cindy in hong kong

    You can watch his interview in China here :

  • atrium

    I Think He’s Great in Bed…

  • WentsWorthit

    I wonder if he’s still dating Luke McFarlan

  • Mindyourbusiness

    To all of you who criticize poor Wenty, take a good long look in the mirror – you better hope you are thin and good looking -not one or the other – before making any crude and rude comments about this hottie! It’s simply none of your business whether he has gained weight or not. Fat or skinny this man is absolutely gorgeous! How many of you could say the same for yourselves? Leave the poor man alone!

  • RR

    He is the best..I just hope that his character Michael won’t die…cause Prison Break sucks without Michael(Wentworth)!!!!!!..i hope writers have realised that.

  • Layaly

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOW hes looking so cuuuuuuuuute

  • Angie

    & soo sweet!
    One more week before I can see episode 8 ( in U.K)…….Can’t waiiiit!!!!

  • atrium

    Mindyourbusiness, Yeah Babe
    But Don’t Make Poor
    He’s Fucking Awesome…

  • marymi

    did he go to the “hot toys” company there? the place that manufactures and sells those prison break action figure dolls? they should be giving him the grand tour of the “PB doll factory” LOL!!! ;)


    He\’s holding in his stomach when he poses with his jacket off

    I read in an interview he gave in China that this is his FAVORITE SONG ;)

  • sela-miller

    hy guys,,check this out,,

    look at the other picks when wentorth is recieving kisses

    ok may be it’s normale,,but the body language is a lil abnormal

    what do u think?

  • Nat

    Bruna Tenorio and Went look like a hot couple C:

  • Mindyourbusiness

    Ok, some are still criticizing Wenty. You only hate cause you are jealous! Who really cares if he’s holding in his stomach or not? Does that really make a difference in your life? So, why mess with his? Whoever criticizes puts themselves in a position of being better than he is…and I SERIOUSLY doubt that. Never mind the outside, can you find fault with the inside? Everything I have ever seen with him – every interview – every article – no one has a bad word to say about the man. He is kind, curteous, polite, respectful, and respectable. If the biggest thing you can attack him for is your perception of whether or not he has gained weight …well, then he’s doing great. Not only is he incredibly hot – he’s a good man. Don’t be a hater…


    :( :( :(
    I\’m sorry
    I\’ve sent Wentworth this present to say sorry

  • Mindyourbusiness

    Hmm…guess you really are jealous…I just looked at your name! Sorry for you! :)

    Why come to the site and look at pictures of him and make fun of him? Don’t you have anything better to do with your time? Try jogging, I hear it is a good release!


    \”Try jogging, I hear it is a good release!\”
    ~ yeah tell that to Wentworth :D :D :D

    Hahaha that was too easy!!!!
    Okay I\’m done with the jokes.
    Anytime Went wants to burn off a few calories I\’ve got a few exercises we could try out…..if you know what i mean ;) ;)

  • AXAL

    What is Miller doing his co star the one who plays sucre, nolasco amaury is doing A.list movies.He has other movies coming out next to big name celebs and he even has a bad accent and is getting cast in movies that are making lots of money.What is Miller doing modeling clothes from unknown people clothes that no straight man would wear.His show PB is so awful this season after his show is over with I really don’t really know where he’s going after this.

  • Aussiesaregreat

    Perez Hilton claimed Will Smith had sex with men and he got insulted on his site by self-righteous people :” How dare you, Will is a married man with kids!”
    Now a Hollywood madame spills the beans: she had her male escorts servicing Will for a long time.

    Perez was right..

    He also claims Went is gay. He is “a100% sure”.

    So stop dreaming about a straight Went, girls.