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Zac Efron Interviews Ashley Tisdale For MySpace

Zac Efron Interviews Ashley Tisdale For MySpace

High School Musical hottie Zac Efron keeps his arm wrapped around costar pal Ashley Tisdale during MySpace’s exclusive Artist-on-Artist interview.

The pair asked each other candid questions about their experiences filming the High School Musical 3: Senior Year as well as looking back at the previous two installments.

The interview will go live TOMORROW, October 21 @ 12PM PST on

In the meantime, watch the video below of the HSM3 cast interviewing each other for Moviefone’s “Unscripted”.

High School Musical 3 Does Moviefone’s “Unscripted”
Just Jared on Facebook
zac efron interviews ashley tisdale myspace 01
zac efron interviews ashley tisdale myspace 02
zac efron interviews ashley tisdale myspace 03
zac efron interviews ashley tisdale myspace 04

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  • ashley

    screw “zanessa” these two NEEEEEED to date i love them together<3

  • http://ddsf MEL


  • lulu

    #1: shut up!!!
    there is no zashley,there was no zashley and there will never be a zashley.
    so shut up!!!
    btw, V looks gorgeous!!!
    zanessa rocks!!

  • zanessa/jashley

    Oh, this is going to be interesting !! They both look great :D

  • jo

    i love the unscripted vid. zanessa met before but vanessa didn’t remember him lol. so cute

  • Thaís

    He’s best friend of Ashley…
    And his arm is always around Vanessa…

    Love Zac, Vanessa, Ashley and Corbin

  • Kay

    JJ is SO a Zashley fan. i know he tries to be all unbiased but you can tell. haha not so sneaky JJ!.
    but it’s ZANESSA 4ever.

  • nina


  • lulu

    ” little zacs” lol
    zanessa is 4ever!!!!!!

  • elenee

    Zac and ashley together sickens me no matter if they are friends.
    it just does.

    Zanessa forever<3

  • angell cakes

    lol lulu, ya i noticed that too, and how everyone was trying hard not to laugh. you could tell zac was trying not to look at vanessa

  • Soni hannigan

    Is there some reason that Zac didn’t interview Vanessa? I mean I know him and Ashley are friends, but wouldn’t Corbin or maybe Monique be better. I still think Zac is great though and hopefully we will see a Vanessa one on one interview.

  • lucia angelica nomberto torres

    They are only good friends and they show their affecionate each others, I love them.
    I would like to see Zashley, but there isn’t. I love them, althought I see them like friends.

  • Curiosity

    They are great friends and nothing more. Ashley is Vanessa’s BFF and really don’t think Ashley is the kind of person to stab her BFF’s back. They support each other.

    Love all of them.

  • Curiosity

    I believe this interview was also done while Vanessa was on the county fair concert tour…..

  • Stephie

    ashley <3

  • athena

    Wow, there is a lot taking place coming up to the premier of the HSM3 movie…and lots they’ll be doing in NYC. Hope I can meet them.

  • zaccarra

    As usual JJ starting some stuff just for controversy it really is time for Zac and Vanessa fans to look for a new board or am I the only one who noticed that these are pixs from the first HSM3 event in LA months ago-check out the clothes.

    Remember this:

    JJ is rapidly becoming untrustworthy and more supermarket trash every day

  • ugh

    Ashley is such a piece of trash. Bit ch needs to get hit by a truck.

  • menna

    vanessa ruins it…

  • meeeda

    Disgusting. Ashley Tisdale ruins everything with her fakeness and her horseface.

    backstabing cu*nt.

  • tia

    some of u really need to chill out. ur obsession with these guys is kind of disgusting. getting angry at eachother cuz some people think ashley is better and blah blah blah–how pathetic!

  • http:/// abbie


  • nesserzz..

    zac is freaking hilarious.
    ashley is adorable.
    and why does vanessa talk like that?
    all soft and WEIRD.
    idk its weird
    ahah i’m still in love with V’s style :)

  • Serena

    I agree with tia post number 22, you guys need to chill out. You’re acting really pathetic and immature, freaking out because they interviewed each other! OMG NOT AN INTERVIEW! THAT’S SOO CLASSIFIED AS CHEATING! THOSE BACKSTABBING JERK OFFS!


    Pathetic. Calm down you psychopaths.

    Anyway, Ashley rocks. <3

    Love that interview, the whole cast is hilarious :)

  • LOLA

    Here we go again………………..
    Idk why JustJared is trying to start something again….



  • c

    I agree with 22 and 25. Why does everything have to be an argument. So he interviewed Ashley. We know who he is with, so what if he interviews his friend. Gosh people cut the crap!!!

    Corbin was cool in this interview. Damn he said his celebrity crush real quickly, lol.

  • ximenaa

    i hate v… and i like ashley to zac are more compatible.. (LLL)

    zanessa sucks!

  • Ann

    I agree with #22. Ashley has already said that she loves having Vanessa as a friend and there’s no competition between them, and that Zac is just like her brother. Come on people.

  • Nho

    Vanessa is nothing!

  • zanfan

    You’re right Nho: Vanessa is is Ashley.Vanessa is FABULOUS.

  • fr3$h

    i wonder, when “zanessa” breaks up if all these tween zanessa fans would commit suicide :O

  • Halo

    I’m sorry but did you see the bonus footage to this?! Ashley definitely wants Zac. They were hand flirting and I don’t understand why they were doing that if they’re friends?! Ashley said she would take Vanessa on a deserted Island. You know why? because if SHE has to be away from Zac then Vanessa will have to suffer too.

    Ashley is definitely going by the oldest trick in the book. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. She can’t wait for Zac and Vanessa to break up.

    Look at Bonus Clip 2 Hand flirting with Zashley

  • Halo

    Also check out the one where Zac takes Ashley’s slippers aside without her asking…

  • poppy

    Really cool and funny Zac interview in Paris :

    Enjoy !

  • Boji

    jj you are too much moderating my post. Everyone you’ve been had. These are old pictures taken when Vanessa was on her Identified Tour. JJ just wants you all to think that there is something going on between Zac and Ashley which is laughable. Please don’t be so gullible and be more observant.


    Ashley is soooo much better than slutgens anytime!
    i luv u ash! i cat wait till ur album comes out in Feb.
    it’ll be amazing for sure
    zashley will become true u’ll see
    sooner or later zac is going to realize the fakeness of slutty



  • http://deleted mhay

    JJ are making a bad story again
    this picture is nothing ok
    anyway congrats to Zac
    Go Zanessa God Bless.

  • chloek

    hahaha sometimes JJ is so ridiculous, the media just like to spin anything to make people think there is more going on than there ever actually is.

    only one of the unscripted videos were put up here when there are like 5+ and really cute zanessa ones but ofcourse we dont see that here. its funny that websites like this keep insisting to put up pics of ashley and zac so that they can cause controversy when everyone knows that ‘zashley’ never has existed and hopefully never will because they are JUST FRIENDS!

    zanessa forever clearly! <3

  • luverofjoejonas

    ashley is so beautiful!!!!

  • poppy

    Some of you people are very very childish. Ashley and Zac are best friends, and they have a very close relationship. This means nothing, its a promotional thing, something which they were asked to do. And, if we want to be technical, V was on tour at the time and so missed the event. The little hand thing in the video was very brother/sister, its just silly playful stuff. The way he looked at V in those videos, you could tell his best memory was with her, he looked at her when Corbin asked about children, the thunderbirds thing etc etc..and all he did with Ashley was flick her hand..says it all to me.

    Ashley is dating Jared, and he is a sweetheart, by lumping her with Zac, you are disrespecting Jared and Ashley herself. Who they date is none of our business, its not up to us to decide..its their lives, but for the record in case you missed it,.. Ashley is with Jared and Zac is with Vanessa. There is no Zashley, no Zikki, no Zamanda…and whatever else you crazies can come up with.

    Its no wonder V and Zac feel that they can’t share any of their realtionship with us, all any of you do is jump on any rumour, picture, video etc, they all get analylised to death. Zac is especially private about it because he has said its sacred between two people, and he deserves so much respect for that. With Ashley, what you see is two friends., the same with Ashley and Vanessa. Zac doesn’t feel the need to hide anything with Ashley because they are friends, and he knows that if he did say anything/ do anything V it would spark pandemonium on blogs. It does anyway, but his relationship with V obviously means so much more to him, so much so that he doens’t want it talked about, so he doesn’t give anyone reason to…you are all left to just speculate. I commend him, and V for that.

    Its funny that you children are trying to make up fiction where there is only fact. Let them all be happy in their own lives, with their own respective bf/gf’s, their choice of partner. They are all so close, and I doubt they would like to read about their so called ‘fans’, being obsessed with relationships that don’t exsist, and bashing one of against the other. Its truly pathetic, and I bet you anything that they would think so to.

  • chloek

    well said poppy! couldn’t agree more =)

  • Halo

    Zac doesn’t need Ashley as best friend. Why would he want to be best friends with her?

    I guess they call each other all time and plan to be each other kids’s Godparents. Yah right. Ashley wants Zac. Jared is just a substitute for what she can’t have.

    Mark my words. Best friends that are opposite sexes always end up dating each other or just having sex. Its going to happen.

  • ZanessaSupporter

    Sometimes I wonder if those Zashley fans have guy friends.
    I mean every little thing you take so seriously.
    Don’t you have any guy friends??
    They act like 2 friends just like V and Corbin do.
    HAven’t you seen her hugging him really close with their arms around each other. That is soo much closer than what Zac and Ashley did.
    And when asked about his favorite memory he immediatly turned to Vanessa and when asked about children too. That proves alot. Ashley said that she sees Zac as a brother and the same with Zac. Accept that. It’s obvious that they don’t like like each other but just like each other. They have all known each other for more than 3 years. It’s completely normal to be close friends. They all are. Monique and Zac probably have the same relationship. By saying all this stupid zashley stuff you are disrespecting Zac, Vanessa, Ashley and Jared. Just accept the fact that Zac wants to be with Vanessa. He took her to HIS parents for their anniversary and have been together for more than 3 years. They are pretty serious now, just look at the way Zac looks at her. I have never seen him look at ashley with so much love.

  • chloek

    zanessa supporter – where did u find out he took her to his parents anniversary? thats so cute lol

  • Rachel

    #45 Jared is a person, and doesn’t deserve comments like that. He is such a nice guy and Ashley loves him.

    Its a very childish and ignorant concept to think that men and women can’t be friends, it is infact very possible to be just friends with someone, and not be attracted to them. In the real world, I’d say that 9 times out of 10 this is the case for most people.

    Zac has known Ashley for a long time, of course thery are good friends. Zac is dating Vanessa, Ashley and Vanessa are best friends, Ashley and Jared are dating. Thats it, They are the facts. You can’t surmise what you think is going to happen in the future, no one knows. Fact is, that it also doesn’t matter. It shouldn’t matter to anyone but them. Its a waste of your life to sit and fantsise about Ashley and Zac ever being together,as it might never happen, and even if it did, how would it affect your life. Exactly, it wouldn’t. I’m sure they laugh about comments like yours. And in any case if Ashley wanted Zac, I’m sure she wouldn’t have began to date Jared, you can’t think much of her if you think she is using him. And the same goes for Zac. If he liked Ashley as much as you are saying, he would have dated her from the beginning, he didn’t though, he is dating V. He is so protective of him and Vanessa, that it speaks volumes for who he really cares for, he deserves so much respect and admiration for not talking about it, its so sacred to him, and he has made this very clear.

    When you watch the movie, you will be able to see how much he cares for, and loves Vanessa. They have such amazing chemsitry. It kinda feels like you are prying into their realtionship, its that real. Its almost as if they were finally able to tell everyone how they feel about each other through their characters. Its so passionate, and loving, its truly beautiful to watch. Zac doesn’t have that with Ashley, the playful thing is just being friends, annoying one another. What Zac has with V is passion and companionship, something which you can tell he cares more about, hence the secrecy.

  • mATT

    Ashley and Zac are so just friends. There is no passion there at all, they are just hugging, I hug my girl – friends, doesn’t mean I want to date them. #46 is right, V and Corbin do the same thing but no one mentions that. So do Corbin and Mo, so do Chris and Ashley. The list is endless. The cast are such a close knit group, they are all friends, and treat each other as such. All their cast mates have said how in love and real Zac and V’s relationship is, Olyesa, Mo, Chris, Bart, Kenny, even Ashley herself.

    By saying Ashley wants Zac, you are disrespecting her, Jared, Vanessa and Zac himself. You are basically saying she is a horrible person. Its an awlful thing to acuse someone of such behaviour simply for you own fantasy. Leave them all alone, and just admire their work. Let them live their own lives, and make their own decisions. Stop trying to live your live, through them. Go outside, go to the mall, school whatever, but just stop trying to live out some kind of pathetic teenage fantasy through people you have no control over They won’t find it flatering in any way at all, in fact, I think you will find that they would think it was stalkerish and very creepy.

  • Jude

    Love Zac, he is amazing. The wholr movie is amazing, Zac and V especially are so beautiful in it. They should all be very proud of the movie, and all they have achieved.

    And you should allleave Ashley alone, she is happy with Jared. And V is with Zac. Anyone with eyes can see V and Zac are together. And Ashley and Jared are so cute together, stop trying to cause trouble and start rumours where there are none. Poor Jared doesn’t deserve such hate and ridicule as you all are forcing upon him. Neither do Zac, V and Ashley for that matter. You are all just pathetic teens with nohing else to do besides play out some ridiculous fantasy in your minds. Go find something better to do.