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Beyonce's Album = I Am Sasha Fierce

Beyonce's Album = I Am Sasha Fierce

Check out the new artwork for Beyonce‘s much-anticipated album, I Am… Sasha Fierce. (Sasha is Beyonce‘s alter ego, her performance character.) The album is set for release on Tuesday, November 18.

Beyonce recently talked about Etta James, the character she’s playing the upcoming movie, Cadillac Records. She said, “Lyrically, it’s deeper than what I’ve done before. I wasn’t mature enough or old enough, or in touch with myself enough, to do this type of album before. I didn’t have the guts.”

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i am sasha fierce beyonce album 01
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  • alea

    she looks sopretty ilove her!!!

  • OMG

    yay 1st

  • jen

    pretty ^^ love the bracelet

  • tru

    I think its demonic that she has a “character” taking over her..haha..but I wouldn’t ask anyone to exorcise her, cuz she’s effin amazing on stage!

  • Melo

    Fantastic artist…

    NOt just dropping hits for the club like the others..

    Finally songs with depth…

  • Cute

    Can’t wait to see you perform your 2 hit songs ‘B’…

  • Gigi

    This cover is a knock-off of one of Sade’s records, Beyonce is a has-been she needs to relax, stay home and have some lil camel babies for Jay

  • Bear

    Single Ladies…….

    If I were a Boy….


  • Jazz

    Love this woman….

    If you cannot sing LIVE.. Then you cannot sing period!!!!

    I’m sick of these kids with the electronic voices repeating one world and stressing on E or the A in one word OVER and Over again…

    Thank you for bringing good music and R&B back…

  • Rawrr

    Lemme see… Beyonce’s new album is really more mature… She just wanted to show her feelings in this new album, so, she didn’t work with any famous singer, and she still rock. Beyonce is really awesome.

  • Muse

    What can I say????

    Talented Chicka.

    ROCK it Beyonce!

    Glad U R back, we missed you!

  • Keys

    Keep bringin the good music.

    We love your music~

  • cutie

    Beautiful! :-)

  • Db

    She shouldve taken another year off. She is extremely overexposed. Im tired of seeing her, but I do actually like her. She just shouldve taken a longer break out of the eyesight of the media.

  • candy

    Dumb title for an album.

  • Heather

    Her ‘performance character’?? Oh, lordy. Give me a break. Have fun in your little world, Bey-Z.

  • Ava

    She has gotten uglier for some reason, her nose looks wider and she in the last her doesn’t look as good,

  • Scarlett

    I’ve seen her being interviewed on talks shows and she isn’t all that interesting.

  • http://JustJared GOOD LORD

    Ava : Thats here real nose. When she is all dolled up she is made to look European. But i dont get u. Cus her nose is wide, of course she is black, that makes her ugly? Its 2008 WAKE THE HELL UP!!!!!!!!!

  • Ryan

    im sorry. but she is just too much. trying to be a diva, when your not. yeah and the “performance character” thing..Lame. shes just crazy on stage. and not in a good way.

  • Ryan

    oh & “Sasha Fierce” Drag much?

  • lemonlime

    shouldn’t she be knocked up by now cuz jay gettin old

  • WhosDat

    i love Beyonce..

    she wrote a great letter to her fans explaining the inspiration for this album:–saying-she-has–taken-risks–on-upcoming-lp—news—vh1-com

  • Diva

    Beyonce is FABULOUS and will always be. She is my idol and I can’t wait to hear this album. I will get it on the first day it comes out… 11.18.08
    I listen to her music everyday even if it’s not a new album.

  • satte


    You’re a halfwit.

  • MiHay

    I can’t stand the one Beyonce we are having forced down our throats, now we have to have some lame a s s alter ego too??

  • vickie

    I am soooooo excited, i can’t wait to see her live perfomance of Single ladies and it WILL be hot alright…..I love u bee….and like u said that a true diva can sing any music and make it her own and u have proved that….I am definetly getting your new double cd…..YOU REALLY ARE SASHA FIERCE….

  • brit…shit

    the only good music from her are her singles and the rest of the album usually wack

  • hmm

    ugly bitch

  • OMG

    She looks beautiful in those pics. She looks better when she is not so made up.


    The pics are beautiful, but I am not impressed with the two songs that have been released off of the album.

  • lol


  • anonymous

    Sasha Fierce? Are you a drag queen??? Beyatchce is overrated much like her nemesis Rihanna….another overrated, talentless hack with a recording contract!

  • Ants

    Beyonce looks great in these pictures.

  • Jennifer

    Can’t wait til the album comes out.

  • Anon


  • Anonymous

    I was just kidding. I actually really love Beyonce. But I do not like Rihanna at all!

  • Joy

    Ewww, horrible title.

  • Cynthia


  • Cynthia


  • Janelle

    Cynthia you dumb twat! Beyonce is WAY more prettier than you will ever wish to be. And please Rihanna is no way in hell better than Beyonce. And to all of you people hating on Beyonce calling talentless are retarted! ‘Cause she is better than all of you.

  • Sexcess1

    @ Ava (Comment # 17) Its comments like that which cause our black celebrities to adopt a more European appearance when they become bigger than life. A wide nose is not ugly, It is beautiful, she looks natural and the make up that normally slenderizes her nose is minimal. Go Bey!!!!!
    The singles are hot and the album will be a smash.

    All Hail the Janet-Britney-Ciara-Ashanti career killer

    I loves It!!!

    P.S. Im also Beyonce’s cousin’s cousin so I may appear to be biased by but I’m not


  • sara

    talentless ?!!?You need to check your ears cause this girl is one of the talented people in the business at the moment!!!

  • joan

    ugly. very ugly.

  • thecookie

    Give me a break on the name change already — sooo not original — been there done that. B – we’ve come to expect more from you than this lame marketing ploy …

  • hunniebunnnn

    omg shes freaking krayzie ho3 i am fonna go to her cribb and beat that ho3 shitt niggah she be playing so much games she best watch out ightt

  • anon

    Rihanna – Everything she does Beyonce did 4-5 years before her on her first album. Even the short haircut in umbrella. Beyonce did that hairstyle in her video “Me myseld and I” back in 2004. Take a bow copied Irreplaceable and like so many videos many of Rihannas dance moves are copied from Beyonce. So to those Rihanna or should I say Ritardanna lovers go ahead and cheer on your cheap barbie copy cat because that is all she will be….the shadow of Beyonce reminding us what has already been done.

  • Cynthia

    I take it back.
    Rihanna is ugly with her big forehead.
    Beyonce is absolutely amazing.

  • Zaks

    Hot! I am so buying this album