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Ivanka Trump Interview - Exclusive

Ivanka Trump Interview - Exclusive

Businesswoman Ivanka Trump is currently filming Celebrity Apprentice 2 in New York and has recently partnered with ConAgra foods on a new exciting venture.

The 26-year-old real estate maven sat down with to talk about Healthy Choice “Fresh Mixers”, Celebrity Apprentice, her favorite blogs and working with her brothers and father Donald Trump! Here’s how the interview went:

JJ: You’ve put together an exciting partnership with ConAgra Foods. What’s it all about?

We’re a big fan of having strong solid partnerships of the Trump organization and this is no different. I actually partnered with ConAgra on their Healthy Choice Brand. They’re introducing a new product called Fresh Mixers and I’m working with them on a giant lunch trade-in. It takes place next Tuesday Oct. 21. Effectively over 15,000 lunches will be given to employees as a trade-in your boring work lunch experience and in exchange get a fresh tasting Healthy Choice lunch at the office. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun! I spend a lot of time eating at my desk with sandwiches, salads and pasta and this is really a nice alternative to the local deli. We’re going to be challenging people to trade-in their lunches and experience Fresh Mixers. There’s a lot of selection with 6 different choices and there’s something for everyone!

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JJ: Not many people have the opportunity to work within a family business. How is your experience working in a company with your father and brothers?

I think it’s phenomenal. In some cases it can be difficult and dangerous, but ultimately when it works and when you have the right interpersonal dynamics in play, it lends itself to a lot of opportunity. We all very much rely on each other and we all very much trust each other. And ultimately we’re looking after the best interests of the brand, the brand which my father cultivated and the brand which we’re looking to expand upon. Having their support and working collectively is a terrific thing and it’s turned out that we get along exceptionally well. With that said, obviously there are hazards working within a family company and you have to remain cognizant of those and be sensitive to the pitfalls of such a scenario.

JJ: Where will you be on Tuesday to kick-off the “Fresh Mixers” event?

I’m going to be here in New York. We’re having two simultaneous events. One is going to be here in New York at the Grace Building and one is going to take place in Chicago at One South Wacker. They’re going to be happening concurrently but I’ll be here in New York.

JJ: What other projects are you currently working on?

We’re filming Celebrity Apprentice 2 seven days a week for the next month and if there’s ever a time where I’m eating at my desk frantically between tasks, it’s certainly now! I also have my own independent venture in my jewelry company and of course my day job at the Trump Organization as Vice President of Development and Acquisitions.

JJ: What can you tell us about the upcoming season for Celebrity Apprentice 2?

I thought last season was great, but this season is going to be exponentially better. We’re really excited! It all boils down to a great cast of celebrities. You never get a sense of the entertainment value until you see people perform the tasks and get into it. They surprise you! Some of the quiet people become vicious monsters and some of the very outgoing people are more subdued and team-oriented. It’s always interesting and this season is going to be phenomenal!

JJ: What type of different blogs do you read?

I tend to read a lot of real estate blogs. I’m a big fan of Curbed. I’m a big fan of Observer online. has a good real estate and political section. I read and I read DrudgeReport on most days. I like New York Magazine. And that’s pretty much it. I’ve recently taken up Google Reader and it’s great! I read a little bit of everything these days.

JJ: Thanks for your time Ivanka and good luck with the new venture!

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  • Julien

    Is she his daughter??? Pretty and rich…wowowowowowo

  • Dani

    I like Ivanka best of the socialites! She actually works for a living instead of being a parasite!

  • Sweets

    I agree Dani.

  • Nina

    She is beautiful and intelligent, i love how eloquent she was in this interview.

  • crabbie

    Just Jared you are a pansy. Why didn’t you ask her about her fake tits or having sex with her father?

  • ants

    She looks like Whitney Port “The Hills” sister.

  • mccain palin 08

    as much as her dad annoys the hell out of me, shes actually very gorgeus and INCREDIBLY inteligent. These days these famous people/socialites have no intelligence but this Harvard grad ruins that stereotype

  • She isn’t a Harvard graduate. She attended Goergetown but graduated from Wharton.

  • Good grief… Sorry for the typo. I meant Georgetown

  • ivanahumpubad

    I really like her. she works hard and earn her keeps.
    compared to wonky paris

  • smart girl

    She has a Business degree from University of Pennsylvania of the best Business schools in the world.

  • no?

    Wharton School of Business is at University of Pennsylvania.

  • !

    I don’t care much for her parents, but Donald and Ivana have done a good job with their three kids. No scandals. All educated. Donald also says his kids don’t drink or smoke.

  • !!

    Ivana Trump has a Master’s Degree in Physical Education from Prague.
    I guess they emphasized education at home.



  • mary kate

    She is Fug….

  • mary jane

    She is Lovely….

  • Zoe Moon

    I love Ivanka, because she is everything that Paris is not. Her parents did a great job with all three kids, but Ivanka is extraordinary. Educated, articulate, classy, fashion forward. The Donald wasn’t having her behave like Paris. He wasn’ t playing. This is a socialite, who has a lot going for her and has farther to go. Love ya, Ivanka!!

  • not amused

    Is this a joke? No one believes that Ivanka eats home made sandwiches at her desk. Ivanka goes out to eat everyday because her family is loaded! She got her job from daddy and gets paid way more than anyone in her position.

    Phony lips, phony boobs, phony nose, phony cheeks. Ivanka is such a “real” woman. LOL! I almost to mention that Ivanka’s also in the process of becoming a phony Jew. Her boyfriend whose the owner of the “New York Observer”, nice job in pimping it Ivanka, forced her to go to conversion classes. Ivanka at first refused to convert because she doesn’t care about Judaism but her Orthodox billionare boyfriend threatened to dump her again if she didn’t. Ivanka is a phony through and through!

  • Jill

    She has a store in NYC where she sells the jewelry she designs. It starts around $750.00 and goes up to the stratosphere. Gorgeous designs, though. If I ever hit the lottery I’ll shop for a few pieces.

  • Sickitten

    Hey Jill, check out Ivanka and well, you on my site. Ivanka lent her image to an animal rescue shelter on Long Island. She’s turning out very well. I can’t hate on her for her love of animals! But yeah, Ivanka, no more nosejobs, hon and a/you get your implants fixed don’t go any bigger. You were fine the way you were.

  • beige11

    she has good parents
    because she acts like quite educated

  • eddie jones

    business woman? hrm, i’ll have to think on that one, her face looks like complete plastic dunno, how old is this girl

  • angie

    Here is a great article about Ivanka Trump and her boyfriend. Check it out:

  • Bai ling

    She is so cute!!

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    Her lips are not fake. Those are definitely Trump lips. Straight from daddy.