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Jude Kids On The Block

Jude Kids On The Block

Jude Law wears a very colorful cashmere vest and classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers as he takes his two youngest children — Iris, who turns 8 on Saturday, and Rudy, 4 — to the toy store in North London on Tuesday. (Mom is actress Sadie Frost.)

The 35-year-old British actor has been sporting a mustache lately for his role as Dr. Waston in the Guy Ritchie-directed detective flick Sherlock Holmes. Robert Downey Jr. plays the title character of the film.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jude’s bright new look — HOT or NOT?

10+ pictures inside of the Jude kids on the block…

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jude law kids toy store 01
jude law kids toy store 04
jude law kids toy store 05
jude law kids toy store 06
jude law kids toy store 07
jude law kids toy store 08
jude law kids toy store 09
jude law kids toy store 10
jude law kids toy store 11
jude law kids toy store 12
jude law kids toy store 14
jude law kids toy store 15

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166 Responses to “Jude Kids On The Block”

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  1. 1
    Twifanatic Amanda Says:


  2. 2
    bleh Says:

    what the hell was he thinking when he put that on

  3. 3
    erica Says:

    Jude I did not say anything about your gray T-shirt . Please baby
    I get the message. You can were that gray T-shirt anytime you want.

  4. 4
    Bre Says:

    LMAO! Look at that Dad Christmas sweater!!!

  5. 5
    dulce mirita Says:

    Because I love him, I forgive that tremendous look.. Having seen that rainbow feast, I want his grey T-shirt back..wait, isn’t it underneath? Then, Jude: take that pull out….follow my advise , dude, if you don’t want be crucified as the fashion disaster of the day. But I find you HOT, as always, it’s only today that I prefer to watch you from neck to head, forgettin was is under the neck, well, not everything, ejem ¡those pants makes you look still sexy, despite the pull¡

  6. 6
    ISA Says:


    I just laugh so hard when I reed your comment !!!
    Óh my Gosh!!!
    I want the gray shirt too!


  7. 7
    dolorescraeg Says:

    i read somewhere that jude is color blind. this sweater probably attests to this……that said……jared….thaaaaaannnnnnk you for giving us more jude and kids…….he’s grown that moustache and sideburns for his role as dr. watson in sherlock holmes oppposite robert downey directed by guy ritchie…..
    jude you are the best daddy ever…..always with your brood…they are beautiful….just like their pop.

  8. 8
    dolorescraeg Says:

    and jude i am begging you….you have the most radiant smile on this or any other planet…puleeeze smile……let me see those pearlie whites. i know you hate the paps…i know you don’t want them to photograph your kids…but jude say cheese for us……

  9. 9
    Rita Says:

    Kids are really good looking!

  10. 10
    blackworm Says:

    Jude is sexy, the look is not.

  11. 11
    Kim Says:

    Jude I will hunt down all the people who talked about your gray T-shirt. If you would please, do not wear that mulit-color pull.

    Love always

  12. 12
    lisa Says:

    he has very beautiful children

  13. 13
    elle Says:

    I think he has not much time to think about what to wear, look by so much project lately+children, you just don`t have time to think about yourself and fashion only a logicial consequences…and yes lisa he has beautiful children….and yes i also miss his smile !Love you Jude!!!
    Thanks Jared!!!

  14. 14
    ISA Says:

    Jude would not like to see their children exposed like that.
    Mr Jared, leave his children out next time!
    It`s not rigth to expose these children like that.

    Jude Fans!

  15. 15
    dolorescraeg Says:

    you are so right…..contrary to what many people may think…..jude law has very little ego………evrybody who knows him says so….he’s busy with so much work….films, endorsements, charities and peace one day. one day he’s in shanghai, the next in paris, in new york, l.a. then he’s a very hands on dad…every spare moment is spent with the kids…..i really think he’s their hero as he is mine……one thing for sure, the sexy mr. law is not focusing on his wardrobe…on an every day basis….he could care less……..private time is NOT posing for the paps. they take him as they find him.

  16. 16
    sharyllee Says:

    Jude and his children are so beautiful!! do not care what he wears. fine with me..

  17. 17
    elle Says:

    i really think he’s their hero as he is mine Dol ;)

  18. 18
    dolorescraeg Says:

    the more i look at these pictures the more in love i am with jude law… can one man look so hot while being so fatherly….also he changes his look for each picture….boring he’s not.

  19. 19
    volchok44 Says:

    he is the most stylish guy i have ever seen, but i am not digging this style…neither the moustache, but till sherlock holmes ends….he cant shave it..

  20. 20
    Sienna Says:

    ISA #15
    I agree with you Isa.
    Jude would hate to see his kids exposed like that, like I would.
    It´s not safe to do that, at all !

  21. 21
    Sandy Says:

    OK he thought to himself, ‘it’s clean and in good shape and I need a little warmth – no time to look for a matching outfit, kids coming , here I am – to the toy store we go!” the kids don’t care what he wears as long as he is there and creates his special Daddy magic for them. It is so
    lovely to see these scenes of him with his adoring kids. These years
    fly by so fast and then they are off to boarding schools and the weekends get less often etc. etc. and so it goes. Life flies by faster
    than we ever expect. these are precious moments/ Do we and the
    paparazzi have the right to peek into their moments” Ideally not. but he
    is on the street with them and he chose to walk ijn public so we are all
    excused but only for today. (I know, he’s not likely to invite any of us the paparazzi or fans in to join but all I can say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY IRIS
    you are one lucky little girl. Now about that vest — when you take it off
    put it at the bottom of the pile of vests please. it is a little too bright.
    ajd schedule a shopping day at one of the better shope or have a
    consult with someone at Dunhill and develop another look for the
    day, casual as well as sporty, as well as business etc I know how most guuys feel about clothes find an outfit they like and buy a dozen
    or a half-doaen and coast on that for quite a while. But you appear in
    print and need to think about it a little or have someone you trust do it
    for you.. Now the last of my comments and I promise not to bother you
    again (for a while) if you are going to give in to the photogs, please
    take off the shades because that with the ‘handlebars’ (moustache)
    are a perfect disguise but we want to see you. That’s why we got to
    your movies also, everyone of them, and collect them and watch them
    over and over again, well you get the idea. finally simply put WE LOVE
    YOU even if we criticise you , just try harder.jared thanks again you
    always come through

  22. 22
    JJ Says:

    Jude is soooooo cute! I love his style…

  23. 23
    you&me Says:


  24. 24
    SADIE Says:

    I think it’s cute! I love when guys have their own style…I would be sad if he dressed like Adam Sandler…..Jude has fun with his style & there is nothing wrong with that, right?!?!?! :-)

  25. 25
    Pole Says:

    Thanks for the pictures Jared.

    Even though I like to see him with his lovely kids (Rudy is so big!) I’m pretty sure Jude would dislike us seeing pictures like these. His kids deserve their privacy.

    There must be something wrong with me – I don’t really mind this look – I think he looks so sexy, I don’t care about stripes and whatnot. Obviously I need help :lol:

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