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Katie Holmes Dons Comme des Garcons

Katie Holmes Dons Comme des Garcons

Tom Cruise and wife Katie Holmes leave their New York City apartment on Tuesday afternoon with with 2-year-old daughter Suri.

Other pictures include Katie, 29, wearing H&M Comme des Garcons as she headed off to the opening night of her Broadway play, All My Sons. The collection designed for H&M by Rei Kawakubo of Comme des Garçons will be available worldwide on November 13th. Kawakubo created a full men’s and women’s collection for H&M, complete with accessories and a unisex fragrance.

10+ picturs inside of Katie Holmes sporting Comme des Garcons…

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katie holmes comme des garcons 01
katie holmes comme des garcons 02
katie holmes comme des garcons 03
katie holmes comme des garcons 04
katie holmes comme des garcons 05
katie holmes comme des garcons 06
katie holmes comme des garcons 07
katie holmes comme des garcons 08
katie holmes comme des garcons 09
katie holmes comme des garcons 10

Credit: Mario Magnani, Mike DiSciullo; Photos: INFdaily, Bauergriffinonline
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  • mariaa*

    i love suri!!

  • LolaSvelt

    Ugly top and judging by her face, she’s read the bad reviews. Does this bítch even bother to turn up to the rehearsals? She’ll never improve. Tom has turned her into a stale face. She was great in Pieces of April, Go and Dawson’s Creek!

  • Susie

    PUT A frweakin coat on that kid
    Someone should report them to social services.

  • Michelleb

    Once she realizes that her marriage to Tom is so not good for her career I hope she leaves him and and takes the diamond engagement ring he bought her and sells it to

    That’s what I did after I divorced my husband. Then she should find someone better, like Dawson’s James Van Der Beek! The original cw couple.

  • RYAN

    gorgeous family


  • ellen

    i love katies sunglasses :)

  • Fantasyisland

    Yay bangs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • defap

    Looks like Suri hates her short bangs. She wants to look like her mom with looong bangs. She even carried a shopping bag like mom when She Took her Mom shopping. :) :)
    Love the family.

  • D. kay

    Enough already of a whiney, over pampered princess and her two media wh….ing parents.

  • boogie

    ow! my eyes!

    polka dot top and scarf makes my eyes feel crossed.

    I’m afraid Katie just does not have good taste in clothes/style.

  • Dani

    RYAN @ 10/21/2008 at 5:02 pm

    You obviously haven’t been to Europe. Most of the women there that dress to go out show class, poise, and elegance. Katie looks awkward, cheap and like her clothes don’t fit properly.
    You don’t have to be European to understand that the woman has horrendous fashion sense.

  • Dani

    BTW– RYAN @ 10/21/2008 at 5:02 pm

    Nice try on trying to get a rumor started, but Vogue doesn’t regularly feature her as a best dressed. As far as I can tell they only listed her once.

    If you check the weekly style votes for People, InStyle etc. Most of the time Katie is in the negatives. For her white jump suit with black lace she got an all time low in People of 10 percent. And YES european read people.

  • Blue

    They should start buying less expensive dresses for Suri, that way they could afford to get her a sweater and maybe some pants as well.Wasn;t it like 40 in New York today? Look at her hands they are purple!!!!!!!!!!! There is no way she isn;t freezing. I agree, someone get child services.


    I thought she got the outfit from a garage sale. Looks totally blah!

  • REM

    y d hell is dis ass**** wearig a white socks, he does it all d time

  • hey look everybody!!!

    You can see Tom’s surgery scar behind and below his ear in photo 07.

    He’s had some major work done if he’s sporting a scar that big!!!

    Just as we all suspected!!!!

  • Sickitten

    Did you guys miss the point?It’s funny, Comme des Garcons in French means, Like the Boys, what this sad little Katie is going for…

    Anyway, I’m looking for Snowblood to come and post on my site. Putting an APB out for her. If you see her on here (she does post on JJ) please direct her to my site.

    Also, the fab Jill & Cliniqua have a special mention on my site as being bitch slappin’ hos. It’s gonna be all about the commenters from here on in!

    SNOWBLOOD, ou est tu?

  • Sickitten

    heylookeverybody, you are a freakin’ riot!

  • 2 sickitten

    Where is your site? Can we check it out?

  • Adina

    For the love of God…..dress that kid properly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It was freezing in NY today! Cold, rainy and nasty! Tom has a sweater on, so does Katie, but little Suri is running around in a summer dress with no sweater or tights.

    These two idiots have to be the worst two parents on the face of the earth. Not only do they wh*re the kid out for the paps, but they can’t even manage to dress her for the weather.

    …..and please, don’t give me that crap about Suri not wanting to wear a sweater!! That’s why she has parents!! Parents are supposed to see to it that a child is properly dressed. All they need to do is offer her choices that are more in keeping with the season! What’s going to happen when she goes to school? If she doesn’t want to go, they’re just going to let her stay home? Of course NOT. Parents make the decisions, not children. I have 3 and if I can manage to have them all properly dressed, so can Tom and Katie with their daughter.

    They’re obviously so into themselves that they don’t pay enough attention to parenting that adorable child. She hates the press, yet they parade her around in front of them (ever heard of a back door Tom and Katie?). Did y’all see the video of a very uncomfortable and unhappy Suri being held by Cruise in front of the paps as he was getting into his car the other day. HE STOOD THERE SO THE PAPS COULD TAKE PICS WHILE HIS DAUGHTER WAS MISERABLE. What a piss poor parent. If he cared about his kid and understood her discomfort, he would have gotten in the car. Instead, he stood there and let her be unhappy. What a giant CREEP!

    When Tom and Katie don’t want to be seen, they aren’t. Look how Tom snuck into the opening night for Katie’s play! They WANT Suri to be seen, no matter how much it upset her.

    Seriously, these two are the worst example of parents I have ever seen. They shouldn’t be allowed to parent that adorable little girl.

  • JMO

    Dear Tom, Next time you are on the phone with Nicole, have her ask her psychiatrist dad what the heck you should do to get Suri to wear suitable outerwear. It seems like a consultation with a professional is in order.

  • Good Victoria

    At least Suri’s bangs have been chopped off…Of what we can see of her…Poor thing looks terrified, ( obviously )…She is crying and hiding in Tom’s shoulder…..One poster who said they lived in New York, actually saw them come out of their Manhatten Apt., and the paparazzi’s were screaming their fat heads off at all of the Cruises….She stated she was NOT a fan, but can now see why Suri reacts the way she does….And Katie !!!…..The hollering made HER a nervous wreck she said, just by being a bystander……….The lady in the backgound has on a big blue wrap-a-round scarve and coat, and Suri still has no tights or socks………At first, it was no big deal, because ours won’t wear them either, BUT, now that it is cooler, we say, ” you WILL be wearing this “…and we get no argument….We run the household, NOT HER…….Please cover up her little legs, Katie…..AND TO ” SICKKITTEN “….Go over to and you will find your friends…” CLINIQUA ” ALSO…..

  • eliza

    Katie’s outfit doesn’t work. Too many polka dots.

    And it does look like Tom’s had work done. Very observant to spot what looks like a scar in the second picture.

  • Clark Kent

    Why don’t YOU report them, #4? (Watch them laugh at you…)

    Not good for her career, #5? She’s more famous than ever.

    They’re just clothes, #12. No big deal.

    Actually, her fashion sense is usually praised. (Though I hated that jumpsuit thing too).

    They’re not purple, #14.

    I can’t see jack, #17.

    They don’t whore her out, #21. How can you even tell?

    She’s wrapped in a blanket and is headed into a car. If they feel she needs warmer clothes they’ll get it. If not because they’re good parents, then because they want to be seen as good parents and fool the public.

    I didn’t see that video but would like to. Give me a link.

    You gotta stop using the fact that they’re only seen by the paparazzi when they want to be because sometimes they’re lucky enough not to be photographed sometime.

    There are far worse parents out there. Trust me.

    Doesn’t look like to me, #23. She has her eyes closed and..that’s it. Most likely she’s just sleeping or scrunching her eyes.

    How does an outfit not ‘work,’ #24?

    He hasn’t had plastic surgery and there’s no evidence of a scar.

  • ….

    the ones that needs to be reported to prison are the trolls here

  • classy family


  • anon

    Beautiful as usual

    Thanks Jared

  • chessa

    cutness overload

  • amber

    Suri is so precious and one happy baby. She got the beautiful genes of her mom and dad.

  • sports

    best parents ever, they are hot but also wonderful people. Suri is a doll and looks like she cut her bangs?

  • princess kakka pants

    Yeah, somebody has cut her ‘bangs’ alright – and by the looks of it they used a bowl!

  • Sickitten

    my site links from Just Jared. I talk about Just Jared on there, the site that is…

  • Sickitten

    There’s a whole bit about Katie and Tom in the archives. Seeing that kid in a summer dress (Suri) in mid October makes me ill as it is a bit chill here in NY, I’ll totally get on that later but I’ve gotta cruise the Jill & Cliniqua posts first. Ha! Did I mention I despise gwyneth paltrow?

  • iron chef


  • Angela

    amber @ 10/21/2008 at 8:12 pm Suri is so precious and one happy baby. She got the beautiful genes of her mom and dad

    Suri doesnt have the genes of Tom nor does she have any Jeans.

  • Dale

    #25…if you had children, you would know that they don’t squeeze their eyes like that when they’re sleeping. She’s a little kid, and she probably keeps hoping that if she can’t see the pap’s, they can’t see her and scream her name. That would be difficult for anyone to handle, but it must be so rough on a little one.

    She seems able to handle the pap’s on some days, and on other days she seems more unwilling (she’s used to running the show..) to give them what they want, and I find that rather amusing. TC can’t control her moodiness, thus making it another “perfect family” photo shoot gone wrong for him.

    GoodVic…(hey gal!) you’re right. It’s time for winter clothing for her. This is not only ridiculous, but it shows total lack of concern about the difference between what is right and wrong concerning Suri. Money doesn’t buy common sense or brains.

  • sarah

    Oh, my gosh! These pics of Suri are breaking my heart! The poor thing!

  • Zombie Zygote

    Judging by the godawful job, Katie has turned her hand to “hairdressing” as well as “fashion designing” and “acting”. And all her polka dots and baggy jumpsuits just emphasize that the woman is a clown.

  • Dani

    Clark Kent:

    He has had plastic surgery. Since you are such a fanatic and probably have archives of pics. Go back and start comparing them to his face the last few weeks. It is obvious. He has also lost weight, but that doesn’t explain some of the sculpting.
    No one cares one way or the other. All hollywood stars have had plastic surgery or enhancements of some sort. It is just interesting to view.

  • Ellen

    Cruise definitely had work done recently. He also got hair plugs. Eh, it won’t work. The man has lost his mojo. I don’t know any woman that finds him the least bit attractive. Repulsive, yes. Attractive, no.

  • reality is this

    It was 40ish and wetish in NYC today, in the 30′s tonite. Suri has a summer dress on and nothing on her little legs. I don’t care what anyone says, just a little of the money they spend on these expensive dresses could pay for some jeans, a sweater, pants and socks. SarahjParker was out with her son today in NYC and they had on sweaters and long pants. Her parents are warmly dressed, but not this little child.

    Suri is just 2 with 2 idiot parents who smile at the paps while their child is hiding from them and looking very unhappy.

    I don’t know what is wrong with those of you who say that they are good parents. They parade that child every day dressed like a little doll for the paps. They could cover her completely with a blanket and at least shield her face from the paps.


    I just watched the Katie – Eli Stone episode.

    1) The director and camera operators were working overtime. Each frame hides Katie’s misshapen hip region.

    There is barely a quarter of a second of a full length frontal Katie. Or full length sideways or backwards.

    They even had dancers block her bottom half. The woman looks awful and needs to gain weight, her legs and hips will look better with more paddding, bigger, but better.

    2) Katie belongs on comedic silly episodic TV, not broadway, not Movies.

  • Nellie

    I’m glad other ppl are also concerned about Suri needing some fall clothes…How could parents be wearing sweaters and dress their child in nothing but a summer dress in the freezing season of NYC…very odd!!!! strange….

  • Clark Kent

    So now you’re not upset that her bangs haven’t been cut but that they’ve been cut badly, #32?

    I’m no parent but it still seems to me that she’s just shutting her eyes when compared to other pics where she’s terrified, #37.

    He doesn’t plan silly photo shoots. I’m sure there’s an explanation for the lack of warmer clothes. (There always is…)

    Is there nothing critics won’t complain about, #39?

    He hasn’t had plastic surgery, #40 and #41. There’s nothing different about his face. It’s pretty obvious what’s happened.

    Cruise disappeared fora while a few weeks back. A bored critic came up with the plastic surgery rumor. It was too juicy not too repeat. Now critics keep trying to find or make up differences between photos of past and present.

    It’s actually in the 40s, #42. Don’t compare parents.

    Prove that they parade her around? What does that even mean? Taking her outside at all? You compared Parker’s kid with TomKat’s kid about their clothes but why isn’t Parker being called a PR hungry parent.

    Aren’t they ALREADY covering with a blanket and shielding her face?

    I don;t get why people call me crazy when critics like #43 are around dissecting every single little idiosyncrasy of TomKat or related to TomKat.

  • cari

    Who cares what immature idiots #1 and #2 do. They are just actors who got lucky, because they sure as hell are not talented. What they need to do is stop whoring out their kid for photos, especially shithead Tom. That girl is going to turn out very twisted and sad when she grows up having two such clueless and vacuous parents.

  • observation

    Superman, how do explain that scar then in the second picture?

  • Kate


  • Kate

    hahaha its another good day for superman- saving the world, defending tomcat and spawn on the internet etc

  • Dani

    Clark Kent–
    I’m sorry your super vision isn’t working and you can’t see what is obvious to everyone–the nip/tuck of Tom Cruise’s face. Click on “Tom Cruise” in the yellow box of Jared’s Top Celebs and go back to the last page and look at pages 30-37. Compare his face to now. He has had some cheek work (probably a mini pull), uses botox, dyes his hair, has most likely had hair plugs, and probably had a mini forehead lift. His face is very sculpted compared to the early postings on Jared. I seriously doubt it was totally due to losing some weight. Losing weight would have caused the skin to be saggy. Funny how it didn’t on him isn’t it?

    Ah, but we all forget, you have tunnel vision when it comes to TomKat and that includes a touch of macular degeneration which means you can’t see what is right in front of you.

  • s

    “Ah, but we all forget, you have tunnel vision when it comes to TomKat and that includes a touch of macular degeneration which means you can’t see what is right in front of you.”

    hahahaha! how very true