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Natalie Portman Loves Pablo Picasso

Natalie Portman Loves Pablo Picasso

Natalie Portman looks a little frazzled with her crooked sunglasses look while out and about in Paris, France on Monday.

The 27-year-old actress made the most of her downtime and visited the Picasso exhibition at the Grand Palais museum. Nat is also in town to shoot a perfume commercial in Paris.

Check out the video below of Natalie promoting, which she taped while visiting her grandma in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Natalie Portman: Vote For Change!

10+ pictures inside of Pablo Picasso lover Natalie Portman

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Credit: Eliot Press; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • kan

    Love her!

  • Gasol_fan16

    OMG! Natalie is such a doll! Talented, smart, gorgeous and political too. Natalie rules!

  • LolaSvelt

    Ooh finally someone real and talented!

  • Jo-jo

    Yudee Cow


    she’s wearing an obama shirt… it!!!!!!!!


    OBAMA ’08!




  • mimi

    Love Natalie!

    She’s talented, smart, compassionate, beautiful — a true doll & down to earth sweetheart.

  • LolaSvelt

    Er, where is she wearing an Obama shirt?

  • Denka

    I thought she was an avid Hilary supporter. Not to say of course you can’t be for Obama… but still.

    I guess even someone as educated as Natalie, should stop voicing their opinions when it comes to the election. I’m a die hard Democrat, but I’m well and truly tired of Hollywood giving their opinion.

  • Cookie

    Wait a second, are those suede/hide moccasins she’s wearing, or are they material/cloth? If they’re hide, she’s in trouble.

  • tim

    I took her advice and voted early and I voted McCain. I love her shirt. Where can I get one with Nobama/Biden with a slash through it.

  • rachel

    Just another in a long line of uneducated and uninformed Hollywood high school drop outs who think we are too stupid to figure out who to vote for. I will never see another one of her movies again which works out fine for me because if nobama wins – I won’t be able to afford to go to the movies.

  • sue


  • Why

    Why should we vote for obama – he has absolutely NO experience. He hags with terrorists. How can we count on him to fight terrorism when he has terrorists for friends. He is an empty suit.

  • rex

    Thanks Natalie – I am voting for McCain/Palin.

  • jessie

    She is almost as hot as Sarah Palin.

  • john

    who asked her for her opinion. Hollywood sucks.

  • Jude

    # 12 – Natalie is not a high school drop out. She has a degree from Harvard.

  • wang chung

    Who is this chick anyway?

  • rachel

    She may have a degree but she is NOT very smart. I know a lot of smart people who have no common sense – I will add her to that list.

  • what ever

    She did go to Harvard – The Harvard School of Bad Acting.

  • josh

    I have seen better looking girls that work the check out at my local Walmart.

  • Melly

    her shoes are cute!

  • mclovin

    Man, she is beautiful!

    Sarah Palin has nothing on Natalie! Geez!

  • rocknroll

    Natalie ROCKS! Love you Natalie!

  • sam

    Natalie is so cute and sexy, cant wait for Brothers.

  • Boooo nobama boooooo biden

    Nobama’s economic policy would destroy the already shaky economy. We can thank Barny Frank and Chris Dodd for that. Obama opposes trickle down economics but he does support trickle up poverty. Think about it.

  • Boooo nobama boooooo biden

    Obama opposes tickle down economics but he does support trickle up poverty. Think about it.

  • Irishdreams

    Put it this way Natalie has more intelligence then 90% of the fool in the celebrity world already. Who care who she wants to vote for last I remember it’s a free country..Personally I was raised Republican and to me I don’t see either side as being all that experienced so who care’s this is american a right to speak your mind. Let the woman choose who she wants to support WHY BASH her for it. Plus she is one of few celebrities that I can say stands by what she believes in and not to PSA and then never go back to the cause.

    She is attractive, intelligent and damn she can act a hell of a lot better the many of the 27 year old in hollywood now.. Can’t wait to see her perfume commerical..

  • lola

    What is wrong with some of you Americans? So what if she has shirt supporting Obama? Aren’t you people always going on and on about your freedom and democracy? Just because she is a celebrity does that mean she is not allowed to openly show her support? What kind of democracy is that? The democratic country I come from, allows anyone including celebrities to state their opinions on politics whether they are good or bad.

    It seems to me that it’s the republicans that are coming on here and doing all the bashing. I bet if she was wearing a Mcain shirt you would not be calling her ignorant and stupid. For all your talk of freedom and democracy you sure seem hypocrtical.

  • kathryn

    i voted early and i voted obama.
    i heart nat bc she smart talented and beautiful.
    i do however oppose how celebs just advertise canidates
    bc they ALWAYS endorse obama [ which is ok with me]
    ASSUME HES A TERRORISTS! ok so let me ask u this, if a 7 yr old muslim boy wants to be president one day and he is just as eqipted as a anyother all american citizen what r u gonna tell him? NO BC HES A MUSIM! wow how dumb r u gonna look in that situation. think about it u fucking cunt

  • Irishdreams

    I worked with a muslim man and he is a wonderful person and so are his children. To me who cares who one votes for it’s republican or democrate..California has a celebrity as a governor who is Not American and I’m republican and I personally don’t care for the way he runs things here in CAL but I’m not slamming him around freedom of choice to all those who voted for him..People that voted him in office by what they believed he would do, Politics is a hard battle to win for two different points of views and Celebrities are people and voters as well and they have a voice and they too wish to speak out if that is their doing..

  • bronte

    “Nat is also in town to shoot a perfume commercial in Paris.”

    which perfume??
    Chanel?? Dior??

    cool. my fave is Dior.

  • Lindsay

    Natalie’s amazing!!! smart, beautiful and kind!
    she’s so her! she doesn’t care what others think, she lives her own life…
    and that’s why I think makes her the best girl in the world!
    you rock girl!

  • zoe

    wow. natalie is so petite! anyhow, she’s talented and totally adorable. however…i really dont like what she’s wearing. its pretty awful. im glad she doesnt follow trends but still…this is a very jump from how she usually looks like on red carpet.

  • someone

    Great pics and video. I love you Natalie <3.

  • eddie jones

    how about let’s vote for acorn to be jailed and obama taken with them for voter fraud.

  • i am

    Natalie is so substantive and serious, she never uses herself to parade others bags and shoes, she has more self respect than that, she is above the superficial, the only time she is dressed up is when she does not want to offend others at a public appearance.

  • ac &hearts

    who’s the girl next to Natalie with the headband? She looks like she’s related to her. Very similar profiles.

  • ed

    Being that the “liberal media” do not inquire into Sarah Palin’s “vast experience”, it took the Daily Show to go to Wasilla and find out what the mayor of this “Real American” small town really does. It’s really scary to think a lot of Americans want to put her a heart beat away from the presidency.

  • tell

    I got news for you, you can be a republican and still like Natalie Portman, she is intelligent, a fabulous actress with an implacable taste, and now a very talented director of at least short movies, just a very talented person, you cant help but respect her and love her, she is none of a kind out there in Hollywood.

    Actually, b/c of her, other actresses seem really empty headed and stupid.

  • realy

    The only one who is as sexy and beautiful as well as educated and talented is Angelina Jolee and she had problems, Natalie is solid.

  • question

    I am very curious as to who she will finally settle down with, she obviously dumped Devendra as I see no signs of sadness on her face, she is just fine.

  • Cynthia

    Not a fan of Natalie Portman. She’s pretty overrated.

  • not a fan?

    how is she overrated, can you verbalize it? She got an academy award nomination at 23, what the heck do you mean overrated, she acts better than anyone her age

  • facts v fiction

    Natalie is the most respectable and accomplished actress of her generation, I dare you name another

  • samy

    she is talented, captivating, gorgeous, independent, love her

  • post 1

    I was watching Star Wars prequel and was wondering who in the world was this unbelievable girl, she was amazing and every film ever since confirmed her talent and appeal

  • someone

    I love you Natalie <3.

  • truth

    I love Natalie Portman and her body of work and all her accomplishments