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Tom and Katie Are Suited To NYC

Tom and Katie Are Suited To NYC

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes go to a cocktail party for the cast of All My Sons in their dapper suits at the Hermes store on Madison Avenue in NYC on Monday.

Rumors had surfaced recently that Tom Cruise had been killed after he fell from the Kauri Cliffs but was quickly denied by his publicist, Jeff Raymond, saying that the star wasn’t even in the country.

“This is completely not true. Tom is not in New Zealand nor has he been there recently. This is erroneous and unreliable internet garbage,” Raymond said.

On Tuesday, Katie will appear for her singing and dancing guest spot on Eli Stone airing at 10/9C on ABC.

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  • Nadia

    For some reason, I don’t really like Tom. He always seems to be showing of his wife as an object

  • Ciprian

    since when did she cut her hair like that?

  • dido

    cute couple

  • mju8

    Oh god she’s morphing into her husband!
    I guess this is Tom’s Freudian way of living out his homosexual fantasies!

  • marla

    According to the NY Times, Hermes hosted the dinner for katie in honor of her broadway debut. Congrats Katie.

  • sassy girl

    toms weird…but lol bout the rumour

  • irene

    This suit looks way much better on her that the thing she used to sing and dance in Elis stone. She looks better covered up. And yes, they look alike, hips and all.

  • Laurel

    FREAKSHOW! Good thing they have Princess Suri to soften their image.

  • sacha

    #4. What’s weird is somebody who thinks a rumor about a death is funny. #6. Perhaps you had better think about your own sexual proclivities…are you familiar with the term projection?

  • pipi

    How disappointing Katie, Hermes throws you a party and that’s what you wear?

  • Julie

    Why do they always dress alike?

  • zoe

    i really wish tom would stop holding katie like tht. the rumour was kinda a set back for a second. katie looks nice in the suit but its not right for the event. still wants her old hair back!

  • NODY

    TWO ASSES !!!






    he looks like a lesbian old lady!

  • mju8

    sasha, are you familiar with the phrase “lighten up”?

    LOL @ your insinuation about me. Nice try.

    Oh and another thing, the only reason people find the recent rumour about him funny is because he, through his own stupid antics and crazy behaviour, has made himself become another one of society’s caricatures. If he wasn’t such a walking joke then people would actually take him seriously. If it were anyone else, these rumours wouldn’t be taken light-heartedly.

  • Jane

    Anonymous must be desperate to spread such a sick rumour. I love Katie’s hair. Tom doesn’t look too bad either. Love them.


    I would have liked to see Katie change the suit up and make it a little more feminie…. Also she should have lost the jacket, too manly especially the way she is posing in it…. jmo!

  • lisa

    ahhhh somehow the mix up outfits!!

  • is kh a transvestite

    dapper suits? omg, kh looks like a man, tc looks like a girl.
    yes, they are well-suited for eachother.
    two nutcases, gross phonies.

    kh’s ugly thunder thighs never looked larger. what an ugly bod.

  • mr. katie holmes

    gross narcissitic phony kh, what about buying your cult ticket broker daughter a sweater, even a jacket and having her wear it, it’s COLD in NY. oh, that’s right, you only care about yourself, you just USE Suri.

  • peanut

    How unprofessional that they are trying to project a professional look, yet they are holding hands at this event.

    Hermes invited THEM to this business-oriented event. They should not be holding hands. No class whatsoever.

    If they were at a personal cocktail party, it would be alright to hold hands. Just shows that money doesn’t buy class.

    It would be the same if I went to a business clients party and took my husband and we walked around holding hands. Totally unsophisticated!

    Both Tom and Katie need a course in Etiquette 101.!

  • m

    The last photo is especially cute. ^ Uhh, the party was for Katie…not a “business party.” Nothing wrong with them holding hands….they’re in love.

  • peachy

    They are a classy couple , and always nicely dressed!!

  • fantomette

    pants look too tight for her…

  • Piper

    his face seriously creeps me out! how scary would this be to wake up at night and have Tom “grinning” at you in the dark. no wonder she always look to terrified.

    also, yes please, stop “leading” her like that. he’s in capable of normal hand-holding or something.

  • amata

    I woulda been nice if Katie actually combed her hair. She always looks like a mess. Atleast she put some makeup on.

    They look like they are morphing into one another. I really have no patience for the way Cruise “presents” Katie with that weird hand holding thing. It looks controlling. I’m also sick of her smirk. To be honest, I’m sick of them in every way. I’m tired of seeing pics of them day after day.

    And please don’t tell me not to comment if I don’t like them. If those who didn’t like k and t didn’t come here, there’d be no posts for Jared. Just that one freak who posts over and over. Besides, it’s like watching a slow motion train wreck. You KNOW they’re not gonna make it in the long run. It’s just a matter of time before Cruise finds his next victim. This is number 3. Number 4 will be in a couple more years. LOL

  • Piper

    ^^^^^^ LOL maybe he’s like a modern Bluebeard. i bet there’s a room in his house where old spirits of Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes live LOL.

  • Chloe

    Katie looks really good in these photos.Her hair looks better than we have seen it look in a while , and she is glowing. The suit , I think she pulls it off and still looks feminine.

    Looking at her I think she really does love Tom. Look at her body language, she is always turning into him and trying to connect. I don’t know anything about their marriage , but if Tom is just faking it (which I don’t think he is) I don’t think Katie is. JMO

  • Piper

    ^^^ wow. no comment.

  • cluo

    Her outfit would have worked if she’d chosen a vest with a differing pattern to the suit.

  • Clark Kent

    It’s just your imagination, #1.

    If they used her (as if showing a baby off would help boost ticket sales), they’d take better care of their cash cow and get her a jacket sooner, #22.

    #23, you’re knocking TomKat for…holding hands?

    What’s ‘normal’ hand-holding, #27?

  • Ana

    If you look long enough, and try really hard, you will eventually find something bad to say about anyone. To me, Kate looks beautiful and radiant. Very classy and very happy indeed.

  • a


  • ?????

    Thanks Jared. Is her episode tonight?

  • vote

    Tom looks young and happy. Katie looks sweet and soft. Both are glowing and I like Katie’s suit and makeup.

  • andamentothat

    so funny Tom Kat loved to dress up in suits and adorable suri in dresses… Suri must have called shots on this one.. ‘No one is going to take attention away from my dresses’

  • rory

    they look really good

  • ian


  • heart

    lovely couple

  • Piper

    Clark Kent @ 10/21/2008 at 11:06 am

    i don’t blame you for not knowing what’s “normal” when it comes to your Tom Cruise. it’s been a while isn’t it? LOL

    here’s what I meant. i never once saw him holding her hand with his opposite hand. it’s always with the same right/left hand which obviously have him “guiding” or “leading” her in the most awkward way out of the car or through the door like she’s some sort of invalid who can’t walk on her own. WE GET IT, TOM. YOU’RE THE MAN and she can’t walk without you, or smile without you or breathe without you. i believe i believe i belive.

  • Dani

    Oh lord, they look awful. Katie has absolutely no fashion sense and no sense of what to wear when. This is on par with her gaffe of turning up at that award show in jeans while everyone else was in cocktail attire.
    My god, I didn’t think it was possible for her fashion disasters to sink any lower than that horrible white jump suit she designed. This almost tops it.

  • Dani

    ARGH I was looking at the second picture–blow up of Tom. You can tell he has had plastic surgery. For those that pick on Nicole all the time–whatever she is doing looks a hundred times better than the knife he is going under. God he looks used!

  • Jag

    You have got to go on TMZ and see the back photo of them. Absolutely repulsive!!!!

  • Ellen

    There are some women who can look smoking hot and sexy in a men’s style pantsuit. Katie Holmes ain’t one of them. Lauren Bacall in her height would have been able to pull this off in her sleep because she oozed sensuality. Ditto with Kathleen Turner in her youth. I’m not the biggest fan of Angelina Jolie, but she could pull this off as well. A woman needs to have heaps of sex appeal to look great in a men’s style suit and Katie has as much sex appeal as, well, Tom Cruise.

    As for the Cruise’s death rumor? Oh please, I never even heard of the rumor until his people denied it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he started the rumor himself to get himself some publicity, the sad famewhore.

  • yeech


    I’m so TIRED TIRED TIRED of seeing these two, please FOR GOD’S SAKE, STOP POSTING PICS OF THEM!!!

  • defap

    Cute couple.

  • Alex

    In the past year, Katie reminds me of a little girl playing “dress up” in her mom’s clothes. She needs to develop a style of her own. More importantly, she should continue to assert her independence from Tom. She has given up too much of her own life for him, eg, has she even been back to her family’s home in Toledo once since they hooked up?

  • defap

    I am sure they know how to raise Suri. They must get some experts’ advices how to dress Suri. Above all, they have three Suri’s grandparents close by.
    About the cold weather, you should know that elementary schools’ kids must go outdoor during breaks even outside is really freezing cold. One of the reasons is give them some cold air bath to make them more strong. It is more important to little babies. You should practice it with caution and guidance.