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Zac & Ashley: We Want It Allllllllll

Zac & Ashley: We Want It Allllllllll

Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale sit down in director’s chairs and interview each other for MySpace’s Artist-On-Artist.

The two stars of High School Musical 3: Senior Year talk about the film that opens in theaters this Friday, October 24th and we even find out about what Zac‘s first audition was – Peter Pan!

When asked what her favorite musical number is in HSM3, Ashley said, “I Want It All, but, actually, that’s like my favorite number just because, it’s a long story. I like that song for Sharpay and Ryan because it’s very pop and I like the whole idea of it and everybody was in it. But I do have to say that my favorite is Can I Have This Dance, my favorite song.”

Check out the full interview below!

Zac & Ashley: We Want It Allllllllll
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  • Amy


  • zashleyroxzanessasox

    they are so meant to be together
    love zashley

  • Ale

    They are realy great friends. It’s obvious;
    I love when Ash asked about Gabi and Troy..
    And Zac blushes. Zanessa is adorable

  • Jashleyforever639

    They are so cute together I know it’s Zanessa and Jashley but I’m just saying that Zashley is cute!!!!!!!

  • j



  • super fan ashley

    They are so cute toguether, I love them a lot.
    Go Ash!!!!!

  • elenee

    Zanessa forever.<3
    you can totally tell that Zac is trying to keep his eyes AWAY from Ashley whereas Ashley keeps staring at him and laughs at everything he says…

  • evelyn

    check out the interview at the 4minute mark.. its really interesting .. ashley said she is nervous around zac in interviews as of a couple days before and i could swear zac sais vanessa under his hand?

    welcome any other thoughts/input.

    good interview !!

  • Ally


  • angel

    wheres vanessa??
    i love zanessa

  • zanessa/jashley

    haha, that was cutee !! You can tell that they have a really great’s meant to be Zanessa and Jashley. I can already see those couples getting married in the future :D

  • lisa

    these comments are pathetic.
    getting married? they’re still playing high schoolers….

  • Kay

    um does anyone else think ashley is totally HITTING on zac here? she’s shameless.

  • LOLA

    Ashley was all over Zac. She kept flirting. It’s sad because he wouldn’t flirt back. haha . And Zac totally blushed when he talked about Troyella!

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Haha Funny!


    Hi number 8, I’m not sure what he said, but I think he said is that so….

  • zanessa/jashley

    well, i can at least see Zanessa get married…they’ve been together for a while, er long time. plus Zac is 21 and Vanessa’s turning 20. I mean, my sister got married at 23…never know what’s gonna happen in the future. They either get married or, dare I say it, break up….and I don’t think anyone wants them to break up…their too cute..

  • ho

    She is such attention who ring cu nt. Stop flirting, you fake twat you have a boyfriend that you like to drag around. I guess you forget him when you have other taken guys to be all over.

    Disgusting, shameless bit ch.

  • zaccarra

    THis was done August 23rd. And Ashley swears she’ not interested in Zac THAT WAY. The only thing I see is that HE isn’t interested in her THAT WAY.

    She needs to give it a rest and Vanessa needs to dump her “supposed” bff

  • amanda

    he says “what can i say…”

  • Val

    Ashley needs to stop flip flopping between flirting like mad with Zac and “not being attracted to him at all.”
    It’s weird, especially when her best friend is his girlfriend.

  • brittany

  • tia

    ashley seems really cool. i PERSONALLY(so dont attack me for having my OWN opinion) prefer her to vanessa anyday.

  • ia

    Yeah I agree zaccarra. She brings him up in every interview. It’s always he’s hot, I love this about Zac, I got to kiss him on the show, unnecessary hugs & and the fake laugh at everything he says.

    Seriously give it a rest, It’s repulsive how she openly flirts with him & is all over him when at the same time she shoves her relationship with her actual boyfriend in everyone’s face. In front of the paps and then she openly talked about Jared & her in her 17 interview. What a horrible two faced person.

  • casse

    Cool? She is completely fake. Someone needs to punch her the next time she giggles like that. Moron.

  • Ashley H.

    You fan girls are insane. Ashley has already said she dosn’t find Zac attractive. She’s pretending to flirt with him, their friends. Its strange how none of you can tell its not real flirting, but what can you really expect from 12 year olds…

  • jenny piccolo

    ‘artist on artist’ ROTFLMAO!

    The Jewish Princess and the High School Queen!

  • LOLA

    ^^^Fake flirting? Riiight……well she says she’s not interested in Zac in THAT way, yet she always flirts with him. Zac was just saying “Thank you”….she should stop flirting with her “BFF’s” boyfriend.

  • lol

    Um lol no, it’s more hilarious how you fall for it. Ashley has never been able to control herself, she has no need to fake flirt when she does the real thing all the time. Everything she has ever done indicates that she has no respect and will continue to pursue him no matter what.
    Whatever the twig is getting nowhere fast.

  • Pinky

    Assley Tisdale needs another nose job….She looks so ugly

  • Soni hannigan

    I think Ashley needs to leave Zac alone. He is taken and thank god he doesn’t flirt back with her.

  • zac is a rat

    My god Ashley could’nt make it more obvious that she in fact does like Zac in more than a friend way with all her giggling, not taking her eyes of Zac and even sayhing that he looked good all sweaty in the openining number that comment was un called for I mean obvioulsy he was going to look sweaty their playing a basketball game how else was Zac supposed to look but she did’nt have to say that, but no again Ashley makes a big thing out of it because she fancies Zac, I hope she does’ntdo the last two dates with him and Vanessa, after all it’s Vanessa who should be like that with Zac not her supposedly bf.

    For once I’ll give it to Zac he was’nt flirting back perhaps Vanessa has told him about his behavious, sometimes it takes someone to point out the way you behave towardss someone to make that someone relaize how it looks to other people.

  • Ashley H.

    … Man you little girls are JEALOUS! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Ashley H.

    … Man you little girls are JEALOUS! hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • rosielee9

    First off Zac looked realy nice in that shirt blue suits him so wel.

    And secondly loved what he said about Troy/Gabriella it was so obvious hewas also talking about him and Vanessa the look on his face was so much a giveaway healways looks so happy when he’s talking about her, and I think he was a bit more open about saying it because he was talking to Ash about it and not having a bucnh of pa’s in his face and camera’s going of, he semed to let his guard down a bit which was nice to see and you could see that he wa gnuine when he said it.

    None of us know if heand Vanessa will getmarried one day I have a feeling that from what they have both said in intervews that at this point even they don’t know but its not like there’s a big rush anyway they’re both only young so fair playto them for just enjoying being together, having fun and just taking one day at a time and contuining to support each other and building on what they have.

  • elliee

    screw ashley.
    she’s so jfalskdjfal;skdf
    throwing herself all over zac efron and you can totally tell he is NOT interested!

    look at this pic of Zanessa<3
    true love. (:

  • eyeroll

    zac is rat you are dumbass. This interview was done 2 months ago.

    Ashley is trash though.

  • Mallory

    im just a year younger then her and she as flirting big time. I can’t blame her but seriously i would never be all over my best friends boy friend and my best friend has a hott boyfriend. She needs to lay off. i love zac for not flirting back.

  • Curiosity

    The are friends and #8 I think he did say Vanessa but not sure….

    Go Zanessa.

  • dIN

    yOU Guys are weird…
    I know ashley since she was on suite life and zac when he was on summerland. They knew each other since then. In interviews and stuff, or when they’re together or at least you can see for the HSM1 at least, they always like brother and sister to me. Always teasing each other in a cute bubbly way…
    If you all say that Ashley is flirting with zac in this video
    then you all never flirt before huh ?
    it must have been the worst flirting ever….
    If ashley flirt with zac as shown in the video, she is the worst flirter ever. Flirter ? is this a word btw ? lol

  • Diana

    She’s just teasing him. Stop freakin’ out. I tease my guy friends… it never means I’m attracted to them.

  • lana

    u people are totally stupid!
    she is wayyy better than vanessa fake bitch!

  • Boji

    Just had to have a say here. I’m a Vanessa fan and all I can see is Ashley teasing Zac as usual. She knows that Zac’s “sweat” was made by a water spray.

    Ashley laughs alot especially to hide her nervousness. I remember when she was being interviewed late last year by an obnoxious radio presenter and she laughed alot. Yeah, I would say it was a nervous laugh and not a flirt kind of laugh. She knew Zac way back when he had a few guest appearances in the Suite life of Zack and Cody.

    I would say it was kind of uncomfortable/akward for them having to talk about HSM and themselves and ask each other questions without touching on personal matters.The fact that they were being taped doing just that made it even more so.

  • Halo

    I already said it a thousand times that Ashley wants Zac. She’s keeping her friends close and enemies closer. Ashley is going to be the “Kelly Taylor” factor in Zac’s relationship. She can’t stop flirting and she doesn’t care that she has a boyfriend. If they haven’t had sex already….they will.

    Mark my words Zac and Ashley will get together.

  • freaks

    Actually I wish they would just get together so all of you would just shut up already.

    They’re all friends, good friends, its the idiotic fans who keep creating issues.

  • Grace

    I feel so sorry for Vanessa. She deserves so much better then this. i love it how when she says she gets nervous around him lately. he covers his mouth with his hand and says Vanessa. Woww…

  • zasshley

    I love ashley and zac they are so meant to be together!

  • mfan

    How do we view this interview? do we have to be a myspace member cos the link doesnt take me to the interview!, Sorry if i sound retarded lol my bad,

  • mfan

    How do we view this interview? do we have to be a myspace member cos the link doesnt take me to the interview!, Sorry if i sound retarded lol my bad,

  • kan

    These little girls here have definitely not looked a boy as a friend. You must all be thinking, “oh, he likes me that’s why he’s smiling..we are gonna date…blah blah”. It’s cute but not all the time.

    Try having some guy friends. And I mean platonic love. You would understand Zac and Ashley’s situation perfectly.