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BoA Wants To Eat You Up

BoA Wants To Eat You Up


Korean pop princess BoA is breaking into the America scene with her first English single, “Eat You Up”.

The track, produced by Bloodshy & Avant, hails from her upcoming English debut album, Look Who’s Talking. Later this year, the 21-year-old singer is expected to release a remix of “Eat You Up” featuring rapper Flo Rida. Watch the music vid below!

Visit BoA‘s official website at

WHAT DO YOU THINK of BoA’s first English single — HOT or NOT?

BoA – “Eat You Up” Music Video
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  • Michelle

    Show Boa*’s asian version of the music video too!
    Don’t show this version, it stinks compared to the other one!

    Everyone go to
    The Music Video Jared posted was directed very badly, so please see the other one! BoA* is showcased much better in this music video.

  • Michelle

    Also visit! I LOVE BOA!
    This song is amazing and her dance in
    is AMAZING<3.

  • BoAfan

    Love the song, but I prefer the other music video!

  • no way

    NOT HOT!!! Korean stars have tried to hit the US market but fail every time. Not hot enough!

  • Tim

    So hot physically, yes, but musically here in America, that’s another thing.

  • Michelle

    ^I disagree. BoA* will make it big here in the United States.
    She’s already #2 on the United States iTunes Music Dance Chart.
    We’ll just wait and see, BoA* will succeed in the US Market!
    Her management is smart. I have no doubts! <3 BOA*!

  • wg

    Jared, you should post something about the wonder girls!!!

  • O.dom

    BoA ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But Jared, you should post the Asian Music Vid up instead of this sad excuse of a music vid

  • Justin

    Had this song for a while, its mad good.

  • erin

    AHHH! SHE’S A CANNIBAL! lol. She has a pretty voice. She dances amazing! I’m gonna check out the asian version see if thats better. I’m sure it is.

  • O.dom

    BTW her backup dancers…. horrible.

  • Aurelie

    You should take a look at the Asian Version of the song, overall it’s a much better MV than this one. It’s better edited and there’s a much better choreography than this version.

  • Shadowflame

    So she’s Korean, huh? She’s damn hot and I love the song!! I’m gonna go Google her now :)

  • DC

    The lyrics are very distasteful but that is how popular musics are these days. Well it wasn’t surprising as the song title is “eat you up” oh how ironic…. Her korean songs are a lot better maybe it’s because i don’t know what they translate to.

  • Michelle

    Erin, the asian version IS much better. Usually, Diane Martel directs nice music videos but for some reason, she edited this very badly. It looks very amateur. They don’t showcase her out-of-this-world dance skills. She needs to be given more credit and deserves much more than this sad music video. Please support BoA! She needs as much support as she can get. (=

  • the vicker

    that song is really catchy.

  • Princess

    Jared the music video you posted is not the real music video
    that is going to be promoted here in the US the label company
    change BoA music video into this one


  • Amy

    wow, i just listened to it and i hate the song.

  • casebre

    i love her song !!!!!

  • Valerie

    Well I had heard a little bit of her but I never really stop to give a look so yeah she is cool…I think that with a lot of effort she will do good on the USA market all doe the asian version is better…And her asian songs are really catchy too

  • Eri

    the asian version is MUCH better than this version. i’m hoping she’ll make it big in the US even though her korean and japanese songs are better >< but hopefully she’ll come out with more english songs soon :)

  • Saywahtwaht

    OMFGSH THE ASIAN ONE IS WAY BETTER!!! I love this chick and I just me her :D (sigh) wow. Its about time we get something new and a new fresh face ey

  • layla

    wow that brought back memories. 5 years ago my college friend was obsessed with her.

  • Helen

    “NOT HOT!!! Korean stars have tried to hit the US market but fail every time. Not hot enough!”
    Are you kidding me? Name one artist other than BoA that has tried the music industry before and failed. If you’re thinking of Utada Hikaru, WRONG. She’s Japanese. If you’re thinking of Se7en or Rain, they haven’t officially released any singles here.
    If you’re talking about the US Entertainment Industry, ever heard of Sandra Oh? Michelle Wie? Stop being ignorant for one second to realize how stupid you’re being.

  • angie Lee

    i don’t like her voice. it’s so thin and nasally. i think i would have liked this song better if a different voice was singing it. mv was horrible. what’s with the trying to look sexy thing. she’s 5’1 and her face is unproportionally big. and i have no idea what she’s singing.

  • BoA


    The american version is a disgrace and won’t be released.

  • bebe

    Wow, this is pretty damn good! Asians are FIERCE!

  • bring on america

    seriously, BoA is amazing! and you guys need to check out the ASIAN version of the MV the choreography is better plus she just looks so much better!


    well i have to admit. the song is catchy but i couldnt help but to laugh at the “so yum yum” part. i agree #23, it did bring back some old memories. i think i may check out the original version

  • Michelle

    Oh Jared Oh Jared, please post up the Asian one! We are all begging you!

  • Misa

    This is not the real music video!
    Please go to to see the /real/ music video!
    Support BoA in America! Buy her digital single at Amazon or Itunes!

  • Victoria

    Haha, so yum yum… She got older and prettier though!

  • sammo

    yeah, i admit the asian version is much better. i mean, i like that the song is catchy, and boa’s english has come along way but you can still hear her accent a bit. one thing that i’m worried is alot of people making fun of her. that’d be so terrible, i mean i know they’d probably bag on her on mad tv and they would use bobby lee to be her or something like that. blah.

  • haha

    The intro was the best part of the MV. lol

    I never actually paid that much attention to BoA… and to tell you the truth I don’t like this song that much… but her dance is awesome. xD

  • Shadowflame

    Haha! I just saw the Asian version. I liked it much better. Great decision to post the Asian one up. Are they really scrapping the other one?

  • Misa

    Thank you for changing it to the right version!

  • Michelle


  • balladish510

    she is the so hoooooot <3 the choreography is amazingly sick!

  • Lm

    BoA is a great performer but seriously the message of the song does not fit her image. I hope they release a new song that fits her persona. BoA….aja aja FIGHTING!!!!

  • Kuraudo

    Thank you for putting up the Asian version, even diehard fans like me hate the US Diane version XD
    The Asian director made it much better.

  • sLaVe

    yes, the asian version!
    I’m glad that people who don’t even know her until now are giving some good reviews. It’s a good sign!
    Congrats Jared for being the first major blog site to advertise/find BoA :D you’ll go down in history hahah

    Though that 1 minute and 30 second intro wasn’t part of the MV, it definitely was a good look of some of her accomplishments and what she’s capable of (although I’ve seen better compilations!)


  • Michelle

    to #35, the american version was previously on titled as the version A music video, but now, the american version is not even posted on
    only the intro of the american version, and the asian video is titled as music video A.
    So hopefully, this is SM town’s way of saying, they are scrapping the American version!

  • not impressed

    that was lame.

  • Valerie

    The Asian version is WAY SO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!

  • BoAfan

    Yay, Jared! You rock!

  • bring on america

    wait~ i do think you should post BOTH the MV’s up~ but thank god that the asian one is here!

  • SelphieFairy

    She can dance, that for sure. =O

  • BoAmystar

    This song and this MV are just so good ^^

  • Masa


  • Jen1

    Pretty good dancer, but… the song… is… not… good… at… all!

    Dancing’s cool though.