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Heidi Montag: It's The End of Heidiwood!

Heidi Montag: It's The End of Heidiwood!

The Hills star Heidi Montag unfortunately will be not getting a second year for her clothing line, Heidiwood. Anchor Blue spokeswoman Marla White tells NYMag that Heidi‘s one-year contract will not be renewed.

“We just felt that the one year was a great year for both of us, and we’re looking into other options,” she explained. “We really found that we want to explore … what style really means to our girl … and that doesn’t necessarily mean a celebrity brand. It really means fashion and comfort, and we can really accomplish that with our own brand… We’re taking a completely new style direction and we’re very, very excited about it.”

Anchor Blue also plans on opening ten new stores next year.

DO YOU THINK Heidi should take her clothing collection and sell it elsewhere???

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  • mika


  • Katie

    no, i wouldn’t buy her clothes, i don’t really like them…

  • atelier

    that marla something, should have saved all that carap and just say that the collection didnt sell well, and thats it…which is so sad, because honestly, i love heidi montag!!!!
    she has a great attitude for fashion she really feels it, and has the right attitude to wear whatever she wants to,,, i love lauren too, but lets face it, her latest collection at the los angeles fashion week was a total mess… MESS with capital letters…….

  • luiza

    omg, that outfit it’s SO out of fashion!

  • Cameron

    Good, I am so sick of this girl and her annoying Beavis looking boyfriend. They are pathetic fame whores, but I will give them the credit of being able to market themselves effectively.

    Despite being 2 of the most vapid, shallow people on the face of this planet, they have still managed to make thousands, perhaps millions of dollars without having any actual talent.

    Regardless, they are the poster children for people who make it big in society despite giving very little back. Spencer seems like a shark; hopefully he is lucratively investing some of their profits for the future when their looks fade and no one gives a sh*t anymore.

  • strawberryjam

    it shows that her product is not marketable, if a small compan would let her product go after 1 year…. ouch…. guess cant compete with LC’s brand.

  • sweets

    Yay!!! I hope her 15 mins are up.

  • allie


  • hillsbaba5

    if your into trampy,slutty,tacky clothes then you should buy them. wow heidi….i think we all knew it wasnt going to last. gahhh i wish she would dump spencer….

  • ryan

    she should dig a hole and stay in there oh and take victoria beckham along with her

    both disgusting individuals

  • Izzy

    good riddance!

  • julia



  • bleh

    about time!
    last time I went to Anchor Blue her stuff were on clearance for 60% off
    I didnt even bother to look HA

  • lol

    big shocker

  • Joeblo

    Basically, in a nutshell, they are saying they don’t want their customers to look like prostitutes. Well done.

  • a&a=)

    aw poor heiidii! i actually like some of the clothes i saw in her runway.. maybe she sould sell her clothes in macy’s like other stars

  • leonor

    she dresses like a whore. crazy, crazy woman

  • dialectic

    i think she should take her clothing collection and shove it up her ass

  • Meg

    I’m not surprised, her clothes may be cheap, but they also look that way. Unoriginal, and slutty as well.

  • a&a=)

    hey i actually liked her clothes, the ones in the runway were actually good.. maybe she should start selling her line in macy’s like every star with a clothing line

  • eira

    hahha!! she got DUMPED!!!

  • kitkat


  • liz

    i think she should take her clothing line and shove it up her asss!!

  • Marcos

    big shocker [2]

    This girl sucks…literally! lol

  • eddie jones

    another words, it flopped. guess nobodies into this girl and her brother (boyfriend whatever) and all the plastic surgery.

  • Mooks

    Maybe she can sell her line to the Salvation Army?

  • Emily


  • Nadia

    It’s really annoying to know that in fashion schools people work their asses of to get their degree and pursue a carreer in fashion while others have absolutely no experience of this business and just create garbage because they’ve been in a reality show.

  • nicolem

    No, Heidi should take her “collection” and shove it up her ***.

  • WhosDat

    What’s with failed celebs and clothing lines?

  • Marieme

    Yeah, hearts are breaking from coast to coast over this.

  • andamentothat

    why do people who wear few clothes always showcase a clothing line?

  • lovinablog

    NO! I think she should stop wasting people’s time and just go away. Gawd this chick is annoying. Probably the fact that she’s a phony has something to do with folks not caring about her crappy clothing line.

  • Frida

    All I can say is THANK GOD! No girl want to dress like a hooker.

  • meursault

    yes, kmart

  • N

    haha your all so cool calling her names!! you must be so awesome yoursleves…It’s ashame there isn’t more people in the world like you….Im sure the world would be a much better place…we could all go around calling eachother S**ts and B**ches….

    SERIOUSLY GROW UP…….how old are you ppl saying this stuff?? About 5? Actually a 5 year old has more intellect than you ppl saying these things…

    I don’t come on here to bag celebrities…..If i see something i don’t like i don’t comment… Take a leaf out of my book!!

  • Ginamarie

    Considering how well Heidi’s clothing line sold, she should shop it to another outlet and add additional items. Whether any of the Heidi haters like it or not, her line still sold very well. More money for this creative girl. Go Heidi go! Personally, I liked the fact that the majority of her line is affordable for most people. I think that’s cool.

  • sweeta

    this is soo sad…just today i went to anchor blue and bought heidiwood brand bracelets for $1.97 when the original price on it is $12.00! yikes!!
    her clothes are cute, but tooo over-priced for anchor blue..she should have made it affordable because a lot of tweens or whatever don’t work and allowance is probably $20 a week for some people and heidi’s shirts cost $32! that’s insaaaane… oh well… can’t wait for anchor blue’s new spring line :)