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'Heroes' Cover Entertainment Weekly

'Heroes' Cover Entertainment Weekly

The cast of Heroes take the latest cover of Entertainment Weekly. The show has been dubbed “a series in crisis.”

The mag’s cover tag line reads: “Oh great… Now the cheerleader, the world and the show need to be saved. But is it too late?”

Fallen Heroes featured: Masi Oka, Zachary Quinto, Ali Larter and off-screen couple Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere.

DO YOU THINK Heroes is a show worth saving — YAY or NAY?

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  • Jo-jo

    First.. From Londooon
    Heroes is too too good!

  • LolaSvelt

    No, it got worse, might as well just cancel it now.

  • Jo-jo

    & Its 10:28pm, real time ;)

  • julia

    Is Ventimiglia a disease?

  • chadwick

    Ali Larter is the only one worth looking at on that cover…and I’m gay.
    That bad guy dude needs some eyebrow work…

    Heroes reminds me of Nuttcups:

  • p

    I’m liking this season :)

  • noelle

    yes it should be saved! it’s one of my favorite shows!

    too good to be canceled!!!!

  • Tracker

    CANCEL it. It’s jumped the shark, time to move on.

  • Lillianne

    I’ve been waiting to see if it would catch on. Should I rent the previous seasons?

  • buckley

    get rid of Hiro, Milo and that dumb Mohinder, oh and Maya…then we can talk.
    otherwise…this show is cooked!

  • Emoaves

    Best show on TV right now

  • Regina

    Dump it. It jumped the shark. You can tell that the writers got too big for their shoes and started to make it convulted and messy for no apparent reason.

  • Alexi

    No way!! THe shows awsome..! My fav for sure.

  • lanolin….like sheep’s wool

    Heroes is my favorite show and it definitely deserves to be saved!! I love it so much!!

  • its my Birthday!!

    Keep Heroes on air. The writers need to get better story line flow or get better writers altogether. Otherwise love the show, the casting, effects, just hate the disconnects and repetition.

  • ellie

    they added way too many pointless characters.. i thought they would figure it out just why season 2 was so bad but nope they are still sticking with it for number 3! it turned into grey’s.. totally pointless and not worth watching anymore

  • jesse

    cancel it, the show has sucked for a long time.

  • sarah

    cancel it!

  • a&a=)

    in my country they havent realesed season two but i really think this show has to continue=)

  • Fabis

    Heroes is my favorite show…

    I love Heroes =)
    Keep on air

    Best show on TV

  • Twifanatic Amanda

    what does it need to be saved from?

  • yam

    OMG!!! how fucking dramatic. Heroes is ROCKING !! this season. It cannot get cancelled

  • Tia

    This is the best show on television. Milo, Hayden and Masi are the best but all the characters are good in they own way. People need to stop hating cause this show could probably do bad in the rating for a little but this show would start doing great again. Then all of you haters can really have something to talk about. Season 3 is so good it is a very good season.

  • Talia

    It’s on life support and needs some major work to survive. KILL OFF characters that they don’t know what to do with (i.e., Mohinder, Maya, Matt, Tracy), give Hiro and Claire some brains so they stop behaving so stupidly, and streamline the story STAT!

  • Nicky

    I love Heroes.

    Its one of my favorite shows.

    I’d be REALLY upset if it got cancelled.


  • hannah


  • Kate

    Yes, please keep the show going. The writers have gotten a bit confused but the show is still good though Peter and Claire are really starting to annoy me!

  • hott

    NO! Save save! I think the writing is good..there’s a point to it all!

  • k

    sucks. they need to get rid of it. from season 2 and on it has been getting worst and worst.

  • robin


  • Charlene

    SAVE IT!!!!!!!!

    My husband and I have loved this show from day 1! It is so cool!

  • umm

    Umm..NO! Zachary is too hot!

  • gina

    I loved season one, but it lost me after that.

  • Alan

    This show has sucked since the season 1 finale and has been jumping the shark ever since, cancel it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sherrie

    Are you kidding me! Heroes season 3 is awesome!

  • carrie

    definately worth saving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • cary

    HEROES has become very, very repetitive. Save the world. Time travel. Steal powers. Same stuff in season 3 as season 1. I think it’s worth saving so long as the writers can come up with totally unique story lines that are not just the same thing over and over.

  • vmars111

    I still love it.

    The story lines are getting even more ridiculous (and biased towards the many Petrelli’s) but it’s still good.

    I just wish that the writing and the acting could be tighter like Lost….just without the convoluted plot mysteries that will never get resolved.

  • luke

    ive liked it from the first season on… so yeah i say keep it! i dont think it needs help at all.

  • Allison

    I do wish the show would slow down a little and have some real moments. They have such great actors. Cristine Rose is stunning in the show.

    But I do have to ask you EW? If it’s doing so poorly, why did you put it on your cover? Covers sell magazines. So, you do think someone cares. Or are you trying to save it. Well, I’ll be buying it.

  • Mel

    EW is the thing that should be canceled. Ugh. They have no idea. I gave up on that mag long ago. Heroes S3 is everything it should be – fast paced, exciting and complex. FU EW.

  • Andy

    Kill Claire/Hayden. That girl can’t act to save her life.

  • CelebrityFanChat Rap

    love the show.

  • tom

    It had one great season. Now it is to convoluted, to many characters, to much jumping back and forth between time. They need to make it more simple, less confusing and focus on less heroes. It it would help if something happens once in a while. By the way Dexter is the best show on tv now.

  • ginny


  • newport beach, 92660



    MILO ♥♥

  • daleMurph

    The show is incredible and MUST be saved at all costs!!!

  • Rosie

    WTF ? season 3 rocks , it doenst need to be saved :P EW is nuts Heroes is AWESOME just one lil complaint too many charaters kill some of them , but not my faves ( Peter, Claire, Sylar and Elle ) for the rest I dont care that much .

  • rawr123

    i understand. it was completely disappointe during season two with those new random characters and that dull “Virus” story *yawnn.
    but i gave it a second chance and now im hooked. season 3 is awesome. theyve killed off majority of those shit season 2 characters and kept only the goood ones like kirsten bell (LOVE HER) and maury parkman. adams dead, the monica girl is whoop whoop and it looks like maya is about to die too. i just think we gotta give it a chance. after volume 4 (fugitives) the one that follows villians, if it hasnt kept up the goodness that they’re showing now than axe it.

    and bout the confusing plot lines. well has anyone seen lost lately. and yet that still manages to plague our screens. not complaining i like lost too

  • Crissy

    Heroes is fucking good , are you kidding me , this shot must not be canceled >: ( fuck u EW