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Jennifer Aniston Has A Baby Bump???

Jennifer Aniston Has A Baby Bump???

Jennifer Aniston fuels rumors that she’s expecting as she makes a stop at her mother’s house on Tuesday afternoon in West Hollywood, Calif.

Australia’s News Weekly reported that the 39-year-old actress has reunited with rocker John Mayer and is reportedly expecting his child!

Jennifer and John, 30, claiming to have committment-phobia, reportedly reunited over a romantic dinner in New York just over a week ago.

UPDATE: Aniston‘s rep tells Entertainment Tonight, “Give me a break. She is NOT pregnant.”

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  • e

    SHe is 39 years old..not an odd to have fatty belly..

  • kathy

    good for her..hope she’s happy

  • mbk

    as a JA fan I hope it’s not true. I don’t like John Mayer one bit, he’s a phony, and everything he does is based on his ego and this image/persona he is trying to push. I’m sure he’d love the spotlight and sort of praise for being the guy who got her pregnant.

    He’s an immature ass and for her sake I hope it’s not true. She is blind as a bat when it comes to John Mayer. She can do a lot better and if she doesn’t stop it with this guy I’m going to be beyond disappointed

  • fefa

    I hope she is!

  • uhoh

    She looks knocked up, cuz her belly is so flat otherwise. I guess she was more desperate to keep that douche Mayer than we thought. Unless it’s someone else’s…

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Jen is 39. Let’s see if she can hold onto a relationship first.

  • joke

    Oh Puleez! How many times have we gone through this? This is all GAME for Assnistn and Huvan. Don’t fall for it Jared! It seems she is hiding a book there so people start talking about it. :lol:

    The girlfriend needs distributer for 3 of her movies SO BAD.

  • liza

    She’s almost 40, it’s natural for woman at that age to have a small concave belly.

  • deanna

    yayy! lets hope so! :D

  • NZ

    doubt it. since when is a baby bump pointy?

  • pat

    Baby or no baby – what is it with Jennifer? She and the PR team she supervises are loving all this attention. It’s exactly what they want. Is she or isn’t she? This is why the public can’t stand Jennifer. Most could care less.

  • Alison

    I am happy for her if she is finally pregnant, but John Mayer is a rat and she can do better.

  • sharp

    i sure hope she is. but she could just be playing with the media ‘cos the bump looks so odd. oh gawd, please let her be pregnant FINALLY. but i’m sure john will not be pleased and will probably feel conned.

  • jxo

    Didn’t these two date for just a few months? If this rumor is true, why would you want to have a baby with someone you barely even know?

  • uhoh

    NOT PREGNANT! I just looked at pix of her a few days ago and her stomach is flat.

  • satteeeee

    maybe she ate too much that day? pre-period bloating? haha it could be a lot of things.

  • Jules

    Perhaps she just finished off her lunch? Or has a bad case of gas…
    Who cares, she is so yesterday’s news!

  • http://hbfghnbgfhnbf ROTFLMAO

    That’s just the worst thing. Getting PREGNANT by Mayer and having HIS baby? Who wants that?! :lol:

    Jen is desperate and she knows that. just three weeks ago i saw her in Bikini in Mexico drinking margarita. Is she or Isn’t she? Wasn’t there a pic of her at party two days ago and she was flat or kinda flat ?

    How pathetic if she is not pregnant,and she is FOOLING her FANS!

  • *gasp*

    if she really is then she must be practicing unsafe S e X with john mayer!!!!!!!!!! EEEWWWW eeewww for him becos she seems to sleep around a lot and eeeeewww for her becos he does too.

  • funny

    I say she is pregnant. Jennifer has never let her stomach get that big.

  • mcmarry

    are her boobies bigger????

  • anna

    Is Jen that desperate to have a baby with someone who treated her and others like crap??
    Yes she is. Jen is really that desperate.
    And if shes not pregnant, shame on her for once again misleading everyone with the is she or isn’t she game.
    What a headcase to enjoy this type of attention.

  • joke

    The sad part is , not only she has been playing with Media with this baby news for years,but also She used to play with her former husband with this baby news as well.

    I heard,she used to show positive pregnancy test to BP,and then laugh at his face with her friends.

  • Shar

    Nope mcmarry, if she was pregnant, esp. for the first time, her breast would be the first to grow.

  • aly

    obviously, she’s not pregnant. that “baby bump” is just the top seam from her skirt/pants.

  • courtney

    Does Jenn really think the media and public like the games she plays. Pregnant or not everyone is sooooo tired of her. If she cannot even be honest with herself and her life, why procreate?
    So over her.

  • Brittney

    Good for her if she is :]

  • Shar

    Hmmm, she must’ve read all the complaints about not visiting her mom, because it’s a wonder the paps so happen to catch her coming out of her mom’s house.

  • vmars111

    Please just be fat!

  • della ray

    I miss the Jennifer from the “Friends” days. She really seemed genuine before fame and attention went to her head. Now she is all phony. Always trying to out play the media and keep her name out there.
    Jen , quit the coy cutsie act and be true!!!!

  • rien

    I do hope Jen and her mother can rebuild the bridge of love again.

  • K

    It’s probably gas.

  • Faith and truth

    So maybe Jen is pregnant. Maybe not. And Maybe Jen and John are back together, or maybe not. And maybe they never broke up.
    See it’s all a game for Jen and John. I hate it when people play games under false pretenses. Jen and John are LOSERS.

  • Mia

    I don’t think she is. That doesn’t look like a bump, it just looks like a shape from the shirt or pants or something. It looks awkward, and everything about her looks normal.

    Plus she’s 39, almost 40-It’s not like her fertility rate is going to be as high and she’s pretty much stated she’s not a “baby person” which is fine.

    And yes, true-the baby reports have been going on for almost 10 years now (since she was with BP) and now.

  • ellie

    im from AUS and NW is a pretty shit mag , its like star for example…

    any way, it looks like the top of her skirt to me…


  • kitsun3gari

    I hope it’s true but still too early to think that it’s baby bump.

  • karina

    looks like she’s pregnant. either way hope she’s happy

  • ellie


  • *gasp*

    is that guy holding the papers her lawyer? maybe she is suing her mom for something? lol

  • mj

    She and PR friends did it again with JM as Vince,,when they broke up, later news came up they get back and wedding and baby..bla bla bla.. This girl should go to temple, church learning how to behave as 40 years old!! Anyway she does not know how to feed baby neither guy! LOL poor Jennifer

  • heather

    Let me get this straight. All of a sudden we have:

    Jen tanning in her tiny bikini in Mexico, THEN
    Jen out of the blue having dinner with loser ex boyfriend
    Sly Jen celebrating loser ex BF birthday
    Jen sneaking into said loser ex BF’s house with police escort of course
    Jen promoting goodwill and charity to school kids w/ her special water
    Headlines blaring Jen is pregnant rumor
    No denying of said rumor
    Jen reconnecting with tossed aside mom( yeah right – she hates her)
    Jen’s PR team – this is all rumors – They are good
    ALL this publicity in the last week for ole Jen. She has been a busy, busy girl. The best part – The paps were always around to snap her picture. WOW
    Now I smell something very fishy here. It’s all a little too convenient, especially since the J-P’s have some beautiful photos of the twins and AJ has been promoting her excellent new movie.
    How convenient for Jen. Riding on someone else’s coattails as usual. The girl will do ANYTHING to keep that face in the news.

  • stepho

    alright people.
    this is all false.

    everyone knows that its impossible for a MAN[iston] to reproduce.
    and ewww john mayer makes me sick!

  • K

    No wonder eating disorders are so prevalent – just because you can’t see her ribs through her shirt doesn’t mean she looks pregnant.

  • lynnette

    Jennifer actually tips the tabloids that shes visiting her mother. The mom she NEVER EVER visits because she hates her mom. But the paps just happens to catch Jen at her moms. Interesting. Some one has been reading Just Jared. Jen is sneaky.

  • funny

    heather.. it’s called an eye for an eye and it’s about time Jen socked it to them. Good for her.

  • oh mandy

    Pretending to be pregnant. WOW. Jen. How low will you go. You need to stop w/ the icky John no matter what. John is NO good for you. Have some respect for yourself already. It’s okay to be by yourself. You definatly do not need a loser man/child like John.

  • jk

    If she is… John Mayer is set for life.

  • http://MANISTON boo(real)

    YES.YES.YESS!! come on.. i pray it is so. finally any connection to bp/aj will end!!!!! whether john leaves her as a single mother or whatever…NO MORE CONNECTION. OOHHH Happy Day!!!!!!!

  • sofia

    If this is her way of “socking it to them,” then it’s pretty pathetic. She has to do more than this, but then, she can’t, can she? She doesn’t really have a lot of options anymore. She’s becoming totally irrelevant.

  • funny

    sofia.. she has plenty of options left.. kissing her brother, wearing vials of blood.. you catch my drift? I don’t think she will stoop that low though.. just a feeling i have.