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Jennifer Aniston Has A Baby Bump???

Jennifer Aniston Has A Baby Bump???

Jennifer Aniston fuels rumors that she’s expecting as she makes a stop at her mother’s house on Tuesday afternoon in West Hollywood, Calif.

Australia’s News Weekly reported that the 39-year-old actress has reunited with rocker John Mayer and is reportedly expecting his child!

Jennifer and John, 30, claiming to have committment-phobia, reportedly reunited over a romantic dinner in New York just over a week ago.

UPDATE: Aniston‘s rep tells Entertainment Tonight, “Give me a break. She is NOT pregnant.”

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314 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston Has A Baby Bump???”

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  1. 101
    si Says:

    I think is another rumor…but would be great for her…as long as she´s happy

  2. 102

    I would not buy any magazine about this on it. A couple of weeks ago she was looking skinny in a bikini, now becasuse she is wearing a belt under her top (To keep the tabs talking about her) she is preggars!.

    These magazines should dump this woman, long-term they are going to lose their readers. I used to buy them all, forked out every week but because I know all the Jen stories are planted now and I have wised up on her PR games, I don’t buy them now with her on it.
    I’ve heard it all before with other men and it’s to a timetable.

  3. 103
    deana Says:

    Whatever if she is I’m happy if shes not thats fine too. Shes a good person and deserves happiness in her life!!

  4. 104
    Malina Says:

    The PR pregnancy thing went bust so this is how they salvage it. The PR people are trying to use it any way. The whole visit her mom thing is straight from the web site complaints. These two pathetic creatures live their life from PR stunt to PR stunt. They are the phoniest publicity ho’s in Hollywood.

  5. 105
    Angi Says:

    OMG! You people are just sad. I seriously doubt she gives two sh*t if her “fans” thing she is pregnant our not. She is just living her life and you sad sacks are in here everyone b*tching and moaning about her. She doesn’t looks sad and desperate to me… whiners do. Go get a life, since it seems you all who complain about her really need to find one!

  6. 106
    Katie Says:

    “now becasuse she is wearing a belt under her top (To keep the tabs talking about her)”

    I don’t think anyone could think wearing a belt makes you look pregnant. Unless your carrying all your baby weight in a 4cm long strip across your stomach and back. If she’s wearing a belt, maybe it’s because her skirt is loose? No, that’s way too out there, you’re right, it’s one big media conspiracy. Jesus, people hate on her for working out, then hate on her because she looks like she had a good meal. There’s no way she could do anything you people would approve of.

    Look, if NW or Star had claimed she was on a crazy diet, the paps would have framed her in a way that made her look frail and bony. If they said she was angry and distressed, they would have gotten in her face and taken reaction shots. If they said she was depressed, they would have only circulated shots of her frowning. Because one of the craziest tabloids out there has said she’s pregnant, there looking to get shots that show even the tiniest hint of a baby belly. Honestly, if these pictures had been taken two weeks ago, nobody would have even noticed her stomach, it’s so slight.

    “These magazines should dump this woman, long-term they are going to lose their readers.”

    She’s what, the number 2 highest earner per cover. Yeah, obviously she’s real harmful to sales and they should stop putting her in mags right away. Shame on you for buying those hideous rags in the first place.

  7. 107
    Kathlyn :D Says:

    She’s pregnant… she is 29 years old … she could get some kids..that’s normal or?

  8. 108
    Malina Says:

    I feel sorry for Jen’s fans and John’s fans. These two desperate sewer rats care nothing for them. This is such a PR set up with her coming out of her mom’s house. Then she stuck some thing under her shirt. She has sunk to an all time low. Where is her self esteem. I will never like her. This pathetic old desperate hag is lower than a slug.

  9. 109
    Katie Says:

    “The whole visit her mom thing is straight from the web site complaints.”

    She’s been working on things with her mother for years now, but everytime she states that fact or goes to see her you all act like it’s a one off brought on my your bitching. She talks to her mother. So their not going to win the closest mom and daughter award. The fact that’s she’s trying to have a relationship with her mom after all the things the woman said about her is pretty great.

    You do realise you don’t have access into her life 24/7 right? Maybe 5% of the things she does outside her own private home is documented. You don’t know what she’s doing in the rest of her time, so to say she never visits her mother is just stupid. You don’t know, you’re just guessing.

  10. 110
    Ted Says:


  11. 111
    deana Says:

    # 110 Ted @ 10/22/2008 at 8:22 am
    That’s how i feel about 2 other people.. Why can one person change and be Happy for them and just maybe another changed just possibly Jen is smart and knows exactly what shes doing.

  12. 112

    What decent woman in her right mind would behave the way she does. This mom visit is web posters complaint about her disregard for her mom. What a stupid hag. Totally lost respect for her. The whole scrambling back to Mayer thing is pathetic on Jens part. Jen’s little handful of fans are the ones that are suffering from this. Look how the poor creatures want to believe it so bad. They would rather their girl get knocked up from a douche bag ( which opens her up to unprotected sex from a guy that sleeps around) than see her with no man all.
    This is a horrible way to treat your fans.

  13. 113
    deana Says:

    # 112 JEN HAS LOW SELF ESTEEM @ 10/22/2008 at
    yeah it does seem like your into her more then us. Huh?

  14. 114

    Sorry honey we are sick of you and John’s media who ring. John is a douche bag and you are also turning into one.

  15. 115
    Vivien Says:

    I think that it’s just the way her skirt bunched up underneath her shirt – I don’t think she’s pregnant. If she is, good luck to her. She’s pretty desperate to have a child if she chose to have one with John Mayer. Had your chance with Brad – chose your career instead. Regrets?

  16. 116
    Anna Says:

    That’s funny. That’s why I always thought Douchifer is a perfect name for John and Jen.

  17. 117
    Melissa Says:

    Oh please people, I can’t believe there are loons on this site, saying how horrible is would be for her to be pregnant by someone so soon. How about your ***** idols, she was pregnant like six months into their relationship, which niether one of those losers had the balls to admit they were in until she was pregnant. So STFU and go back into your holes.

  18. 118
    Melissa Says:

    there was one picture on one night of them together and that was for his birthday. I have no idea if they are together or not but honestly it is their right to do whatever they want.

  19. 119
    melisa Says:

    I doubt she has any regrets about not having kids with Brad, the way he is having them is rediculous and takes away all the joy and fun of having a baby and watching them as they grow. It is like an assembly line at the Jolie-Pitt house. Move them in and then move them down to make room for more.

  20. 120
    Rome Says:

    anniston is not preganat .she is too selfish, too hollywood,and too delusional and not smart enough to be honest . if I werehere, I would. she has all of the money in the world.. she could and should give those b-movies for dvd a rest .have a baby with john, marry him. it is a win win for both of them. have the baby. get divorced. be friends for life. have something real and her own. she is not getting any younger. hollywood days are nearing the end. she is not a good actress in the vein of renee, nicole, halle. have her baby. sell no pics. get out of themedia. live her a real persoanl life. in three years, have another baby with mayer. be friends for life rather than get married to someone and get divorcedagain. hollywood odds. anniston could also on the qt really give the media something to talk about by giving to charities or starting some of her own. give backnow. really beat pitjolie and the media. let go of thepast.

  21. 121
    African Girl Says:

    Heavens! I do hope she is pregnant, we know how insecure she is about her body…if she isn’t, get ready for a “They called me a fatty” pity party punctuated with an Oprah visit!

    Lord save us all!

  22. 122
    dd Says:

    I am not a JA fan, but if she is pregnant then I am happy and sad for her. Happy b/c she is not going to feel out of place among her friends who have children; sad because she is having a child with a loser who has no respect for her. And now the media is going on a frenzy about her looking good with pregnancy and once the baby comes out they will start comparing her baby to the Jolie-Pitt’s children.

  23. 123
    sofia Says:

    To African Girl – LOL! So true!

    To “Funny” – “funny” you didn’t mention the humanitarianism, children, wonderful family life, exceptional movies. Nope. Those are not options for Jennifer.

  24. 124
    melisa Says:

    sofia, Jennifer has all those things except a baby and when the time is right for her she will.

  25. 125
    Anna Says:

    Melissa it’s your worst night mare “I’m not a fan of the other couple you fear. I don’t click on their web site. I can care less about Jolie?Pitt but at least they seem more real and honest than Douchifer. I just hate phony Douchifer. Thank you Melissa for making me feel so welcome I think I will stay around a while longer.
    Jen’s poor fans are as desperate and delusional as Jen. I can’t wait until her movie go bust. We are going to send a message loud and clear at the box office.

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