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Jessica Alba Has a Green Home

Jessica Alba Has a Green Home

Jessica Alba showcases her kid- and eco-friendly home in the latest issue of InStyle.

On her husband Cash Warren: “He’s pretty organized for a dude.”

On their newly renovated L.A. canyon home: “It’s kid-friendly, animal-friendly. You can jump on the sofas, walk around barefoot. There’s nothing off-limits here.. The energy here is so inviting – it is open and playful. And everywhere you look, inside and out, you get to see a part of nature.” (They have three dogs and a 5-month-old daughter Honor Marie.)

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Photos: Art Streiber
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  • yuck

    Who cares? She always seem so grouchy and fake.

    Of course she’s going to jump on being green and eco friendly, it’s the new Hollywood trend. Everyone is doing it!

  • newport beach, 92660

    being green isn’t a bad thing , and its not really a ‘trend’ it’s just something GOOD for the EARTH . .

  • veronica

    Does this woman (Jessica Alba) irk anyone else? I can’t stand her, she pretends to be all nice and sweet but she comes across as stuck up.

    Plus I can’t understand why everyone thinks she’s pretty. She’s so plain it’s not even funny. I see nothing special about her.

    And no, I’m not jealous I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and their are lots of beautiful women out there. She’s just not one, successful yes, but beautiful NO!!

  • Supportive but skeptical

    In terms of “trend”, we forget a large part of what celebrities champion for they receive for free. I am a screenwriter and have seen countless actors/entertainers etc champion “going green” only to get to their homes and they are as wasteful as the next guy. Let’s be real here, not all of the people encouraging you to go green would do so with their own money. If BMW gives you a free concept car to use as free advertising for them, then of course you’re going to encourage others to buy it. Realistically, some of these same celebrities aren’t in any rush to purchase these things. Besides, its all about keeping your name in the press and remaining relevant. Smart publicists will “encourage” certain things to help you stay relevant, i.e. “Maybe its time to have a baby”, maybe you should “lose a sex tape”, “do you want to check in to rehab for a nonexistent addiction”, “go green”. It’s great that she’s promoting it, but I’ll believe it when I see it in person rather than a magazine article that’s free advertising for her. More companies should start promoting “going green” and do their part in informing the American people. Children and teens tend to emulate celebrities. A grown adult who has more purchasing power than a child wants to be informed by experts in that field not a 27 year old celebrity. Companies spend more money using celebrities to educate rather than changing the market and doing the educating themselves.

  • veronica

    oops should be THERE instead of THEIR

  • elicard5

    even if going “green” is a Hollywood trend, at least they are inspiring people who follow what ever celebrities do.
    There trying to set a good example for once

  • Tealeaf

    Alba thinks she is SOO smart..”my house is eco-friendly”

    Her attitude and films are eco-annoying

  • Andy

    I have to disagree with most of these comments. Jessica Alba is one celeb who at least tries to support good causes. Look at all her work on battltling voter apathy in the US by trying to get the youth to the ballot box. She drives a Prius and supports an eco-friendly outlook. A hell of a lot better than most of the rich and famous.

    As for the woman herself she’s brought out one or two crap films but I thought The Eye was pretty good especially as she probably finds it tough to find roles that don’t focus on her looks (by the way veronica take if from a guy THAT is an attrative woman!).

    Criticism can be good but why not save it for the thousands of celebs who are wasted all the time or assault hotel staff, etc. etc. Jessica Alba’s actually seems pretty decent…

  • katie n

    Eco-friendly is not yet a trend with everyday joes. so it is admirable that celebrities like Jessica Alba gets into that and also tells others about it. May be people will follow her/them.

  • kAYLA

    Aww, I love Jessica Alba! Her house is pretty too.

  • dyh

    I’m with Andy – don’t get the hate. Never arrested for DUI, never even stopped for it, no scandals – all she does is work and support charities and people get all negative for no real reason. I think she’s gorgeous and I look forward to seeing the article.

  • LolaSvelt

    She’s so dull and doesn’t seem to have a mind of her own. “Well if they’re being eco-friendly so will I, even though I probably don’t even know what it is!”.

  • Cynthia

    Jessica pimping out her home, what will she be pimping out next her daughter?

  • veronica

    It’s not hate. Most definitely she should be commended for her incredible behaviour. She’s able to live in Hollywood and not get sucked into all the scandals, arrest, rehab, divorce soap operas, so by all means she can be considered a role model.

    I get a “vibe” from her and it’s not a genuine one. I think she’s playing up the innocent act and she’s really stuck up. Of course I have no proof but it’s a feeling I get. I agree with Yuck – she seems FAKE.

    If she truly is an eco adovcate great for her, but I don’t buy it. She seems too fake.

    Cynthia, I don’t think she will pimp out her daughter, she seems like a genuine mother that wants to protect her child from the paparazzi, which I think is admirable.

    I just think she’s too FAKE. I remember reading somewhere she was proud of her etnicity and wouldn’t succumb to Hollywood’s Blonde hair/Blue eye craze, and low and below in Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer she’s got Blonde hair and blue contacts.

  • Seth

    Getting blond hair and blue contacts for a film is not the same as doing that in real life. I don’t know whether she had done it in her everyday life but in films actors do all sort of things, kill, maime, rape, cheat. These should not be used to judge their real characters.

  • just me

    I love Jessica! She is beautiful, never in the gossip columns, works hard and seems to love her life with Cash and Honor. The only time I see her not smiling is when the paparazzi are all in her face and blocking her path-and I don’t blame her for not smiling then!

  • lizzie

    I think Jessica Alba is pretty, not as beautiful as men claim but, anyways almost all the comments on here are saying she is fake. I don’t think she is really fake, but her vibe does seem to bring that about her. Either way she is an actress and rich so she has the money to feel stuck up and better than everyone else, I know that if I was a rich actress I would probably be like this too, would you?

  • Steven

    I think Jessica is gorgeous but I have to agree that this who eco-green BS is a trend! Otherwise attractive celebrities just seem stupid endorsing things that they haven’t actually researched. Watch Pen and Tellers episode on global warming.

  • animalshelters

    I love the green home and all the pets. The animal shelters have lots of pets to adopt.

  • Soffodopolis

    Everyone is so skeptical of Jessica Alba and Cash Warren’s intentions. I think it is great that they let a magazine in to shoot and talk about this new house. You have to look beyond “going green” as a trend. It is the way of the future if we want to make a difference. Our children won’t even think twice about it. So what if you don’t like Jessica Alba physically or as an actress. I don’t think she is showing off so much as showing us an example. I never new about a lot of these alternatives for a home and I am interested in making my home safer and eco-friendly. I also would love to cut down on costs in the long run. Stop being so cynical people. What is wrong with buying used furniture instead of poorly designed stuff made in China, or putting salt water in your pool instead of water laced with chemicals?

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