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Taylor Momsen Hospitalized!!!!!

Taylor Momsen Hospitalized!!!!!

Gossip Girl starlet Taylor Momsen has been hospitalized with a severe, potentially life-threatening throat infection.

“I have been treating Miss Taylor Momsen for the last few days,” Dr. Shawn Nasseri tells Us Weekly. “She has been hospitalized for a severe, potentially life-threatening throat infection since Sunday. She has been an excellent patient, and after aggressive antibiotics and medications, she is expected to make a full recovery in the next three to five days.”

A source close to the 15-year-old actress reveals Momsen was in L.A. to take a school exam when she “woke up with a sore throat. She thought it was just a common cold, but was advised to see an ear, nose & throat specialist before getting on a plane back to New York.”

Get well soon, Little J!!!

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  • ellen

    aww love her <33

  • Kay

    since when are throat infections life-threatening? just saying..

    good to hear she’s okay though!

  • b chick

    omg!! life threatening?!?!? o.O

    i hope she gets well soon!

  • julia



  • murky

    Heard she was a druggie. I hope she recovers though because she has the special gift, like the young David Bowie, of pulling off a mullet. You have to be REALLY pretty to rock the mullet.

  • solange

    momsen is 15??

  • babysis

    for some reason i have a itching feeling its actually about her being so skinny…

  • steph

    it’s because of all of the cigarettes.
    trust me.

  • .

    this is an excuse for her absence while she’s in rehab, cute

  • Beyond White trash

    It’s inconceivably unbelievable.

    That is, to discern who has the least decorum,.

    Is it the teeny bopper patient who hired a publicist to announce an infection?

    The publicist who agreed it was newsworthy?

    or the medical professional who gave an interview to the tabloid US weekly?

    Dear Miss Momsem,

    If you’re reading, and I’ll assume with your desperation for press you are, it is tacky, classless, unseemly (get it) to divulge private health information. Since you’re not educated, I’ll use a term you’ll understand TMI.

    You are a small member of a large ensemble cast of a cable teen television series, not the Commander in Chief. I assure you NO ONE wants to know of any infection you’ve manifested.

    Additionally, while I have your attention, it’s very blue color to pose like a model when entering an event. You’ll notice woemn who were correctly never ever do, e.g., Nicole Kidman, Audrey Hepburn, the Princess of Wales, Jacqueline Kennedy, etc.

    You are a third rate starlet, not a model. Frankly you’re too short to be a model. Please simply smile and continue walking. You’;ll gain the appropriate amount of press in the cheaper magazines regrading your dress. But, wait, I thought you were an actress.

    In any case, you’ll find that if you’re not malnourished, strep throat is not life threatening (rolling eyes).

    Now, go away, you silly girl anmd learn to ACT on television and keep your private life to yourself otherwise.

  • dee

    well we all get sick now don’t we..big deal..but get well soon i guess..

  • Arthur

    Get well soon Litlle J!!!²

  • emma

    Get well soon!
    I wish you the best.. We <3 U!

  • buckley

    oh that smirk…how I want to slap it off your face.

  • kat

    Get well Taylor!!! We support you!!

  • LolaSvelt

    God, you people are idiots. It says a throat infection and suddenly people say: “It’s because she’s eaten!”

    Let’s hope that none of you are doctors.

  • LolaSvelt

    Sorry I meant: “It’s because she hasn’t eaten.”

  • katie

    Do not listen this stupid people Taylor. I adore you! You are a wonderful young girl.

  • natasha

    Who are you people?? The health of this girl is fragile right now and you criticize her and invent stupid things?? That’s just mean. Don’t worry Little T, they are jealous. Take care!

  • Joseph Smith

    She will die .-.

  • actually…

    the real cause of her “throat infection”

    - bulemia related acid erosion
    - chronic smoking
    - STD from giving “oral favors”

  • Magie

    I am shocked and amazed at the comments coming from some of you, it is ridiculous to assume you are that much above her or know an ounce of her life to judge her so harshly. I highly doubt they would make up a throat disease for more press since she has been in it enough on her own lately. Taylor is a talented young actress and to call her harsh names and assume horrid things about her shows the kind of people you are. I wish Taylor all the best and that she gets better as soon as possible!

  • laura

    omg y u being sooo horrible know the full story..and im guessing yoor not doctors no ?….thought not….give the girl a break … is slagging people off all you do god:|

  • laura

    omg y are you guys so horrible…we dont know whats wrong wiv her…im guessing none of you are doctors?…though not:|….give the girl a break…is slagging young girls all you do …god:|

  • Go Green and Organic

    OREGANO OIL IS AN EXCELLENT INFECTION FIGHTER, The Doctors and Pharmaceutical companies don’t want you to know about it because it would jeopardize their ‘business’, seriously, look it up.

  • The saner sex

    Wow, you sometimes forget how petty and bitchy women can get until you read blogs like this.

  • 93

    Erm, throat infections are life-threatening?

    Nevertheless, I hope she feels better soon.

  • tiffany

    Get well soon lil J

  • sweetie

    Rest up, Taylor! Hope you are feeling better soon!

  • dialectic

    have any of you ever had a severe throat infection? strep throat?
    if not , shut up! the same thing happened to me and i had to be rushed to the emergency room because i couldnt even breathe.

    to mock someone with a medical condition is sad and it shows that some of you have no respect for life.
    think of your comments next time something shitty happens to you and your sitting there wondering why…..

  • leighton & blake fan

    Some of these comments are really rude.Anyways get well soon Taylor

  • Cynthia

    Get well soon Taylor!

  • sarah

    hey a**holes, think before you say something, because i had a friend die from a throat infection

  • @10

    Issues much? Why so much hate directed towards someone you don’t even know?

    Taylor is only 15, give the kid a break.

  • newport beach, 92660

    oh dear god

    i hope she gets better , LIFE THREATING ?

    i would cry i swear if anything happened to her

    i still think of her as little Cindy Lou Who from the Grinch


  • eddie jones

    guess that sorta speaks for itself, ‘what you have to stick in your mouth to get on tv’ she looks like she needs to throw a few pounds on.

  • _silenttears

    ohh that’s not good! get well soon taylor!! <3

  • Emily

    It’s because she’s been throwing up too much. The digestive acids have probably burnt holes in her throat. Throat infections are common for belumics.

  • emma

    why are some of you guys beeing so mean? you don’t know her so don’t judge her! you don’t know if she has bulimia or whatever (and i don’t think she has!)
    she’s 15 for god’s sake!!

  • Olivia

    Aww. I love Taylor, I hope she gets to feeling better!

  • Jack

    Agreed #10

    Who issues a press release for an infection?

    Well brought up young ladies don’t even announce pregnancies.

    Fame whore.

  • K


  • Nadia

    Poor Taylor. I really hope she gets well soon. xox

  • Snitz nitz

    I hope Little T gets better soon. As for those others that think she is faking it I would love to see you guys when your sick and laugh in your face.


  • Alissa

    Serves her right for sucking all those big dіrty donkey dіcks.

  • Riley

    you guys who are saying she is a nobody and all the bull are so stupid. dont even kid around about eating disorders because you have no idea of the sad things peoples families go through with an eating disorder. Get a life and stop commenting about a young girl who just got sick and it could be serious you have no idea. stop acting like you know everyhing and like there so stupid and naive. Thats wrong you’re uneducated and have no idea about what you’re saying. You shouldn’t joke around about rehab and illnesses there sad serious subjects




  • jeann

    ANOREXIC AND BULIMIC poor girl, poor parents


    Get well soon, Little J!!! AND

  • anjel

    i had strep throat too early this year & had to be in the ER coz i also had pneumonia, i couldn’t breath. strep is serious if there’s complications. good thing she went to the hospital before it became too late.