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Ashley Tisdales is a TV Producer

Ashley Tisdales is a TV Producer

Ashley Tisdale is taking a step away from the spotlight and trying her hand at behind-the-camera work.

The 23-year-old High School Musical starlet revealed on the Thursday’s Live With Regis and Kelly! that she’s working on producing TV shows now!

“You just create a show and I go into the networks and start pitching it,” Ashley shared. “Disney Channel came to me and asked me to produce a TV show based on my life working in a clothing store. I’m not in it, but I’m just producing it. We’re just in the creative process with that.”

The Tizz added, “I’m [also] producing a reality show with Fremantle [Home Entertainment], who created American Idol.”

Exciting news for Ashley!

Ashley Tisdale – “Live With Regis & Kelly”, 10/23
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  • Kelly

    congrats ashley! :D

    I’m proud of her!

  • riley

    FIRST :D

    she’s pretty :D

  • NINA



  • Flor

    i’m so proud of her!!love her hair!


    Loove heer.

  • janaah

    others love to Ashley, my life, my everything

  • mike snovak

    love her hair!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yezza

    she’s goin 2 b more plastic ever!!!

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    OMG !!

    She is pretty,beautiful,cute….

    I love her so so so muchhh <3<3

  • Grace

    YAY go Ashley. Love this Girl. There is so much hate and i have no idea why. she’s done nothing wrong. Anyway thanks for posting JJ

  • zanessa/jashley

    She will go far :D I can’t believe she’s producing now..that’s so cool of her. I can’t wait to hear her 2nd album !! I’m looking forward to it !! Ashley, you totally rule !!

  • zv

    don’t like her new look but love her!!
    already watched HSM3 twice both wednesday and thursday and its AWESOME!!


  • zv

    LOVE HSM3!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    LOVE HSM!!!!!!!!

    LOVE ZANESSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Good Job Ash ♥

  • cristine

    ashley is wonderful !!! I love her hair and her style!
    I love you is my life !!!!
    is MY IDOL !!!


    I LOve u ash cant wait till ur album
    u look beautiful!
    tottaly adore ur hair

  • … xp

    Love her ; ) <3

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Wow! Gj Ashley. Looks like she’s set for life.

  • calixo

    i live in toluca lake too – for sure disney community – see em all the time!!

  • cheerxgirlx(blue-eyed gal96)


  • leighton & blake fan

    Good for Ashley.I am sure she will do great at producing

  • a&a=)

    she is going to do pure shit.. as she is doing with her image.. ashley sucks guys!

  • Abby


  • ashleytfan

    SHUT UP ASHLEY HATERS! Don’t comment if you hate her. I love Ashley she is beautiful and the most real celebrity. Down to earth, funny, gorgeous and talented. Screw the jealous people :D

  • girlleaDER1

    OMG !!
    I love Ashley
    she is beautiful

  • suzy

    she looks cute.

    Here is the new trailer for her film.

  • alex

    good for her
    shes so happy and pretty
    i adore her darker hair

    cant wait for HSM4
    me and my friend becca are going to see it
    at 12:00 in the MORNING
    i already got tickets and my mum is takin me
    well be the first ones to watch it at the theatre =D

  • Serena

    Aww yay go Ashley! She’s going to be very succesful…she already is! I love her, she’s my favorite celebrity. Number one, for sure!


  • Nickie Brie

    Wowwwwwww i didn’t think she can get any uglier she is the ugliest girl on earth she makes girls out there embarrassed to be a girl!!!!!!!Thats how ugly she is!!!! I feel bad for this ugly b*tch awww shes just so ugly and extremely BORING!!!! It makes me sad….Poor ugly girl!!Haha

  • omg

    I LOVEE ASHLEYY and if you guys thinks she’s boring and ugly, then why freaking bother to comment? common sense!

  • Christen

    I hate this girl she should go the hell away this ugly ugly beast!!!Assley
    pissdale!!!!Gosh can this uglyyy girl GO THE FREAK AWAY MAN!!!!!Stupid hideous girl!!!Shes a bad actress too and i hate her voice she really needs to get another choice and go under a rock!!!!!ASSLEY STINKS LIKE PISS!!!!!LOLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid fans of hers you dumb blinde JERKS HOW COULD YOU FREAKS LIKE THIS UGLY CREEP!!!!Yeah like whatever i don’t really give a rip no more man!!!!!!!!

  • Lauren Jessi

    I know she soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

  • Cristina

    love Ashley!!

    im happy for you Ash

    Zashley Zashley FAN FAN!!

  • kay

    congrats and shut up fucking zanessa lovers.

  • Nickie Brie

    I’m not a zanessa lover but i don’t mind them but i can’t hide the fact that i hate this ugly ashley girl i just don’t like this b*tch and her stupid annoying voice and not to mention her annoying hideous hideous face
    and have you heard this girl sing GOSH!!!!!!My ears were bleeding hard she should be arrested for trying to sing and also should be arrested for scaring people with her ugly disgusting face!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Brian

    Ashley Tisdale is the hottest and realest chick in Hollywood, and she knows it.

  • Miny

    atleast she is better than those stupid are wasting time saying silly things about her!

    who cares! because she is still the best!

  • Gary B

    Even if you like her work or not you have to admire her PROFESSIONALISM. She is already produced Picture This and is not shopping a sitcom. Other’s in Hollywood such as Lindsay Lohan could learn a thing or two from her. Lohan would be a entertainment powerhouse if she was serious about her career and was not screwing everything that moved and snorted and boozed her talent away.

  • JOHN C

    Hey NINA screw you she is a natural brunette and she looks incredible congrats ash and keep up the great work can’t wait to see HSM3 LOVE YA!:)

  • Sammy

    noooooo she should stay with movies and music producing is too much!

    i love ashley so much but i dont think she should do this

  • teteu

    I LOVE HER *—*

  • Nickie Brie

    So who cares she still ugly!!!

  • Nickie Brie

    And ps shes uglier then ever now then before!!!!She Yuck!!!

  • alexa

    i dnt get it when kelly says and she bit her lip and held in a tear? someone explain? lol

  • ashtisdalelover1905

    Zanessa fans: Why don’t you love Ashley??

    Why are you green-eyed ??

    I am not vanessa hater but i prefer ashley to nessy…You prefer zanessa i know that but you don’t have a right to say ashley ugly,suck,not natural okeyy ???

    Team Tizzzzz <3<3

  • eki

    stop hating on Ashley, you all know that shes much much better than Vanessa in real life. Ashley has a great personality, i just love her, shes cute and funny :))

  • Joanna

    great outfit !

  • adolmir

    i love you, you are very pretty and cute, the most beatiful actress and singer in the world, i love your movies, are amazing. I love your cd headstrong is my favorite album and your song he said she said.

  • NoNo

    OMG I did not know about this till now she is such an inspiration I mean Vanessa Miley and all those people are going to be history in 10 years but ashley will still be succsesful

  • Tiz

    Ashley is sooooo cuteeee. she reminds me of little pet dog!!!!