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Beyonce Looks 15 Pounds Heavier

Beyonce Looks 15 Pounds Heavier

You can definitely see that Beyonce did, in fact, gain 15 pounds for her roles as the legendary blues singer Etta James in the upcoming movie, Cadillac Records.

The 27-year-old singer/actress also serves as executive producer for Cadillac Records, which opens in theaters everywhere on Friday, December 5.

You can listen to Beyonce‘s rendition of Etta‘s “At Last” at

If you want to meet Beyonce, she’ll be at Bloomindales NYC (59th St) @ 6PM this Tuesday, October 28 to promote her clothing line, House of Dereon.

DO YOU THINK Beyonce will win an Oscar this time around? (Her costar Jennifer Hudson won Best Supporting Actress for Dreamgirls.)

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  • I heart the PANTZ

    wow.. this is not a good look for her.. but she’s awesome..

  • Nick Lachey USA

    Err…..That last photo makes her look like a blob..

  • b chick

    eww. she looks so freakin uglyyyy

  • stepho

    OMG what the heck is this!!!!?
    she looks so gross, well she always does but this time she has gone TOO far :(

    and i hope she doesnt win an Oscar, look at what happened to JHudson when she won hers. she thinks she is the “hottest” thing around now. well let me tell u, ur not. ewww
    so yeah i dont want Beyonce to become anymore stuck up than she already is if she were to win an Oscar.

    now someone who should win an Oscar, Ms. Angelina Jolie.
    whoo! go Angie!!!! <3
    cant wait to see her in The Changeling. =]

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    ..oscar time.

  • jen

    no offense but she will never sing as good as jennifer hudson did in dream girls

  • jen

    she will never sing as good as jennifer hudson did in dream girls

  • miley cyrus fan tayler

    Oh wow! So much negative cmmts but w.e :D

    If you guys don’t know maybe she was doing a SCENE a sad or w.e SCENE

  • [☆I n F a m o u s☆]

    … of course she was doing a “sad” scene.. you fcuking moron. LOL

    you think she looks like tina turner after a round with ike because she’s happy… ~smh~

  • ILovePapaSmurf

    Uh, she doesn’t carry a torch to the amazing voice of Etta James. She wishes, but fails miserably. Better luck next time, B.

  • ellen

    you guys are pathetic, …

    she will definitely win an oscar for doing this, watch.

  • xoxoliz

    oh dear.

  • mike snovak

    I actually agree with InFamous!!! Oscar Time!!!

  • miley cyrus fan tayler

    oscar oscar oscar oscar oscar oscar oscar oscar oscar oscar oscar

  • truvy

    She doesn’t deserve an Oscar, nor did Jennifer Hudson(who is the better singer of the two).

  • http://justjared constance

    she will not win an oscar. she can’t act…she just wants to win something because jennifer hudson, who completely deserved her Oscar because she was amaaaazing in dreamgirls and ten times the better singer. She only took this role to prove her non existent acting abilities to compete with jennifer.

  • gia

    I can not wait to see this, I know Beyonce doesn’t look exactly like Etta but I have a feeling that she is going to wow people with her performance in this film.

  • Dee

    Wow, that was dull. I don’t buy Beyonce portraying Etta James; her acting skills are okay, but mostly consist of her widening her eyes. Just throwing a blonde wig on Beyonce isn’t going to cut it. Etta is alto, Beyonce is what, a soprano?

  • Ddb

    Beyonce cannot act. Her voice is too thin and she needed to gain 30lbs to portray Etta James. She is a great pop star and singer, but not a talented actress by any means. I was furious when I found out somebody greenlit Beyonce to portray her.


    The only reason Beyonce has gotten this far in her career is because society is very superficial and the music industry goes by looks now, not talent.

    Beyonce is an embarrassment. Her rendition of At Last is horrendous.

    She has a terrible singing voice.

    What is sad is that someone with Etta’s God given talent would never have been given a shot in today’s music industry unless she looked like Halle Barry. VERY SAD SAD DAY.

  • Laurel

    You don’t get an Oscar just for gaining weight.

  • vmars111

    Stop or Sarah Palin will shoot!

  • erleigh mae

    god!!!! is this true?

  • steven

    oh my !
    she is so popular among the sports fans @ sportinglove.c om .
    she must be very nice although i don know much about her……

  • lyla

    she is actually one of the best singers around right now, and she can definitley act, so stop with the negativity, people who dont like her, usually dont like her because the rest does, and they want to be rebels or whatever, shes amazing and she can sing, just watch her do it!

  • Carey

    Oh my gaawd, you can’t say she’ll get an oscar just from some pictures. And besides, i love Beyonce, but she is no Etta James

  • antigona

    why would she win an oscar? becasuse she gained weight? please… she can´t act… she has a good voice…

  • enoughalready

    Go Beyonce, do your thing girl, live out your dreams and keep making them other so called singers go crazy.

  • Eyda

    love you B

  • RM

    Seeing her in films makes me cringe, like it does with most singers who try to act. Eurgh. The only person I’ve seen who’s good in music and films is Will Smith – good rapper and good actor. Beyonce should stick to singing and stop over exposing herself everywhere, I’m sick of the sight of her at times. I WON’T be buying her album as a result!

  • Tinaverse

    I give her alot of credit for doing this film and not being glamorous. She does not look this bad in real life either, they made her look bad for the movie. A true actress will embrace the role even if it makes her look bad. I love Queen Latifa because she takes on roles where she is not glammed up. She was fantastic in the Secret Life of Bees.

    We won’t know about an Oscar until we see the movie Jared!

  • lol

    bey is amazing and beautiful

  • mslewis

    Beyonce cannot act!!! Beyonce cannot sing!!! That was very clear in “Dreamgirls.” Now she is playing Etta James, one of the greatest blues singers of all time. Etta had a rough life and was a heroin addict. But the girl could sing through her pain. There is NO WAY that Beyonce will win, or even be nominated, for an Oscar. NO WAY!!! She can’t act and this story requires a REAL actress. Jennifer Hudson should have played the role. She can act and sing and was the only reason to see “Dreamgirls.”

  • Ants

    First of all. JHUD did not outdo Beyonce. They were playing characters Jhuds character was abnoxious fat and had an uncontrolled voice. Beyonces Character was timid and shy and she had to play that part. While filming the director told Beyonce to bring it down a bit and not be so ferocious to stay in character.
    Secondly JHUD was playing the character who was a beyatch from the start. Beyonces character had to evolve. Obviously taking more skill than the one dimensional over the top JHUD.

    All those haters….you can say what you want. She is in this movie and yes she is playing Etta James. Yes she did a tribute to her on Fashion Rocks and Yes Etta James did approve of Beyonce portraying her in the movie.

    Beyonce has been welcomed by the likes of Dianna Ross, Tina Turner and Etta James.

    Please….like Rihanna could ever embody any of those icons
    The same goes for Jennifer Hudson, Ashanti and Amerie.

    Directors pick Beyonce to play these parts cuz she fits the part.
    If you don’t like it…who cares. It’s more publicity for the movie anyways!

  • anon


  • anon

    You gotta give it up. This woman knows how to play the game. She knows publicity and she knows how to run her business.
    GO Beyonce!!!!!!


    You can hate all you want people…..You’ll never win.
    She is just going to keep coming back.

  • Cynthia

    Sasha Farts is so not going to win an oscar, she’s over. that’s all.

  • ndjj

    please beyonce has always been a fat ass.

  • ndjj

    please beyonce has always been a fat ass.


    to ndjj.
    Well that sure is one pretty popular and rich fat ass.

  • !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ok that is INSULTING to Etta James. She looks like a beast!!!!!!!!

  • becca

    i hope she gets SOMETHING for packing on the pounds like this!!!

  • LANA


  • Anastacia

    it was okay when she had some curves, but THIS is just EW!!!

  • Frida

    God, you guys are shallow. She’s obviously doing a sad scene in the pictures and as for her gaining weight if that’s what she had to do for the role then great. It doesn’t really look like she gained all that much and you know what, this is supposed to be back in the day when curves were considered sexy. You know before anorexic hollywood chicks came and screwed up the world.


    i love love love love love love you

  • http://deleted mimi

    She sounds good but she ain’t no etta james. I don’t know if she will get an oscar or not, but I know one thing she cannot act for sh%t.


    im sure she will suck just like in DREAM GIRLS

  • teacup

    First of all the movie isn’t out as of yet so we don’t know how her acting will be. If it’s any indication of her previous movies then it will be a longshot for an oscar. But if it’s for the song At Last – you can bet your bottom dollar that she will get it. She sounds incredible.

    You go Beyonce!!