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Britney Spears and the Pumpkin Patch Kids

Britney Spears and the Pumpkin Patch Kids

Britney Spears takes her sons — Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 2 — pumpkin picking at Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch on Doheny Drive, West Hollywood on Thursday. (She’s wearing Paige Jeans “Skyline Ankle Peg” in Coal.)

“Had a great day!” the 26-year-old pop princess said yesterday. “Just put the babies down for bed. We were able to sneak out and get Halloween costumes!”

To check out Britney‘s personal photos from the pumpkin patch, visit

WHAT DO YOU THINK Britney will be dressing up as this year for Halloween???

15+ pictures inside of Britney Spears and the Pumpkin Patch Kids…

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britney spears punpkin picking 01
britney spears punpkin picking 02
britney spears punpkin picking 03
britney spears punpkin picking 04
britney spears punpkin picking 05
britney spears punpkin picking 06
britney spears punpkin picking 07
britney spears punpkin picking 08
britney spears punpkin picking 09
britney spears punpkin picking 10
britney spears punpkin picking 11
britney spears punpkin picking 12
britney spears punpkin picking 13
britney spears punpkin picking 14
britney spears punpkin picking 15

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  • sweets

    Brit looks healthy and happy as of lately. I am really pulling for her, I hope she has gotten everything together.

  • Linda

    Ahhh how precious, her little guys are so cute. Britney need her kids back. Good wishes to her and her little boys.

  • stepho

    she looks so good!!!
    yay Britney!!! love her to death.
    im so happy that shes doing so well. :D
    and the boys, adorable.



  • stella11215u488

    I love Britney, she has completely changed her life around and I think it is great that she is seen hanging out with her boys a lot now

    BUT why is she never holding sean??? I havent seen a picture of her holding him since the birth of jayden!! So strange

  • ♥zanessa-lova4life♥

    Its sweet she spends time with her kids!

  • Tilly

    C’mon, enough with the ‘pop princess’ label.
    She is 26, been married twice, has 2 kids.

  • Danielle

    I’ve never been a fan of hers, but am glad she has been able to turn her life around and become a happier person. She seems so much happier and healthier!

  • dani

    Too cute! but that Jayden always looks miserable:( I hope theres nothing wrong with him.

  • Sarah

    Britney looks great and thats not a new nanny thats her assistant…anywho jayden and sean are the cutest celebrity kids ever

  • Shannon

    She does look great! As for her not holding Sean Preston, I think he probably weighs more than Jayden does. Besides the youngest child normally wants their mother to hold them. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with Jayden. How happy would you be if you were a child and you had all these photogs probably yelling your name?

  • maddie

    my cousin is named jayden james!!! that’s weird……….

  • xoxoliz

    aww, I’m glad she’s gotten back up again before hitting rock bottom. she was so close, almost too close. and she looks gooooood again

  • justified


  • Grace

    AWESOME! You just keep on pimping out those camera ready moments and you’ll be back on top in no time, Pop Tart. Ambition disguised as family values. Yeah, she’s someone to be praised.

  • Angela

    So nice to see at least one of these boys parents’ participating in their lives. We used to just see Kevin’s Hired help out and about with the boys and never Kevin. I wish she could ge full custody of them back and let Kevin do the every other weekend thing.

  • XD

    she looks so ugly
    hairr.ugly face..ewwww

  • puhlese

    Only 17 comments? I guess she’s a hasbeen.

  • laura

    oooh,soo cute!!
    jayden is the cutest baby around!!so like brit when she was a child!
    and sean its already a little pimp!hahaha
    so cute too!
    luv u brit,more and more!!

  • laura

    loooooooooooooove you B girl!!!

  • paul

    hot chick!!!
    the world wants you back!
    you are the true queen!

  • dee

    i could eat up Jayden he is soooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!

  • britney can’t sing

    staged photo op alert. How much did she get paid for this shoot? Expect to see more pictures in OK next week.

  • britney can’t sing

    exploiting her kids once again. It’s what she does best, well other than lip-syncing.

  • erleigh mae

    wow….what happened to her?
    But she still looks very stressed though….

  • Dave

    What no comments about the two year old still with a Pacifier ??
    Or do you guys leave those nasty Pacifier remarks for Kingston Rossdale.

  • ryan

    As for the paci, I think that Jayden has just woken up (it’s nothing unusual that 2-year olds still sleep with a paci). I haven’t seen Jayden with pacifier for a long, long time ago. They drink out of the sippy cups so I don’t think Jayden still uses a paci.
    And Kingston, well to be honest, we see him sucking his paci quite often (he is a 3 months older than Jayden). The same is with Suri and her bottle…
    Britney has gorgeous and beautiful kids :)

  • Megan fox rocks

    she looks so Beautiful

  • Rose

    I read somewhere, Britneys dressing up as her bald self for Halloween this year. Oh well, Jayden and Sean are just the cutest ever. Along with Suri, they are the cutest babies in Hollywood.

  • john

    britney is the hottest,even with no production!
    and her kids are lovely!!
    can’t wait for her perfomance!!
    she’ll shake the fuckin world!

  • lisa

    out of the last few sets of Kingston candids he has only had the pacifier in one of the sets and that was when he was tired and grumpy, he has it less and less now.
    Brit looks great and so happy now .

  • sasha

    Jayden is so cute

  • Stacy

    Those babies are gonna be heartbreakers later in life….they are sooooo damn cute!!!! Britney is looking A LOT better herself too!!!! I see you girl!

  • dianel

    Britney is looking happy again and she sure has two handsome little boys

  • Cynthia

    Britney exploiting her kids, she doesn’t be with them long enough to do such a thing. She exploiting herself of course she’s: celebrating her birthday on gma, her album drops the same day, she has a new perfume out, i bet it smells like SHIT, and she put a website for herself. What a narcissist!

  • David

    Cynthia, you’re a certified idiot.

  • anon

    cynthia your a dumb piece of sh*t!!! ITS CALLED MAKIUNG MONEY HJONEY!!!! She has to make money so she can support her children b/c her ex refuses to get a flippen job!!! britney’s perfumes are the 3rd top selling celeb fragrences!!!! her fragrences made 13 mil this yr in the uk alone!!! britney figures the paps are their anyways so just give them a picture and leave. notice this is the only one where shes looking at the camera. Or it could have been the pumpkin orchird taking the pics and then sold extras to the paps. cynthia, name a celeb who doesnt have a site!! its to clear up rumors and communicate with fans!!! and WHY IF YOU F*CKING HATE BRITNEY SO MUCH DO YOU BOTHER TO GET YOUR DMB A** SELF ON THE COMP TO READ ABOUT HER???????? YOU ARE FING INSANE!!!! plz. do us all a favor and take a nice long and deadly OVERDOSE!
    thanks =)

  • andamentothat

    the kids look very cute.. They always dress like twins and still rock the look. It must be hard for Britney to deal with all the controversy surrounding her but she has turned herself pretty well.. She needs to keep Dad around for a long long time.. He has been her rock.

  • Renata Livia

    she is great. its nice to see her happy again. she deserves it. the boys as well . i cant wait to see her perform dec. 27th

  • RYAN

    the photos arent very clear, but what i can see of her, she looks great.

    hate federline, love spears!

  • melissa

    i think good one her for turning her life around she has people seeing every thing she dose and been bitch about dont help but hey she is human just like u or me but she is not a bad person {and im sorry to say love but she is rich and famouse for her voice long before all dis she needs faith not filth

  • isa

    to cute