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Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine

Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine

James Bond star Daniel Craig takes the latest cover of Parade magazine, out Friday. Here’s what the Quantum of Solace actor had to say:

On who would be the better James Bond —- Barack Obama or John McCain: “Obama would be the better Bond because — if he’s true to his word — he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them. McCain, because of his long service and experience, would probably be a better M (Bond’s boss, played by Dame Judi Dench). There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain.”

On how playing the world’s most famous spy has changed his life: “I was at a stage of my career in which things were going pretty well. I was making plenty of money, relatively speaking—enough to live on. But when this opportunity came along, I knew it would turn everything upside-down. I’m 40 now. It really helped me put things in perspective. It wasn’t about the money. It was about changing things up and seeing what would happen. At some point, life starts to pass you by and becomes about avoidance. I want to stay clear from that situation, because I don’t like that.”

On becoming a sex symbol: “If people want to think of me that way, that’s great. But the truth is, I don’t have a connection with that image.”

On donning a Speedo for the Bond films: “I was being objectified, but actually that’s not a bad thing to feel. (laughs) I knew exactly what was going on when I did that shot. There’s a conscious decision to everything I do. For me to say, ‘Oh, God! I didn’t realize that would happen!’ sounds incredibly naïve. I look at that picture, and my only thought now is that I certainly don’t look like that anymore. For Quantum of Solace, I made a decision that I wanted to get bigger and get muscles, because Bond is older and has probably been training.”

On moving past the sex symbol status: “As I keep saying, I’m 40 now, and in five years’ time or even less, sex symbol might be a really kind of weird term to attach to myself. How about sexy father figure?”

On connecting with his many tough-guy antecedents in Hollywood: “The obvious choice for me would be Bogart. Not only because of that ease he had with his unique take on masculinity, but also—and this is much more important—because he got to sleep with Lauren Bacall.”

To read the full cover story, visit Check out the video interview here.

Quantum of Solace is due out November 14.

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331 Responses to “Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine”

  1. 1
    lol Says:


  2. 2
    becca Says:

    he has the same look as simon baker… and it creeps me out a bit

  3. 3
    buckley Says: he saying he wasn’t muscly enough for Casino Royale…what???
    he looked perfect. any bigger and maybe not so much…

  4. 4
    ice Says:

    I love to sleep with this father…lol

    not the greatest pic of him on the cover..looks like his waxwork.

  5. 5
    gina Says:

    Sounds like a down to earth guy to me!

  6. 6
    Mrs_007_2008 Says:

    He is so modest. Makes me love him even more!!

  7. 7
    teresa Says:

    Do actors even care if what they say makes sense, McCain was in the military for 22 years, flow planes over enemy lands, was shot down and tortured for 5 1/2, had both of his arms broken and both of his legs, along with his jam, teeth and other body parts, starved, mentally tortured received extra punishment because he won’t allow himself to be used for propaganda when they found out his father was the Admiral in charge of the Vietnam War in the Pacific, stayed 4 years longer then had to because he followed Military rules were first in first out even though most didn’t and he didn’t want him being a son of a 4 star Admiral seen getting special treatment. And this actor thinks a part time college professor and ‘ community activist” would be a better James Bond because he’s willing to ” look the enemy in the eye” , even though when a President and not a spy faces a petty dictator they elevate them to the same level of the most powerful person he the world and legitimizes their atrocious views, and if you take away any preconditions then you take away any leverage and without leverage what the ***** the point of the whole meeting, so he can tell you to your face ‘ death to America’ actors their as dumb as they look.

  8. 8
    ruthyrock Says:

    Craig is the worst Bond ever. He looks like a chewed up old pit bull that you see at the pound.

    So much for the suave, sophisticated Connery Bond.
    He’s about as convincing as Holt & Jones:

  9. 9
    Jules Says:

    Daniel is the best Bond ever!! LOVE him..

  10. 10
    WhosDat Says:

    he is so hot and so diplomatic. Did you hear that he had plastic surgery to fix his beautiful face? and what a product it was!—i-ve-had-plastic-surgery-

  11. 11
    lulu Says:

    Luurrve Craig. He is so HOT!
    his girlfriend is so lucky!
    can you imagine waking up next to that hot body every morning, the muscles and those eyes
    some girls have all the luck
    The best Bond ever by far

  12. 12
    dsbnh Says:

    Teresa, you might be dumber than him. You actually TRIED to answer by making points as to why someone would make a better “fictional spy”. Tell us why McCain would make a better Rambo because he served in Vietnam! Hurry!

  13. 13
    kprocks89 Says:


  14. 14
    to lulu Says:

    I agree, f**k, I wouldn’t know what to do with myself…lol..


  15. 15
    to lulu Says:

    ..I would know what to do with him though..


  16. 16
    daniel lover Says:

    He looks real Hot, not a sexy father figure. He is too humble. Great picture of him in the article, but why did they have to spoil it with a picture of her, and a bad one at that?

  17. 17
    bailey Says:

    Thanks for posting.

    Does anyone know where you can get Parade magazine?

  18. 18
    Sickitten Says:

    You mean to say in this whole wide world of ours they couldn’t find someone more attractive than this inbred-looking dolt to play Bond?

  19. 19
    C Says:

    Who is Daniel married to?

  20. 20
    Parade Says:

    Parade is given free with the Sunday newspapers..see which ones are the main ones in your city.

    I agree, the Berlin outfit was terrible and her make up was ridiculous..she was trying to be Spanish looking I think..didnt work..her mouth is too big to wear red lipstick.

    To C: Daniel is not married to anyone (so far as we know), he was married to Fiona ‘Harley’ Loudin who is a jazz musician. That’s who he has a daughter with.

  21. 21
    KittyDuran Says:

    Yep… Berlin red carpet for CR… youtube video here:

  22. 22
    KittyDuran Says:

    To #19….

    No one at the moment – as far as we know.


  23. 23
    meursault Says:

    november will be an exciting month, what with the election and QoS – can’t wait. and yes, there’s a definite judi dench bit in mccain

  24. 24
    interview Says:

    great interview from Bond Alumni..someone asks him whether he is married..he says no, he’s divorced.


  25. 25
    to 24 Says:

    what already? didnt last long..



  26. 26
    Dirty Dan Says:

    And one from Louise Pointer, a croupier at Gala Casino at Tottenham Court Road.
    ‘When did you get this? At three o’clock in the morning?’

    She wants to know if you know what a French bet is? It sounds dirty.
    ‘If it includes two girls, yes I do!’

    Apparently it involves betting on three areas of the roulette wheel.
    ‘Oh yes, I know exactly what a French bet is – and my French bet is a bit slapdash.’

    (Does this means he knows about threesome’s…lol)

  27. 27
    Danielle Says:

    teresa @ 10/23/2008 at 5:12 pm

    Try not to be stupider than you seem to be.
    He is British for God’s sake. Why would you expect him to know the ins and outs of American politics? And why the hell would the interviewer?
    Perhaps he should have answered differently given the fact he doesn’t vote in this country, but he gave a stab at an answer. So what?
    Chill out and don’t get your panties in a wad.
    I suppose you can explain why one party’s candidate would make a better prime minister than another since you are American. You probably know all about their backgrounds and service records–just in case you are ever asked a question concerning UK politics.
    As I said, don’t get your panties in a wad.

  28. 28
    Sorry, but Says:

    Craig is short and ugly. He’s muscular, but in a short-man kind of way. There is nothing handsome about his face. He even has bad skin. He’s not tall, dark and handsome like James Bonds should be. Or sexy – his voice and accent are bad.

    I’ll see his film for the action and suspense, but I’ll walk away not feeling an ounce of a crush. Fans have been duped by Hollywood once again.

  29. 29
    to danielle Says:

    I think Daniel is well read enough to know about McCain’s background.

    I am surprised that he did say that but I think he gets verbal laxity in some interviews…

    I don’t think he meant to offend McCain’s bravery.

  30. 30
    article Says:

    $4 mill for CR, $8 mil for QoS, then $14 for the next film…****,,what a job

  31. 31
    New Pic Says:

    Daniel with Wossyyy…

  32. 32
    stw Says:

    STW with pals..

    cant see Daniel being in a line up with Jude anytime soon

  33. 33
    tigerlilly Says:

    To #32
    If you check out Rex Features Daniel was there, he just didn’t have a photo taken with Jude.

  34. 34
    Monte Carlo? Says:


  35. 35
    rex pics Says:

    what was satsuki wearing?

  36. 36
    sats Says:

    There is a pic of him with STW at that afterparty and he’s huggin her really closely..more so than Satsuki..satuski is wearing a two tone blue dress with black nail polisd and holding a champagne glass up..

    personally she looks a bit of a mess..hardly any make up on again..

  37. 37
    rex Says:

    looks like satsuki is well in there with his friends..thats a sure fire way of staying where she is..i think she looks a bit smug in that rex pic..he looks quite stoic next to her holding his beer…strange..he looks more warmer with STW

    anyone notice that?

  38. 38
    tigerlilly Says:

  39. 39
    KittyDuran Says:

    to rex… Dan and Sats are probably holding back because they don’t want to spill their drinks on their fine clothes… ;)

    STW is probably going thru a tough time right now and IIRC her and Dan go way back (back before he met Sats). So she needed the big hug!

    BTW, doesn’t Sats and STW do yoga together (where did I read that?). So they’re friends as well.

  40. 40
    KittyDuran Says:

    to sats (36) – agree – but at least she’s smiling – which makes a lot of difference IMHO in her looks. :)

    The jury for me is still out on Sats outfit for now.

  41. 41
    pic Says:

    the dress is hideous (probably v expensive)..her shoes are nice though..I see the sun is referring her now as partner..the fiancee has been dropped…

    she looks happy, he does not..I prefer the pic of him and STW…

    i wonder where that poster is and their interpretation of this picture?

  42. 42
    to kitty Says:

    Yes so i hear..they are big friends..but to see a nice hugging pic of dan and sats would be different

    yes stw is going through a divorce (which probably doesnt help sats cause is she wants to marry)….

  43. 43
    KittyDuran Says:

    To pic (41) – I can’t see the shoes on my computer… what color are they?

  44. 44
    to kitty Says:

    They look like the ones she wore for the party in Panama (the jungle themed one where they went in seperately but came out together), high with a little bow (?) in front..very high.

    I have seen tons of pics with Dan and Heike hugging like he does with STW but NONE of he and Sats doing that (none that have been published apart from that b/w taken on the day of his announcement as Bond).

    Don’t mean to to cynical but there is an obvious subliminal distance between them.

    And I’m not even a trained physcology major.

  45. 45
    to kitty Says:

    Just shows you that Craig is one very lucky man..they were some serious contenders for Bond..apparently Craig wasn’t their first choice…there is one Australian guy who nearly nabbed it and that guy from Nip and Tuck..

  46. 46
    to kitty Says:

    Sam Worthington and Alex O Loughlin were impressive, I think one of them will be Bond after Craig..they were a little young before…

    How things could have been so different..I wonder if Craig thinks of that?

  47. 47
    Daily Mail Says:

    No mention or pic of Dan in the Daily Mail but STW looks cute in this outfit…VERY put together.

    Dan must of met up with some old friends that night..lots of P Hill people were there but I’m sure he avoided Jude.

  48. 48
    rex Says:'yes_i_no'_exhibition_and_after_party,_london?cr=1

    Nice to see Jay Joplin there, supporting his soon to be ex wife..thats class for you.

    I love the pics of Daniel and Sam.

    Ever seen Satsuki wearing dress pants? She seems to favor dresses or jeans.

  49. 49
    article Says:'Yes%20I%20No'%20exhibition%20and%20after%20party,%20London

  50. 50
    to 28 Says:

    How can you say “fans have been dupped?’.

    I don’t think we are as gullible as you think..($600 plus worldwide for CR speaks for itself) as for him being ugly, well it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

    The man positvely smoulders…you do not need to be classically handsome to be that way, in fact, the sexiest men are not facially perfect.

  51. 51
    sats Says:

    i see sats did her own wardrobe and make up again. did she sleep in that dress, it looks saggy and creased.

    that woman astonishes me

  52. 52
    sats Says:

    look at charlize theron..THAT is how to dress, simple and elegant…

  53. 53
    sats Says:

    sats made it into a book on royal premieres

  54. 54
    daily mail Says:

    Why does Daniel Craig always pose with a cheesy pout. He is a nice looking man but when he does this he looks like a cheap wannabe catalogue model or worse yet a male Victoria Beckham.
    - m, uk, 24/10/2008 1:21

    loved that comment from the daily mail article…

  55. 55
    mary Says:

    teresa @ 10/23/2008 at 5:12 pm

    look i’m an american who’ll be voting in the election. who i support is no one’s buisness but my own. whether you like it or not every person, even daniel craig, is entitled to his/her own opinion. it’s called freedom of speech. it’s an important part of a democracy. if you’re unclear of the concepts of freedom of speech and democracy then google them ok??

  56. 56
    tigerlilly Says:

    To #54
    There was two pics of Daniel, one with Satsuki and one with Sam earlier on in the day but for some reason they have been taken down.

  57. 57
    tigerlilly Says:

    Sorry i ment #47 not #54

  58. 58
    to mary/#56 Says:

    Well technically is Obama even American? Isn’t that up for debate now?
    As for the Daily Mail pics, I think his PR office wanted them taken off, too much publicity on him rather than Sam maybe or they are trying to thin out pics of Dan and Satsuki in the press.

    I’ve noticed things on both of them get taken off papers and threads very quickly..I guess his PR is ever watchful.

  59. 59
    KittyDuran Says:

    At least until the premiere red carpet photos – I’m going to say that Dan and Sats have made the decision or someone has told them to “cool down” the publicity of their relationship. Only because, and you only have to look at websites like JJs and have even another celeb ask about the status, it seems to be a major issue everywhere.

    Then again, they could look all lovey dovey on the red carpet…. ;)

  60. 60
    to mary/#56 Says:

    I think they got fed up of the marriage questions and decided to back off slightly, who knows?

    That statement about “marriage not happening anytime soon” was a clear indicator that something has changed, wether they are married and he wanted to throw a red herring into the works or he wanted to make a statement to the press to back off..maybe it was upsetting her as she knows they aren’t getting married and everyone was asking her.

    Or that they plan to very soon and wanted to again throw the media off the scent.

  61. 61
    KittyDuran Says:

    To #60… I think you covered all the bases… :D

    Actually, I’m getting pretty excited I want to see how Sats looks, but I’m really looking forward to seeing what Gemma and Olga will be wearing (they’re easier on everybody’s eyes).


  62. 62
    to kitty Says:

    why does everyone think they will be lovey dovey on the qos red carpet and not so much the others although on FOAF they looked happy.

    maybe they will get excited too like the rest of us would and that will kick in

    what a wonderful life these people lead

  63. 63
    KittyDuran Says:

    To #62…

    Hey! It’s a livin’…. ;)

  64. 64
    to kitty Says:

    has old sats been hitting the sun bed again? she needs to watch out, her skin is already like leather!

    sam t wood is older than her but looks years younger

  65. 65
    to kitty Says:

    Curiously, Craig sounded unsure whether he would return for a fourth film as James Bond. “I can’t see doing it beyond another movie. If they ask me back to do another movie I would be thrilled.” However, in other interviews, Craig has implied he is on a four-film contract (it is likely his contract is for three films, with the option of a fourth, as was Pierce Brosnan’s).

    Craig also spoke about his decision to turn down the title role in Marvel’s comic book adaptation, Thor. “They spoke about it, but I thought ‘I can’t play Bond and Thor.’ It’s like some stupid f***ing power trip. Blond hair and a big hammer… it would have been too much of a statement… [Bond] is as physical as I want to get in movies at the moment.”

    Quantum of Solace director Marc Forster also reiterated his desire to leave the franchise after this film: “They offered me the next one, but I am switching genres.”

    (oooh, I wanted to see him as THOR..


  66. 66
    to kitty Says:

    Hey, they should rename this site, Just Kitty/Tiger (and sometimes Lou!)


  67. 67
    to kitty Says:

    The reason why those other pics of Daniel were taken off was because the night was about Sam and he didnt want to deter from it was, Guy Ritchie took the brunt of the publicity.

  68. 68
    PICS Says:'yes_i_no'_exhibition_and_after_party,_london?cr=1

    WOW! A marked difference in the Satsuki pic and the STW pics with Dan.

    The chemistry/pose should be the other way around!

  69. 69
    Hello Poll Says:

    One good thing, at least Satsuki can’t be in the Most Elegant Poll again until next year..although I can see her making Most Attractive Woman of the Week with one of her premiere looks.

    Could she possibly win BOTH yearly titles???

  70. 70
    clara Says:

    I like satsuki’s outfit
    it could be seperates instead of a dress – blue ruched top, black belt, stone coloured linen pencil skirt
    however it does not fit her well and the skirt needs ironing
    her black shoes and tights are too heavy for the outfit she needs bare legs maybe brown blockheeled sandals and a small clutch not a big black bag and get rid of the black nailpolish
    i’ll give her a 60% for this outfit as she’s almost there

  71. 71
    KittyDuran Says:

    clara… 60/40 – I’d have to agree!

  72. 72
    sats Says:

    she could have done something to her hair as well, it look raggedy as usual and some decent make up…


    but 100% for having him on her arm..the best accessory..

    and one other major thing, never be photographed with booze in your hand if you are a lady..doesn’t look good

  73. 73
    sats Says:

    You do realize that Daniel can claim back all that cash he’s dishing out on her outfits as entertainment expenses dont you?

  74. 74
    jh Says:

    Maybe he is appalled at her appearance and being seen with her FINALLY. She is a drunk *****

  75. 75
    article Says:

    Olga talks about Daniel and Daniel talks about staying out of the limelight as much as possible but just turns up with Satsuki when necessary at things

  76. 76
    mary Says:

    sats @ 10/24/2008 at 12:17 pm
    yes, you’re right. charlize theron shows what it means to be elegant. she’s beautiful. shows what happens when you listen to your stylist.

    sats @ 10/24/2008 at 11:23 am
    i just took a look at that dress she’s wearing. i give it a grade of maybe 55 percent. the blue top part is crunched up, looks like someone rolled it up in a ball when it was wet and let it dry. did you notice how the wide black belts just sits there. you see the the blue top then this black expanse of a belt that just cuts her in half. down below that is that stone coloured skirt.

    as for those tights. well, the only reason i can think for her wearing them is that it must have been cold that day in london. but why did she have to carry that large purse; something smaller would have been better.

  77. 77
    to mary Says:

    Because she has no sense of style when she’s left to her own devices thats why.

    He must be totally blind to her lack of style.

    She’ll look better when she does the QoS thing because Sony will have paid for stylist.

    There you have it.

  78. 78
    to 77 Says:

    my grandmother worked as a seamstress for the house of channel in paris for many years. i just finished going through all the pictures of satsuki; both on and off the red carpet; i could find on line. it’s taken me forever. grandmother’s verdict “this young lady has an un-sosphicated sense of style. she doesnot seem to understand what elegance means. she dresses like a badly advised teenager.”

  79. 79
    to 77 Says:

    Its CHANEL not CHANNEL but I agree with your grandmother although Sats is 32, she should know better.

    I bet she will wear a number by Chanel for QoS, Royal premiere maybe or will she wear Versace again…let’s hope she gets it right this time and not look too androgynous.

  80. 80
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 79…
    let’s hope she gets it right this time and not look too androgynous.

    The androgynous style can be OK but you have to soften the look a little to make it work IMHO. With Sats it should be her hair. The two times that I remember it not working (tho’ the dresses were great) was the CR Royal Premiere and the 2007 BAFTAs (with the strapless gold gown). Even though it would be help if she wore some pads or a push-up bra for her breasts – the real drawback to me with the overall style was her slick back hairstyle – it was way too severe.

  81. 81
    to 77 Says:

    is sats really 32? for some reason i thought she was older than that; maybe 35. proves how wrong i was.

  82. 82
    // Says:

    I’m astounded that he is oblivious to how crappy she does look. Especially when he is around women who are lovely and then he chooses to be seen with the misfit gf. It really doesn’t make sense to me. Men are supposed to be visually stimulated creatures. There is really no excuse for her wrinkled clothes and horrific hair, etc. All of this dpes reflect on him.

  83. 83
    The sun Says:

    click on video screen where is says The Sun celebrates Bond with free MP3 player for all…

    it’s very funny

  84. 84
    to82 Says:

    to //
    i agree with you, she is, the majority of the time, a thrown together mess

    you make a good point as to what he finds visually attractive about her but maybe it’s her “intelligence” and her “grounding influence”

  85. 85
    clara Says:

    I have found some more info on satsuki through google

    she is a graduate of the uni of pennsylvania

    she is mentioned as taking part in athletic competitions, high jump, 1998 indoor heptagonal championships when she jumped 168m

    does SR stand for senior year?

    she is also mentioned in uni press in ’95/’97 as a junior

    also that she was a production and development executive for 2929 Productions, where she sourced and developed films for the company to produce and finance
    Her focus was on comedies, thrillers, horror and star-driven awards films.

    she was also an associate producer on star search (sounds like a tv show)
    so with dan she is essentaily doing the job she was doing before

  86. 86
    clara Says:

    it looks like she went to mercer island high school, lake washington, kirkland.
    she ran 100/300 metre hurdles and did high jump for her school in ’92, ’93 she was good and it looks like she was team captain in ’94 when she graduated and went to a good university, ivy league.

  87. 87
    daniel lover Says:

    To Clara – thanks for the info on Sats. Why didn’t Daniel just hire her, he did not have to “bed” her. Just like Canada’s Celin Dion, she married her “older” manager; never giving herself a chance to meet other men. Not that I am comparing Daniel to Celin. One is gorgeous and the other can sing.

  88. 88
    to clara Says:

    I wonder what her high school friends have to say about her? How many stories from them have they (Dan’s PR) had to stop?

  89. 89
    to clara Says:

    She sounds like a very intelligent woman and very athletic..there you have it..that is what he is attracted to.

  90. 90
    clara Says:

    we have no idea what she studied at university she could of got in on an athletic scholarship or is privileged enough not to worry about expense of education

  91. 91
    to clara Says:

    Does any of this info on her have a relevance really?

    The fact is she is with him and I wouldn’t bet anytime soon that she won’t be.

    Bad dress sense or not, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

  92. 92
    lol Says:

  93. 93
    to 91 Says:

    the info on her may not have any relevance for you but for others it does. you may not like that; but this is a public forum and as such everyone is entitled to say what they want. i don’t where you are but here in united states we believe in free speech.

  94. 94
    clara Says:

    i found it interesting
    we know nothing about her so some background info makes her seem more human

  95. 95
    KittyDuran Says:

    I googled as well for photos and I found some old photos probably taken right when they first met (2005). And let me just say that the woman could stand to gain a few pounds now. It would make all the difference in the world – those old photos she actually looked healthy – now I just don’t know. Being so skinny seems to accent her angular looks and not in a good way.

    Give that woman a twinkee Dan!


  96. 96
    KittyDuran Says:

    Clara, I agree, it does fill out her “sense of being” you might say. She becomes more tangible and not coming “out of nowhere” to grab Dan…

  97. 97
    to kitty Says:

    She didnt come out on nowhere, she was in the business and worked with him on The Jacket.
    She certainly didnt nab Dan, Dan nabbed her.

  98. 98
    J Ross Says:

    Titles to the next film?

    :The Investigation of Morality”.
    “A Brimful of Diamonds”
    “Climax of Cup-a-Soup”..

    I think Wossy wanted a dirty one..there was a beaver in there somewhere.


  99. 99
    to kitty Says:

    Why does she have to be more tangible?

    Explain that please.

  100. 100
    100 Says:

    one hundred!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    to 99:

    I think maybe she then wont appear as predatory maybe..or fickle??

  101. 101
    KittyDuran Says:

    To #99…

    We (until just recently – like today and last week with an interview with Daniel where he sort of “clarified” her role in his life) knew very little about her except that she is with Daniel nearly 24/7. She seemed IMHO as an appendage to him… sometimes nearly identical in what they wore and their expressions in the casual pics. Her name is linked with his, so us fans (I’m a DC fan) wanted to know about her and it was very frustrating because there was really not much and some info was not so clear. So by seeking out personal info on her gives us fans something to grab hold on.

    Sorry, wrong use of words… ;) Let’s just say they nabbed or grabbed each other. As others have said on this site – Daniel comes across as a sort of needy person and she provides the need. She was there at the right place, the right time. So they both benefit from the relationship… we can only guess what all that entails! :)

  102. 102
    to 101 Says:

    To #99…

    “So by seeking out personal info on her gives us fans something to grab hold on”…

    If you’re fans of Daniel why is it necessary to know about her? I’m a fan of his but I’m not interested in her at all. Not that I’m saying that’s better or worse.

    I’m curious about your reactions and interest in her that’s all.

    Why do you feel the need to “grab hold on” to this?

  103. 103
    daniel lover Says:

    I agree with you KittyD, when you are a fan of Daniels, and Sats is with him 24/7, we become interested in her, if only to know why their relationship works. To me, it is a “working” relationship as he shows no signs or hardly any signs of affection to her. You see him more affectionate with friends than with her. But if that is how they want to run their life, so be it. I only want happness for Daniel.

  104. 104
    to 103 Says:

    ….I only want happness for Daniel…..

    Amen to that.

  105. 105
    to 103 Says:

    to D Lover:

    Why is it important to know why their relationship works?

    Why is this fascinating? Just asking.

  106. 106
    KittyDuran Says:

    Thanks, dl! :D

    To 102… I used the word “appendage” in a previous post – meaning that she seems attached to him at all times – unfortunately, some would like to use other words. It’s like we see Daniel (not on screen but off) and she’s there. But who and what is she – and the press and Dan himself doesn’t help the situation. That’s just natural for me – but I guess to some that makes me very nosey. Dan chooses to have her about and she gets photographed – he’s in the entertainment business and that’s going to happen. I just feel if she is going to be showcased then I want to at least to know the program…


  107. 107
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 105 – I’m not dl… but here is my 2 cents…

    Only becoming a DC fan since 2007 when I purchased the CR DVD – I didn’t know anything about the man other than that movie. I found him exciting and wanted to know more about him. Googled his name and also the photos, so who was that woman that was with him? Needless to say I was envious – not jealous because that would mean that I loathed her. It was more “look what she has in bed with her every night”. ;) The information on her was not very good – so I would go on websites and blogs trying to get something. Most info was good, even nasty, but it also made me feel that their relationship was sort of “odd” – not in a bad way, but just in a more reserved even business way. Their behavior, esp. of late, is in stark contrast to most of the other entertainment couples, that a lot of us have been speculating. I guess that makes it fascinating.


  108. 108
    KittyDuran Says:

    Sorry… this should say…

    “Most info wasn’t good, even nasty,”


  109. 109
    to kitty Says:

    Can you not just ignore her or is it that the dynamics, or lack thereof, in their relationship is something that you like looking at?

    Similar to a driving by an accident…

  110. 110
    to kitty Says:

    Can you not just ignore her or is it that the dynamics, or lack thereof, in their relationship is something that you like looking at?

    Similar to a driving by an accident…

  111. 111
    KittyDuran Says:

    Similar to a driving by an accident…


    That’s not a pleasant analogy – but you can’t help at times to look at her – even when you only want to look at Dan.


  112. 112
    to kitty Says:

    Sorry, but I’ve read things about her that haven’t been very pleasant and shocking.

    The only analogy I could think of.

  113. 113
    daniel lover Says:

    Kitty, you answered #105′s question so well that I won’t say anything else, except I agree with everything you say. We look for Daniel and there is Sats.

  114. 114
    KittyDuran Says:

    We look for Daniel and there is Sats.


    BINGO! You’re the best, dl! [that's enough of my ramblings] ;)


  115. 115
    to kitty and dl Says:

    Well it really didn’t answer my question TBH as I’m still wondering what the fascination of this woman is…

    …and I’m still confused really as to whether you, Kitty and DL, would rather see Daniel without her.

    Just curious really, no harm intended.

    Devils Advocate.

  116. 116
    to 101 Says:

    … #99…

    We (until just recently – like today and last week with an interview with Daniel where he sort of “clarified” her role in his life)…..

    How did he clarify so?

  117. 117
    KittyDuran Says:

    I’ll answer this question – because I need to get around the your word of “fascination” – I’m trying to think of another word that more appropriate as my feelings toward her. Soooo….

    …and I’m still confused really as to whether you, Kitty and DL, would rather see Daniel without her.


    OK to be honest I’d rather see less of her – but she is an integral part of his life so he cannot be w/o her.

    As it is, we see her and IMHO her looks are hit or miss – looking stunning in some pics and looking awful in others. It’s very distracting to see such a man as DC with her when she has her “bad” days. All the excuses go through your head… “she must have a great personality”, “opposites attract”, “he loves her for her wit, charm, etc”., “The stylist must have been sick”…. to compensate and not be nasty in the comments on sites like JJs. If I’m going to look at Daniel and he’s with a female companion AND I can’t avoid her – I’d prefer something easy on the eyes. Sometimes I feel my eyes may never walk again after looking at Sats in some pics. ;)

  118. 118
    to kitty Says:

    But why are you bothered with who he’s with? Why does it affect you?


  119. 119
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 116: Here’s the interview…

    ‘I’ve attached emotions to Bond’
    Prithwish Ganguly
    Thursday, October 16, 2008 23:59 IST

    [this is the last question in the interview...]

    You have been in a long term relationship with film producer Satsuki Mitchell. Is marriage on the cards?
    Yes, our relationship has been going on for a long time. I like her company very much. She is very talented and intelligent. She helps me at various stages of my films. We both tune well. Though one never knows, I don’t think marriage will happen soon.

  120. 120
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 118:

    Because I want to look at DANIEL! :D And gosh darn-it, she’s seems to be anywhere!!! Get out of those pictures!!! ;)

    [Of course, it could be any woman - so it's just not Sats - she's just the girlfriend du jour for the moment...]

  121. 121
    to kitty Says:

    If you could think of a woman, who would you like to see him with?

    Sounds by that answer from the interview, that he’s “fond” of her rather than “love” or else he would have used that word.

    “Though one never knows..” famous last words! You think she’ll get pregnant?

    He sounds a bit detached in his emotions.

  122. 122
    to kitty Says:

    “Very talented and intelligent”…

    …she certainly is as she landed him and is keeping him it looks like.

  123. 123
    article Says:

    Great review from News of the World…says Daniel gets a fecking hammering and Olga cant be arsed

  124. 124
    daniel lover Says:

    to #121 I don’t believe Daniel is in love with Sats because of how he talks about her and because he does not show affection to her when the cameras are rolling, but shows more affection to friends. I could be wrong, as we don’t know what goes on behind closed doors. I don’t have another women in mind for him, just someone who makes him happy and who would put a simle on his beautiful face. I will say it again, I just want him to be happy.

  125. 125
    KittyDuran Says:

    #123… thanks for the link! What a great article (and funny too)… :)

  126. 126
    KittyDuran Says:

    Well, I’m sitting here at the computer (still in my ‘jammies) with the Parade magazine in front of me looking at the cover (sigh….). Great article but the pics so-so. Somehow the pics of the scenes that never made it in CR keep being published (Dan and Eva in the surf together) – then the red carpet pic of Dan and Sats in Berlin. Like dl said…

    He looks real Hot, not a sexy father figure. He is too humble. Great picture of him in the article, but why did they have to spoil it with a picture of her, and a bad one at that?

    I agree, and it looks even worse in print :( You would think that they could’ve least purchased a photo from the Oscars or better yet the FOAF premiere. Of course, maybe that pic might have been the cheapest print to buy but they probably felt compelled to put a pic of them together because she is mentioned in the article.

    Oh, well that aside, this issue is a keeper… :D

  127. 127
    KittyDuran Says:

    BTW, for those that have the magazine for comparison, check out the Personality Parade (inside cover) which is sort of a Q&A. Someone asks about Jennifer Aniston dating/marriage choices but the answer mentions Nicholas Cage and his latest marriage (with a pic of the couple). Alice, the 3rd Mrs. Cage, looks like she is wearing a Leger outfit similar to Sats but in black.

    Now, I know that some women are just prettier than others but I was drawn by the fact that Alice Cage is probably Asian-American (haven’t looked it up) like Sats. But from this one photo there is no contest – Alice just looks more “together” and much more confident with a big smile on her face (of course, she is married to Nick and he’s holding her close so that’s do doubt the reason… ;) )

  128. 128
    to 127 Says:

    Well Sats is engaged to him and Dan’s holding her close at the P Express what’s the difference?

  129. 129
    QoS Says:

    Bad review of QoS from The Sunday People

    This movie is fairly odd as people either like it or they dont..somewhat like the gf…

  130. 130
    watch Says:

    What I dont understand is why he gave a $23,000 plus Omega watch (did Daniel buy that or was he given it?) anyway, to Jonathon Ross (who earns millions anyway for bugger all)…and this was before Ross stated that he would donate it to charity..what WAS Daniel thinking?

    I know it was a kind spur of the moment thing and really Ross couldnt really keep it anyway or else he would have looked like a scmuck but a man like Ross can easily afford to buy Omega watches.

    I do remember reading somewhere that Daniel gave his jacket to someone who was admiring it…he seems like his is grateful for the luxuries he has now.

  131. 131
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 128… Marriage? ;)

    Hopefully, when Dan and Sats get married she’ll smile alot more (it makes her look much better). Plus, she’ll have alot more to smile about!


  132. 132
    clara Says:

    to kitty
    i’ve seen the pic of alice cage you are talking about. she is beautiful. maybe its a little unfair to compare satsuki to her.

    i’m interested in satsuki’s background in order to better understand daniels psychology.
    he is cerebral and is attracted to intellect and personality over looks
    he is emotionally needy and would rather stay in a stale relationship than be alone/single/dating
    he is with her because she can dedicate 100% of her time to him
    he does not dedicate the same time back to her – his career comes first/ he wants freedom to go out with the lads/ his daughter is a priority.

    when satsuki hurt her knee at the gym he called his mother in to help, this suggests that he was either unable to deal with the situation or he considered it inconvienent.

  133. 133
    KittyDuran Says:

    Bad review of QoS from The Sunday People

    This movie is fairly odd as people either like it or they dont..somewhat like the gf…

    What all the reviews seem to have in common is that QOS is a bad comparsion to CR and that DC is probably the best thing about the movie.

    Actually, there are only 3 reviews that I care about – myself and my parents. My parents just like going to the movies and they sometimes don’t even care what’s playing. I might let them see the movie first (if I can wait) then hear their take. What they really like about CR was the poker scenes because they’ll avid card players (my mom even knew some of the action before it happened). Until then I’ll do a wait and see…

    Hopefully, some of these bad reviews don’t turn people off to seeing the movie. :(

  134. 134
    KittyDuran Says:

    To clara…

    he is with her because she can dedicate 100% of her time to him
    That’s a very interesting take on the situation which I never thought about. Sats life seems to revolves around him. And I just thought about another famous (more famous) British man and American woman relationship: the former Duke and Duchess of Windsor (the former Wallis Simpson). There was a special on Biography channel years ago which I taped and one of their friends described their relationship as her being “The world’s best nanny – she was a nanny”.

    Also, think about his other relationships, his first marriage, his long term with Heike and flings with Sienna and Kate – all these women were in the entertainment business and could not dedicate or refuse to dedicate their time and lives for him. Sats offers him not only this time but she (as far as we know) is not pursuing her own career except when it involves him. Perfect match!

  135. 135
    suppositions Says:

    Great article

    to 131:

    If marriage is what it takes to make her happy, she needs to rethink this. She should be happy now..maybe Daniel is feeling the pressure and realized that marrying someone to make them happy won’t make it work. He seems more mature about it as he’s been through a failed marriage once before. Sats hasn’t and has rose coloured glasses on about it probably.

    to 132:

    Why feel compelled to feel the need to understand her and by doing so, understand him? No-one will ever know what is going on and most likely we are all off base with our deductions.
    I think when he called in his Mom it was because he had things to do and didn’t want to leave Sats alone in the house. I bet Sats though is looking after Daniel now…give and take..but there’s a difference, he can walk with a bad arm. Sats likely needed help with stuff that only a woman could help with.

    to 134;

    I think you’ve nailed it. I think he wants/needs a women who can dedicate her life to him and be there “with a warm dinner on the table” so to speak. He’s old fashioned I think and craves that probably because of his parents divorce. Maybe he feels that he wasn’t nurtured enough? No offence to him family of course.
    As long as she is there doing this then he will be in this relationship I think.

  136. 136
    to 135 Says:

    i think your last comment is right

    she isnt going anywhere, if she forgave him for past ‘indiscretions’ then she obviously doesnt care and will stay regardless

    as long as she is there then he wont go looking elsewhere

    catch 22 if you will

  137. 137
    daniel lover Says:

    I agree with most of the above comments, but I do not think she is the type to make a warm dinner on the table (and she won’t eat it) She does not look like the domesticated woman to me. If she is by his side 24/7, she wont’ have time to cook, unless they cook together; they grocery shop together. I know she does not iron, as her clothes are often wrinkled. I think she helps more with his “business” affairs and lets other people cook and clean. Just my impression; could be out to left field!

  138. 138
    KittyDuran Says:

    dl… I think I read somewhere that he had a job as a cook before becoming an actor. So maybe he does the cooking (or at least some -breakfast?)


  139. 139
    KittyDuran Says:

    Here I found it! :D
    Daniel Craig: Actor
    The current James Bond. Star of the movies Infamous, Sylvia, and Layer Cake.

    He used to work as a chef in a pub before he hit the big screen.

    As Daniel Craig says:

    “I love to cook. But because I used to work in the hostelry industry, I can’t cook for a few, because I’m used to cooking for 20 or more at a time. So there are always a lot of leftovers. Cooking is something that is in your blood. Even now, when I go into a working kitchen, a shiver runs down my spine.” (Source: Waleg.Com / Hello Magazine)

    Maybe Sats doesn’t like his cooking (pub food = too many calories)

  140. 140
    to 137 and 138 Says:

    I meant the “warm dinner on the table” metaphorically as to being always there for him, not in a literal sense.

  141. 141
    to daniel lover Says:

    I dont think they have “staff” in their’s just cooking and cleaning, well, who knows? Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t (no, she doesn’t look the type I agree, sorry)..maybe Daniel does it all..I can see him with a duster and a can of Pledge… :D

    (probably have a cleaning lady)…

  142. 142
    daniel lover Says:

    Kitty, thanks for the info. Just another little bit of information about Daniel I did not know. Now I can picture him in the kitchen cooking supper for me (I mean for Sats and 18 other people) How cute he must look slaving over a hot stove. What a sweet heart!

  143. 143
    to daniel lover Says:

    To DL:

    He worked in a kitchen in a Notting Hill restaurant mainly when he was working towards Guildhall thereafter he worked as a waiter/bouncer/part-time cook.

  144. 144
    Dan at BBC Electric Proms Says:

    Dan out and about in london last night watching Oasis

  145. 145
    bbc article Says:

    Oasis attracted a star-studded audience as they closed the BBC Electric Proms in style at the London Roundhouse.

    The Manchester five-piece drafted in the Crouch End Festival Chorus for six songs, including their most famous hits Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger.

    James Bond star Daniel Craig, Joe Cole and comedians Russell Brand and Ralph Little were among the stars at the gig.

    The show rounded off five days of music spread across Liverpool and London.

    ‘Best ever’

    Dean Swift, 17, from Wellington said the performance was the best he’d ever seen Oasis play.

    He added: “That was blinding. That’s the best gig they’ve done. I saw them at Wembley Arena the other week but the choir added something different to them.”

    Natlie Lawrenson, 22, from Barnsley travelled all the way down from Leeds to see her heroes perform.

    She said: “I’ve seen Oasis a few times now but that was out of this world. To see them at such an intimate venue was just breathtaking. The choir added that extra wow factor too.”

    Oasis made up me pick up a guitar

    Glavegas singer James Allan
    Kicking off with Rock ‘n’ Roll Star the band played a host of songs from their back catalogue along with six new tracks from their current album Dig Out Your Soul.

    Both frontman Liam Gallagher and his brother Noel dedicated songs to their wives, who were watching in the audience, during their set.

    Noel then introduced the band’s 50-member backing choir, who were dressed in plain clothes, at the beginning of Wonderwall b-side Masterplan.

    “This is the Crouch End Choir, I won’t introduce them all by name because there’s 50 of them and we’ll be here all f*****g night,” he joked.

    James Bond

    The ensemble also teamed up with the band for I’m Outta Time, Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, I Am The Walrus and Number One hit Don’t Look Back In Anger, which saw the whole venue singing.

    During the show, Noel spotted Daniel Craig in the crowd and said: “James Bond is upstairs, I might see if I can blag it so that he can get me the next James Bond theme tune instead of f****g dopey Americans doing it all the time.”

    The actor was then greeted with chants of, ‘Who are you? Who are you?’ from the fans before Noel interjected, ‘He’s Bond, James Bond’.”

    He also pulled a similar trick with comedian Russell Brand later in the show when he dedicated Falling Down to the Radio 2 presenter.

    “Russell will have been up there tonight trying to wangle some introduction to James Bond so he can become some effeminate James Bond baddie,” Noel added.

    Noel Gallagher took a pop at James Bond actor Daniel Craig
    The band wrapped up the show with their cover of The Beatles classic I Am The Walrus before Noel added: “Thanks for coming. We’ll see you at Wembley next year.”

    Earlier, Glasvegas opened the night by performing a host of tracks from their self-titled debut album including hit singles Geraldine and Daddy’s Gone.

    Singer James Allan told Newsbeat that Oasis inspired him to form his own band. He said: “Before I saw Oasis I’d never really felt the urge to be in a band. They made me pick up a guitar.

  146. 146
    sats Says:

    I wonder is Sats was with him???? No pics of it thought yet.

  147. 147
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 146… I’m sure she was. Of course, he could just have been out with the lads… but I’m sure he avoided any mosh pits with that bum wing of his…


  148. 148
    to kitty duran Says:

    I heard he was just with some male friends. Of course, I could have been told incorrectly.

  149. 149
    to kitty duran Says:

    ..also he was in the circle up above not obviously down at the front.

    It’s good to hear that he is out and about relaxing before the QoS circuit!

  150. 150
    tigerlilly Says:

    I’m sure Daniel and Satsuki do go out without each other sometimes, there not joined at the hip…well at least i think so!! ;)

    Hey Kitty are you getting all excitied about QOS Premiere yet?? :)

  151. 151
    KittyDuran Says:

    Yep! Just a few days to go…. :D

    I think instead of having a style contest, we’ll just rate Sats (and maybe Dan too- tho’ I’m sure he’ll look incredible… ;) ) based on clara’s method… percentage wise: 10/90, 20/80, etc.

  152. 152
    to kitty duran/tigerlilly Says:

    I have no doubt that she will look the best we have ever seen her.


  153. 153
    KF Says:

    to #146 – #150

    Sats was at the oasis gig with him, as was Ballie Walsh and a few other people i didn’t recognise.
    I saw it on tv last night, they were all laughing when the band were talking to dan.

  154. 154
    tigerlilly Says:

    To be honest we all knew she would have been there. He did say in an interview i read recently he’s very happy with her and likes to spend as much time with her as possible..awww..isn’t love sweet!!

  155. 155
    tigerlilly Says:

    Oops i ment #153

  156. 156
    to kitty duran/tigerlilly/KF Says:

    Will Ms Monneypenny sex it up.

    Any pics or video of them at the Oasis concert?

  157. 157
    Lucky sats Says:

    She certainly elads an eviable life.

    Her diary: Meet Royalty, wear gorgeous gowns, travel world first class and sleep with Daniel.

    My diary: Beat the 9-5, work like a fool, pay bills and not sleep with Daniel.

    Some girls have all the luck don’t they? lol..

  158. 158
    KittyDuran Says:

    My diary: Beat the 9-5, work like a fool, pay bills and not sleep with Daniel.

    You’re luckier than me – I have to add a hour to the work day…
    8-5 baby!!!


  159. 159
    to 158 Says:

    So where are we going wrong?


  160. 160
    KittyDuran Says:

    Well, I have one college credit in Drama – maybe I need to get into the entertainment business, or head to LA and try my luck with an up and coming actor…

    Or find the fountain of youth and go back to being 30 again!


  161. 161
    tigerlilly Says:

    When you find it Kitty let me know!! ;)

  162. 162
    KittyDuran Says:

    Tiger, you don’t need any help… it’s not that far for you to go back…
    I got to cover a lot of ground – like 20 years!!!


  163. 163
    article Says:

    Craig relishes pressure and just go his head down…(to work harder that is)..


  164. 164
    KittyDuran Says:

    Any pics or video of them at the Oasis concert?
    There’s video on youtube of the concert but no shots of the crowd. :(

  165. 165
    Oasis gig Says:

    on d2d there is a link but you can not play the download unless you are in the UK and the link wont post on here

    25 mins in you can see Dan/Sats/Ballie and a few other friends.

  166. 166
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 165…
    Yeah, crazy me, went to the BBC site and download the real player – anyone can get the audio – but when I tried to play the video it lets me know that you can only receive it if you live in the UK (but they’re working on an international version.

    Rats! :(

  167. 167
    Oasis gig Says:

    I wonder what she was wearing and what Dan was..tight jeans and t shirt…yummy!!! (Him of course)


  168. 168
    clara Says:

    just watched it
    dan, with satsuki, ballie walsh and dan’s daughter ella
    satsuki is wearing a black vest top, no make up and hair down, she is drinking a beer and laughing naturally – a huge horse faced laugh
    they look like they’re having a good time

  169. 169
    to clara Says:

    what did Dan and Ella look like? im surprised Ella was there and now on film…

  170. 170
    itn report Says:

    the clock is ticking….

  171. 171
    KittyDuran Says:

    I’m kinda shocked he took Ella knowing that the concert was being broadcast and fans had camera phones – but she is 16 (?) and has probably been to a few concerts herself with friends – why not with Dad and balcony seats to boot! Since I’ve never seen her I wouldn’t know if that was her in the video anyways.

    BTW, my Dad was a cop in a college town and got to police some big acts – he’s seen more big acts than I have… ;)

  172. 172
    Oasis gig Says:

    it seems that Sats gets on with Ella very well so that makes Sats even more “well in there”..i cant see them splitting up ever.

  173. 173
    to kitty Says:

    maybe ella has decided herself that she doesnt mind getting the paps attention now, i mean at 16 any press protection is now off as she is legal age really. i mean why fight it to the point of not going out to enjoy yourself.

    to kittyd – ella is lovely

  174. 174
    KittyDuran Says:

    Hey clara are YOU getting all excitied about QOS Premiere yet??
    and remember, we promised to be honest in our assessment of Sats and her overall appearance. We’ll critique Dan as well – tho’ how can he go wrong in a tux? ;)

    It’s about 2 days and 13 or 16 hours to go to the world premiere (I don’t know when it will start in London… 4pm or 7pm local time?).


  175. 175
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 172… well, Sats has been around Ella for how long now? Probably 3 full years? More than enough time to become close to her. Hopefully, she is a good influence – and I’m sure Dan wouldn’t have it any other way.

    To 173… thanks for the info. Of course, she’s Dan’s daughter how can she not be lovely, since he’s lovely… :)

  176. 176
    KittyDuran Says:

    what Dan was..tight jeans and t shirt…yummy!!!
    and I thank you for that wonderful thought as I get ready to go to bed and dream…


  177. 177
    to 176 Says:

    re; ella info: your welcome…i respect his privacy of course so thats it.

    as for the jeans and t shirt, i wouldnt respect


  178. 178
    sats Says:

    i have a feeling sats might wear red or black.

  179. 179
    UK viewers Says:

    Daniel Craig is appearing on GMTV tomorrow morning, probably to promote Quantum of Solace.


  180. 180
    article Says:

    Bad review but love the line Bond gives to Agent Fields because he wants her to come into his room…I can just hear Daniel saying that…

    I think Gemma is very wooden in all the clips Ive seen…

  181. 181
    Poster Says:

    If Satuski is attending rock concerts with his teenage daughter and his bestfriend then she is in for good. Then again I am sure Heike did the same and she didn’t last but the diffence is Sats will put up with alot more than Heike

  182. 182
    Branddee Says:

    Daniel would not keep Satsuki around if he did not having intentions of marrying her. All the clues of having a future with Satuski are there, just becasue they do not speak publicly about there relationship doesn’t mean anything other than privacy. He would not be with her this long if he did not intend to make it perm. I agree with the person that says he will be married this year or have a child as he is taking time off to relax, fix up his home and spend time with family. Satsuki is there for good so everyone better get use to it.

  183. 183
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 182… Yep, you’re probably right. Sigh… :) So much for knowing what a person you admire likes, wants and needs. It’s obviously, not me! [Well, I am American and have dark hair] ;)

    Well, whatever makes Dan happy – we’re just fans who want the best and for him it looks like its Sats. I guess what’s puzzling is how it’s played out. But they’re private people, and everyone shows their emotions in a different way, whether it’s love, anger or grief. It just seems so business like between them (esp. lately) – but I’m sure it’s fire behind closed doors…

    It will be nice to see them married (no doubt very private) and have kids and then fans like me will stop speculating (and get a life!!!) ;)

    They really need to take time off – not only for Dan to heal from his surgery but I think (IMHO) for them as a couple to spend time away from the public eye… very much like when they first met before the Bond fame (if they can).

  184. 184
    KittyDuran Says:

    I think Gemma is very wooden in all the clips Ive seen…

    I’ll wait until I’ve seen her whole performance – but I looks like that’s just her character – a naive, British agent who is trying to reel in a rouge spy. Daniel’s Bond is so smooth that, except for veteran actors, like Dame Judi, most look sort of “wooden” in the scenes with him.

  185. 185
    tigerlilly Says:

    Kitty fans like us will never get a life…very sad but very true!! LOL!! ;)

    If they got married the speculating would continue but this time it would be about if she’s pregnant or not, how long will the marriage last, was it a business arrangement or love etc…
    I guess Daniel and Satsuki can’t win either way..oh well guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles!!

  186. 186
    KittyDuran Says:

    Nice and funny article in the Sun:

    Also, lays to rest any doubts about Sats in his life and what he desires – and she has it (obviously, in his eyes in spades)…

    He is uncomfortable being an object of desire for women and admits he only has eyes for his film producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

    He says: “She has everything I truly look for. I really love intelligence. I want beauty and I want goodness — I want it all, basically!

    “I also want someone who is going to challenge me. And in return I hope I’m going to challenge them.

    “I’m very touched by being called a sex symbol. It’s very nice but I have a sense of humour about it.

    “On the one hand it’s very flattering but on the other it doesn’t have much relevance in my life.

    “I live with somebody, so all my energy goes into our relationship.
    And there ya go!!! :)

  187. 187
    tigerlilly Says:

    Maybe this will silence the Satsuki doubter’s once and for all. It sounds like he love’s her very much and it’s obviously a genuine relationship, not business like some people where saying. She is beautiful and i bet she’s very intelligent. I think Daniel’s found the love of his life, so good luck to them.

  188. 188
    KittyDuran Says:

    Tiger… I think they might already be married – he’s talking more about her in the last few days and it has a final ring to it, no ifs, ands or buts to this relationship, so everybody better get used to it. It’s just that the press probably have not picked up on it with all the hoopla surrounding the QOS premiere. They could go and get hitched tomorrow morning. It would be the perfect time. I gonna bet she’ll be wearing a wedding band tomorrow night and he might even announce it on the red carpet maybe even, dare I say, pregnancy/expecting/trying? If anything, even though he’s a very private man, he knows any PR is good PR. The QOS reviews have been mixed and it could get some interest in the papers about his marriage and in the film. Whadda ya think? :)

    I know it’s wayyyy out there – but the fact that he’s been so tight lipped about their relationship because of the film being promoted – now with it done and about ready to be shown – he can finally let loose. Also, even if the movie doesn’t gross as much CR, he’s still a lock for a few more Bonds.

  189. 189
    to: 188 Says:

    I doubt he would use the red carpet to announce anything also I dont think they are married.

    They will probably wait unti QoS is over.

    Rememeber in the Parade magazine before CR came out, he said “Yes we’re together and that’s very important”..she he has been talking about her since then.

    Being a private man, he will not use any film event nor certainly talk about “trying for a baby” which I don’t think will happen anytime soon either.

  190. 190
    to tiger Says:

    I think you are overreacting to another article where he is just stating about being a sex symbol has no relevance in his life as “he lives with someone”..yes it could be “code talk” for being married but I dont think so.

    He hasnt anything lined up for next year so if a marriage were to take place, it might be then on this long “holiday” that he talks about taking.

    I do agree though, she isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

    The talk about Satsuki in the press is to hammer home what he likes and that he isn’t phased by the sex symbol stuff.

    If they are already married then it’s been kept very very well but I don’t think so. I don’t think they feel the need to prepare the public for an announcement. Remember, he doesnt feel the need to do this.

  191. 191
    oasis gig Says:

    on d2d there are pics from the concert about four of them. sastuki is laughing, huge laugh, dan is wearing a black shirt probably with jeans..

    i think it was taken when gallagher was mentioning him.

  192. 192
    marriage Says:

    i agree, he’s in the papers a lot now and the sex symbol thing comes up all the time.he’s just saying that it doesnt get to him because he’s with someone and he is mentioning her and all that. i think he will talk about her a lot more during the qos thing as maybe she is feeling nervous about it again and him being “out there”..maybe she gets insecure when the spotlight is on him and he reassures her by talking about her

    i think no doubt he loves her but tries to not get overboard about it with the press who knows would think he would just say “yes i love her”..but he doesnt need to really or shout it from the rooftops.

    i don’t think they are married but i think next year they will be

  193. 193
    to poster Says:

    Heike didnt put up with crap, Satsuki seems more flexible..just my two cents.

    I don’t think Satsuki will leave him at all as Heike did.

    I don’t think they are married and might not get married for awhile yet, he wants to be sure and, if they do, then marry in a quiet year for them NOT during/after filiming of a Bond movie.

  194. 194
    to Tigerlilly Says:

    Funny how he said “I live with somebody..”could he have not said her name?

    I’ve noticed that he never refers to her by name a lot, just “her” or “somebody”…probably because we now who he is talking about but it just seems odd.

    Not mentioning a person’s name, just referring to them, means something..can’t think what.

  195. 195
    to branddee Says:

    he kept Heike around for 7 years and never married her, so what’s your point?

  196. 196
    // Says:

    Sats is a great role model drinking publicly in front of the kid. He must have a wacky idea of beauty to see it in the gf.

  197. 197
    Lou Lover Says:

    I think she is a very good looking lady as I’ve always said.

    It seems to me that Craig is more a cerebral man than visceral and that the gf has what he is looking for.

    In my mind he is mentioning her a bit more but maybe that’s because he is in the throws of this huge promo right now and wanted to address his status or readdress it ,as the case maybe.

    Yes he’s a sex symbol and thanks very much for that but he isn’t focused on that but his relationship. I guess he is trying to show that he doesn’t place himself up there as an idol but an ordinary man trying to make something work?

    I can’t wait for the premiere, hopefully will get to see the film at the Festival!

    I guess a few people are waiting to see what the gf is wearing and if they look happy…my gf thinks she will wear something strapless in black/b/w or silver with an updo of hair maybe something grecian in nature?

    That’s my prate for the week.


  198. 198
    Lou Lover Says:

    to 196:

    I think Craig was drinking too…if I saw the tape correctly. Maybe the gf was drinking a soft drink?

    Sorry couldn’t help answering.


  199. 199
    Lou Lover Says:

    Maybe red?

    I had to post this as my gf thinks Sats looks great in red and goes well with a black tux.

    That’s it, I’m finished with my prattle.


  200. 200
    tigerlilly Says:

    Satsuki wore a low cut red dress once, can’t remember where it was but she did look stunning. I like her in green too.
    I also as you all know think Satsuki is a very good looking lady, and i think she will look beautiful at the premiere of QOS whatever colour she decides to wear.

  201. 201
    clara Says:

    satsuki looks better in deep dark shades of red, blue and green
    but she wears too much harsh silver/black or washes herself out in beige
    she doesn’t know how to dress for her colouring or bodyshape
    her sense of style signals that she is insecure and wants to blend into the background

  202. 202
    to tigerlily Says:

    that low cut red dress is what she wore in moscow. you say she looked stunning? i just showed that picture of sats in the red dress to a group of stylists here in LA and their reaction was different from yours. these women work with some of the a-list actress, and are the first stylists to get called when an actress gets nominated for an oscar and/or an emmy etc etc..

    to put it bluntly if one these women had been hired as a stylist for satsuki there is not way that she would have walked out the door in that red thing. to a person, these stylists think that she looked “cheap and common”. on top of that the dress was not at all made for satsuki. it was too long, not properly fitted, and the low cut did nothing except draw attention to her flat chest.

  203. 203
    KittyDuran Says:

    my gf thinks she will wear something strapless in black/b/w or silver with an updo of hair maybe something grecian in nature?
    I hope she doesn’t wear something strapless – she doesn’t have the “goods” to hold it up…

  204. 204
    tigerlilly Says:

    To # 202

    I am not a stylist, i know nothing about all the technical crap of clothes. I was just giving my opinion that’s all. To me she looked stunning.

  205. 205
    M Says:

    I think she sucks on many levels

  206. 206
    kkkk Says:

    He must not have a great eye for what looks proper, otherwise why does he go out into public with her looking so badly?? He is also judged by her poor appearance. Like when her strapless gown is dragging on the ground and barely covering her tiny boobs.

  207. 207
    Lou Lover Says:

    I’m sorry I posted that article now and offered my opinions.

    No more prate from me on this couple I think. Its’a


  208. 208
    KittyDuran Says:

    I think she will look beautiful at the premiere of QOS whatever colour she decides to wear.
    She should look beautiful (at all times on the red carpet) or someone should be fired – there are probably people making good money to make her look good…

  209. 209
    KittyDuran Says:

    I’m sorry I posted that article now and offered my opinions.

    No more prate from me on this couple I think. Its’a
    :D It’s only minefield because of Sats mercurical (sp?) looks – if she was more consistent in her looks there wouldn’t be such a battleground in the sides taken.

    I luv, Luv, LUV looking at Daniel and if she’s going to be in the picture I want her to look good as well – otherwise it just ruins it for me.

    and that’s MY prate! ;)

  210. 210
    liverpool article Says:

    great article!

  211. 211
    KittyDuran Says:

    to 210… Thanks for the article! :D

  212. 212
    video Says:

  213. 213
    tigerlilly Says:

    Lou lover you should know by now that if you say anything nice, positive or supportive of Satsuki, you end up getting a flurry of nasty or negative comments back. Hey at least you didn’t get a bashing, i think they save that for me, they like Tiger bashing on here!! lol! ;)

    Nice to have you back by the way!!

  214. 214
    to kittyduran Says:

    any good stylist would take a good look at satsuki’s figure and proportions and work with what she has. sats looked picture perfect at the premiere of casino royale in london. if sats is going to go strapless then the dress should be properly fitted like the one she wore to the premiere of FOAF.

    the gold dress was a terrible fit. sats should do what jennifer lopez, susan sarandon, kare winslet; etc do. they choose the dress and then they take it to a seamstress to have it properly tailored to their indivdual body type. these women also take their trousers, jeans, and days clothes for proper tailoring as well.

    there is no excuse or reason for satsuki not to do the same. there’re are stylists here in LA who shake their head in amazement at some of this dresses that satsuki has worn. they all ask the same thing “what is she thinking”?

  215. 215
    clara Says:

    i didn’t like satsuki’s blue versace CR premire gown it was too masculine, her scrapped back hair made her face look harder
    someone on M16 bond site said she had a face like an old boot.

    i prefer the softer feminine look of the bejing china premire
    she was styled perfectly great makeup, soft updo, black dress with lace bodice.

    the oscars dress was too beige and dull, low cut in front when she has no cleveage and backless which showed untoned wrinkly skin
    she was refered to as looking like a glass of soy milk

    bland, dull, with an unpleasant aftertaste

  216. 216
    KittyDuran Says:

    She looks like she takes advantage of a stylist and other times it looks as if she can’t be bothered – or it’s a spur of the moment thing (like the Pineapple Express premiere) and there is not time to call someone to help. :(

    Yeah, the CR royal premiere they both look great (but a little scared… ;) )

  217. 217
    to clara Says:

    clara, i hate to laugh at your comments but i had too.

    like an old boot with a bad aftertaste..cripes!

    i like my boots but i hate soy milk, maybe daniel loves it…;)

    dont like her much? lol

  218. 218
    KittyDuran Says:

    the oscars dress was too beige and dull, low cut in front when she has no cleveage and backless which showed untoned wrinkly skin
    she was refered to as looking like a glass of soy milk

    bland, dull, with an unpleasant aftertaste
    I thought the front looked OK – even though there was little cleveage – but the back…. I looked at some Getty Images and was that her sitting next to Dan (w/cigar) back toward the camera at the after party? If yes, not good (I’m still assuming it was her – I have my doubts because the dress looked so different front to back).

    You’re right about the China premiere – too bad she didn’t smile too much – but the look was much better and the dress fit her well. :)

  219. 219
    KittyDuran Says:

    #217… I think clara is more forgiving than she sounds and tries (like I do) to give Sats the props when its warranted. But you’re right, I did have a chuckle with the visuals. ;)

  220. 220
    clara Says:

    to kitty:
    yes thats her dan is smoking a cigar and has his hand on the back of her chair
    her back is a pasty white

  221. 221
    to clara Says:

    didn’t like satsuki’s blue versace CR premire gown it was too masculine, her scrapped back hair made her face look harder
    someone on M16 bond site said she had a face like an old boot.
    that’s where you and the stylists i know here in LA disagree. they all think she was perfect at casino royal premiere in london. but they do agree that she looked lovely at the bejing premiere,they will give her that as well.
    as for the oscar dress i don’t know where she got it from but it should have been sent back. i thought it looked like a soggy white sock. it’ll be interesting to see what she wears at QOS premiere i just hope it’s fitted properly, flattering to her body type and everything else is in place.

  222. 222
    KittyDuran Says:

    How’s the weather for tomorrow in London? (not that it makes too much of a difference – an evening dress is an evening dress…)

  223. 223
    to clara Says:

    the oscar dress whas by Marchesa I think..

    he was giving the phtog the bird with his finger in the cigar pic…

    the weather is cold, maybe rain in London like last year

    she was miserable at the china premiere but looked good

    the versace gown was ok but her hair was too severe, she was going for mannequin look

  224. 224
    to clara Says:

    the new marchesa line up

    she might be wearing one of these

  225. 225
    to clara Says:

    dont quote me on that but i think they saw one of her shows in NY

  226. 226
    clara Says:

    its going to be cold maybe snow – there is going to be a spell of freezing cold weather inthe uk.
    for her sake i hope she doesn’t walk the red carpet and do pics – dan should just promote the film and take pics with his co stars

  227. 227
    to clara Says:

    oh she’ll be outside with him no worries…she might be rushed in if its raining or cold/snowing.

    he’ll do the walkabout then inside we will see them lining up for the Royal introductiion with sats behind him…probably pics in the foyer of the cinema by various press outlets

    dont worry clara, there will be tons of pics of them together

  228. 228
    clara Says:

    i’m just wondering if anything is going to change from last time
    if not – then he can’t complain about the public interest in his relationship

  229. 229
    KittyDuran Says:

    She being wearing a designer gown – she will be seen… I’m sure that’s part of the deal of getting to wear said gowns.

  230. 230
    KittyDuran Says:

    #224… Interesting – but none I think that Sats would look good in (tho’ she certainly looks better than some of those models – eek!). If she does go with this designer I hope it’s not the prom dress wannabee fashions. :(

  231. 231
    to 228 Says:

    no, same as ever…she will be up front and center and beaming and enjoying every last drop

  232. 232
    to 228 Says:

    …has he ever really complained anywhere?

    never read anything, maybe some comments about being private and keeping it that way..just because they walk the red carpet doesnt mean they arent private…

    wont they be 2 years “engaged” this christmas?

  233. 233
    oasis gig Says:

    here is the Oasis gig, you can see Daniel and Sats…

  234. 234
    Branddee Says:

    When is the QOS prim?

  235. 235
    KittyDuran Says:

    QOS Royal Premiere is tomorrow night (for those of us in the North America) – but tonight for those in the UK (it’s almost 2am there).

  236. 236
    KittyDuran Says:

    here is the Oasis gig, you can see Daniel and Sats…
    The best part? When the crowd chants “Who are you”? and Noel says, “He’s Bond, James Bond”…. fantastic! :D

  237. 237
    review Says:

    full of spoilers but only 1/10 review…

  238. 238
    snow Says:

    its started snowing in london

    maybe an overcoat for him and goodness knows what for her…

  239. 239
    snow Says:



  240. 240
    snow Says:

  241. 241
    olga Says:

    all eyes will be on Olga though..she will turn everyone’s heads…dan better not do a double take at her when she walks by..

  242. 242
    KittyDuran Says:

    all eyes will be on Olga though..she will turn everyone’s heads…dan better not do a double take at her when she walks by..

    I’m sure Gemma will turn some heads as well…

  243. 243
    to kitty Says:

    yes but olga is more mature and i think if dan ogles gemma it might look a bit pervy…

  244. 244
    Oasis Says:

    His daughter is lovely.
    Even though Sats is next to him you can still see some distance in his body language….his body is twards his daughter… almost like Sats is behind him and he has his back to her. The guy next to Sats looks like he could be her brother.

  245. 245
    oasis gig Says:

    i noticed that too, he was very distant from her i thought too..i think sats has a brother, Colin i think, maybe he is in London, maybe works there..Ballie Walsh though was near Sats..i think a few family members were there, maybe sats parents are there and are going to the royal premiere ,,i know dan’s mom is going

  246. 246
    oasis gig Says:

    it think he was telling ella to move away after noel shouted him out as dan says “f*ck off” but then the lights went up and she didnt make it away quick enough, i read that somewhere

  247. 247
    Oasis Says:

    If all her family members are there as well then they are definately close and will be staying together. Once the family, especially parents are involved and she is among his famlly and best friends then it is a done deal…. wedding bells definately in the near future. If these are the people he chooses to share one of the biggest moments in his life then they are special to him.

  248. 248
    New Yorker Says:

    I agree with Oasis…..she’s in there for good so everyone should stop bit**ing about it. She is not going anywhere.

  249. 249
    to ny Says:

    was there any ever any doubt about how close they are and their families?

    wedding bells who knows, i think he was close to heikes parents too and there you go

    doesnt signal anything but the tighter knit they all are then yes, harder to walk away or want too

    heike and dan split up after a holiday together so with relationships, one never knows

  250. 250
    to 249 Says:

    I agree, you never know what can happen. But Heike left him not the other way around so unless Sats leaves him (which she will never do) then they will never split up. Heike strikes me as a much stronger woman with no hidden agendas unlike Sats whos is in this for more than just love.

  251. 251
    to 249 Says:

    I agree the tighter they are the harder it is to walk away even if you want too…..I have been there so I know….my ex was very close to my family and I was close to his…..when we split it was hard but it the end it was the best thing for both of us and now we are both married to people we love and never would have found had we not spilt up. But

    I am sure it was difficult for Heike to walk away from a man she loved for so many years espcially when they seem to replace each other so quickly and easily but in the end they recognised they did not want the same things in life so they are both better off.

    As for Dan and Sats…..I don’t know if they want the samethings only they do.

  252. 252
    tigerlilly Says:

    I know i said i wasn’t going to comment on stuff like this anymore but i just don’t get some of you, i really don’t.
    How the hell do any of you know that Satsuki has a hidden agenda?? How can you say that she’s in it for more than love?? How do you know that??
    Why can’t some of you accept their relationship?? What is the problem here??
    Please tell me why you want Daniel and Satsuki to split up so much??
    Please tell me because i don’t understand, what’s so wrong with Daniel and Satsuki being together??
    And don’t tell me it’s because you just want Daniel to be happy, because i bet Daniel is happy, very happy, otherwise she wouldn’t be there.

  253. 253
    To Tigerlily Says:

    You defend Satsuki and their relationship as though you know for sure things are wonderful between them. You are no different from the people on here that are saying that they are not happy except for the ones in the know. There are people on here that do know and have said on many occasions that she does have and agenda and that they are not happy. So unless you are one in the know and that you know for sure that things are dandy then I suggest you not get so upset for the same reason you are accusing others of.

  254. 254
    Wednesday Says:

    I agree with 263
    Tiger … the pot is calling the kettle black

  255. 255
    %%%% Says:

    Daniel looks absolutley horrible in some of his recent photos. The man looks like he needs a good nights sleep. Maybe it”s his relationshop, maybe its just life stuff or all of it but whatever it is he looks terrible…not the same man from afew years ago so things have definatley changed in his life

  256. 256
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 255…

    Dan is recovering from major surgery on his arm… he still looks like he’s in considerable pain – IMHO that’s what’s causing him to look at times “horrible”. But even a “horrible” Dan is still easy on the eyes… ;)

  257. 257
    To Kitty Says:

    Do you sleep at all? LOL
    What time is it in Ohio?

  258. 258
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 257… it is now 6:35am – and I’m getting ready to get dressed to go to work.

    But, yeah, I do sleep (and dream about Daniel!!!) ;) :D

  259. 259
    tigerlilly Says:

    I was only asking why these people thought what they did? Even if someone say’s they know because they are on the inside can you honestly truly believe them?? I don’t understand why the negativity against their relationship and was only asking for an explanation. I’m not getting upset over it, i just wanted to understand that’s all. To me it just seems like people are speculating and jumping to conclusions.
    If i am just as bad as the others then i apologise and would like to officially annonce my retirement from Just Jared!! Tiger is leaving the building!! lol! Have fun and try to be nice with your comments about QOS premiere!! :)
    Take care Kitty and try not to get too excitied about tonight!! ;)
    Lou lover nice talking to you babe!!

  260. 260
    to tigerlilly Says:

    Bye Tiger…nice prattling with you.


  261. 261
    Lou Lover Says:

    lol..that was from me…

    When it comes to Craig and the gf, only time will tell. Speculation can be fun but then again, it isn’t sometimes.

    Looking forward to see QoS at the Fest!


  262. 262
    article Says:

    Dan set to return for third movie but will Olga return as Camille?

  263. 263
    to 253 and 255 Says:

    I think maybe the fame might have gotten to him??? Maybe that has added stress to his life and his demeanor/face?

    I would like to ask what agenda Sats has? Am I missing something here?

  264. 264
    pic Says:

    Dan was spotted going into the Dorchester in London on Oct 27th for more promo work..he looked great in a grey suit, Bond shades and still wearing sling.

  265. 265
    defiance Says:

    Daniel was sent the script for Defiance, offered it , Satsuki did not scout for that film.

    I read some posts on here saying she did..not this one. If he gets an Oscar nod or wins one, it’ll be on his own merit.

    I believe he had already turned down Blindness.

  266. 266
    KittyDuran Says:

    Awww… Tiger will be back. If Sats turns up looking drop dead gorgeous tonight on the red carpet – she’ll come back here just to open up a big ole can of whoop a*se on the nay-sayers… ;)


  267. 267
    lou lover Says:

    Is it worth it Kitty?

    Let’s be honest.

  268. 268
    KittyDuran Says:

    For Tiger’s personal satisfaction, I think so. Baby steps (for both her and Sats).

    Just MHO.


  269. 269
    Friend of Tiger Says:

    Tiger got upset when she was told she was just the same/no different to those who post horrible, negative and bitchy comments about Satsuki and Daniel and Satsuki’s relationship. She just doesn’t want to be classed the same as these people.
    Tiger is a big Daniel Craig fan and has been long before he did Bond. She didn’t just jump on the Bond band wagon if you get what i mean.

  270. 270
    KittyDuran Says:

    Uh-oh… looks like I’m a band-wagon jumper (didn’t know anything about DC before Bond). :(

    But I have always been a big James Bond fan! :)

  271. 271
    KittyDuran Says:

    IMHO – Tiger will be classed with the people who are negative about Dan and Sats relationship because she is PASSIONATE (just like they are) about her views even though they are at the other end of the spectrum.

    I tried not to be too passionate about these issues – namely because the fall is hard – if you want to own up to statements made – when you are proven wrong. Sort of like being passionate for a sports team. Most rabid fans are in a love or hate mode depending on a team or player and NOTHING will shake their passion. When something goes wrong – they’ll either hide or fight but it will not shake or change their opinions. Politics are that way too…

  272. 272
    Friend of Tiger Says:

    Tigers opinions haven’t changed, she’s just going to let someone else fight Daniel and Satsuki’s corner on this board. She thought it was time she got her **** of the computer and got a life!!

  273. 273
    KittyDuran Says:

    So “Friend of Tiger” are you up for the “challenge”? ;) [I don't know if we can prove that you're not really Tiger, just coming on the site with another name - happens all the time on the other boards that I'm on! :D]

    But that’s OK (I’ve done it on this board as well… I just didn’t use any name, LOL) ;)

  274. 274
    lou lover Says:

    No harm intended to all, but perspective all around is the key here.

    I’m sorry that Tiger felt the need to leave but she will be able to shop more for bags.

    Isn’t that a typical male thing to say.?

    lol..see you around somewhere Tigs.


  275. 275
    ross and brand Says:

    Ross has been suspended with Russell Brand (who was on the Ross show last time with Dan and who met up with him at the Oasis concert)..

    …and to think Dan gave his watch to Ross..thank goodness its being auctioned for charity.

  276. 276
    to kitty Says:

    Why feel the need to fight for them? A part of me understands but a part of me doesn’t.

    Are they worrying about us? They live in a protected ivory tower world.

    Big fat no on that one.

  277. 277
    snow Says:

    London in snow…the gf better wear something warm!

    Oh she has Daniel..forgot!


  278. 278
    KittyDuran Says:

    to 277… What a blanket!!! ;

  279. 279
    KittyDuran Says:
    Web cam for the premiere…

  280. 280
    Sastuki number one Says:–marry-brunette.html

  281. 281
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 280… Looks like Sats has it both ways then – gf and wife! ;)

  282. 282
    To Tiger Says:

    The point is you are judging people’s behaviour just because they are on the opposite side to you. The point is the behaviour is the same whether the opinion is good or bad so it is very unfair of you to judge others when you are displaying the same behaviour.

    We are all Daniel fans not just you……but don’t judge us becasue our opinions are not the same as yours…. just repect it like we do yours

    Thats my pratt:)

  283. 283
    ? Says:

    Sats looks like crap with her superhuge clown sized mouth at the oasis gig. Does she have a drinking problem? I’ve noticed she holds a drink in some of her photos.

  284. 284
    pics of royal premiere Says:

    first pics of rioyal rpemiere

  285. 285
    pics of royal premiere Says:

  286. 286
    pics of royal premiere Says:

    first pics of sats and dan at royal premiere..she looks great in a purple dress with hair to the side

  287. 287
    sats Says:

    she looks happy as usual..the dress is shapeless

    the hand holding behind the back again..

    this HAS to mean something…

  288. 288
    KittyDuran Says:

    She looks good! Score: 80/20! :D

    Dan’s still in a sling… :( Score: 90/10 :D

  289. 289
    KittyDuran Says:

    I don’t remember seeing that dress in the Marchesa collection… which is good, because some of those dresses were giving me the eeks! I wonder which designer she went with?

  290. 290
    Tigerlilly Says:

    Just came back on to tell Kitty what i think, Kitty… Satsuki looks gorgeous, and Daniel..well what can i say..absolutely gorgeous, sexy as hell!!

  291. 291
    sats Says:

    there is a pic of them with him holding her outstretched hand on looks really contrived and tbh, he looks like as if he hasnt any interest in any of the pics.

    he looks like a dead fish and he is holding her hand like he couldnt care less.

    her smile is forced.

    i give them both 0/10 for effort

  292. 292
    KittyDuran Says:

    Ha! I knew you’d be BACK! ;) :D

    Yes, she does look very nice (I could nitpick – but since I was expecting something much, much worse – I won’t). Nor will I say gorgeous (but I knew you would) plus I took points off on Daniel just because of the sling. :)

    Wish I could see others that strode down the carpet – hopefully JJ will have something up soon or at least tomorrow (hint, hint) ;)

  293. 293
    To Sats Says:

    I agree with that photo…..but where is the ring? Could he be showing the world there is no ring?

  294. 294
    KittyDuran Says:

    I agree with that photo…..but where is the ring? Could he be showing the world there is no ring?
    It might be on the other side of her hand – palm-side… [like the casual pics of them in NYC earlier this year]

  295. 295
    KittyDuran Says:

    The ring is there… I see it in the other pics… so NO drama!!! ;)

  296. 296
    clara Says:

    i’m so excited …….new pictures at last!!!!!!

    sats dress yikes! sparkly and purple this is so different for her…top marks for trying
    the back is very pretty cut out design but the front is not fitted to her body it just exaggrates her lack of curves

    hair and makeup big improvement she looks much better hair down with soft waves

    also human contact!!!!! dan kissed her cheek, they have emotions, thank god they’re not aliens they had me worried for a while
    her body reaction to kiss? not good, looks like a block of ice, like she doesn’t want to be touched.

  297. 297
    Scary Says:

    I don’t know about you all but to me she still looks like a man in a gown with long hair. She looks ok but my standards are too high to call her beautiful or super gorgeous on the red carpet.

    Dan still looks unhappy and miserable…he must still be in alot of pain. So my score is average 50/100 pass for her but barley. The dress is lovely but Sats has to stop being so trendy… purple is the in colour so im not surprised she wore that colour. The dress is nice but she does nothing for it. nor does it do anything for her.

  298. 298
    to Clara Says:

    Where is the picture of Dan kissing her cheek….do you mind posting it please?

  299. 299
    KittyDuran Says:

    Olga looks nice (don’t know about the “bustle” on the back tho’). But Gemma – YIKES! What was she thinking???!!!

  300. 300
    clara Says:

    i will give sats a 70/30 – dress could be tighter and more form fitting but top marks for makeup – understated and her eyes are well defined
    (does anyone else think she is copying eva greens look at the golden compass premire – floor length sparkly gown, cutout detail on back, sideswept hair, perfect glamourpuss makeup)

    olga is 100/100 – perfect dress and makeup – simply gorgeous

    gemma 25/75 the dress and shoes are awful

    the kissing pics are on d2d or try getty

  301. 301
    sats Says:

    he was asked by the paps to kiss her cheek, that was relayed back to me

    he looks unhappy and form what imhearing smiled quite infrequently so far

    their chemistry was a little strained from what i’m hearing so far

  302. 302
    clara Says:

    vid of arrivals and kiss on bbc news website – kiss is much better on film – dan kisses her unconsciously, she isn’t prepared for it but smiles widely afterwards

  303. 303
    sats Says:

    it was to calm her nerves

  304. 304
    sats Says:

    or he gets v nervous

  305. 305
    daily mail Says:

    you can see the back of sats dress, it was cut looked lovely

  306. 306

    I think she looked the best she’s ever been.

    She certainly outshone all the ladies there..and Dan knew it!

    She has stepped up her game.

    Where are all the crItics now huh?


  307. 307
    clara Says:

    satsuki looked better.
    she did not however outshine any of the other women there
    upstaged by gemma in her awful ripped dress and mismatched gladiater sandels
    dame judi had a cheeky 007 tattoo on the back of her neck
    olga was beautiful 100/100 in a gorgeous red gown

    i like the formal way he is holding her hand in one pic – sort of reassuring to her and using her arm to protect/block himself

  308. 308
    KittyDuran Says:

    As the actor stepped out of his limousine he told reporters: ‘How does anybody ever get used to this?’
    That speaks VOLUMES my friends!

    I think both him and Sats were very nervous and it certainly showed… very much like the CR royal premiere – maybe it has to do with meeting royalty or that the Bond pictures are so big??? He looked like he didn’t want to really be there (and Sats senses this) and she looked mostly petrified in some of the pics (which makes her look very wooden). This was just a occupational hazard or a duty rather than a pleasure. Compare how they look at the FOAF premiere and it is startling.

    Poor Dan, he still looks like he’s in pain… :(
    she did not however outshine any of the other women there
    upstaged by gemma in her awful ripped dress and mismatched gladiater sandels
    dame judi had a cheeky 007 tattoo on the back of her neck
    olga was beautiful 100/100 in a gorgeous red gown
    Maybe “outshine” is not the word – more stylish? She definately looked better than Gemma – but no way better than Olga. But Olga could wear a sack and still look better than most women. ;)

  309. 309
    KittyDuran Says:

    you can see the back of sats dress, it was cut looked lovely
    It did – like the back better than the front! :D

    Where are all the crItics now huh?
    Hey, we’re still here! Oh, wait, you mean the REAL nasty ones? ;)

  310. 310
    susie Says:

    i just saw the pictures; for what it’s worth;
    satsuki looked pretty in the purple dress. i liked that her hair is down and to the side. not severe looking. as for the hand holding behind daniel’s back; it may be what the two of them are most comfortable with. although daniel and satsuki both looked a little strained.

    it could be for many reasons; last minute rushing to get everything ready for the various premieres, an arguement while in the car, etc etc. i did see an article that refers to her as his long-term girlfriend, and until i read about a wedding taking place a ring is just a ring. no matter how big it may be or how much it sparkles.

    olga’s dress is beautiful, actually much more so than satsuki’s. gemma’s dress is interesting. i actually like it but then i’m the same age as she is and my hair/eye color is also the same. i would have chosen it; in fact i’m going to talk to my sister-in-law about finding the dress for myself. i have a operal ball to attend here in NYC.

  311. 311
    ? Says:

    Sat’s dress fits like a sack, . She still looks like a guy in a dress to me also. She just lacks feminine softness in my opinion.

  312. 312
    daniel lover Says:

    I give Sats 70/100 because the purple dress suits her and her hair is nice but the dress is too plain. Now, Olga’s dress was wonderful and she looks good in that red color. Daniel looks great as usual but not too happy, maybe still in pain. A few fans from D2D were going to be there and I am anxious to see what they post. Hope they were able to see Daniel and maybe talk to him/ take a picture.

  313. 313
    observations Says:

    he didnt look happy honestly..he has looked happier

    you would think they were used to this by now afetr 2 years odd of going to these things

    she looked nervous and very stiff but the dress was ok…

  314. 314
    daily mail Says:

    dan shaking ahnds with wills..he took his arm out of the sling to do that…

  315. 315
    the sun Says:

    pics of the kiss in the slideshow..

    first time i have seen him kiss her in all of the four years in a pic

  316. 316
    ??? Says:

    I thought the gf was supposed to have a professional sylist? She was let out in that shapeless unflattering dress?? I just thought she would look better. 30/10 The dress is awful. The face the same

  317. 317
    The Kiss Says:

    So why kiss her now in public…..why after four years would he do that now? What do you all think? Is if for show? Is he sending a message to eveyone saying look I really do love her regardless of what you say?

  318. 318
    Satsuki Says:

    This woman does not have a feminine bone in her body. No matter what dress she wears it never fits well and you would think someone as skinny as she is can pull off some of these outfits but it never seems to work. Combine that with a face that is like leather and it’s a dogs breakfast.

  319. 319
    to 317 Says:

    With regards to the kiss, I think he is making a statement to the world that she is the ONE and it is a message to his ex’s and those that are hoping to replace Satsuki that he is taken. If he has never kissed her publicly and is doing it now that means he has made up his mind and is ready to make a statement to the world that Satuski is his love and he adores her……thats my opinion.

  320. 320
    Stylist Says:

    Please fire Satsuki’s stylist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  321. 321
    Affectionate Says:

    He appears to be more openly affectionate with her now. Someone did mention in a previous post that they would be more lovey dovey on the carpet and they certanly are. He is holding her much closer and apprears to be very happy.

  322. 322
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 317… I personally like that Dan doesn’t give a rat’s a** about what people think! Why should he? It’s his life…we’re just peons… ;)

    To 319… interesting… but the nice part about the kiss was that it looked totally “ad lib” both from him and especially from her – she looked really surprised, and of course, happy afterwards. I also prefer the “live” version on the BBC instead of the still pic (Sat’s face doesn’t look right).

  323. 323
    KittyDuran Says:

    He appears to be more openly affectionate with her now. Someone did mention in a previous post that they would be more lovey dovey on the carpet and they certanly are. He is holding her much closer and apprears to be very happy.
    I think that was ME! I’ll need to see more video to make a better assessment. The still pics – except for the kiss – was status quo IMHO.

  324. 324
    clara Says:

    daniel is a contradictory person
    he doesn’t want to talk about his private life but yet here he is again putting his relationship on display.
    he should be promoting QoS standing next to olga and gemma and judi
    but again standing next to his gf, who is wearing what might be an engagement ring fuelling rumours again.

    I know he’s nervous of doing bond red carpets but he really should of mastered them by now.
    he is very intelligent and i’m surprised he still hasn’t learnt how to handle the media/press yet.

  325. 325
    KittyDuran Says:

    JJ’s got the red carpet pics up! Let’s MOVE and close this thread out!

  326. 326
    kiss Says:

    he kissed her because she was nervous..i dont think it was a PR move..but we will see if he is choosing to be more affectionate..maybe someone told him that they look like a pair of icicles together sometimes..

    wouldnt read too much into it

  327. 327
    why Says:

    Why would she be nervous its not her night it’s his night she is suppose to support him not make it worse for him. She is not the star he is.

  328. 328
    to 327 Says:

    she thinks she is and she gets nervous ..that is why he kissed her most likely…i dont get people who read into a kiss

    have you seen the pics of her?

    she loves the attention

  329. 329
    kiss Says:

    I would think then that him kissing her was what she wanted after all she must know that people think they look miserable most of the time

    i bet she loved that

    i agree
    after that he shouldnt ***** anymore

  330. 330
    Auto hifi Says:

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  331. 331
    Regrow Hair Says:

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