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Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine

Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine

James Bond star Daniel Craig takes the latest cover of Parade magazine, out Friday. Here’s what the Quantum of Solace actor had to say:

On who would be the better James Bond ”- Barack Obama or John McCain: “Obama would be the better Bond because – if he’s true to his word – he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them. McCain, because of his long service and experience, would probably be a better M (Bond’s boss, played by Dame Judi Dench). There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain.”

On how playing the world’s most famous spy has changed his life: “I was at a stage of my career in which things were going pretty well. I was making plenty of money, relatively speaking”enough to live on. But when this opportunity came along, I knew it would turn everything upside-down. I’m 40 now. It really helped me put things in perspective. It wasn’t about the money. It was about changing things up and seeing what would happen. At some point, life starts to pass you by and becomes about avoidance. I want to stay clear from that situation, because I don’t like that.”

On becoming a sex symbol: “If people want to think of me that way, that’s great. But the truth is, I don’t have a connection with that image.”

On donning a Speedo for the Bond films: “I was being objectified, but actually that’s not a bad thing to feel. (laughs) I knew exactly what was going on when I did that shot. There’s a conscious decision to everything I do. For me to say, ‘Oh, God! I didn’t realize that would happen!’ sounds incredibly naïve. I look at that picture, and my only thought now is that I certainly don’t look like that anymore. For Quantum of Solace, I made a decision that I wanted to get bigger and get muscles, because Bond is older and has probably been training.”

On moving past the sex symbol status: “As I keep saying, I’m 40 now, and in five years’ time or even less, sex symbol might be a really kind of weird term to attach to myself. How about sexy father figure?”

On connecting with his many tough-guy antecedents in Hollywood: “The obvious choice for me would be Bogart. Not only because of that ease he had with his unique take on masculinity, but also”and this is much more important”because he got to sleep with Lauren Bacall.”

To read the full cover story, visit Check out the video interview here.

Quantum of Solace is due out November 14.

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  • KittyDuran

    Yep! Just a few days to go…. :D

    I think instead of having a style contest, we’ll just rate Sats (and maybe Dan too- tho’ I’m sure he’ll look incredible… ;) ) based on clara’s method… percentage wise: 10/90, 20/80, etc.

  • to kitty duran/tigerlilly

    I have no doubt that she will look the best we have ever seen her.


  • KF

    to #146 – #150

    Sats was at the oasis gig with him, as was Ballie Walsh and a few other people i didn’t recognise.
    I saw it on tv last night, they were all laughing when the band were talking to dan.

  • tigerlilly

    To be honest we all knew she would have been there. He did say in an interview i read recently he’s very happy with her and likes to spend as much time with her as possible..awww..isn’t love sweet!!

  • tigerlilly

    Oops i ment #153

  • to kitty duran/tigerlilly/KF

    Will Ms Monneypenny sex it up.

    Any pics or video of them at the Oasis concert?

  • Lucky sats

    She certainly elads an eviable life.

    Her diary: Meet Royalty, wear gorgeous gowns, travel world first class and sleep with Daniel.

    My diary: Beat the 9-5, work like a fool, pay bills and not sleep with Daniel.

    Some girls have all the luck don’t they? lol..

  • KittyDuran

    My diary: Beat the 9-5, work like a fool, pay bills and not sleep with Daniel.

    You’re luckier than me – I have to add a hour to the work day…
    8-5 baby!!!


  • to 158

    So where are we going wrong?


  • KittyDuran

    Well, I have one college credit in Drama – maybe I need to get into the entertainment business, or head to LA and try my luck with an up and coming actor…

    Or find the fountain of youth and go back to being 30 again!


  • tigerlilly

    When you find it Kitty let me know!! ;)

  • KittyDuran

    Tiger, you don’t need any help… it’s not that far for you to go back…
    I got to cover a lot of ground – like 20 years!!!


  • article

    Craig relishes pressure and just go his head down…(to work harder that is)..


  • KittyDuran

    Any pics or video of them at the Oasis concert?
    There’s video on youtube of the concert but no shots of the crowd. :(

  • Oasis gig

    on d2d there is a link but you can not play the download unless you are in the UK and the link wont post on here

    25 mins in you can see Dan/Sats/Ballie and a few other friends.

  • KittyDuran

    To 165…
    Yeah, crazy me, went to the BBC site and download the real player – anyone can get the audio – but when I tried to play the video it lets me know that you can only receive it if you live in the UK (but they’re working on an international version.

    Rats! :(

  • Oasis gig

    I wonder what she was wearing and what Dan was..tight jeans and t shirt…yummy!!! (Him of course)


  • clara

    just watched it
    dan, with satsuki, ballie walsh and dan’s daughter ella
    satsuki is wearing a black vest top, no make up and hair down, she is drinking a beer and laughing naturally – a huge horse faced laugh
    they look like they’re having a good time

  • to clara

    what did Dan and Ella look like? im surprised Ella was there and now on film…

  • itn report
  • KittyDuran

    I’m kinda shocked he took Ella knowing that the concert was being broadcast and fans had camera phones – but she is 16 (?) and has probably been to a few concerts herself with friends – why not with Dad and balcony seats to boot! Since I’ve never seen her I wouldn’t know if that was her in the video anyways.

    BTW, my Dad was a cop in a college town and got to police some big acts – he’s seen more big acts than I have… ;)

  • Oasis gig

    it seems that Sats gets on with Ella very well so that makes Sats even more “well in there”..i cant see them splitting up ever.

  • to kitty

    maybe ella has decided herself that she doesnt mind getting the paps attention now, i mean at 16 any press protection is now off as she is legal age really. i mean why fight it to the point of not going out to enjoy yourself.

    to kittyd – ella is lovely

  • KittyDuran

    Hey clara are YOU getting all excitied about QOS Premiere yet??
    and remember, we promised to be honest in our assessment of Sats and her overall appearance. We’ll critique Dan as well – tho’ how can he go wrong in a tux? ;)

    It’s about 2 days and 13 or 16 hours to go to the world premiere (I don’t know when it will start in London… 4pm or 7pm local time?).


  • KittyDuran

    To 172… well, Sats has been around Ella for how long now? Probably 3 full years? More than enough time to become close to her. Hopefully, she is a good influence – and I’m sure Dan wouldn’t have it any other way.

    To 173… thanks for the info. Of course, she’s Dan’s daughter how can she not be lovely, since he’s lovely… :)

  • KittyDuran

    what Dan was..tight jeans and t shirt…yummy!!!
    and I thank you for that wonderful thought as I get ready to go to bed and dream…


  • to 176

    re; ella info: your welcome…i respect his privacy of course so thats it.

    as for the jeans and t shirt, i wouldnt respect


  • sats

    i have a feeling sats might wear red or black.

  • UK viewers

    Daniel Craig is appearing on GMTV tomorrow morning, probably to promote Quantum of Solace.


  • article

    Bad review but love the line Bond gives to Agent Fields because he wants her to come into his room…I can just hear Daniel saying that…

    I think Gemma is very wooden in all the clips Ive seen…

  • Poster

    If Satuski is attending rock concerts with his teenage daughter and his bestfriend then she is in for good. Then again I am sure Heike did the same and she didn’t last but the diffence is Sats will put up with alot more than Heike

  • Branddee

    Daniel would not keep Satsuki around if he did not having intentions of marrying her. All the clues of having a future with Satuski are there, just becasue they do not speak publicly about there relationship doesn’t mean anything other than privacy. He would not be with her this long if he did not intend to make it perm. I agree with the person that says he will be married this year or have a child as he is taking time off to relax, fix up his home and spend time with family. Satsuki is there for good so everyone better get use to it.

  • KittyDuran

    To 182… Yep, you’re probably right. Sigh… :) So much for knowing what a person you admire likes, wants and needs. It’s obviously, not me! [Well, I am American and have dark hair] ;)

    Well, whatever makes Dan happy – we’re just fans who want the best and for him it looks like its Sats. I guess what’s puzzling is how it’s played out. But they’re private people, and everyone shows their emotions in a different way, whether it’s love, anger or grief. It just seems so business like between them (esp. lately) – but I’m sure it’s fire behind closed doors…

    It will be nice to see them married (no doubt very private) and have kids and then fans like me will stop speculating (and get a life!!!) ;)

    They really need to take time off – not only for Dan to heal from his surgery but I think (IMHO) for them as a couple to spend time away from the public eye… very much like when they first met before the Bond fame (if they can).

  • KittyDuran

    I think Gemma is very wooden in all the clips Ive seen…

    I’ll wait until I’ve seen her whole performance – but I looks like that’s just her character – a naive, British agent who is trying to reel in a rouge spy. Daniel’s Bond is so smooth that, except for veteran actors, like Dame Judi, most look sort of “wooden” in the scenes with him.

  • tigerlilly

    Kitty fans like us will never get a life…very sad but very true!! LOL!! ;)

    If they got married the speculating would continue but this time it would be about if she’s pregnant or not, how long will the marriage last, was it a business arrangement or love etc…
    I guess Daniel and Satsuki can’t win either way..oh well guess that’s the way the cookie crumbles!!

  • KittyDuran

    Nice and funny article in the Sun:

    Also, lays to rest any doubts about Sats in his life and what he desires – and she has it (obviously, in his eyes in spades)…

    He is uncomfortable being an object of desire for women and admits he only has eyes for his film producer girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

    He says: “She has everything I truly look for. I really love intelligence. I want beauty and I want goodness — I want it all, basically!

    “I also want someone who is going to challenge me. And in return I hope I’m going to challenge them.

    “I’m very touched by being called a sex symbol. It’s very nice but I have a sense of humour about it.

    “On the one hand it’s very flattering but on the other it doesn’t have much relevance in my life.

    “I live with somebody, so all my energy goes into our relationship.
    And there ya go!!! :)

  • tigerlilly

    Maybe this will silence the Satsuki doubter’s once and for all. It sounds like he love’s her very much and it’s obviously a genuine relationship, not business like some people where saying. She is beautiful and i bet she’s very intelligent. I think Daniel’s found the love of his life, so good luck to them.

  • KittyDuran

    Tiger… I think they might already be married – he’s talking more about her in the last few days and it has a final ring to it, no ifs, ands or buts to this relationship, so everybody better get used to it. It’s just that the press probably have not picked up on it with all the hoopla surrounding the QOS premiere. They could go and get hitched tomorrow morning. It would be the perfect time. I gonna bet she’ll be wearing a wedding band tomorrow night and he might even announce it on the red carpet maybe even, dare I say, pregnancy/expecting/trying? If anything, even though he’s a very private man, he knows any PR is good PR. The QOS reviews have been mixed and it could get some interest in the papers about his marriage and in the film. Whadda ya think? :)

    I know it’s wayyyy out there – but the fact that he’s been so tight lipped about their relationship because of the film being promoted – now with it done and about ready to be shown – he can finally let loose. Also, even if the movie doesn’t gross as much CR, he’s still a lock for a few more Bonds.

  • to: 188

    I doubt he would use the red carpet to announce anything also I dont think they are married.

    They will probably wait unti QoS is over.

    Rememeber in the Parade magazine before CR came out, he said “Yes we’re together and that’s very important”..she he has been talking about her since then.

    Being a private man, he will not use any film event nor certainly talk about “trying for a baby” which I don’t think will happen anytime soon either.

  • to tiger

    I think you are overreacting to another article where he is just stating about being a sex symbol has no relevance in his life as “he lives with someone”..yes it could be “code talk” for being married but I dont think so.

    He hasnt anything lined up for next year so if a marriage were to take place, it might be then on this long “holiday” that he talks about taking.

    I do agree though, she isnt going anywhere anytime soon.

    The talk about Satsuki in the press is to hammer home what he likes and that he isn’t phased by the sex symbol stuff.

    If they are already married then it’s been kept very very well but I don’t think so. I don’t think they feel the need to prepare the public for an announcement. Remember, he doesnt feel the need to do this.

  • oasis gig

    on d2d there are pics from the concert about four of them. sastuki is laughing, huge laugh, dan is wearing a black shirt probably with jeans..

    i think it was taken when gallagher was mentioning him.

  • marriage

    i agree, he’s in the papers a lot now and the sex symbol thing comes up all the time.he’s just saying that it doesnt get to him because he’s with someone and he is mentioning her and all that. i think he will talk about her a lot more during the qos thing as maybe she is feeling nervous about it again and him being “out there”..maybe she gets insecure when the spotlight is on him and he reassures her by talking about her

    i think no doubt he loves her but tries to not get overboard about it with the press who knows would think he would just say “yes i love her”..but he doesnt need to really or shout it from the rooftops.

    i don’t think they are married but i think next year they will be

  • to poster

    Heike didnt put up with crap, Satsuki seems more flexible..just my two cents.

    I don’t think Satsuki will leave him at all as Heike did.

    I don’t think they are married and might not get married for awhile yet, he wants to be sure and, if they do, then marry in a quiet year for them NOT during/after filiming of a Bond movie.

  • to Tigerlilly

    Funny how he said “I live with somebody..”could he have not said her name?

    I’ve noticed that he never refers to her by name a lot, just “her” or “somebody”…probably because we now who he is talking about but it just seems odd.

    Not mentioning a person’s name, just referring to them, means something..can’t think what.

  • to branddee

    he kept Heike around for 7 years and never married her, so what’s your point?

  • //

    Sats is a great role model drinking publicly in front of the kid. He must have a wacky idea of beauty to see it in the gf.

  • Lou Lover

    I think she is a very good looking lady as I’ve always said.

    It seems to me that Craig is more a cerebral man than visceral and that the gf has what he is looking for.

    In my mind he is mentioning her a bit more but maybe that’s because he is in the throws of this huge promo right now and wanted to address his status or readdress it ,as the case maybe.

    Yes he’s a sex symbol and thanks very much for that but he isn’t focused on that but his relationship. I guess he is trying to show that he doesn’t place himself up there as an idol but an ordinary man trying to make something work?

    I can’t wait for the premiere, hopefully will get to see the film at the Festival!

    I guess a few people are waiting to see what the gf is wearing and if they look happy…my gf thinks she will wear something strapless in black/b/w or silver with an updo of hair maybe something grecian in nature?

    That’s my prate for the week.


  • Lou Lover

    to 196:

    I think Craig was drinking too…if I saw the tape correctly. Maybe the gf was drinking a soft drink?

    Sorry couldn’t help answering.


  • Lou Lover

    Maybe red?

    I had to post this as my gf thinks Sats looks great in red and goes well with a black tux.

    That’s it, I’m finished with my prattle.


  • tigerlilly

    Satsuki wore a low cut red dress once, can’t remember where it was but she did look stunning. I like her in green too.
    I also as you all know think Satsuki is a very good looking lady, and i think she will look beautiful at the premiere of QOS whatever colour she decides to wear.