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Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine

Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine

James Bond star Daniel Craig takes the latest cover of Parade magazine, out Friday. Here’s what the Quantum of Solace actor had to say:

On who would be the better James Bond ‚Ä”- Barack Obama or John McCain: “Obama would be the better Bond because – if he’s true to his word – he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them. McCain, because of his long service and experience, would probably be a better M (Bond’s boss, played by Dame Judi Dench). There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain.”

On how playing the world’s most famous spy has changed his life: “I was at a stage of my career in which things were going pretty well. I was making plenty of money, relatively speaking‚Ä”enough to live on. But when this opportunity came along, I knew it would turn everything upside-down. I’m 40 now. It really helped me put things in perspective. It wasn’t about the money. It was about changing things up and seeing what would happen. At some point, life starts to pass you by and becomes about avoidance. I want to stay clear from that situation, because I don’t like that.”

On becoming a sex symbol: “If people want to think of me that way, that’s great. But the truth is, I don’t have a connection with that image.”

On donning a Speedo for the Bond films: “I was being objectified, but actually that’s not a bad thing to feel. (laughs) I knew exactly what was going on when I did that shot. There’s a conscious decision to everything I do. For me to say, ‘Oh, God! I didn’t realize that would happen!’ sounds incredibly na√Įve. I look at that picture, and my only thought now is that I certainly don’t look like that anymore. For Quantum of Solace, I made a decision that I wanted to get bigger and get muscles, because Bond is older and has probably been training.”

On moving past the sex symbol status: “As I keep saying, I’m 40 now, and in five years’ time or even less, sex symbol might be a really kind of weird term to attach to myself. How about sexy father figure?”

On connecting with his many tough-guy antecedents in Hollywood: “The obvious choice for me would be Bogart. Not only because of that ease he had with his unique take on masculinity, but also‚Ä”and this is much more important‚Ä”because he got to sleep with Lauren Bacall.”

To read the full cover story, visit Check out the video interview here.

Quantum of Solace is due out November 14.

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  • to 249

    I agree the tighter they are the harder it is to walk away even if you want too…..I have been there so I know….my ex was very close to my family and I was close to his…..when we split it was hard but it the end it was the best thing for both of us and now we are both married to people we love and never would have found had we not spilt up. But

    I am sure it was difficult for Heike to walk away from a man she loved for so many years espcially when they seem to replace each other so quickly and easily but in the end they recognised they did not want the same things in life so they are both better off.

    As for Dan and Sats…..I don’t know if they want the samethings only they do.

  • tigerlilly

    I know i said i wasn’t going to comment on stuff like this anymore but i just don’t get some of you, i really don’t.
    How the hell do any of you know that Satsuki has a hidden agenda?? How can you say that she’s in it for more than love?? How do you know that??
    Why can’t some of you accept their relationship?? What is the problem here??
    Please tell me why you want Daniel and Satsuki to split up so much??
    Please tell me because i don’t understand, what’s so wrong with Daniel and Satsuki being together??
    And don’t tell me it’s because you just want Daniel to be happy, because i bet Daniel is happy, very happy, otherwise she wouldn’t be there.

  • To Tigerlily

    You defend Satsuki and their relationship as though you know for sure things are wonderful between them. You are no different from the people on here that are saying that they are not happy except for the ones in the know. There are people on here that do know and have said on many occasions that she does have and agenda and that they are not happy. So unless you are one in the know and that you know for sure that things are dandy then I suggest you not get so upset for the same reason you are accusing others of.

  • Wednesday

    I agree with 263
    Tiger … the pot is calling the kettle black

  • %%%%

    Daniel looks absolutley horrible in some of his recent photos. The man looks like he needs a good nights sleep. Maybe it”s his relationshop, maybe its just life stuff or all of it but whatever it is he looks terrible…not the same man from afew years ago so things have definatley changed in his life

  • KittyDuran

    To 255…

    Dan is recovering from major surgery on his arm… he still looks like he’s in considerable pain – IMHO that’s what’s causing him to look at times “horrible”. But even a “horrible” Dan is still easy on the eyes… ;)

  • To Kitty

    Do you sleep at all? LOL
    What time is it in Ohio?

  • KittyDuran

    To 257… it is now 6:35am – and I’m getting ready to get dressed to go to work.

    But, yeah, I do sleep (and dream about Daniel!!!) ;) :D

  • tigerlilly

    I was only asking why these people thought what they did? Even if someone say’s they know because they are on the inside can you honestly truly believe them?? I don’t understand why the negativity against their relationship and was only asking for an explanation. I’m not getting upset over it, i just wanted to understand that’s all. To me it just seems like people are speculating and jumping to conclusions.
    If i am just as bad as the others then i apologise and would like to officially annonce my retirement from Just Jared!! Tiger is leaving the building!! lol! Have fun and try to be nice with your comments about QOS premiere!! :)
    Take care Kitty and try not to get too excitied about tonight!! ;)
    Lou lover nice talking to you babe!!

  • to tigerlilly

    Bye Tiger…nice prattling with you.


  • Lou Lover

    lol..that was from me…

    When it comes to Craig and the gf, only time will tell. Speculation can be fun but then again, it isn’t sometimes.

    Looking forward to see QoS at the Fest!


  • article

    Dan set to return for third movie but will Olga return as Camille?

  • to 253 and 255

    I think maybe the fame might have gotten to him??? Maybe that has added stress to his life and his demeanor/face?

    I would like to ask what agenda Sats has? Am I missing something here?

  • pic

    Dan was spotted going into the Dorchester in London on Oct 27th for more promo work..he looked great in a grey suit, Bond shades and still wearing sling.

  • defiance

    Daniel was sent the script for Defiance, offered it , Satsuki did not scout for that film.

    I read some posts on here saying she did..not this one. If he gets an Oscar nod or wins one, it’ll be on his own merit.

    I believe he had already turned down Blindness.

  • KittyDuran

    Awww… Tiger will be back. If Sats turns up looking drop dead gorgeous tonight on the red carpet – she’ll come back here just to open up a big ole can of whoop a*se on the nay-sayers… ;)


  • lou lover

    Is it worth it Kitty?

    Let’s be honest.

  • KittyDuran

    For Tiger’s personal satisfaction, I think so. Baby steps (for both her and Sats).

    Just MHO.


  • Friend of Tiger

    Tiger got upset when she was told she was just the same/no different to those who post horrible, negative and bitchy comments about Satsuki and Daniel and Satsuki’s relationship. She just doesn’t want to be classed the same as these people.
    Tiger is a big Daniel Craig fan and has been long before he did Bond. She didn’t just jump on the Bond band wagon if you get what i mean.

  • KittyDuran

    Uh-oh… looks like I’m a band-wagon jumper (didn’t know anything about DC before Bond). :(

    But I have always been a big James Bond fan! :)

  • KittyDuran

    IMHO – Tiger will be classed with the people who are negative about Dan and Sats relationship because she is PASSIONATE (just like they are) about her views even though they are at the other end of the spectrum.

    I tried not to be too passionate about these issues – namely because the fall is hard – if you want to own up to statements made – when you are proven wrong. Sort of like being passionate for a sports team. Most rabid fans are in a love or hate mode depending on a team or player and NOTHING will shake their passion. When something goes wrong – they’ll either hide or fight but it will not shake or change their opinions. Politics are that way too…

  • Friend of Tiger

    Tigers opinions haven’t changed, she’s just going to let someone else fight Daniel and Satsuki’s corner on this board. She thought it was time she got her arse of the computer and got a life!!

  • KittyDuran

    So “Friend of Tiger” are you up for the “challenge”? ;) [I don't know if we can prove that you're not really Tiger, just coming on the site with another name - happens all the time on the other boards that I'm on! :D]

    But that’s OK (I’ve done it on this board as well… I just didn’t use any name, LOL) ;)

  • lou lover

    No harm intended to all, but perspective all around is the key here.

    I’m sorry that Tiger felt the need to leave but she will be able to shop more for bags.

    Isn’t that a typical male thing to say.?

    lol..see you around somewhere Tigs.


  • ross and brand

    Ross has been suspended with Russell Brand (who was on the Ross show last time with Dan and who met up with him at the Oasis concert)..

    …and to think Dan gave his watch to Ross..thank goodness its being auctioned for charity.

  • to kitty

    Why feel the need to fight for them? A part of me understands but a part of me doesn’t.

    Are they worrying about us? They live in a protected ivory tower world.

    Big fat no on that one.

  • snow
  • KittyDuran

    to 277… What a blanket!!! ;

  • KittyDuran
    Web cam for the premiere…

  • Sastuki number one
  • KittyDuran

    To 280… Looks like Sats has it both ways then – gf and wife! ;)

  • To Tiger

    The point is you are judging people’s behaviour just because they are on the opposite side to you. The point is the behaviour is the same whether the opinion is good or bad so it is very unfair of you to judge others when you are displaying the same behaviour.

    We are all Daniel fans not just you……but don’t judge us becasue our opinions are not the same as yours…. just repect it like we do yours

    Thats my pratt:)

  • ?

    Sats looks like crap with her superhuge clown sized mouth at the oasis gig. Does she have a drinking problem? I’ve noticed she holds a drink in some of her photos.

  • pics of royal premiere
  • pics of royal premiere
  • pics of royal premiere

    first pics of sats and dan at royal premiere..she looks great in a purple dress with hair to the side

  • sats

    she looks happy as usual..the dress is shapeless

    the hand holding behind the back again..

    this HAS to mean something…

  • KittyDuran

    She looks good! Score: 80/20! :D

    Dan’s still in a sling… :( Score: 90/10 :D

  • KittyDuran

    I don’t remember seeing that dress in the Marchesa collection… which is good, because some of those dresses were giving me the eeks! I wonder which designer she went with?

  • Tigerlilly

    Just came back on to tell Kitty what i think, Kitty… Satsuki looks gorgeous, and Daniel..well what can i say..absolutely gorgeous, sexy as hell!!

  • sats

    there is a pic of them with him holding her outstretched hand on looks really contrived and tbh, he looks like as if he hasnt any interest in any of the pics.

    he looks like a dead fish and he is holding her hand like he couldnt care less.

    her smile is forced.

    i give them both 0/10 for effort

  • KittyDuran

    Ha! I knew you’d be BACK! ;) :D

    Yes, she does look very nice (I could nitpick – but since I was expecting something much, much worse – I won’t). Nor will I say gorgeous (but I knew you would) plus I took points off on Daniel just because of the sling. :)

    Wish I could see others that strode down the carpet – hopefully JJ will have something up soon or at least tomorrow (hint, hint) ;)

  • To Sats

    I agree with that photo…..but where is the ring? Could he be showing the world there is no ring?

  • KittyDuran

    I agree with that photo…..but where is the ring? Could he be showing the world there is no ring?
    It might be on the other side of her hand – palm-side… [like the casual pics of them in NYC earlier this year]

  • KittyDuran

    The ring is there… I see it in the other pics… so NO drama!!! ;)

  • clara

    i’m so excited …….new pictures at last!!!!!!

    sats dress yikes! sparkly and purple this is so different for her…top marks for trying
    the back is very pretty cut out design but the front is not fitted to her body it just exaggrates her lack of curves

    hair and makeup big improvement she looks much better hair down with soft waves

    also human contact!!!!! dan kissed her cheek, they have emotions, thank god they’re not aliens they had me worried for a while
    her body reaction to kiss? not good, looks like a block of ice, like she doesn’t want to be touched.

  • Scary

    I don’t know about you all but to me she still looks like a man in a gown with long hair. She looks ok but my standards are too high to call her beautiful or super gorgeous on the red carpet.

    Dan still looks unhappy and miserable…he must still be in alot of pain. So my score is average 50/100 pass for her but barley. The dress is lovely but Sats has to stop being so trendy… purple is the in colour so im not surprised she wore that colour. The dress is nice but she does nothing for it. nor does it do anything for her.

  • to Clara

    Where is the picture of Dan kissing her cheek….do you mind posting it please?

  • KittyDuran

    Olga looks nice (don’t know about the “bustle” on the back tho’). But Gemma – YIKES! What was she thinking???!!!

  • clara

    i will give sats a 70/30 – dress could be tighter and more form fitting but top marks for makeup – understated and her eyes are well defined
    (does anyone else think she is copying eva greens look at the golden compass premire – floor length sparkly gown, cutout detail on back, sideswept hair, perfect glamourpuss makeup)

    olga is 100/100 – perfect dress and makeup – simply gorgeous

    gemma 25/75 the dress and shoes are awful

    the kissing pics are on d2d or try getty