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Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine

Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine

James Bond star Daniel Craig takes the latest cover of Parade magazine, out Friday. Here’s what the Quantum of Solace actor had to say:

On who would be the better James Bond —- Barack Obama or John McCain: “Obama would be the better Bond because — if he’s true to his word — he’d be willing to quite literally look the enemy in the eye and go toe-to-toe with them. McCain, because of his long service and experience, would probably be a better M (Bond’s boss, played by Dame Judi Dench). There is, come to think of it, a kind of Judi Dench quality to McCain.”

On how playing the world’s most famous spy has changed his life: “I was at a stage of my career in which things were going pretty well. I was making plenty of money, relatively speaking—enough to live on. But when this opportunity came along, I knew it would turn everything upside-down. I’m 40 now. It really helped me put things in perspective. It wasn’t about the money. It was about changing things up and seeing what would happen. At some point, life starts to pass you by and becomes about avoidance. I want to stay clear from that situation, because I don’t like that.”

On becoming a sex symbol: “If people want to think of me that way, that’s great. But the truth is, I don’t have a connection with that image.”

On donning a Speedo for the Bond films: “I was being objectified, but actually that’s not a bad thing to feel. (laughs) I knew exactly what was going on when I did that shot. There’s a conscious decision to everything I do. For me to say, ‘Oh, God! I didn’t realize that would happen!’ sounds incredibly naïve. I look at that picture, and my only thought now is that I certainly don’t look like that anymore. For Quantum of Solace, I made a decision that I wanted to get bigger and get muscles, because Bond is older and has probably been training.”

On moving past the sex symbol status: “As I keep saying, I’m 40 now, and in five years’ time or even less, sex symbol might be a really kind of weird term to attach to myself. How about sexy father figure?”

On connecting with his many tough-guy antecedents in Hollywood: “The obvious choice for me would be Bogart. Not only because of that ease he had with his unique take on masculinity, but also—and this is much more important—because he got to sleep with Lauren Bacall.”

To read the full cover story, visit Check out the video interview here.

Quantum of Solace is due out November 14.

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331 Responses to “Daniel Craig Covers Parade Magazine”

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  1. 126
    KittyDuran Says:

    Well, I’m sitting here at the computer (still in my ‘jammies) with the Parade magazine in front of me looking at the cover (sigh….). Great article but the pics so-so. Somehow the pics of the scenes that never made it in CR keep being published (Dan and Eva in the surf together) – then the red carpet pic of Dan and Sats in Berlin. Like dl said…

    He looks real Hot, not a sexy father figure. He is too humble. Great picture of him in the article, but why did they have to spoil it with a picture of her, and a bad one at that?

    I agree, and it looks even worse in print :( You would think that they could’ve least purchased a photo from the Oscars or better yet the FOAF premiere. Of course, maybe that pic might have been the cheapest print to buy but they probably felt compelled to put a pic of them together because she is mentioned in the article.

    Oh, well that aside, this issue is a keeper… :D

  2. 127
    KittyDuran Says:

    BTW, for those that have the magazine for comparison, check out the Personality Parade (inside cover) which is sort of a Q&A. Someone asks about Jennifer Aniston dating/marriage choices but the answer mentions Nicholas Cage and his latest marriage (with a pic of the couple). Alice, the 3rd Mrs. Cage, looks like she is wearing a Leger outfit similar to Sats but in black.

    Now, I know that some women are just prettier than others but I was drawn by the fact that Alice Cage is probably Asian-American (haven’t looked it up) like Sats. But from this one photo there is no contest – Alice just looks more “together” and much more confident with a big smile on her face (of course, she is married to Nick and he’s holding her close so that’s do doubt the reason… ;) )

  3. 128
    to 127 Says:

    Well Sats is engaged to him and Dan’s holding her close at the P Express what’s the difference?

  4. 129
    QoS Says:

    Bad review of QoS from The Sunday People

    This movie is fairly odd as people either like it or they dont..somewhat like the gf…

  5. 130
    watch Says:

    What I dont understand is why he gave a $23,000 plus Omega watch (did Daniel buy that or was he given it?) anyway, to Jonathon Ross (who earns millions anyway for bugger all)…and this was before Ross stated that he would donate it to charity..what WAS Daniel thinking?

    I know it was a kind spur of the moment thing and really Ross couldnt really keep it anyway or else he would have looked like a scmuck but a man like Ross can easily afford to buy Omega watches.

    I do remember reading somewhere that Daniel gave his jacket to someone who was admiring it…he seems like his is grateful for the luxuries he has now.

  6. 131
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 128… Marriage? ;)

    Hopefully, when Dan and Sats get married she’ll smile alot more (it makes her look much better). Plus, she’ll have alot more to smile about!


  7. 132
    clara Says:

    to kitty
    i’ve seen the pic of alice cage you are talking about. she is beautiful. maybe its a little unfair to compare satsuki to her.

    i’m interested in satsuki’s background in order to better understand daniels psychology.
    he is cerebral and is attracted to intellect and personality over looks
    he is emotionally needy and would rather stay in a stale relationship than be alone/single/dating
    he is with her because she can dedicate 100% of her time to him
    he does not dedicate the same time back to her – his career comes first/ he wants freedom to go out with the lads/ his daughter is a priority.

    when satsuki hurt her knee at the gym he called his mother in to help, this suggests that he was either unable to deal with the situation or he considered it inconvienent.

  8. 133
    KittyDuran Says:

    Bad review of QoS from The Sunday People

    This movie is fairly odd as people either like it or they dont..somewhat like the gf…

    What all the reviews seem to have in common is that QOS is a bad comparsion to CR and that DC is probably the best thing about the movie.

    Actually, there are only 3 reviews that I care about – myself and my parents. My parents just like going to the movies and they sometimes don’t even care what’s playing. I might let them see the movie first (if I can wait) then hear their take. What they really like about CR was the poker scenes because they’ll avid card players (my mom even knew some of the action before it happened). Until then I’ll do a wait and see…

    Hopefully, some of these bad reviews don’t turn people off to seeing the movie. :(

  9. 134
    KittyDuran Says:

    To clara…

    he is with her because she can dedicate 100% of her time to him
    That’s a very interesting take on the situation which I never thought about. Sats life seems to revolves around him. And I just thought about another famous (more famous) British man and American woman relationship: the former Duke and Duchess of Windsor (the former Wallis Simpson). There was a special on Biography channel years ago which I taped and one of their friends described their relationship as her being “The world’s best nanny – she was a nanny”.

    Also, think about his other relationships, his first marriage, his long term with Heike and flings with Sienna and Kate – all these women were in the entertainment business and could not dedicate or refuse to dedicate their time and lives for him. Sats offers him not only this time but she (as far as we know) is not pursuing her own career except when it involves him. Perfect match!

  10. 135
    suppositions Says:

    Great article

    to 131:

    If marriage is what it takes to make her happy, she needs to rethink this. She should be happy now..maybe Daniel is feeling the pressure and realized that marrying someone to make them happy won’t make it work. He seems more mature about it as he’s been through a failed marriage once before. Sats hasn’t and has rose coloured glasses on about it probably.

    to 132:

    Why feel compelled to feel the need to understand her and by doing so, understand him? No-one will ever know what is going on and most likely we are all off base with our deductions.
    I think when he called in his Mom it was because he had things to do and didn’t want to leave Sats alone in the house. I bet Sats though is looking after Daniel now…give and take..but there’s a difference, he can walk with a bad arm. Sats likely needed help with stuff that only a woman could help with.

    to 134;

    I think you’ve nailed it. I think he wants/needs a women who can dedicate her life to him and be there “with a warm dinner on the table” so to speak. He’s old fashioned I think and craves that probably because of his parents divorce. Maybe he feels that he wasn’t nurtured enough? No offence to him family of course.
    As long as she is there doing this then he will be in this relationship I think.

  11. 136
    to 135 Says:

    i think your last comment is right

    she isnt going anywhere, if she forgave him for past ‘indiscretions’ then she obviously doesnt care and will stay regardless

    as long as she is there then he wont go looking elsewhere

    catch 22 if you will

  12. 137
    daniel lover Says:

    I agree with most of the above comments, but I do not think she is the type to make a warm dinner on the table (and she won’t eat it) She does not look like the domesticated woman to me. If she is by his side 24/7, she wont’ have time to cook, unless they cook together; they grocery shop together. I know she does not iron, as her clothes are often wrinkled. I think she helps more with his “business” affairs and lets other people cook and clean. Just my impression; could be out to left field!

  13. 138
    KittyDuran Says:

    dl… I think I read somewhere that he had a job as a cook before becoming an actor. So maybe he does the cooking (or at least some -breakfast?)


  14. 139
    KittyDuran Says:

    Here I found it! :D
    Daniel Craig: Actor
    The current James Bond. Star of the movies Infamous, Sylvia, and Layer Cake.

    He used to work as a chef in a pub before he hit the big screen.

    As Daniel Craig says:

    “I love to cook. But because I used to work in the hostelry industry, I can’t cook for a few, because I’m used to cooking for 20 or more at a time. So there are always a lot of leftovers. Cooking is something that is in your blood. Even now, when I go into a working kitchen, a shiver runs down my spine.” (Source: Waleg.Com / Hello Magazine)

    Maybe Sats doesn’t like his cooking (pub food = too many calories)

  15. 140
    to 137 and 138 Says:

    I meant the “warm dinner on the table” metaphorically as to being always there for him, not in a literal sense.

  16. 141
    to daniel lover Says:

    I dont think they have “staff” in their’s just cooking and cleaning, well, who knows? Maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t (no, she doesn’t look the type I agree, sorry)..maybe Daniel does it all..I can see him with a duster and a can of Pledge… :D

    (probably have a cleaning lady)…

  17. 142
    daniel lover Says:

    Kitty, thanks for the info. Just another little bit of information about Daniel I did not know. Now I can picture him in the kitchen cooking supper for me (I mean for Sats and 18 other people) How cute he must look slaving over a hot stove. What a sweet heart!

  18. 143
    to daniel lover Says:

    To DL:

    He worked in a kitchen in a Notting Hill restaurant mainly when he was working towards Guildhall thereafter he worked as a waiter/bouncer/part-time cook.

  19. 144
    Dan at BBC Electric Proms Says:

    Dan out and about in london last night watching Oasis

  20. 145
    bbc article Says:

    Oasis attracted a star-studded audience as they closed the BBC Electric Proms in style at the London Roundhouse.

    The Manchester five-piece drafted in the Crouch End Festival Chorus for six songs, including their most famous hits Wonderwall and Don’t Look Back In Anger.

    James Bond star Daniel Craig, Joe Cole and comedians Russell Brand and Ralph Little were among the stars at the gig.

    The show rounded off five days of music spread across Liverpool and London.

    ‘Best ever’

    Dean Swift, 17, from Wellington said the performance was the best he’d ever seen Oasis play.

    He added: “That was blinding. That’s the best gig they’ve done. I saw them at Wembley Arena the other week but the choir added something different to them.”

    Natlie Lawrenson, 22, from Barnsley travelled all the way down from Leeds to see her heroes perform.

    She said: “I’ve seen Oasis a few times now but that was out of this world. To see them at such an intimate venue was just breathtaking. The choir added that extra wow factor too.”

    Oasis made up me pick up a guitar

    Glavegas singer James Allan
    Kicking off with Rock ‘n’ Roll Star the band played a host of songs from their back catalogue along with six new tracks from their current album Dig Out Your Soul.

    Both frontman Liam Gallagher and his brother Noel dedicated songs to their wives, who were watching in the audience, during their set.

    Noel then introduced the band’s 50-member backing choir, who were dressed in plain clothes, at the beginning of Wonderwall b-side Masterplan.

    “This is the Crouch End Choir, I won’t introduce them all by name because there’s 50 of them and we’ll be here all f*****g night,” he joked.

    James Bond

    The ensemble also teamed up with the band for I’m Outta Time, Wonderwall, Champagne Supernova, I Am The Walrus and Number One hit Don’t Look Back In Anger, which saw the whole venue singing.

    During the show, Noel spotted Daniel Craig in the crowd and said: “James Bond is upstairs, I might see if I can blag it so that he can get me the next James Bond theme tune instead of f****g dopey Americans doing it all the time.”

    The actor was then greeted with chants of, ‘Who are you? Who are you?’ from the fans before Noel interjected, ‘He’s Bond, James Bond’.”

    He also pulled a similar trick with comedian Russell Brand later in the show when he dedicated Falling Down to the Radio 2 presenter.

    “Russell will have been up there tonight trying to wangle some introduction to James Bond so he can become some effeminate James Bond baddie,” Noel added.

    Noel Gallagher took a pop at James Bond actor Daniel Craig
    The band wrapped up the show with their cover of The Beatles classic I Am The Walrus before Noel added: “Thanks for coming. We’ll see you at Wembley next year.”

    Earlier, Glasvegas opened the night by performing a host of tracks from their self-titled debut album including hit singles Geraldine and Daddy’s Gone.

    Singer James Allan told Newsbeat that Oasis inspired him to form his own band. He said: “Before I saw Oasis I’d never really felt the urge to be in a band. They made me pick up a guitar.

  21. 146
    sats Says:

    I wonder is Sats was with him???? No pics of it thought yet.

  22. 147
    KittyDuran Says:

    To 146… I’m sure she was. Of course, he could just have been out with the lads… but I’m sure he avoided any mosh pits with that bum wing of his…


  23. 148
    to kitty duran Says:

    I heard he was just with some male friends. Of course, I could have been told incorrectly.

  24. 149
    to kitty duran Says:

    ..also he was in the circle up above not obviously down at the front.

    It’s good to hear that he is out and about relaxing before the QoS circuit!

  25. 150
    tigerlilly Says:

    I’m sure Daniel and Satsuki do go out without each other sometimes, there not joined at the hip…well at least i think so!! ;)

    Hey Kitty are you getting all excitied about QOS Premiere yet?? :)

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