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Jennifer Lopez is a California Woman

Jennifer Lopez is a California Woman

Jennifer Lopez gives her speech at the 2008 Women’s Conference at the Long Beach Convention Center in Calif., on Wednesday.

Watch J.Lo‘s inspiring speech here.

The Women’s Conference is headed by California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger and First Lady Maria Shriver, creating a network of women professionals from all walks of life.

Warren Buffett, Bono, Jamie Lee Curtis,Condoleeza Rice and sixty internationally-acclaimed leaders and visionaries spoke to 14,000 women in one arena. Heidi Klum also attended the event and is pictured below.

Read Jennifer Lopez‘s speech inside…


Good morning. Are we truly present? I was really honored to come here and speak to you because I get to stand here not as an entertainer, but as a girl who grew up in the Bronx w/two sisters and a strong and loving mom. I stand before you as someone who loves being a woman. I love that when life hands us our greatest challenges, we look up and realize that capacity. I love the fellowship we’re sharing here today.

I hope you leave here today believing you are the leader you’ve been searching for.

I realized early in my own journey that I had to be my own champion. Nobody told me to do what I did – most told me NOT to do it. But I was lucky enough to have a strong feeling inside that I should listen to my gut and it would guide me. When I didn’t listen is when I had my biggest mishaps.
Certain relationships make you doubt who you are and what you’re capable of and what you deserve. Took me some time to get it right in that arena. That’s why I’m telling you you have to listen to that voice. In one of my lowest moments, when you don’t have a grasp of who you are or where you’re going, when you feel the world is questioning you and you are questioning yourself. I prayed for guidance, for strength, a message, something. I picked up my Bible and the passage said be happy for your trials and tribulations because you test your faith. Perseverance. We’ll come back to that.

Many of us know what it is to be first time mothers. So as you know, there is nothing that inspires you more to be an architect of good change than giving birth to a baby – or two. You cannot imagine how it will effect and change you. It makes you understand and sympathize with every mother and every other child. YOu become more aware of the world around you. Everything in your power to make the world better – you want to do. That is the miracle of being a mother.

My dream is to launch a foundation to help the well being of all women. I decided after a lot of talks with my sister, Linda, when the time was right we would create an organization that would empower women and children. Empowering them to have their voices heard, to have the type of schools they deserve, the healthcare they deserve. Empowering them to demand change. Nothing more empowering than the love of a woman, a mother, a grandmother, a wife. Every single one of us deserves the best life has to offer.

That’s why when I was at the Democratic National Convention talking to Marian Wright Edelman, we talked about this.

My foundation will prioritize the importance of empowerment. I have lots of big dreams and envision big changes toward proper healthcare, prenatal care, pediatric care. And that, coming together in the biggest possible way is what I believe women are capable of.

Don’t ever doubt that you can accomplish more than you thought you ever could.

Don’t ever doubt that we can master those moments. You have amazing capacity. What are YOU doing to be an architect of change? It takes perseverance, so when everyone is telling you otherwise, you need to look inside yourself and be your own leader and empower yourself and others to do the same.

Let’s challenge ourselves to lead by example and claim our legacies. Nothing worthwhile is easy. It is hard to achieve what is great. Let’s do what’s hard. Let’s achieve what is great.

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  • WTF?

    Jennifer LOPEZ is a MEXICAN!

  • Sorella

    There’s something about JLo’s face now, she’s just not as pretty anymore. Since her pregnancy her face looks rough. Not sure if it’s her makeup or what. Her hairline is really high and disapearring too (maybe why she often wear wigs). Maybe just me but JLo is not looking so good anymore, not aging well at all, she’s not as cute as she was when she first came on the scene.

    Plus, I don’t find her real or inspiring at all as woman, she seems selfish, me-me-me. And she gives back very little to charity. She gives a wee bit of time (and that’s only lately, she never seemed to before), but gives no $ it seems.

  • lolo

    She is not looking very good these days.

  • Nisha

    Jennifer is not Mexican. She was born in Brroklyn, New York. She is an American.

  • Nisha

    Sorry, it is Brooklyn.

  • PRprincess

    First of all you’re both WRONG! She was born in the BRONX and is of Puerto Rican descent. What is wrong with you people..what if she was Mexican? Does that make her any less or more of a person? We are in 2008..get over it and why don’t you educate yourself beyond what school teaches you. Mexicans have been in this country for way longer than you think and they deserve to be here just like you and any of your ancestors. Unless you are Native American you have no more rights than anyone else to claim this as YOUR country.

    As far as her giving back I agree that she has not given as much as she could/should have. I was at a graduation at her old elementary school a few years ago and all of these former students had given $ towards scholaships for the children graduating. Most were just regular people, with common jobs that just wanted to give back and all I could think of was how unfortunate it was that a major celebrity not only attended that school but who’s mother taught there had not given atleast a few thousand dollars towards a child’s education.

  • M

    oh please…the only reason this idiot is doing this to get some publicity. yeah we all know how strong she is that’s why she starts a relationships before she ends one…yeah she is a really good role model. and now she is talking about her past relationships…why not? no one gives a rat ass about her anymore. she had to settle down with the skeletor cuz no one wanted her ass anymore. please go away and don’t ruin other women’s self esteem. and that speech of hers makes me wanna throw up and amazingly how she talks about her foundation to help others. i am surprised she didn’t talk about the crappy marathon she did and raised crappy money for the charity (which she mentions in every conversation) and turned around and had a $800,000 birthday bash for the skeletor who looks very misrable in each picture just the way ben afleck used to look like (being fed up of the big ass bitch). it is sad that just because someone has few millions all of a sudden they are role models. this world is a joke.

  • anonymous

    Jennifer is not that cute anymore, her looks have slided and no amount of surgery will make her as pretty as she used to be. Plus I agree, she gives nowhere near the amount of money she could give, only recently has she started doing any charity and that is purely for publicity, she knows her star has faded and she’s desperate to get her star power back. Even with her triathlon, she raised the money, she didn’t give any of her own!! She could have doubled the amount raised with her own money, but no of course she didn’t. And she kept the money from her baby pics (they are no Brangelina in that regard). Guess she’s keeping all her money to buy more chandeliers for her kids’ rooms (ridiculous) or to throw her hubby another over-the top party.

    Put a fork in her, she’s done as far as I’m concerned, I have to respect for her. Jenny from the Block she ain’t.

  • boogie


    so what if she is of Mexican descent or whatever?

    Most of us born and living in the US are from somewhere. The only true “Americans” are the Native Americans (Indians) here.

    I agree with #6.

    I am “American” from English and Dannish descent.

    I don’t really care too much about Jennifer Lopez. Not a good role model for sure,

  • Carl

    Woah, Jenny from the Block lookin’ more like Jenny been ’round the block! I used to think she was hot back in the day, but no more.

    She’s not nearly as attractive as she still seems to think she is.

  • Maria (Shorty)

    I don’t give a toss what nationality this silly woman is, but being PR and from Da Bronx (that’s how we say it), she’s all PR AND American. Puerto Rican’s are Americans the minute we’re born — PERIOD!!!

    Wish she’d go away!!!!!!!

  • Sara

    Beautiful speech ! love her !

  • hI

    Stop the Hate. all the hater that said that she is ugly is because they don’t have nothing better to said about her. at least she doing something with her life. =)

  • Carrie

    Oh Please!! She’s always talking about some charity she’s involved in, but she only mentions it when the cameras are on her and she can pose for pictures, but that’s where it ends because she never mentions that charity again. Sure she went to the DNC and posed for pictures with Marian Wright Edelman as if she’s so involved in that cause, but that was strictly for her own SELF-promotion just like that triathlon which was a way for her to loose weight and get free publicity at the same time.

    She’ll do anything for publicity. Just like that cheap publicity stunt when she married that gross husband of hers again in Vegas and immediately told People magazine so they would publish it just to keep her name out there. She’s a fake!

  • anonymous

    Jwho? Her speech is not inspiring in the least. She has a way that brings anything she says or does right back to being about herself. Selfish and full of herself. She used to have her looks at least (never though much of her acting or singing). But now she has a fivehead and baggy eyes, her cuteness left her long ago. Now if only she would disapear entirely don’t think many would miss her. Her last 2 albums tanked as did her last 2 movies, so she obviously no longer has a big fan base.

  • newsflash

    One thing is for sure.. them Jennifers love all the attention they can get, be it Garner, Lopez or Aniston.. But this one does not whine and has some reason to fame unlike the others.. Good for her that she has found her bearings and the foundation.. whatever help is offered to women should be appreciated.


    Warren Buffett was there and Condeleeza Rice .. But nothing about their speeches.. wow … Lets see now Two of Jlo’s movies tanked at the box office.. her C.D did alright.. and her what was the name of
    her charity.. Since her sister was involved and her sister just gave
    birth…and there is no publicity of the name or anything else/..
    Why does she get all the attention when you have Condelezza Rice
    What help has she done.. You don’t hear Jen Aniston or Jen Garner
    talk about themselves…The KEY WORD HERE IS I HAVE A DREAM

  • tobey

    Take a look at yourself and what you are doing to improve this world for women, before talking about others. What have you done Sorella….nothing, just what I thought. The same goes for all those stupid critics who don’t do anything either. It is time women stand up for women and help each other out instead of wasting time criticizing our own.

  • ella

    Wow, I still think she looks great, but what’s with whining about past relationships? If you’re in a bad one, get out. No need to broadcast (after having been dumped by both Diddy and Ben) that it didn’t work becasue they were mean to you, put you down, whatever. Don’t revise your own history, JLo.

  • guli

    JARED—HUH???? Inspiring speech???? OK, it would be… if she was talking about her BLINGS or her ARSE… :lol: :lol: :lol: Give me a freaking break…what a loser..

  • Shannon

    This part of her speech….give me a break…
    “Many of us know…..blah blah….YOu become more aware of the world around you. Everything in your power to make the world better – you want to do. That is the miracle of being a mother”.

    Uh, no Jennifer, that is miracle of being a HUMAN and GIVING BACK TO OTHERS. You don’t need to become a mother to do that, you should have cared about others regardless of being a mother! But guess that would mean you would have to care about others before YOUSELF. What a concept eh JLO. You did a triathalon and RAISED money for others (without matching the amount with your own) but you threw a $800,000 party for Mark…hmm… guess that’s what you mean by “making the world better” . Yeah, always what’s better for Jlo and publicity, not for others.

    And before anybody says what do I do, well I don’t just give speeches and talk the talk like the does, I walk the walk when it comes to helping others.

  • may

    Yes, tobey, easier said than done. For me she is a role model and such a inspiring woman. All the celebrities have a high-class way of life, all of them spend a lot of money( money that probably we´re never going to see)in beauty treatments,clothes,mansions and this type of things totally selfish. But not. Only jennifer is the major selfish and trash and all those beautiful things those people use to hurl. Probably Eva Longoria spends 30$ monthly in her hair. Probably Beyoncé wears supermarket clothes. When Angelina Jolie has a retinue and mansions and personal make up artists ad trainers, hey,she is very natural,like me or you. Ok people,you are very hypocrite. It seems like people doesn´t like that jennifer come from a poor family,and only with her work , dancing in many places and having a lot of sucess,she reached this status. It´s like, you´re from the bronx, how do you dare to have this way of life,this fame??Tipical racism and pure envy. She is very involved and gives a lot of money for the childrens hospital Los Angeles,and she received a big ovation yesterday,so the world’s full of envious people .
    Ah! and of course she looks gorgeous as always

  • jen

    that was a nice speech!

  • may

    Shannon,and what if she gives her husband a 800.000 party ??What´s the problem??First, how do you know she paid 800.000??Because I´m lookin for the information and I don´t found anything.
    Second, if you had the money, don´t you use your money to get what you want,for example, to give someone you love the perfect party??HYPOCRITE
    Third, what is the relation between the benefic triathlon to raise money and spend your money(earned with your work)in wherever you want?Perhaps jennifer have to spend her money in what you want??Who are you?
    And four, All the celebrities goes to benefit parties and events all the time, sometimes probably cost more the organization than the money raised, and then they come back to their luxury life,and nobody says anything

  • grow

    Gee some people on this site are utterly ridiculous. Jennifer Lopez has finally come into her own. No matter how much people want to trash her, people like Maria Shriver respects her enough to invite her to her event. This was by invitation only and Jlo merited that invitation. She has matured alot and her priorities have changed since the Jenny from the block days. Every woman matures look at Angelina Jolie she was a horrible person and has rehabilitated herself into a “mother theresa” according to some people…if she could rehabilitate herself anyone can. So for those Jlo haters, Jlo has found a cause greater than herself so that is something that you don’t understand. Maybe one day when you come into your own you will!!!!

    Jlo’s speech was awesome and the women in that audience were touched…..

  • misty

    AWESOME SPEECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I WAS INSPIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • suzy

    She’s an idiot. Enough said.

  • gztimeprix

    hey,all the haters…get a life SOON

  • Shakira

    Jennifer Lopez is a lovely young woman who is finding herself at her own pace, admittedly a late bloomer. Some women, especially those who have children while young, have discovered caring for others at an early age. It is never too late to learn to give back to to want to better the world. We have teenagers who volunteer and octegenarians who still volunteer in whatever capacity they are able, in order to help others. This is a good thing. Nice of Jennifer to state it in public as she brings a certain level of publicity to events they might otherwise not have.

    On another note, I think that there are already so many charitable organizations available that do good work, why create another and not align your self with one already in motion? In any case, each person gives in the way they see fit and more power to them for giving back at all.

  • teacup

    I felt that it was a good speech. She was invited by Maria Shriver, to speak about her life as well. There seems to be a problem with some bloggers that she’s doing this for publicity. She doesn’t have to. Unlike other celebrities that you see every single day plastered all over the new media, magazines etc… Jennifer is finally happy with her Marc and her two beautiful babies. And as far as looking ugly, we should all look like that she’s becoming a beautiful mature woman. And another thing like some of you mentioned we are all from different parts of the world that’s what makes this country so great. We all have the right to be here. How do some of you know that she doesn’t give to charity? some like to brag that they give and she chooses not to. It’s none of our business, all you should be thinking about is what your’e going to give whether monetary or helping feed the hungry. So cut the crap

  • Heather

    Newsflash — Garner and Aniston are famous for a reason too. They were both on television shows/movies. How do you know what they want or if they want attention? You don’t even know them. How do you know if JLO doesn’t whine? She’s only human and all humans do it. I have yet to see Garner or Aniston whine in public, either.

  • Ely

    She isnt looking good these days! This is from a fan of hers. Her face looks all discombobulated lol

  • eddie jones

    anyone that listens to anyone that’s speaking on behalf of a state that’s in the shape california is in well, sorta says something. california is on the verge of collapse, the peoples votes aren’t counted, the peoples phone calls and emails are ignored & the state has a deficit that’s well in line with the federal deficit. You let hollywood run a state, I say, keep up the good work, lookin good!

  • Danielle

    What a self-centered, egotistical speech. Not at all inspiring.

    And what the hell has she done to her face? She doesn’t look anything like she did a year ago.

    She is an example of an entertainer who should have retired years ago, but instead keeps inflicting herself on us with her relentless need for publicity and ego stroking.

  • Escada

    First, Jennifer Lopez has NEVER looked happier or more beautiful in her LIFE! Everytime I see her or Beyonce now, I just smile because they are special women with wonderful, loving men in their lives. NO woman could have been more humiliated than what JLO went thru, first w/Blowfish er Puffy and then that coward named Ben (btw, you can count on ONE hand the number of times you see ole Ben w/his 2nd tier wife Jen Garner). Yes, Jen’s a little late but the GOOD news is that she’s doing something to help others NOW. Haters, YOU try living her life and still surviving to be a model for others. Next!

  • Britney

    Escada, how is Ben a “coward”? Just because he didn’t want to stay with your idol. Funny how people keep bringing him up. It’s like they can’t get over it. Can’t people leave her ex’s out of it.

  • M

    whoever thinks this idiot is a role model needs to get a life. BIG time

  • Helena

    Escada why do you say Ben’s 2nd wife? He’s only been married once and that is to who is married to now, Jen Garner.

  • Flora

    Escada: There are many photos of Ben with his first and only wife, Garner. Why would you even bother looking up photos of them? LMAO. Typical bitter Lopez fan looking up Ben. Still can’t get over it, can you? Ben isn’t a coward. Marc Skeleton is, leaving his wife and kids for Lopez and he doesn’t even pay child support. Nothing wonderful or loving about him. Not hate, just the truth.

  • Sergey

    are you stupid- who wrote wrongwords about Lopez?????????
    she is beutifull, completely, clever!!!
    Girls-stop to envy her !!!!!!

  • vEronica

    Those women were so witch like. They greeted her with snobbery and hate. All their expressions were sneers. Jennifer even started to cajole them as soon as she felt the ice – what a woman! Fearless.

    It goes to show you that you can blame a male run society for a lot of bigotry, but not all of it. And the one post on the organization talked about Selena.

    None of them knew about Bordertown since the entire audience was white, Mexican women don’t mean that much in the news to them, apparently.

  • jona

    Why didn’t she talk about Amnesty International? It was such a homogenous audience. It’s probably why the film Bordertown was off the agenda.

  • Victoria

    Sergey, wrote wrong words? Do you know this woman personally to say if what people are typing are true or not? You’re the one who is stupid. Whether she is beautiful is a matter of opinion and as for clever you don’t know her to say if she is or not. Just because you envy her doesn’t mean all girls do.

  • Victoria

    vEronica, Lopez is Puerto Rican not Mexican.

  • sophia

    All of you that have nothing to do but talk about how she’s not looking so good these days…take a long look in the mirror. I’m willing to put every penny i have on the fact that she still looks better than you, has done more with her life than you, and is a happier person than you. You are speaking out of jealousy and nothing else. While you all are still trying to loose those last 50 baby pounds, she looks fabulous. At least she is out there trying to better the world while you sit around and talk about what it looks like…..who the hell cares? She is very inspiring, has overcome alot in her life and is a much stronger person than you will ever be. GET A LIFE!!!!

  • M

    i just wanna know is sophia actually the real j low going on this page and bragging about herself. sophia…you are an idiot

  • BB

    Very nice speech!

  • Lorraine

    I think most of you sound incredibly stupid. if you don’t agree with her comments then whatever say so. but don’t be so immature and bash her looks. damn, I am willing to bet all of y’all who said that, she looks way better then you! grow up and find something better to do with your time!

    I think Jennifer Lopez is very inspiring and beautiful no matter how old she will get.

  • claudz&nashi

    she rockkkkkkss!!!!

    we cried during the speech ………………


    do it do it doin it well

    gooodd morningggg :):):):):):)


  • Stacy

    Jennifer Lopez’s hairline hasn’t receded. She has always had a very high hairline and large forehead. When she would pull her hair back you could always see that. Who cares about her wearing wigs and extensions. Most women in Hollywood do.