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Katie Holmes Makes It To The Matinee

Katie Holmes Makes It To The Matinee

Katie Holmes leaves her New York City home for a matinee performance of All My Sons in New York City on Wednesday.

On Tuesday night, Katie made her long-awaited appearance on the ABC show Eli Stone. Watch the video below!

Working with Katie was great,” Jonny Lee Miller told OK!. “It was fantastic. She was a really nice person to have around.

.. She’s a phenomenal actress.”

“She’s just a star,” Natasha Henstridge said. “Everyone loved working with her.

.. She’s wonderfully talented and I think people forget a little bit. So much of the buzz was about her being married that you forget how talented she is.


Katie Holmes Singing And Dancing On “Eli Stone”

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  • nelly


  • Jennifer

    Katie? talented? yeah, right…

  • Eli’s going

    The episode of Eli Stone with Katie Holmes bombed. The first half of the episode (and therefore the Nielson ratings) included two minutes of Dancing With The Stars. Hence, the first half hour ratings of Eli Stone were obviously higher than the second half and the show would have received much lower ratings had ABC not included two minutes of the series Dancing with the Stars in the time slot for Eli Stone.

    Katie Holmes is out of her league. Maybe they can revive Dawson’s Creek and let her play one of the teen mothers this time. I think that’s the only way she might get a steady job.

  • sacha

    Oh of course #2 you are a better judge of talent than the pros…that’s why you’re sitting aound at home writing dumb comments while Katie’s working. S.

  • alllthegossip
  • prezyw


  • rose

    i second to jennifer she really is not talented- and for her sense of style ummm…nope…only her daughter suri has the style of fashion..

  • mary-anne

    #3, The ratings might not have been huge but many critics such as people from EW and NY Daily News agreed that katie dida great job. She’s not the world’s greatest actress, but I think she has a lot more talent than people give her credit for. Hopefully, she’ll be able to find her niche in the entertainment industry.

  • Clark Kent

    Her teeth look awful!

    She’s hitting Suri’s bottle. Barley water is just sugar water but the bitch can’t stop herself. No wonder all her recent pictures show a closed mouth smile.

  • Clark Kent

    Look closer at her teeth!
    A weird thought occurred to me.
    What if her teeth reflect how old she’s beginning to look.
    This woman has totally skipped her mid twenties, she looks a couple a years short of 50 to me.

    It’s a shame. Bring back the Katie from “The Gift.” The pretense of marriage to the Cruiser is stressing her out.

  • man

    she is way overrated as actress…i can name at least three actors in dawsons creek already who were way better than she…and she was with the star treatment all the time.

    michelle williams- obvious.
    joshua jackson
    the one who played gramps- lol.

  • peanut

    Post the link(s) to the articles #8. (you won’t because the ratings were bad and those articles don’t exist….just go to the link I posted and read for yourself).

    Everyone is in agreement, Eli Stone is about to go belly up. Even stunt-casting with the multi-untalented Katie Homely, the freak, didn’t work.

    People don’t want to waste their time and money watching people with NO TALENT. When will some of these idiot directors learn that instead of taking cheap shots like stunt-casting?

    If the directors that hire Katie, and other no-talents like her, were capable of producing a quality show and would hire quality talent, they
    wouldn’t have to stunt-cast.

    Anne Hathaway (among others) would have been a fine choice for Ann in AMS.

    **Substituting with Katie Homely is like using SALT when the recipe calls for SUGAR**

  • Clark Kent

    This is so important to remind everybody!

    Comparing Nicole and Penelope (and Mimi) to Katie is like comparing a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce to a Ford Escort.

  • mary-anne
  • Bored one

    Why EVERY day do we see this incredibly boring freak on your site. Who cares what she is wearing or doing. In a few years, she will identical to Tom anyway. Fugly and dull. And the poor child should be kept out of site.

  • peanut

    Thanks #14

    I opened the first link. This is not an UNBIASED review. Notice how the reporter’s first sentence is:

    ” As a very loyal Dawson’s Creek fan, I was about as excited as Dawson Leery getting a director’s cut DVD of A.I. for Creek star Katie Holmes’ return to television.”

    Any review that starts out “As a very loyal Dawson’s Creek fan” is not objective. It is a personal opinion of the author.

    I’ll check out the 2nd link you posted now….

  • peanut

    OK, #14..I read the second link. Is the following comment from the NY Daily News what you were referring to when you said “many critics such as people from EW and NY Daily News agreed that katie dida great job”?

    From the NY Daily News:

    “Vocally, she’s not Lena Horne. On some of the high notes she’s closer to Kristin Chenoweth. But she makes the song fun and she’ll probably make some of the audience break into a sweat, which means everything is working according to plan.”

    I didn’t find anything in the link you provided that said she did a great job. ???????


    That’s right Clark. The thoughts for the day are:

    Comparing Nicole and Penelope (and Mimi) to Katie is like comparing a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce to a Ford Escort.


    Substituting a real actress with Katie Homely is like using SALT when the recipe calls for SUGAR.

  • dido

    ı love tomkat they are loyal and lovely and little suri is a little princess ,a real cutie

  • Jennifer


    that’s because I doubt these “pros” are being honest. they’d make themselves and their show look bad if they admitted katie wasn’t good. I tried to watch her clip unbiased, but I I couldn’t get over how bad it was. terrible style, terrible moves. she looked like a bad transvestite. I don’t know what happened, Katie used to be beautiful. I even thought she was decent in Dawson’s Creek. but her other work has never been worth mentioning, unless you count copying Posh’s style as an accomplishment.

  • yeah

    I don’t know what happened to her teeth??? There are closeups on Dlisted. Someone said that she may have had them filed down in preparation for veneers.

    Wouldn’t that be something? I agree that her teeth are bad. Why didn’t her parents give her give braces? Or better yet, why didn’t she get them while she was on DC. Braces would have been a much better gift to herself than buying clothes that don’t last or stay in style.

    A beautiful smile is forever. Designer duds are just stuff.

    I think at this stage, she needs to either get braces or leave her teeth alone. Two Chicklet smiles in the same clan would be way too much too bear. If she gets veneers she will look horrible (as most people do). I’ve never understood why veneers can’t be smaller. If it weren’t for that, veneers would be great.

  • Julie

    Where do you guys see her teeth? What pic? She looks old beyond her years.

  • Tilly

    so it is chilly in NY!
    Katie all wrapped up with big sweater and jacket,
    Wonder if poor little Suri will still be dragged out wearing a flimsy dress….

  • Clark Kent

    I survive the clip of katie dancing and sinning.
    So totally unnatural and iliquid. Her moves don’t flow.
    Her figure is awful too.
    Huge hips and thick thighs, yet flat chest. At one point I thought she was wearinf some skinny jeans with a tank top.

    She really isn’t sexy at all.
    No wonder she is dressed more and more like Tom’s older brother now.

  • dildorado

    Tom, Katie and Souri are the most gorgeous, perfect family i know. Katie’s thighs look so sexy and strong! The thought of her and the hot, alpha-manly Tom cavorting in ecstatic spasms of love rings me no end of joy.

  • man

    she actually sang ok in eli stone, but this was pre-recorded and we all know we all can be singers after some voice improvement in the studio.

    i would feel sorry for katie and tom, but they really seem to be loving FAMEWHORING. so i don´t. too bad the child has to be put through this.


    1) The director and camera operators were working overtime. Each frame hides Katie’s misshapen hip region.

    There is barely a quarter of a second of a full length frontal Katie. Or full length sideways or backwards.

    They even had dancers block her bottom half. The woman looks awful and needs to gain weight, her legs and hips will look better with more paddding, bigger, but better.

    2) Synopsis: Katie does belong on comedic silly episodic TV, not broadway, not Movies.

  • kh an empty he/she

    her hair looks greasy, looks like she slept in that outfit, no makeup, she looks like a lost, burned out boy. she is really OVER, she doesn’t warrant being posted like this.
    kh is a nothing, she proves it over and over, there are so many adorable stars out there with beauty and brains, with a cause…post THEM.

  • sweater for suri?

    Yes, Tilly #23, I fear so. No doubt, during the day there will be a post or posts of Suri in her designer summer dress.
    No sweater or jacket, oh my, for fear it would make her party dress less visible. It’s not easy being a ticket broker.

    p.s. maybe one of the servants will sneak a warm cover over Suri,
    I say sneak or they might get fired by the master.

  • Clark Kent

    Does Katie wears some kind of false caps normally., and she left them in a cup on her bedside table today!!

    And always remember:

    Comparing Nicole and Penelope (and Mimi) to Katie is like comparing a Lamborghini, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce to a Ford Escort.

  • Clark Kent

    why in the world would someone with all the resources in the world have such disgusting teeth?
    looks like she was chewing rocks!
    i don’t understand why some people are so particular with their health and appearance yet they neglect their teeth?
    poor dental hygeine can lead to a host o other illnesses.
    even in the before photo her teeth look yellow and crooked.
    it makes no sense escpecially when her husband has a million watt smile!!

  • Jen1

    She looks awesome. :)

  • Clark Kent

    now I see why suri never wears any warm clothes like jackets.
    her female master, aka, the mother, is wearing it!

  • WTF?

    Throw her a bone!

  • Clark Kent

    Suri looks very average to me, she always looks half asleep with those heavy eyes and that ridiculous blanket and being carted around like a baby. She is just not stunning, beautiful, any of these words people are using about her, just spoiled, papmered, run round after…

    Now with the bowl cut!
    Bwahahahahahah! She looks even more plain and please retire her as Tomkat’s prop.

  • faci

    bravo to katie, tom and suri, people are so jealous of you, go on with the goo work

  • Sonia

    You forget Bella and Conner are Tom’s children too. #36
    Or in your mind they’re only hired help like Mr. Cat\Wolf\Monkey\super man?

  • iT’S COLD IN nyc RIGHT NOW!!!

    Hey, it’s 46 degrees right now in NYC. Suri should be showing up in Manhattan any minute now dressed in her bathing suit.

  • Zombie Zygote

    Considering how much of a crazed fanatic Tom Cruise is, i have no trouble believing that Suri is the product of artifical insemination using the frozen sperm of L.Ron. She looks a little like him too.

  • Julie

    Can someone just show me a pic of her teeth!!!

  • Sonia
  • Julie

    Thank you Sonia!! Ewe!! Have they always been that bad???

  • defap

    Katie looks very cool.

  • Angela

    I lauIghed… I cried… I cried some more…when I watched Katie on this clip. Dancer… No Singer…. uh No…. Actress… well, that is slipping into the no category.

    What was she thinking? Why wouldnt someone tell her just how terrible that was. I could listen to finger nails on chalk board longer than that mess.

    Just think what we hear is the result of ALOT of mixing in the studio and that was the best they could make it sound. Even Paris Hilton sounded better.

    I just think she set herself up by marrying Tom to be this great actress like his former relationships and she just isnt. She cant sing, dance or act much.

    Maybe comedy will work for her?

  • Sonia

    You sound like Bella and Conner are not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes family! #25.

    No wonder they hardly bring the two older kids out, because fans like you don’t include them in the “family”.
    You’re so heartless.
    Can you call yourself human being?
    Adopted kids are still kids!
    Not to mention neither of the two older kids look autistic.

  • Alicia

    People, her teeth…i i bet she’s having her caps replaced. Many, many in Hollywood have a full new mouth and I’m betting hers is getting ready for an upgrade. Pity her acting can’t be given the same treatment.
    Watched the episode….she was dull as toast and frankly devoid of character. ( How bad do you have to be to remove the character from a character??? Think about it!!)
    Horrible writing. I agree the one note song of the premise has reached its ending for Eli Stone, but knowing network tv they’ll beat the dead horse for a full season.

  • meg

    I never had heard of her before I heard she was “dating” Tom Cruise. Just to be fair and give her a chance, I watched some of the first half hour of Eli Stone. I had to change channels the “acting” was bad.

    I never saw her on Dawson’s Creek. If she has been “acting” for that many years, she must have really been bad on that show.

    I can’t believe she could get any acting job other than a small town Christmas play, etc. It is obvious that it’s not what you know but who you know. Sad that she doesn’t have any self-respect than to stay in the public eye and let people make fun of her. Someone needs to level with her.

  • meg

    oops…forgot to say that I was totally distracted from the show because of all the weird faces she makes constantly. She twists her mouth, rolls her eyes, blinks her eyes. turns her head. I have never seen anything like it. She made me a nervous wreck.

  • Katie not a singer

    So much for the big Katie TV moment. KH was just average at best. Defiantly not that sexy. Very tall and slim. But her legs are actually too short for her height. That’s why she looks funny.
    KH as a singer – never ever. Can I say screechy.
    I can think of at least 15 actresses that would have been much better and way hotter in the role. Total PR move for her Broadway play. Again very average at best.
    Katie is merely a shadow of her former self. But she has all the money and houses and press and clothes and security and press and Tom’s money and clothes, shoes and jewels and Tom’s money and …………………………………………………………see where I’m going.

  • Good Victoria

    AGREE MEG !!!!….I have always loved Katie, but that ” one-sided mouth action “, is odd for her……She was so out of character on Eli Stone, that it made me uncomfortable for her !!!…..She has NEVER been able to sing, so I don’t know why she still gets these parts….AND, her teeth…I don’t ever remember seeing her teeth like that .. ( on d-list video )…Her mouth was NOT like that on Eli Stone…..Unless it is, and that is why she hardly opens her mouth, and talks one-sided, with her mouth pulled over…What has happened to our Pretty Katie……I’m NOT bashing her, Mr.Pig Horse Creature Steven, who resides in the Lagoon…Just my opinion !!…she seems to need alot of attention and is NOT getting it.